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Happy Easter!

Oh, thAnk God thIS won’t be our Easter!

not thIS Easter!

~now ThiS is mOre liKe it; D


thIS is how to spend Easter!


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This is the left side of a “3-parts project wall.”

Aleigha just came to give her “approval” and select some color.

I’m trying to “uSe whAT wE’ve gOt~mAke it whAt wE nEEd!”


the disarray coming together


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I know the finish line.  The finish line will be beaUtiful.

But gEtting to the finish line~ nOt so pretty.

Disparate parts coming together,

to create something that wiLL bE. . .


leftovers + cast offs

Yesleftovers and cast offs.

Just trust me, it’s gonna be. . .

uh, well~just wait and see!


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it'll be better~I’ve been laying more than a bit low lately.

Not posting much OR working on many projects.

The reason is that I thought I had a bad cold or~sOMethingAnD, besides a low grade fever,   I was getting these weird waves of nausea and dizziness.  ~Pro~bab~ly nOt a good idea to run any saws, so I cleaned and organized and sewed instead.

Really early lAst Wednesday morning, I was awakened by a severe pain at the very back-bottom of my head.  A bIG lump.  A sis-in-law wondered if I might have gotten a spider bite while sleeping–?  Hmmm-o-Kaaay-?

By Thursday it was getting biGGer and spreading upward aNd towards the back of my ear.  But I thought the “spider bite” suggestion sounded reasonable, and I didn’t want to hit the panic button.

Thursday night/Friday morning—I was awakened mAny times to a searing-hot pain, AnD mOre bumps/lumps, all over the right side of my head.    I called the doctor’s office, but they couldn’t get me in until this morning.

keep-calm-and-carry-onI admit I was scared and worried–but I didn’t think “the sky was falling!” enough to run to the ER.  I’m sure you can understand it’s been a lOng number of days.  And I didn’t want to reveal much to family, because, frankly–I didn’t want some speculation taking me down any bad paths.  The UNknown and mY crAzy imagination was acting enough like “mapquest” without any extra help, if you know what I mean.

The doctor says I’m in all the early phases of  -SHINGLES-.

But I don’t have the rash~yet.  Oh. joy.

some days suck!

You can get this on your hEAd??

I’ve only ever heard of people getting it on their bACk.

Obviously~I’m going to be plenty busy reading up on this.  But, pLEAse~

if any of you has any info to share,

it would be great to know what to expect so I don’t freak out over any more “symptoms!”

My HeaD hURts~but not like a headache.  Even my hair hurts.  But at least now I can -cAUtiously- get back to my power tools.  I’ve got big projects to do!

And just to explain this~ If you were to put your right thumb in your right ear, and pivot your hand from the bottom of your head up to the crown of your head—thAt’s where it is.  It’s messin’ with my ear and even my neck, but now I have an explanation for the dizziness and nausea too.

You guys are always such a wealth of info, I’m hoping to learn the REAL side of this that the Dr and internet don’t really tell.

And now I will   STop whining and cARRy oN


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Tah's benchI told you last fall about mom’s long-time next door neighbor who, sadly, went into a nursing home.

His children were left with the daunting task of emptying the house for resale.  They let me take anything I wanted from the piles accumulating at the curb.  From the sad situation came some fun new projects!

BUT—one of those treasures at the curb was breaking the middle daughter’s heart.  Something she couldn’t take on the plane back to NYC.  Her memories were sO vivid of learning to sew at the old sewing machine–and this bench.

Knowing how much I treasure all the things left to me—now mY heart was broken~ for her.

I tOOk the bench~but I had a plan.

I wrote her the following week that, “When I took the bench–it was aCTually fOr you.  Whenever you get re-settled, let me know and I will ship it to you!  No matter how long, it will just be here for safe keeping.  ~You know your mom and dad really would want you to have it!

But you know what?  I really wanted to work it over for her too, and,  I sure hope she likes it!

(I had just a bit of this colorful fabric left—)

SurPRise Tah!

Tah's bench

Tah's bench

I just hope she likes it and I didn’t “erased her memories.”


~Now I’ll go put it in storage with mY treasures for safe keeping!

Tah's bench

Tah's bench!

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This is one more of the things I found at  The ReStore’s  ½ price sale~         a waiting room coffee table.  Truly one hEAvy beast.

[. . .the rationale inSide mY head. . .]

“Hmmm?   Commercial–industrial grade. . .hUh, my niece could use mOre-flEXible seating—I don’t thINk the boys (8yr old and 4yr old) could do mUch damage~?  $10 $5.  YeS!  I’ll take thAt!”

the ReStore 1/2 price sale, a waiting room coffee table!

Awww~my pics upholstering it got deleted accidentally~ooops.

Not a big deal~just a “wrap” job over foam and batting–and I painted the legs.

I thought this dizzying fabric might camouflage kid’s and kitty’s debris~non?!

waiting room coffee table~now an ottoman!

No more waiting room coffee table,

have a seat!


ps~even their Kitty-cat ♥’s it!

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auction mirror~ $22.50. . .Y’ know that auction I’ve been talking about lately–?

Okay-so, 1st time I went, I got this mirror, and the tapestry below.

2nd time -last Thursday- I was outbid on EVerything but a bench by some antique store and consignment shop owners.

(insert bottom lip here)

*Well, I see in this week’s uploaded pictures ~there’s 1 nice dresser I’d like to try for, some cool silver, and tOOls!

So~ y’ think I’ll have even half a chance~?

the auction tapestry~ $5

the auction bench~ $35

Well  -the bench-  I’ve decided I will sell, but just as it is.

The tapestry–is anOTHer story!

I took it off the dowel it was affixed to, threw it in the washer—then cut it up.

Yes, I cut it up~to make 3 pillows.

the auction tapestry gets cut up!

I used a neutral damask for the back side, and goose-down pillow inserts!

I kept it totally simple, no frills, square pillows–I think there’s enough pattern already going on!  I used the sewing machine for three sides, and hand sewed a blind hem to close them up.

All while I listened/watched “Becoming  Jane,” about the life of Jane Austen.  I’ve already told you how I love listening to the vocabulary, dialog, and music  ~and the stories, of course~  while I’m sewing!

the tapestry cut into pillows

the back side of the tapestry pillows

closing the pillows with a blind hem~

While I was in the pillow-making mood, I cut up a couple more of those sweaters I’m always collecting!

I love using button up sweaters for how easy it is to insert a “pillow.”


sweaters made into pillows!

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