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my silver cabinet!

I’ve had several things going on this week–which you’ll see in the next posts.  But I am so excited to finally show you my finished silver cabinet!

Cassie’s comment of how this “is one glamorous gun cabinet! crAcked me up! You know I usually tear stuff up and REcreate it–but not this one.  So it still does looks like a gun cabinet to me–and I whole heartedly agree with her assessment!

I love itExcept for the paint.

I’m still not happy with the “exterior” color.  I know it may LOOK like it matches the walls, but it’s actually a dark white–the walls are a pale straw color.  The whole day has been dark, dreary, and sometimes rainy–emphasis on “dark.”  So lighting was giving me trouble for pictures.

This project became a little more expensive than I originally anticipated.  $39.99 for the cabinet, and $38 for glass shelves.  Everything else used, I already had in my work studio.

Even though, I would definitely do it again!  Although, I think it would be nice with a solid, raised panel door (or two)!

No more talk—just pictures!

But at last, you can see the framed, glass shelves.
So glad I built them instead of looking at the front edge of the glass.

the new silver cabinet!

the new silver cabinet!

showing a close up of the glass shelves--

before and after---gun cabinet to silver cabinet!

Yes—I have a thing for silver.  THIS is a little-bitty sample of my collection.  I have wAy more silver than any one person probably should–it’s a sickness.  I have many–!   ; D


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Once again, here’s my cabinet.

I’ve decided I AM going to put a light in it and use glass shelves!  But, aesthetically–

“I don’t want to look at the edge of the glass shelves through the glass door.”

SO. . .here’s my plan!

I’m making shelf “frames” that the glass will drop into.  Through the door, it will look like 3 wood shelves—but it’s not.  Here’s how to do it.

   (think “picture frame”)

  1. I grabbed an appropriate board from my stock– ¾” thick  x 12″w  x 48″ l
  2. I set up the router table with a ¾” round-over bit, and set the height to completely round over both sides of the board’s top edge–then lowered the bit to just soften the bottom edge on each side.
  3. Then I ripped each of the routered sides by 1″ on the table saw.
  4. Then I took the –now narrower– board back to the router table to repeat the process.
  5. And back to the table saw. . . .and back to the router, and back to the table saw.

This gave me 6  48″ routered lengths—more than needed, but it’s always better to have extra in case I wreck or miscalculate any part of construction.

Then I changed the router set up to a dado bit, and cut a ¼” deep rabbet for the glass to rest in,.  And I miter cut the sections to create the “frame.”  Again–the glass will drop into the frames, the frames will sit on the shelf clips.

I used the rounded over edge at the front of the shelves/what will be seen through the glass doors.  I used that same edge upside down for the other 3 sides because it would be softer [visually] underneath the glass for the shelf below.  —And you would not have seen the rounded edges against the sides and back of the cabinet anyway.

BUT– it was not a “natural fit” at the front corners, so I used the sander to round them over.

WoW!  Hard to explain this concisely,

so I hope you get it–it’s really NOT difficult to do.

The shelf frames went to the glass store for their custom cut glass inserts –I get them back Wednesday, lunch’ish– can’t wait to show you!

2nd/the other thing I wanted to share–

my cheater guide for drilling perfect shelf holes!

1.  I like to keep scraps of ¼” plywood, they make great jigs/templates for drilling shelf holes.  You can use old wood rulers or yard sticks too!

Pre-drill pilot holes at the increments you want shelves to adjust to, AND for how close you want the clips to be from the back and front of the shelf.  I like an inch.

2.  So you don’t drill through your cabinet sides, use a marker to identify a “stop” on the drill bit–wrapping tape around the bit can move on you.

3.  I decided to hang my shelves with 12″ of height (and a 1″ adjustment higher and lower).  I made the marks on my stick and pre-drilled.

I started by placing the stick at the bottom back of the cabinet, and drilled all the holes at the 1ft and 2ft levels, then moved the stick to the bottom front and did the same.

4. 5. & 6.  Move the stick up to finish drilling.  Basically– move up the 12″ markings on the stick to overlap the [now drilled] 24″ holes.  If you put the drill bit through one of the holes, and then to the corresponding shelf hole, you’ll be lined up perfectly to continue drilling!

I hope this makes sense to you—IT’s a BIG TIME SAVING TRICK!


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I really don’t mean to drag my feet finishing this project–

but I do seem to be.

You know—family with more time off at holidays means more time playing!   –And, it’s sooooo cold out, it takes a while to get my work studio warm (enough to work in).  How I hate to be cold.

Detours and excuses aside,

–the gun cabinet is at last, actually looking more like a silver storage cabinet!  Yay!

The new hardware looks much nicer, and I’m finished painting—but not “sold.”  Don’t be surprised if you hear I’ve repainted down the line.  Maybe this is a good candidate to finally try some chalk paint–no?

The cabinet originally had glass in the door.  It seemed like a really flimsy piece, so I put it in the garbage can and gave it a few good whacks —but it didn’t break.   h U h.

So I’m giving it a reprieve, and restoring it back in the door.  I’ll bring it inside in the morning, and secure it in place with silicone (it rattled the way it wAs installed using clips).

All THAT is making me consider having glass shelves cut, instead of wood.  AND, I’m thinking of installing a light in the top to illuminate and show off all the silver service pieces it will hold!

The next post should show it finished  -in place-  and all loaded up!    fingers crossed!


btw–see a whole project done in gold metallic paint!  So original & so beautiful!

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This was only to be a cosmetic change with a simple retrofit.

A fast, uncomplicated project.  Ha. Ha.

1st–I discovered structural issues.  Not trusting its sturdiness to hold my beautiful silver pieces–I stopped to make the corrections.
ButI was so anxious to jump back into a project (so sick of being sick), that I kind of over-did it, and had to slow my roll– ; D
Then–we hit Thanksgiving.

But now I’m back on it–with a change of plan.  I loved my chosen color, but a trial run in the space it was going, revealed a very DULL look .  So I’m brightening up the color, and making a shift to the interior finish!

Since the wallpaper has a metallic print, maybe gold metallic interior walls could be an interesting foil to the silver service pieces that will be stored in it!

Next, changing the hardware required the perfunctory “erasing” of former hardware holes.  I’ve always found this to be the easiest method–

–Block the back of the holes with tape,

and pack the crap out of the front side with a good putty.

–As it’s setting up, place a finger on the back side of the hole for extra support, then press hard from the front side.  It will compress, making room to add a little more putty so the holes are well filled.

When the putty has completely dried, sand flat—you’re ready to drill new holes for a change of hardware!

—more of the “subtle changes” (ha ha) tomorrow!


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Happy shopping everyone!

Be safe–


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanks·giving



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The landscapers showed up yesterday morning to do the fall cleanup and, I was feeling so much better, that I spent the whole day outside working on various projects.  With the landscapers to begin, but by 2 o’clock, I ran off to the thrift store to see if that gun cabinet was still there.

It was, I got it, and showed you how I jumped on the project right away!  But I stayed outside till well past dark, and—IT GOT COLD!  When I finally quit and came in—I realized I had the chills.  It took long enough to finally feel better, and I’m not trying to backslide—so today, I paced myself a bit more working on the “gun” cabinet.

Before I quit last night, I got a coat of primer on the cabinet.  So today, I gave it a fine sanding before two more coats.

I also figured out the new hardware—hinges, door pull, and drawer pulls.

–Tough to figure out when you have so many choices— see what I mean?  I know-I know…it’s a sickness.  These are just some of my hardware drawers.

Subtle changes abound!

~~more tomorrow~~


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