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I’ve been tackling quITE an ARRAY of UN-interesting projects.  Y’know~things I wouldn’t want to bore you with.

That’s mOstly why I’ve been absent—and of course, there’s been a mAjor upheaval from the new (self-proclaimed redneck) neighbors.

*They have removed ALL of the landscaping but the trees and grass. :’ (   No joke.  Lilac bushes~out!  Numerous arborvitaes~out!  Lots or lillies, clematis, peonies, iris~out!  It looks just awfull.  I think the trees will be safe because of tree-removal costs—BUT LOOK OUT GRASS, you might be next on the hit list!
*The “hate fence,” or “Berlin wall,” is being installed Tuesday–Then I can begin to RElandscape.

the outdoor china hutch~~On to HAPPIER THOUGHTS~ at lAst!

Remember my OUTdoor CHINA CABINET project-?

~I’m trying to re-focus on all gOOd things~

1. I picked up my prized barnboards yesterday-!

2. I’ve been pulling some “parts” to make decisions on the absolute design.

3. I’m heading to the Elkhorn flea market in the morning, hope to find some additional~or beTTer~ “parts,” fingers crossed!

~beginning the process!

See ya after Elkhorn tomorrow!



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Life has been interrupted.

I was just reminded by a veRY saSSy family friend that~

“You can’t pick your neighbors-

-you can only pick how fAR awAY they are–.”

Uh, hUh.  True’dat.

Last fall my mother’s very longtime, next door neighbor went into a nursing home, and I wrote a post on how they let me have some of the things they (sadly) had to empty from the house to ready it for resale.

The house sold just 6 weeks ago to a 23yr old girl who actually reMINDed us of the late Mrs. of the house!  We thought that would actually please the Mr. some  –in spite of the circumstances-.  It seemed to softened the blow just a bit on our last visit recently.

JoeWe were taken by such surprise to learn that he passed away just last Thursday (at 87).  Needless to say~it’s been a sad week.  But we tried focus on celebrating his life and jovial and sassy spirit with lots of “Joe” stories—of which we have m-AN-y. 

~And if you can bear with me—he was a para-trooper in WWII, and was awarded a purple heart.  An honor guard stood vigilant with him throughout the process of laying him to rest.  I’ll just say~it was an awesome display of respect not often-enough seen these days, and left nary a dry eye to be found (~even the stoic men were felled by this).

You know, we thought we knew him as well as any family member (he was kind of a surrogate member!) but reading his obit–we learned even mORe of just hOw special this man wAs!  And he will be sorely missed.

I have sUch a fUll project list getting ready for mom’s hUge 80th birthday celebration July 20th.

And last night, while I took time to relax  -on the deck, with a glass of wine, and a Michael Bublé cd-  at the end of another lONg day~ the brand new neighbor (of a whole 6 weeks) popped her head around the privacy wall of grapevines to drop a vERY unwelcomed bomb on me.

“Just wanted to warn you–I don’t like the grapevines. (a 25+ yr shared landscape project with the late Mr and Mrs)  And I’ve hired some guys to come RIP IT ALL OUT.  I just wanted to let you know because it means they’re going to rip it off your house and arches too.”  (All the vines were planted on the neighbors’ side of the trellising fence~and it is in need of good care to bring back the incredible grapes it used to yield.)

He was 87.  He was unable to keep up with the maintenance of it in later years and did let his side get out of control.  I offered (as she moved in) to help her prune it back and pleach it so it would be beautiful again on her side, and easy maintenance like for us—NOpe.

I pleaded with her to let it have the summer, so she could really see the privacy it provides for both properties—NOpe.

She is tearing out ALL plantings, flowers  -EVerything-.  She works long hours and doesn’t have tIMe for more than cutting the grass–so she’s eliminating all but the tree in front, and in back –and the grass.

This is an older neighborhood with close set houses, and there’s no HOA to stop this.

Again–“You can’t pick your neighbors. . .”

EVERYbody. should NoT. be a Home. Owner.

The 2nd layer in this frustrating story is that there is a Cardinal nest in the grapevines.  The babies just hatched 3 days ago.

