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Suddenly, I’ve stumbled onto lots of tin at good prices!

The first I found off Craigslist, and have sitting up by the garage door.

Until Now—but it’s my 2nd project and I’ll share that next time!

Craigslist ceiling tin!

Vintage Mrkt at the Vineyard

The second is a large singular panel with a featured center cartouche!

I found it exploring Simply RePurposed on Water St!

I’ll be participating in their Vintage Market in September!  And all this tin is getting worked on for that show as well as another in October!

Nellie's Barn Sale!


But, I digress. . .

I was really anxious to jump on the large fancy panel 1st!

I started by ripping wood on the table saw to build a mounting frame, then applied the awesome 4’w × 2’h panel!

building a frame to mount my panel

my Ceiling Tiin framed!

You also see I painted, distressed, and waxed the panel!

a beautiful ceiling tin cartouche!

I know a lot of mounted panels are left like this for the finish—NOT mine, oh no!  Where would the fun be in THAT?!?

I wanted to frame it!  I toyed with salvaged woods (like I’ve been doing with my plaques), and with some actual picture frame molding I have but—nope.  I pulled some coved molding and very small profile crown molding.  But whatever chosen, it made me realize I’d need to create a fillet to help make the transition from the rough panel edge to the frame.

framing my panel!

outside cove moldingBelow is a close up of the wood “fillet” I created. Essentially~ I created an outside cove—like at right. I forgot to take pics while making it, sorry.

You can see how it makes a cleaner transition on the front, and how it’s sandwiched in from the back.

The long part is sandwiched between the mounting frame and the actual frame. The short part covers over the rough edge of the tin.  Make sense?

showing the "fillet"

showing the "fillet"

I puttied and sanded my frame, then waxed it and let it sit overnight.  In the morning, I “painted.”  Gave that a few hours to set up, sanded, and dry brushed for the FINISH.  DONE.

My mounted, painted, framed Cartouche Panel!

I just need to add hanging hardware and it’s off to the antique mall!


My mounted, painted, framed Cartouche Panel!

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Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20Craigslist“1 very old dresser, falling apart.  A good project for someone to put back together.  $20”

I thought it would be a fun project and negotiated $10 because the listing was so old now.

I found my way out to his country farm to pick it up.  It had been stored in a pole shed/barn.  It was ROUGH.  And an animal had peed in it.  O.M.G.

Did I say ROUGH?  I thought I’d die from the smell getting it home.

Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20This was all the end of June.  It’s been parked on the driveway this whole time.  In the sun.  In the rain.  Constantly getting “aired” out.

It STILL stinks.

REEKS, actually.

HowE V E R. . . .it now has this aMAZing crackled finish!  AND authentic glass knobs!

I decided to just DEconstruct the whole piece—there is NO WAY I’m putting this stinky thing back together.  And WHO would buy it?  Yikes!

Anybody. . .anybody?


Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20

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20160623_160644I saw an ad on Craigslist for 6 really old windows  $25.

Say W H A T ?

I had to rub my eyes and look at that again.  I clicked on the posting expecting the description to clarify that it was $25 PER window—nope. I read right—what a shock!

I also called immediately and headed out the door!

Except that one window had a broken pane— O M G!

They’re tall,

they’re skinny,

they have ARCHED tops,

and they’re MINE!

OLD windows with their wavy glass make FABulous mirrors!

I added graphics to 2, left 1 plain & hustled them to the antique stores!

old window mirrors!

old window mirrors!



--at the new antq store in Door County

my original antq mall space REset!

. . .fingers crossed for quick sales!


And check out these items that are getting my attention next!


bed post cut offs--

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Charity yard sale dresser-- $15

a new "themed" dresserIt would seem I’m  caught up in “themes.

This time, it’s found in a Hudson’s Bay blanket

crossed with an Adirondack twist!

First to go—the Asian-styled base/feet and that hardware.

Then I flipped the carcass upside down and added some small Industrial wheels.

