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dealing with the window-A standard window
in the shower.


We explored several ways to either get rid of it,
minimize it, or alter it.


And now deferred.

But—it still had to be addressed and cleaned up.

We found period-style tile to REframe it.  Then, I scraped the paint & caulking crap from all those edges (big mess), removed the frosted window plastic, and cleaned the windows and frames thoroughly.

Although~ that plastic covering really wasn’t a bad privacy solution.  So I used a Frosted window spray paint from Krylon to etch the glass and restore that privacy idea in a more permanent way.

I also repainted the sashes in a glossy white CABINET PAINT!

finding the RIGHT tile to go around the window

dealing with the bathroom SHOWER window

I used one of the very expensive and “highly rated” painter’s tapes for this tedious window painting task.  I was conscientious to prep those frames really good -and- not paint too heavily at the taped edges, so I painted 3 LIGHTER coats with a 4th in a few areas.  I was relieved when the tape pulled clean and no paint came off with it!

The window had about 40’ish hours to dry before I could “frost” the glass.
I taped off the newly painted sashes, careful not to rub in down too much.  I hung plastic over just about everything around the window to protect things from over-spray.  I sprayed 3 light coats and immediately pulled the tape!

. . . and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!   ~I hate tape.

I hate painter's tape!

I REpainted -by hand- with a crisp sash brush.

And now, I’ll just finish here-

-with a few broader views of The New Bathroom.
My new phone has a panoramic setting –which I love!–
it just tends to distort things when your subject is too close in range.

But it sure gives a bigger vision of how things look now!


BRANDON's new Bathroom!

BRANDON's new Bathroom!

-a towel rack in the shower!

*All the paint has been touched up–
don’t know what happened to those pics!

BRANDON's new Bathroom!

BRANDON's new Bathroom!

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