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No. More. P'ul-ease!




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making a mirror~



I hit “publish” prematurely on yesterday’s post ~sorry.

I forgot to show you what the mirrors looked like when they were finished —my’bad!


Click on pics for closer view!

old window mirrors

~ and now ~

My newest “bench.”

If you remember–

my mother’s neighbor went into a nursing home, and his children have had to deal with his house and belongings.  How sad to bear witness to this necessity–but they let me save a few things, including this dresser!

-SO busy with many other projects, I just haven’t had the time to focus on this art deco piece.  But I DiD know I would cut it up for a new lease on life!

cutting up the dresser--

Now, cutting it up–

cutting the dresser--

and putting it back together ~in a new form.

the new form


my inspiration--

My inspiration–

Sure, its Art Deco design and the turquoise paint gave it a juvenile feel. . .

But to me, it spoke of   old Hollywood –and- sophistication!  And made me think of this favorite old pair of shoes!

Two things of note~

1- I had two last sample pots of chalk paint to play with, and the colors happened to be exactly what I had in mind!

2- I hadn’t given up on image transfers ~yet!  I tried the freezer paper method this time~better.


I only used dark wax~mostly to give more depth to the brown.

Oh!  And how do you like the “new” hardware?  More flea market finds!

paint and dark wax

I’m pretty sure this dresser actually belonged to the neighbor’s late wife ~Kathy.

I like to think the initials in the transfer image are her maiden name initials, so I added the brass letters to reinforce the idea!

Oh~ here’s my store space reset!


my reset store space

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old windows bought in Louisville!Our visit with Gail netted a pair of great old windows!

I knew they’d make some fabulous mirrors and just had to have them!  –But it was the start of our trip to Atlanta, and I prayed they wouldn’t get busted up so early on. Thankfully–they made it!

But I wanted to add a twist!  And here’s the basics of what I did~

  1. I cleaned the glass,
  2. applied old sheet music,
  3. sprayed with silvering paint,
  4. and, coated the silvering with a protective coating.

making a mirror~

They’re now hanging for sale in my store space.

The outcome is okay on one, better on the other, but, you knowPractice Makes Perfect!

I’ve got a few other pieces to try again.
I’ll try to get better pics next go ’round and be more descriptive!

But until then, if you remember this dresser. . .

Joe's dresser~

It’s now cut down for another bench!

Construction is done–I’m busy painting now to get it to the antique mall.

I’ll show you pictures of this project (hopefully) tomorrow!


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Remember this Craig’s List dresser?

Remember how I cut it “in half”~

craig's list dresser

~and how I had a 2-part plan for a bench and a console?

my craig's list dresser

the new plan--Well, the lace-skirted bench sold so quickly from my antique store space, that I decided to make a bench from the other half too.

1st– I needed to reinforce the new bottom of the (now) bench.  I created a frame and detailed edge using some very hard oak & the router.

And then I needed to give it some feet. Of course, I didn’t seem to have 4 of anything appropriate for this dresser- but I DiD have 2 pairs of complimentary bun feet!

figuring out some feet--

the color scheme--I wanted to use this bright, cheery linen-

-and chose a green paint-scheme to keep it perky!

Okay, I’m still trying to figure out this chalk paint— and I still didn’t get it “right,” so my game plan changed along the way.

Now, latex paints, I get.  Tinting the color, the “feel” of it and manipulating the finish.  Using glazes, dirty-ing it up with stains, aging it with waxes–I’ve been doing it a looong time.

I WILL conquer this chalk paint–in time.  With patience.  And obviously–smaller projects during this learning curve!

It’s strange to me how this paint DRIES LIGHTER, but changes dramatically when waxed!  So I learned that I should’ve picked the fabric AFTER!  And you can see that it was changed before all was said and done!

You can also see the change of hardware—from my flea market collections!

the other half of the Craig's List dresser!

It’s BRIGHT to be sure–and this was NOT my intended outcome.

When the project started, I was thinking “teenaged girl!”

Yep~there’s a definite learning curve–you have to think differently with this paint.  –I’m also still struggling with coverage and how far it’s supposed to go.

It was just ONE of the projects I took to the antique mall to refill my space today.  I tore up the whole left side to clean and reset.

*ha~while I was re-setting my space–SOMEONE BOUGHT IT!

And I thought for sure it would sit, and I would have to RE-DO it!
I quickly snapped this picture before they took it away!


my antique mall space!

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The Scott Antique Market

is divided by 2 locations.

I’ve been showing you pictures from the main building–

the part of the show that definitely says ANTIQUE market!

