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Thank You guys for indulging me in a little cry-babying,

AND the encouragement AND confidence in my skills!  Truly!

“…if anyone can make a silk purse out of that sow…”

Good description.  Sow.

~a silk purse out of that sow~a silk purse out of that sow











~a silk purse out of that sow

~a silk purse out of that sow

~a silk purse out of that sowI donned some work clothes AND GLOVES, and loaded this -albatross- into the car to go beg the strippers for use of their pressure washer.  A F T E R  they quit laughing at me, I was welcome to use the facilities.  Tough entry fee.

It.  was.  dis.gust.ing.

No part of this has yet to be “positive.”  Unless you count positively disgusting.  Even Craig advised using his professional-grade soap & Pre-soak—it was THAT kind of disGUSTing.  The color of “liquid” running down/off this poor thing seriously looked like dark urine (sorry about that visual).

W e l l—it’s clean. . . and definitely smells better.

The guys took pity on me and gave me some tootsie rolls for comfort while I waited for the parts to dry enough to REload and head out.  And all the laughing at me aside, they seemed genuinely surprised at how good it actually cleaned up.  BUT~ cleaning it revealed a couple of amateur repair jobs. to add. to. the list.  Geesh.

Now, I know SOME would just  “put some lipstick on it”  and call it done, but that’s not ME and I AM putting my name on it.   “If I wouldn’t want it/love it, why would anyone else?”   is my standard.

~a silk purse out of that sowI–

It’s back in my studio drying out fully,

I’ve  been through the shower,

the car is hosed down with Lysol,

and tomorrow I’ll start working on the numerous repairs.


Suffice it to say—it’s a

Clean Sow.


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newest project~I love the hunt for a Great Treasure!

I love it even more when they present themselves TO you!

And then there are the people who take advantage and “strong-arm” you into buying “a real gem” for WaY too much money that turns out to be an abSOLUTE piece of (cough-cough) crap.  Ugh.

Like said dresser, as it turns out.

WoW, did I get taken to the bank here.  You wonder how they keep a straight face.  Seriously.


It was brought TO ME with “pressure” to buy~making it harder to 1) say NO, and 2) negotiate.

Saturday was the first time I truly got to inspect it.

An animal has nested in at least 3 drawers—sO gross!  3 of the 5 drawers have to be comPLETEly REbuilt, the contact paper on top is actually hiding very broken wood, and it is SO grotesquely filthy I hope a good pressure washing will clean it.

I knew it would need some repairs (they generally all do) and better hardware.  The rest—w e ll—perhaps I just have more integrity?

I considered putting it on the curb, but I can’t afford to throw away $50.  So here goes ANOTHER charity project.  -s u c k e r-

I’m hoping to minimize my “damages” and at least get back my investment.  And THIS YEAR I will look harder before leaping.  And with



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