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*I was really eager to get back to Brody’s  dresser, so I worked on it much of the day.  It’s taking great shape and I’m pretty happy with the outcomeconsidering it’s a “plastic” dresser.

What a long way to spend New Year’s Eve day.

I had spray painted the dresser black, & gave it the night to totally set up.

So today, I started with figuring out some “new hardware,” the white knobs just weren’t doin’ it for me.  I found the 6 drawer pulls on a trip to the ReStore –I’m still trying out knobs for those top 2 drawers.

Next, I moved on to creating a new top from a thrift store side tablethat I bought for the legs.  *But held onto the top–just incase.

After figuring out the placement, I marked and cut off the excess on the chop saw.

–I’ll be using that part too–you’ll see!

The side table originally had a glass top, so I ripped a piece of ¼” plywood to fill the void.

Then I built a simple 3-sided box for the top hutch,

and attached it from the bottom side of the new top.

You can also see that I glued a band of oak around the original top’s edge,   just under the new top to visually tie the two together.

  • I cut a frieze board, and the remaining table top to form a valance,
  • added a large profile crown-cove molding,
  • and clamped one of my own flea market antlers to see how the form was taking shape.  Brody’s new daddy will be providing one of his own larger “trophies” for a personal touch!

I was planning on using live-edged wood for the shelves.  I thought someone had secured some for me, but the bark edges were cleaned.

Is it still considered “live-edged” if the bark is gone but the     edges are not properly milled–??

The boards were cut thick, which I LUV!  I cut them to length, sanded them, and used two stains for some variation.  I also stained parts of the rest of the hutch.

The overall finish will be a combination of stain and paint to bring the disparate pieces together.  The final picture collage shows you how I left it until tomorrow–when I should finish up!  YaY!



Happy  New Year



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Our newest little baby bundle -Brody- was gifted a “new” dresser. 

“Could great-GREAT auntie do something more with it~please?”

Okay– I’m pretty creative, but what am I supposed to do with a plastic dresser–??

Seriously.  The new dresser is plastic-coated.  Inside and out.  I can’t re-skin plastic, how do you put a nail in it?  And I think it would be tough to paint~~oy.  All I can think to do is use spray paint.  **Guess it’ll be faster to paint.

The new parents in the first few days—new babies are really tiring, huh?!?

They’re young, students, not a lot of money, it’s a gifted dresser.    So to make the most of the situation, here’s my plan~~

They really like all this country, hunting, outdoors-y stuff, so I’m spray painting the dresser black to begin with.  I’ll build a top for it (you know I love to build up).  The baby’s room is small’ish, and building up will give more storage without taking aditional floor space.  But there will be a twist—

I’ll integrate the top from a side table,

some live-edged wood,

and antlers!

Stay tuned!


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. . .gosh. . .Christmas was just on Tuesday, but somehow it feels SO long ago already.  Perhaps I was more worn out than I thought.

In any case–

I poured a nice glass of red  D

and sat back to relax and – finally, truly – take in all the decor.

It was just SO incredibly hectic this year, I found I only did the “minimum” of decorating.  Since my mom typically lets me go wild each year at her house – I think she was a bit disappointed, but she understood.

This is one of the vintage angels I found in the antique mall.  I still can hardly believe–$18 for the pair (left and right)!

~I guess I DO have a bit of passion for RED—at Christmas!  And glitter!~

I flocked the main tree with magnolia-scented baby powder again this year!  If you remember, I did it last year because there was the faintest musty’ish scent I didn’t like- it was a quick remedy that made the tree look flocked!  And–it smells SO good!

I used my [favorite] hydrangeas from mom’s garden again.  But– I didn’t get to them in a timely manner, and they all turned that ugly brown.  BUT, I remembered Gail’s post on dyeing hydrangea heads with Rit Dye and created my own “red heads!”  It took me 3 and 4 dunks to get the color I wanted, but it was incredibly E A S Y to do!

(The baby powder seems to have kind of blanketed the red.)

There’s a “constant foundation” of greenery above the curio–

I just add and subtract according to season or holiday!

The mirror (to check yourself) by the front door!

Even the drapery rod in the guest bath!

Just little touches–

The chandelier over the breakfast table, and in the lower level dining–

Bits of red everywhere!

Since there’s not the usual, over abundance of decoration  ~everywhere~    I guess it won’t be so daunting a job taking everything down.

~See, a silver lining!


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I didn’t get to my kids’ Christmas tree project until

Christmas Eve & Christmas morning.

–I had a lot going on.

the kids' Christmas tree 2012

Trying to come up with a fresh and fun idea for each year’s tree is a challenge–but the kiddos like it!

This year I was thinking “jack in the box,” but the tree will come out of the box instead of a clown!  Okay~~so the ornaments should be candy and toy-based then–right?!?

12-27-12 post-Christmas blog post

Problem was, that I had an exceptionally busy month (or two) leading up to Christmas.

I didn’t get to build the “box” until 8:30 Christmas EveYikes-ies.

While the box was setting up (paint), I went back to getting the names on the stockings — finished at 10:30.

The tree didn’t get put up and decorated until Christmas morning.

Nothing like working under pressure!

I was going to steal some matchbox cars from a couple of the boys, and spray paint them all one color — but that didn’t happen, so I focused on more CANDY!  Wish I had found more of those big lolly pops!

Any way, I built the “box” from a crAzy variety of scrap wood laying around Page 10, and used a pair of super old door hinges at the lid.

The box didn’t need to be “fabulous,” just something for the moment.  I can take the whole thing apart, or rebuild it better for some other use later ~ no worries!  My kinda hurried-harried project!  ; D

Sure hope you all had a much more relaxed Christmas!



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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas





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There’s SO much to do,

and not enough time in the day—

(if you can’t laugh. . .)


Christmas group therapy!

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Thank You!

Fail--Thank You–

to ALL of you for the encouragement and generous offerings of help along the way!
Don’t be surprised if I take you up on it!

2½ years ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was—and it would be accurate to say I was nudged pUSHed into it rather reluctantly!  There’s definitely been a LEARNing curve, but very interesting!

The singular BEST part of this path has been—FINDING ALL OF YOU!

-My fellow, creative, archi-types!

be awesome!

-People I can share my crazy imagination with—WHO GET IT!

-And don’t think I’m a bit nuts.          **Well, hopefully you don’t. )

When I try to explain   what blogging is   to the “old me’s” still out there,

it’s really cool to cap it off with “how incredibly generous and giving” this blogging world is!

You are some of the most inspiring, motivating, AWEsome people!  I’m blessed to know you—I give Thanks!


my blogging friends!

btw—at 11:22p, on the 16th, I became a really great-GREAT auntie to little Brody!

dear God--


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