–And YES, they had some FABulous prices to go with their FABulous treasures!
-click on the pictures to see closer up!-

the things we saw at Scott's

the things we saw at Scott's

I’m not sure what the easle-styled item was (the middle picture).  It was about 4+ feet tall–could it have held the day’s specials outside a restaurant?  Did an artist use it for drawing or painting–?

That painting was large, clearly vERy old, and amazing– but it felt like it should be in a museum, not here!

My eye went right to that really cool, short, squatty picture frame~ and I apparently offended the vendor greatly because I didn’t recognize it was the BUSINESS SIGNage to her enormous space.  Ooops.  Really, lady??

the things we saw at Scott's

I just luv tactile things~

and I’m a total sucker for beautiful linens– especially when monogrammed!

the things we saw at Scott's

the things we saw at Scott's

This sure didn’t feel like a space -a booth- in an antique market!  I was completely transported walking around the corner.

the things we saw at Scott's

I have so many pictures -Eye Candy- to share,

and I’m totally taking advantage while I work on several projects to refill MY antique mall space!  Hope you don’t mind.

I can’t wait to share the Other Half of their market–

where could actually afford to buy things!


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On this inaugural day,

I especially wanted to share this

antique flag

I saw at Scott.

This vendor specialized in these beautiful pieces of history–they were ALL amazing, but I was particularly drawn to this one!

at the Scott Antq Mrkt

~More eye candy from the Scott Antique Market!

Well, you know my love of mirrors!

from the Scott Antq Mrkt

from the Scott Antq Mrkt

from the Scott Antq Mrkt

from the Scott Antq Mrkt↑ Isn”t that  ~desk?~  really fun!

The fabulous

Madonna and child,

the man said,

dated from the late 17th century.

I wish you could have seen it personally –it was truly beyond awesome!







from the Scott Antq Mrkt

Ah, You know I can’t pass up silver!

So let me preface this next bit with how fun it is to take pictures to share ~and get to see it all again!  I laugh thinking how many vendors scurried out of the way to NOT be in the picture, a few even volunteering to move things for the best possible shot!

But one [crabby] lady chastised my taking pictures of her silver ware (in the pictures below), sighting it “was impolite not to ask her first,” and how she “doesn’t like people copying her stuff.”

Hmmm, I don’t THINK I know how to make silver ware–??  When my apology did NOT seem to please her, I had to bite my tongue from saying something smart-alecky like, “should I delete the pictures?”  She may have said YES!

*My sassy-self thought her $225 for 12 forks kind of matched her attitude!  ; D

from the Scott Antq Mrkt

If  the roll of pictures is any indicator of  how big and incredible   this market is, just wait!  There’s more!

Till tomorrow~~


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Sure~we had more things on our To Do List

than time to do it, but,

~We gave it a gOOd try!

1st–we stopped in Louisville to meet up with Gail, from My Repurposed Life!  She had us meet up at one of her favorite junque’in spots, where we saw a whole lotta cool stuff!   *We should’ve been traveling in a van–or a truck!

It was so fun to actually meet and talk to her face-to-face ~ and I was totally distracted from taking pictures–sorry!  I DiD get this one of a great art deco sofa that I think could be fABulous reupholstered in some combo of grain sack, linen, hemp!  Of course, with painted wood to play up the carvings, a button-tufted back, & one looong down-filled bench cushion!  Can ya see it?!

some of what we saw visiting with Gail!

Our plan was to visit for a couple of hours, I think we were there for 4!  I’ve been reading Gail’s blog for just more than a year now, and was eager for the opportunity to meet her.  May I say, she’s even more fun in person, and I’m so happy we stopped!  I’d love to make another trip her way ~ and so look forward to catching up with her again at Haven!

Having so much fun with Gail meant we missed those antique stores in Murfreesboro–darn.  And we got to my cousin’s house at almost 1am–oops.  Mind you ~ in late, up early, we lost an hour with time zones, and I took my cousin’s dog for a morning walk,

but we were still at Scott as it opened!

And this is the first dealer we saw coming in!

A great start, don’t you think—CHAIRS!!!

as always ~ click on the pictures to enlarge!

the 1st dealer we saw entering Scott's!

I LUV alabaster lamps–there were mAny to be found, but pricey.

Someone converted incredible piano legs into lamps too!

Scott's antq mrkt

More interesting lighting, and the vase or urn–depending on your thoughts–was made of pine cones!

Scott's antq mrkt

I fell head over heels for the table and shield-back chairs!

Scott's antq mrkt

This was such a cLEver idea ~ I want to do this!

Scott's antq mrkt

One last outdoor vendor pic~

~till tomorrow!


Scott's antq mrkt

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