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a gift from the neighbors~Look what someone gave me~

and look what I’m doing with them!

I deconstructed one immediately—the legs are the START of a whole new table—a sofa table OR buffet!

O-M-G!  I think someone got PAID BY THE SCREW based on the MASS amount holding this table together!

Usually, I find these tables easy to make.  But this one was more of a challenge BECAUSE- the legs were not TALL enough. (side table height~sofa table height)

making adjustments for shorter legs~making adjustments for shorter legs~

The 1st adjustment was to cut a TALLER apron to gain back the missing height.  THE 2nd was to use some scrap cedar 4×4 to fill the difference.  I cut off most of the extra form on the band-saw, then a belt sander to shape the stiles the rest of the way in place.  I also doweled the two parts together.

The next picture I hope will help you see the rough shape (in front)  vs the fine-tuned shape (background).

filling the gap~

some of my drawer collectionNext—let’s add drawers to that big apron.

Y E S– I have a drawer collection too.  And 3 of those 4 matching drawers looked like a pretty good candidate!  Perfect in height and spacing.

Ordinarily, I would rip wood for a normal face frame–top and bottom rails, and connecting stiles.  I thought it prudent to leave the board/the apron WHOLE for more structure because of the “filler” leg stiles.

I used 3 different saws to make the cut outs for the drawers.

 The initial board/apron was cut on the table saw to width.


3 saws for the job- A circular saw for the top & bottom rails for the straightest/smoothest cuts.

A jig saw for the shorter sides/stiles.

A hand saw to finish off each cut clean to the corners.

I suppose I should back up here and show you my very “sophisticated drawer-planning.”

adding drawers, spacing, & cutting them out

cutting down the drawer boxe

This was last week, there’s more progress since

and I’ll be back soon with all of that.


 For those of you who didn’t know-
Here’s a simple diagram of a face frame.
I struck lines at each joint to show you their junctions.

face frame-

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