Next up—lay out the remains of my split log boards across the drawers.  I did need to run a few of the boards through the table saw to get the best fit on the drawer faces.  AND~I may have enough leftover end cuts -and 1 whole board- to clad a good side table/night stand!

laying out the boards to REclad the drawer faces


The boards were super rough and splintery -just like on the REclad bookcase project- so I had to get the sanders out again which ruined the cool look of the raw boards.

I’ll spare you the gory details of how-where-why my initial plans fell apart—I just seemed to be having a B A D day.  I waved the white flag and called the long day quits.  Annoyed with myself AND project, I headed for bed problem solving instead of to sleep.  I’m a problem s o l v e r.

And I came up with a solution!

Hudson's Bay labelIt all hinged on a fellow vendor’s Hudson’s Bay blanket still being available.  Alas, it was sold—but there was “another.”  One that had “faded” colors?  Or was it a knock-off?  I put it on hold to do a little research first.

I don’t think it’s the real thing because it doesn’t have a label, but did you know that Pendleton makes a National Parks blanket look-a-like?

Also 100% wool, also very pricey.

I think that’s what my blanket is—YES, I bought it and am moving forward with my “salvation” plan.

--discovering another beautiful wood under the awful paint job!I stripped the nasty-streaky paint off the top to discover a really beautiful woodwhy would someone cover such a beautiful top?

Yes, yes—hideous ugly and getting worse with everything I tried!  UNTIL NOW!

I mixed up a dingy white and started painting—everything but the top!  Then I marked off what colors would go where—after I played planned it out on the computer.

I customized each color to go with my blanket instead of the true blanket colors (which would have emphasized that it wasn’t actually a HB).

*I think someone may have put this wool blanket in the washer, fading the colors.

Hudson's Bay blanket dresser

Hudson's Bay blanket dresser

painting the body--painting the drawers--

planning and painting the stripes

Et voilà!

My “Hudson’s Bay” blanket dresser!

(with an Adirondack twist!)


my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

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Charity yard sale dresser-- $15I got this dresser from a charity yard sale— $15.

It’s old, really solid wood,

but SO ugly!

Someone seriously gave it this really weird, streaky paint finish~then added Asian-styled hardware.
Gag me.
To go with the Asian-styled base/feet?  Perhaps?

W e l l, guess what?  I have completely different plans for it!



Hudson's Bay Blanket













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My BURBERRY Dresser!

In spite of the totally royal pain in the p’tutie it was to create my first —I took on another!

I loved the outcome even in spite of how

tedious  &


it was to get all those crisp stripes.  Not to mention the challenging iconic logos.

It was a very quick seller in the mall

~did I price it too low?

The first time around I suffered greatly—all because of “cheap” painter’s tape.  I thought.  Well, once a victim~twice a volunteer, and I wasn’t volunteering for another round of punishment!  I spent the crazy-extra dollars for Frogtape!

THIS project would go easier.  (fingers crossed)

That’s laughable considering the amount of pre-planning and strategizing required.  I bought both of the expensive multi-surface and delicate surface tapes—I thought it might take both throughout the different stages of the project.

Now, let me just say— I’ve given a LOT of thought to this before writing.  Sorry Frogtape, maybe we could talk?

the beginning of another BURBERRY DRESSER

This was a  L O N G  project to get through.  No joke.

◊ I sanded the body just to even out the raised stenciling—and generally AWFUL paint job.  It also gave the dresser a tooth for my painting.

◊ I stripped the top.  Evened it out with a lighter stain, and waxed it.

◊ I mixed up some “Burberry” beige and painted the body of the dresser.  It just so happened that it was 2 days before I could come back to continue, so the paint was well cured.

I planned, I strategized, I worked the math.  And I finally started taping off the first of the stripes—the white.  I used the multi surface Frogtape.  I painted all six white verticals and immediately peeled off the tape—so far so good.

I probably gave this part about 2 hours drying time.  I had lunch, I cut the grass, checked emails, it was a moderately hot day.  I gave the stripes a VERY light sanding and got busy REtaping for the dark gray stripes.  I used some standard painter’s tape to keep accurate spacing throughout the project.  I used a chip brush to achieve a striae’d effect.

my Frog tape fail--Again, I peeled the tape off right away.  This time I saw a bit of bleed through, but worse—it pulled off the other paints!

