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I’ve only been abducted by lots of spring “chores,”        ~shall we say-?  Perfunctory, and otherwise.

Spring cleanup around the yard (hUge yard).

Dismantling the greenhouse.  Cleaning through the urns of wintered-over plants.  And re-planting some as well as window boxes~oy.

Spring cleaning inside the house.  Clearing through-cleaning through, purging, tossing, donating.

Even my computer has gotten some cleanup and purging.  Apparently I have “low space.

*Outside when it’s nice, iNside during the rain~so EVERYthing is cha.o.tic!

I’ve identified several new projectsit’s never-ending.

When I finish thIS work list~ I need to look at Page 10.  It’s a wreck again.  How does that keep happening-??  ; D

This is mE from a loooong ago May.  What you can’t quite see is that I’m sitting on a very long run of paper with a mound of crayons, apparently searching for inspiration to begin drawing.  What~they didn’t trust me with paint-?!?
ME~in an earlier spring!

Funny the things Spring digs up!



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Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013I always say how,

“It’s better to be bUsy than bORed!”

Trust me~I have been ANYthing but bORed lately!

~We’ve had an unending job with all the spring clean up,

*as soon as the weather holds warm, the greenhouse is comin’ down and we’ll be planting!

~We’ve had a beautiful wedding,

~We’ve had a baby shower (I’m going to be a G-G-Auntie aGAIN!)–AnD

*Saw this dress form at the flea market!

~yesterday was the 1st Elkhorn flea market of the season!

You know my passion for flea markets,

and sharing pictures of the incredible things I see,

So here we go!

You’ve just got to click on the pics to see some of these treasures bigger!

Oooooh, this was p-Ric-ey for all the pieces!  Be still my heart~yea, LUV at 1st sight!  In spite of the paint and upholstery jobs they need!  *And you can see they’re nOt the original seat cushions.

05-19-13 Elkhorn, 1st 2013 show1Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013You know I LUVs me some chairs!—check out the dolphin handholds!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013This theatre seat was phenomenal~and it stILL had it’s brass seat tag for lucky #13!  When the seat is up, do you see the program holder-?

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And I love all the architecturals!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And iron!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And lighting, industrial-styled!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And the traditional kind!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And you know how I luv mirrors, frames–and some signs!

I was trying to get a picture of the (broken mirror) framed chalk board, but someone stopped in my path,  : |   but I thought it was funny how it looked sort of “cameo-like,” so I snapped the shot!  ; D

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013This church pew—the details, the patina, the veRY old wood.  WoW!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

~Letters are always fUn!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Hardware. . . the flashlight was about 18″ long–very cOOl!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013There’s ALways sOMEthing for eVERYone—how about a still?

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013This was the most unusual piece I’ve seen at a flea market!  The lidded “barrel” sits on top of the “table,” I tried to layer the pictures so you can see~these ladies do the Atlanta SCOTT Antiq Market too!


Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

Btw—this was a prelude-to-the-flea-market piece!  What a great idea~can you see the 3 crates the cabinet began from ?!?


Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

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Hope all of you moms

are having the

mOST wONDERful and RELAXing day

you can dream of!

me and momMe and mY mom—our family back in the US from France, and now stationed in South Dakota.
This picture always cracks me up, ’cause, OmG~could I be dressed any dorkier?!

The biGGest

Happy Mother’s Day wishes

to mY MoM~

looks like it’s going to be a warm and sunny day,

so I promise to fire up the grill for the brats and roasted veggies you like so much!

Love, Catherine

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All the kiddos (at one of my big brother’s house) shuffled around to new bedrooms.  Now we need to do some individual re-decorating!

~enter Auntie!

Starting in my little princess Aleigha’s new room—

You saw her chairs!

a pair of chairs for Princess Aleigha

And you saw her 1st selection new lamp!

Aleigha'a bed side light!

the leftovers that will be usedNext project is the first of two very tall bookcases to be worked over.  This one into a. . .

bookshelf-dresser combination!

And thAt’s what I started working on when my little health issues erupted.  But I’m back on it now!

Use what you’ve got.

The tall bookcase is the foundation of this piece, and I’m adding the leftover section of the dresser from the neighbor’s curbies.

Joe's dresser

Make what you need.

1. I wanted to slip the “dresser” into the lower part of the bookcase.
2. I reduced the depth of the dresser to that of the drawers–

Aleigha's bookshelf-dresser

3. I also needed to reset the depth of the drawer guides.

Aleigha's bookshelf-dresser1

4. The cantilevered dresser gave me an opportunity to add bun feet to the design, and,

5. I needed to rebuild the sides of the dresser to marry into the bookcase.

6. The last task was to cut a new dresser top.

Aleigha's bookshelf-dresser2

I’ve been busy painting since yesterday, here’s the jist of how things are going so far~but there’s more to come!


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Aleigha's bookcase-dresser


While I am busy and finally

~back to work on Princess Aleigha’s bookshelf-dresser~

I wanted to show you some cOOl things I saw in the antique mall after I finished re-setting my space.  Oh, yea~I bought a few things too!

But 1st I want to show you this cool tool box/saw from the ReStore!  I was sO tempted to buy it JUst for the BoX!    *but I passed

from the ReStore









from the antique mall

I’m crAzy about the little lamp –for only $12— I may go back for it!  The other lamp is actually marble, and super heavy.  The Ship.  This one may throw you off, but I am fascinated by it for some reason.  I think it could make a really cOOl hanging light!

from the antique mall

from the antique mall

I love these old carriages!  Even through the coating of dust you can tell they were 1st class-elegance in their time.  Many people have sworn there is a ghostly presence around them~some have been scared by it, others say it felt like they were “trespassing,” and think it’s creepy back there.           *I kinda hoped I’d capture an “image” or something~nope.

from the antique mall

This dealer gets some really cool “chairs” in all the time, and I always go back there to check them out!  (I know–surprise, surprise!)

from the antique mall

Now~best for last!!!