There’s no way they will be big enough and fly away before she is tearing it all down.  “Oh that’s sad.  But they’re coming soon to rip it out anyway.”  I’ve checked with anyone I can think to, just to slow her down—and all I’ve learned is that Cardinals are “not protected.”

the grapevines and our candinal family

So my tightly scheduled plans and work have come to a screeching halt to round up as many guys as possible to dig up the trunks from hEr side of the fence, and re-plant them by a foot onto mOm’s side.  Hopefully they will survive the ASSAULT.


btw~  this is nOt the only grievance she has raMMed down our throats in these 6 weeks.  AnD, the late Mrs. would never have behaved this way.  SHE was a better, more thoughtful, and considerate woman—and thIS one NO LONGER REMINDS US OF HER.

Geez~welcome to the neighborhood.

We’re sO haPPy you’re here–.  NoT.

So MANY LOSSES in such a small time frame–.  I’ll get back to you with those projects I WaS so anxious to share—when I get back on track.  Lord only knows what bomb shell she has up her sleeve next for us to endure.  Pray for us.


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2 more of the quickest projects, trying to refill my space in the antq mall~

refilling my antq store space!1. Last summer I found a really old newspaper in a garage sale–$1.  It had some fABulous graphics throughout the pages, so I bought it!

2. Also last summer, my niece and nephews’ neighbor took down her picket fence and let me have all the pickets I wanted!

So I decoupaged this sports image from the newspaper onto some scrap ¼” plywood—and I framed it with some of the picket fence boards.  Then I waxed it for a richer, and softer finish.  I like it.  Hope someone else will too ~and buy it!

I found this silver tray in a thrift store recently, and just thought it beGGed to become a frame.

refilling my antq store space!

So I painted it with chalkboard paint, and used JBweld (2 part metal epoxy) to affix a hanging wire on the back.

And 3 quick things I wanted to share!

1~ I just found this trophy recently, I’ve nEVer seen one like this before and am cRAzy about it!

a recent -unusual- find!2~ Every time I head into the antq mall to check on my space—well, let’s just say, SOMEone is having a little fun with one of my props.  My little monkey guy, that I call Guillermo.

Guillermo3~ I saw this when I pulled up to a gas pump yesterday.  HuH—?  Can’t say I’ve thought about how a handicapped driver fills their tank.  Isn’t it really nice that full service help can still be found?!

isn't this nice-?!

I’m traveling north for a couple of days to visit a favorite auntie and my cuz~

see ya’ real soon, I’ve got stuff to share!


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Making a mirror from 2 leaded glass cabinet doors.

It’s been sO crazy-busy, and I needed to hustle to get some stuff in my store space–so I don’t have many pics to share~sorry.  But, here’s the technique I used to create THIS mirror. . .

refilling my antq store space!

1st~I found a french script graphic that I liked from the Graphics Fairy -bUt- since I have nOt mastered the art of transferring, I figured out a different trick.  I printed the image in reverse on some plastic-wrapped paper—which acted like a stamp on the back side of the glass.

2nd~I misted some rubbing alcohol over the glass.  Before it could dry/evaporate, I began spraying the silvering paint—and alternated spritzing a little rubbing alcohol, and more silvering paint until I got the layered effect I liked.  *FYI~the rubbing alcohol distresses, and, acts a lot like an oxidizing agent with the silvering paint.

And then, just to mess it up a bit, I sprayed the smallest amount of gold gilding paint into a few areas—they react like oil and water, so it “curdled” giving odd “voids” to layer in more silvering paint.

Moving on to the cabinet door frames.  I ran the doors through the table saw to cut away the OBvious cabinet door profile, and cut the new center styles to equal the width of the outside styles.

Next, I ripped some wood to wrap and frame the two parts together as one, and added a flea market find to the top!  Then it was just a matter of painting and you can see the end result below, and how it looks hanging in my space for sale above!

~click on the pictures to see the effects much closer up!

making a mirror from 2 leaded glass cabinet doors---

Making some shelves from suitcases.

Okay–so you can see that I made some of Korrie’s suitcase shelves too!  (Apparently she got the idea from FLEA MARKET magazine!)  I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw her’s ’cause it’s just such a fabUlous idea!

I found the best way to cut the luggage was by using my OSCILLATING SAW.  It cuts through aLL kinds of mediums without much trouble, and is easy to use and control!

making the suitcase shelves!After I cut them up, I decided to keep the “bottoms” after all, and do something with them down the road!  MAYbe something as obvious as magazine holders~but mAYbe something mOre creative!  Stay tuned!

I ripped a plank of wood to “plug” the cut opening, but I also cut some contoured wood (and attached it to the plank) to support the now vulnerable interior of the suitcase.  I drilled KEYHOLES in the board to receive screws or nails in the wall for simple hanging.  OH–btw–I gave my shelves a little more depth at 8″ and 9″.