I know all about burnishing the tape edges and have actually discovered over many years of painting that using a razor blade applies much more consistent/even pressure and adhesion—WaY better than your fingers!

I was really disappointed to see even a little bit of bleed through considering all the hype.  But I was IRRITATED beyond measure that it ripped the paint off!

I lightly sanded, REpainted the white, and walked away from THIS project till the next morning.

my Frog tape fail--With a fresh attitudeI REtaped and painted the gray stripes, AGAIN, and peeled the tape off right away—successfully.  I had other projects going simultaneously and resumed work a couple hours later with the horizontal (mathematical) stripes.

I taped (forever), I painted, I peeled off tape. AND paint!  In OTHER areas!

Come on~moderately hot weather, with exception to the “touch ups,” everything had a gOOd amount of set up/drying time, so WT???

I used the delicate surface tape this time  thinking that the problem was in the multiple layers of paint –right?- but it still peeled paint off—arrrrgh!

4 days in now, my attitude was becoming hotter than the weather.

Burberry stripes and hardware--Day 5, just looking at this project conjured ideas of rolling the whole dang thing outside to build a good bonfire—so I ignored it for more cooperative projects.  I certainly had enough else to do.

Day 6.  THIS project needed to be ready for the next morning’s trip to Door County so -like it or not- I had to deal with it.

I taped off for the red stripes—and prayed for success.  The paint held, but I saw a little bit of bleed through again and settled in for a good amount of touch up by HAND, where I found my Venetian plaster trowels to be incredibly helpful!  The thin sharp edge created a nice guide to paint against—sort of like the tape was supposed to do.  Insert sarcasm here.  I lightly sanded the whole dresser for “wear” and to camouflage the many crummy areas (IMO). 

--one of the iconic Burberry logosI made a “new” hardware selection of old, tarnished brass L&R pulls found at the ReStore—it was 9pm and I had nothing left for this guy.

EARLY next morning~ I headed back out with scaled print outs and tracing paper to work on those iconic logos.  I traced the images, then drew back over them with a sharpie marker.  I locked them in by lightly over-spraying with a non-yellowing sealer.

11am and I was finally pulling everything out that needed to get loaded.

7. days. in.  NOT some of my finest work—but hopefully someone will like LUV BUY it!

my newest Burberry Dresser for the Door County antique mall!

Uh WoW~ the picture makes this 42″ tall dresser look short~???

Okay. . .Frogtape. . .I don’t know.

Worth the extra cost?

Guess I’d like to have a conversation with a rep to problem solve my issues before bailing altogether.  I hate to sound negative or burn a product-bridge, but—HOW MUCH CURE TIME does paint need before you can use this tape?  ‘Cause I really felt like this was the main problem.  What’s your experience?

The Jury’s still out.


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4th of July on Chute Pond!
You know,

cheap bookcase~new face.

Yes, it’s ONE of the projects I was putting in such loooong hours for.

I hit [most of] my deadlines, before running out of steam,

took a 4th of July lake break,

and am finally getting back on track.  Or should I say I’m back to finish those missed deadlines?

*This is how I started each day off!  Nice~right?

So~ I believe I left you at “hardware.”

I decided on something a bit “unexpected” for a rustic cabinet, and some old magazine pages for the center void.

a little "unexpected" hardware

The cabinet interiors

Plan A~ starts with a crazy story.  Bill Gates commissioned a very large pair of bullet-proof, leather-clad front doors for one of his houses.  A friend’s husband was one of the contractors.  There was EXTRA material fabricated (just in case~I’m sure), and it was given to MOI~ can you believe!

I wanted to REclad the whole interior of the bookcase in it—but there wasn’t enough.

Plan B~ I thought about REcladding the whole interior with some of the obnoxious quantity of oak veneer I got off of Craigslist long ago for a whopping $11.  But it felt like more work than REsale would bring.