The dealer has two–TWO of these!  O-M-G!

from the antique mall

This cupboard is almost 9ft tall~and it’s aMAZing!

from the antique mall

And, btw— I bought a very tall, hand blown, (partially) seeded, apple-green vase!  And a little-bitty bubble vase that was also hand blown, in a faded-delft blue color!

And a cOOl old yard stick—but is it??  It’s 48″ long!            Does that make it a yard and ¹/3 stick ?!?


from the antique mall

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thrift store finds~new projects

I found this dresser just recently at a GoodWill store for $13.50 !

I loved the dresser~

just as it was!

No cutting up or reinventing this one.  Just some paint and waxing this time around! (how unusual pour moi!)


The bed, I found at one of those St. Vinnie’s ½ price day sales $10 $5 (oh–about 3 yrs ago.  I know, I know~ h-OAR-der).

It needed a lot of repair, and one of the foot board posts was so”iffy,” I just cut them both off and modified the ends to reattach the finials.

Last year I saw this brass branch with birds-thingy for $7.97 in a thrift store.  I had an INstant flashback to an old ad for Patina Furniture.  They were featuring this beaUtiful bed with birds atop each of the four posters. ~And it was an inCREDibly expensive bed.

So I bought the tacky brass-bird-thingy with the intentions of making my oWn version of the bed!


thrift store find--

-Getting to work now-

I painted the dresser a Revere Pewter and Alabaster White combo and LUV’d it!

and since the paint wAs already out I just kept painting.  ; D

Yes, from the hall tree, to the dresser, to the bed!

And then I waxed EVERYthing to the smOOthest finish!  While I was at it–I even waxed the inside drawer rails because the drawers were just horrible to open and close.  Now they just gLIDe!

Yes~my work space is cRAZy out of control at the moment, just don’t look at the background!

Back to WORK!

Out of all the mayhem came these beautiful pieces!

the dresser beaUtified!

Now- my bed makeover!

Like I said, I cut off the foot board posts (again, because one was sO bad), cleaned scoured the whole bed–it was really gross!  Then I painted away, sanded, painted, sanded–waxed.  Wow did my arms ache after that time off.

I unscrewed 2 of the birds from their branch and quickly figured out a way to attach them to the top of the posts.  Double threaded screws.  So off I went to the big-box-store.  But guess what—they don’t have anything so small.

The guy said, “I guess you’ll have to scrap your idea, huh?”  Silly man.  Never under estimate the power of a determined girl!

Okay, plan A—out.  Plan B.  Why don’t I enlarge the hole, and re-thread it to the smallest double threaded screw you have?  The guy actually looked surprised, but agreed, THAt could work— .

So we grabbed the double threaded screws, headed over to the isle with the drill bit/re-threading parts  -aNd thEN-  he said I would need to buy this $9 hand tool to do the job.  “WHY?” I asked.  After he explained why, and we “discussed it,” I said I really thought I could do it without the pricey (probably, 1 time use) tool, but I wOUld buy it just for back up.

Maybe WOmen are just better at this stuff—I never had an ounce of trouble using my drill–very  s l ow l y,  and finished the task in less than 5 minutes.  And I retURNed the unopened tool for a refund the next day.

adding birds to the bed posts

I think my birds look sO cool perched up there!

And here’s the whole bed—

the bed made over!

I wanted to float the bed in my small space, so I needed some supports to hold it upright.  Bed stores actually sell short little bed rails for display purposes, but they’re expensive.  And, honestly, I wasn’t sure someone wouldn’t assume they go with the bed at sale and take them too!

So I grabbed some scraps and made an improvised “collar.”  While I was at it, I made a little platform so I could display some pillows in the void.

Here are my 2 concoctions—

for display purposes!

Hope you like my projects and problem/solution ideas~

Btw—here’s my newly RE-LOADed space.  Without an inch to spare in my 5ft deep x 11ft wide space, huh?


PS~ I’m saving the other two birds for a project that will be for ME!

my newly re-set space!

I’m sharing my projects in these linky parties!





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Y’know what—I (mostly) feel just like my old self again!     Such. a gREAt. feeling.  Thank you God!

Just sO “happy as can be,” “whistle while you work,” JoY to be working on a project, and finishing the 2nd Hall Tree~and a few other projects tOO!

In February, I had a fresh gallon of Ben-Moore’s Revere Pewter mixed up for a project in my niece’s room—now I’m seeing all kinds of posts and articles about this color being one of the hot new favorites.  That’s sO funny to me–’cause this is nOt my first time around with this beautiful color!  But it’s nice people are finding it now!

I wanted a simple color palette for both Hall Trees~who knows where they’ll land!  So I paired the Revere Pewter with an Alabaster White, added some chalkboard paint for one of them, and reproduction ticking for both seats.  A soft, neutral palette.

my charity Hall Trees

Both Hall Trees began with a 24″ ReStore closet door.

Since I couldn’t get the 2nd Hall Tree finished on time for the charity (and donated another piece), it is now for sale in my antq store space.

paint finishes for the 2nd Hall Trees

paint finishes for the 2nd Hall Tree

paint finishes for the 2nd Hall Tree

I have two more projects to show you next—and they look fABulous, so come right back–


the 2nd Hall Tree

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