This sort of looks like a “travel” wall, huh?!  ; D

making the suitcase shelves!

Part 2 tomorrow.


I’m sharing my MIRROR project at this FABulous linky party!

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My   work~work~wORk   nEVer-ending project list continues.

But aLL work and nO play. . .

So when one of my fAVorite Elkhorn flea market dealers contacted me through my blog to say I should travel to Mukwonago—I Mukwona~WENT!  ; D

She called it perfectly—it’s more of a swap-meet full of junk -bUt- there are a few treasures hidden in there for dIRt cheap.  It was a perfect description.

MukwonagoI saw more of these vEry cool~vEry popular letters coming in the gate!

And then I saw a dealer with a table of silver~ like I really nEEd anymore.  But I was drawn in-!  There were a lot of great pieces—but nothing beTTer than any I already had, so my cash was intact!  UnTIL I saw this piece!

MukwonagoI don’t have one of thESE!  And it’s monogrammed!

Now, $3 wAs cheap, but I couldn’t help myself~I luv to negotiate!  I held it up and asked if he would take $2-??  “No~it’s $3.”  Ahhh~oookay.  I handed him a 5 and while he made change he asked me,

“So~what kind of a spoon iS it ANYway??”

“Uhhhh~   i t ‘ s?    a?    s-h-o-e?  horn    ???    .”

“Oh!  I thought it was some kinda cheese-y spoon or something!”

“Dude~you don’t even know what you’re selling-?!?”  Ahhhhahaha!

MukwonagoHere’s the rest of my stash from my trip!

A pair of rafter tails for— $5. Seriously.

A pair of column plinths for $30.

A hUge wooden finial made into a lamp for $2.

This fabulous side table/bench for $30 that I will make the base of an armoire (if the doors I have fit) or a very tall

bookcase or display case!

AND—(I forgot to take a picture) I bought an incredible vintage, 8ft multi-paneled door for $30 that I’ll have to pick up later with a bigger car.  I’m sure it will get cut down into some fUn project!

Thanks, Lisa, for the 411 on Mukwonago!

I’ve finally put some time into new things for my antique store space—so more on thAt tomorrow!


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I’m still plugging away on that looooong and tedious “to do” list.  But the end is nEAR!

I feel like a confUsed boomerang ~the weather is sO crazy.  Dictating what I can work on–and when.

Jesus is coming--

One day I’m in shorts, tank top, flip flops~ sweating in the humid air.   The next day I’m bundled in sweats and sweatshirt trying to keep warm.  It’s dry—it’s raining.  It’s sort of “summer-like,” it feels like we’re back in March.  What the heck Mutha’na’cha–??  NoT. fuNNy.

In March, when I [finally] took the back door Christmas wreath down (I know~I know), in desperation, I reinstalled last fall’s oak leaf, acorn wreath.

1st~the thieving squirrels pilfered all the acorns.

Then, squatters arrived.  Robins.  We’ve learned to co-exist, but papa bird doesn’t like our comings and goings when the babies are being fed, and has swooped our heads a few times–yikes!

The Antique Mall space is a double-edged sword.  Things are selling~yAy!  I just haven’t had time to work on projects to refill it properly, so it looks a bit “sparse.”  I promise though~nOt complaining!  The proceeds are funding two fUn projects I can’t wait to sink my teeth into!

1st—I’m still working out the final design for the OUTdoor China Hutch I’ll build to go on the dining level of the 2-teired deck!  I found some mosaic-styled tile at the ReStore today for its “counter top.”

I’ve decided to make it “armoire” styled.  I’d like the doors to kind of mimic the house—stationery louvers in the bottom (like the clapboards), and the top—either divided light (like the window and door mullions)?  Or lattice-y (like the trellises)?  Or more iron work??  Hmmmm.

*This is a pretty rough sketch, with no ornamentation figured in yet.  But it will have to have a pitched top to shed rain water.  The greenhouse was jUst taken down when the picture was taken, so the coach lamp was still upside down, and a mark is left on the house to clean off.

the outdoor china hutch~

And 2nd—by the end of June, I hope to be building that “Victorian, cottage-y playhouse for my inner little girl my many little nieces!

I’ve found some really cOOl, and really FuN things of late!  Now if I could just take time for some pretty pictures to show you. . .  ; D


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