Plan C~  Short cut job by PAINTING the interiors in a dark chocolate and use the leather bound wood for the backboard!

06-19-16 Bookcase facelift -CL $15-004

Problem #1.  All the colors clashed together.  The split logs, the paint color, the leather.  I tried “staining” the leather—AWFUL.  I tried cleaning it off—uh, making it worse.  With nothing to lose, I applied a “natural” furniture stripper I use often. It all ended in a Happy Accident!  Well, I kinda think so.

Leather-bound wood

a leather-bound backboard

shelf edge details--

Problem #2.  The split logs were splintering-rough so I VERY lightly sanded and brushed on a matte urethane.  BIG mistake—the wood looked like PLASTIC.  I sanded the sealer-finish and/but lost the whole rustic vibe from the logs.  Crap!  Do I PRY OFF the boards and start over?  Distress-paint or white-wash?   But then I have to figure out anther backboard.  I dry-brushed two browns and sanded right away.

Problem #3.  Now I have WaY too much time into this REsale project to add real wood shelves.  I’ll have to work with the sagging particle board shelves.  I cut an inch of depth off with the table saw, flipped them wrong side up, added a strip of the log boards to the front edge, and painted.

The new face of a Rustic, Cottage-styled cabinet!

At the end of the day, it all came together

and went to the Door County antique mall—

a cottage and vacationing audience!

I think it would be great extra storage in that scenario!

◊ In the bathroom loaded with towels and other accouterments.

◊ In a bedroom holding linens & blankets.

◊ Even staged in the hall to accommodate multiple guest room extras!


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CL Bookcase faceliftYou know the bookcases

100% assembly-required, (kind of) cheap materials but interestingly~NOT a cheap price tag.
Convenience is the name of the game here, not necessarily style.
I found this on Craigslist for $15 and wanted to use it for display in another antique  mall (that still may or may not happen–??).

--free from Craigslist!Long story short~

since I don’t NEED it for its intended purpose, now it’s in the way and needs to go—BUT CERTAINLY NOT LOOKING LIKE THIS!

Also found on Craigslist were these split log fence boards—free!  I got first dibs and took a LOT but not all. By the time I thought about what I could do with them the rest were gone~ boo-hoo.

Heyit’s finally cottage season, how about a fun


styled piece using the free CL-boards!  But they were used raw and were really filthy from the elements, so I pressure-washed them clean!

Even after sort of disassembling the bookcase and giving it a new WOOD face frame, it was actually a SIMPLE, EASY face lift!  Albeit  t e d i o u s!
















--adding crown molding

Adding crown molding required some compound cuts.  The challenge was fun but you can see I miscalculated a tiny bit on the left (dang it!)—I caulked it in.

I laid the cabinet down on saw horses to work easier, and then set boards between to create a “stop” to start the first course of board-facing -or cladding.

the face lift

the Bookcase face lift

The fence boards were not quite long enough for my tall cabinet so I added a wood base from some salvage.  AND- you know, it gave a cleaner-finished bottom.  You can also see I added cedar feet—cut from a long 4×4 post several summers ago for multiple burgeoning projects !

I didn’t like the PLAIN wood face frame so I clad it too—which messed up the crown molding.  I’ll play more with that later.  But my immediate fix was to use a ripped length of a board as another layer of “crown molding.”

"crown molding"

playing around with the doors and hardwareThe doors. . . ugh.

I tried laying the boards vertically, horizontally, and in a chevron pattern. Nope.  Nothing looked right.  A picture frame pattern looked the best of all -but what to do with the center void. . .

Did I mention there’s going to be some leather—?

Perhaps another surprise to the finish!

More tomorrow,


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Craigslist--FREE!…you find a surprise FREE listing on Craigslist that’s TRULY interesting!

SHIELD-back chairs—and table.

The table –ehh– but how I love a shield-back chair!  And, well, that table does have some fun legs to use in a future project!

Free is always good, but is it truly—FREE?

In THIS instance, NO.


All four chairs were SO loosey-goosey and with some open joints, that I just grabbed the appropriate tools and knocked each completely apart.  It took a good bit of time, but I REglued every. single. joint.

Those chairs are now really  S O L I D.                  from CL ad ↓

the FREE chairs--

repairing the FREE chairs--

repairing the FREE chairs--

I love the fleur de lis backs!

Fleur de lis Shield-back chairs!

I set the chairs aside giving them over night/24 hours to fully set up and dry, and moved on to stripping off the nasty, soiled, fur encrusted fabric from the seats.   -Just gross enough -I donned some gloves—eeeeewwwwww!

After stripping down the double layers of fabric, I beefed up the padding, then REcovered with a botanical print.  BUT- each seat has a different interpretation of the print!

*I toyed with sewing a box cushion and welting, but considering their REsale value—I couldn’t justify adding that much more work.  Oh well.

new fabric for the free SHIELD BACK CHAIRS &Table -CL-001

I took the easy way out and sprayed each chair with a soft white primer, sanded & sealed.  Period.  Time was running out to take them to the pop-up show and my Time-Materials-to-REsale was NOT adding up.  So much for “FREE.”

My "FREE" Craigslist shield-back chairs!. . . forgot to get some “after” pictures to show you the botanicals on the seats, sorry

but they were really pretty!

Trust me!   ; D

They didn’t sell during the show and I was bummed—

but Hip-Hip HooRaY!

A fellow vendor snatched ’em up before I could load them again.


the free SHIELD BACK CHAIRS from Craigslist

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-my birdsong dresserThe Urban Dictionary describes a Birdsong as

When something really awful happens, but it turns into something fantastic!

HuH~ a pretty good description for this whole project.  Except let’s just say- awful, ending with pretty good.


a $15 CL dresser

I found this dresser on Craigslist and negotiated a $15 sale.  With an action-packed schedule, it was a “..hustle to pick it up – check it out later.”  I sure was disappointed when I finally got to look it over. Uhgh~ $15 was too much and I should’ve left it there.

*Cannot find my Before picture—it’s already getting worked over here…

It needed a LOT of repair and REbuilding and was disGUSTingly dirty!  It still amazes me how people can sell stuff like that and keep a straight face.  1- I take care of my belongings, and 2- pride, decency, and upbringing would never allow it.

I stripped its top

—because I’m just not a BIG fan of painted tops—things like to stick to them.  It revealed an interesting veneered top—also in rough shape.  I opted to leave it natural and only waxed it (adding a little liming wax later).

the stripped top-

Realizing the REsale limitations of this dresser—I was trying to strike a balance between doing right by it and not giving up a lot of my time.  Ha-ha.

I chose a paint color scheme and started painting.  Of course that didn’t work—it had some awful, inconsistent finish that resisted the paint.  I tried to give it a “tooth” by sanding, but—NO.  I think it may have been polyurethane’d, even Kilz primer needed 2 coats, but I was finally back to painting—

a Gray frame with white drawers.

I thought it would look clean, simple & classic, but instead, it just looked boring. Moving on to Plan D -or E or F by now- I pulled out a bird stencil to help expedite an idea, loosely moving it around and flipping it over to create a form I liked.  I added dimension with some over-painting by hand—

and gave it a light sanding, then clear waxed and lime waxed.

I also switched its hardware to simple wood knobs painted white.

hand painting a Bird dresser

The drawers were the bane of this project with multiple broken drawer boxes to repair ~beginning with undoing and correcting someone’s totally awful trys at repair!  This all meant even MORE time spent on this $15 mess.

In the end, there was no choice but to paint the insides too—like 50k times.  Yes, even the drawer boxes were still resisting paint- 4 coats in.  Arrrgh!

And here’s the perfect ending to this project—

-a BIRDSONG project--really.BeaUtiful pre-summer day!  So I opened the big overhead door of my work studio (aka- the garage) to let it “air out.”  I shifted the many working projects around and staged THIS dresser by the big open door since it was leaving for the antique mall by afternoon.

A bird flew inside and


on its top.

Etching through the wax.

ANOTHER repair.

And I thought this would be a fast, easy flip.
There’s probably some deep seated message in here, huh?



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