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A family dinner kept me from finishing my project yesterday.

**Btw–as I told my sassy nephew about my [satanic] red squirrel issues—5 down, at this latest count!he went for a drink and came back with THIS.  Told ya’ he was sassy! 

Anyway, as soon as it got a little warmer out this morning, I headed out to finish the bottom section of my craig’s list dresser project!

Just to recap~~

  1. I cut the dresser into 2 sections and the bottom section is becoming this bench

  2. I cleaned it, repaired it, then primed it–

I needed to neutralize that awful, glossy, chocolatey brown to figure out a direction for this piece.  Now, ordinarily, I would agree that—

—but not in a dresser, please!

I primed it white, thought about WHO this bench might be purchased or used for–and decided to go really girly-girl!

I dry-brushed an old muddy pink I concocted for a previous project, then dry-brushed white back over the top so you can see layers of color looking at it.  And I didn’t have to distress it to get the layering effect!  It reads really soft.  I did, at the end, give a light sanding to distress a few edges!

You can also see in the pictures that I built up the sides and back with some plywood since this “dresser” will have to bear weight now as a bench.

Here it is propped together after the muddy pink dry-brushing.  Yeah, needs to be more on the “white side.”  OH!  I forgot to show you that I padded and upholstered the top/seat from an old pillow sham!

And now after some more white dry-brushing.

I seal-coated all the parts, and added the authentic leaded glass handles—except, dang it!  I over-tightened one side and cracked the leaded glass.  Thank goodness I had found 3 handles!

Did I mention that I painted and wallpapered the drawer–?

And the final touches—some lace skirting!

I was still in the sewing spirit!

And, I said I decided to go Girly-Girl!

**But I have to ask—is my project “half” done, or,
because it’s the bottom third of the dresser, is my project only 1/3 done—??   ; D


**Hey, don’t forget that I’ve done this before~~~The Former Dresser!

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. . .one more problem with that Craig’s list dresser

–This project is set to be sold when finished.  And even though my design plan will cover the “broken” legs, I just couldn’t pass it on like that.

The repair is not difficult, just tedious.  I thought you might like to see how—in case you encounter the same problem at some point.

It’s basically a “dutchman repair.”  Where you “marry in” another piece to a hole or   damaged area–in my case.

I added the link to a good site that will show you how to make a “center” repair.
  1. the damaged area
  2. identifying the best tools for the job
  3. I used a SPEED SQUARE as a guide and fence, and an OSCILLATING SAW to cut through in a straight line
  4. you can then pry off, break away, or chisel out the damaged area
**You can see that my damaged area was limited to the ¼” plywood veneer.


  1. Scrape away any remaining damage, and sand clean,
  2. match up the same depth/thickness of replacement material, and try to reduce the amount of excess material–
  3. and  4.  glue and nail it, and cut it back to the leg shape.
    Cut with a hand saw, jig saw, or, BETTER is to use a router trim bit to cut the exact shape.
**I actually skipped the trim bit and used a round-over bit to trim AND soften the edge at the same time!

I used a belt sander to sand everything level, filled the nail holes, and re-primed.

I’ll show you the finished bench tomorrow!


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Remember this Craig’s list dresser?  $25

I was actually a little disappointed when I arrived to pay and pick it up.  It was more “petite,” shall we say, than I thought, not in very good condition–basically, a lesser grade of furniture than I anticipated (bottom lip stuck out).  **But the woman’s house and property were an incredible renovation job waiting to launch!  And I thoroughly enjoyed her mini tour!

“When life gives you lemons—“

I say, add some Tequila, limes & salt!

Re-thinking its true value, this is my plan of attack!

~still with me~?

I can’t even remember what I pilfered the Chippendale legs from ~a few yrs ago~ but this looks like a good project to finally put them to use!

Things are only propped together so you can generally see how I’m trying to re-think the situation!

What would you do?!?


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The sewing of all the

c a m o u f l a g e

baby bedding is–fini!  Thank goodness–’cause this was my vision by the end of the project.  Every where I looked seemed to be blurry and spotted.  And camouflaged!

My sis-in-law noted how they’re gon’need a clapper to find that baby in all the “como” they received–hA ha!

**I’ll share pictures when they put up the crib!

So, Sunday was beaUtiful and I was eager to be outside, with my USUAL tools—so many projects needing attention!

Before the rain sets back in (do I need to build an Ark too?), I thought I’d better take advantage to do some preliminary cutting up of some furniture for their Re-Inventions!  AND, while I was at it,  ; D  I played!

I built a pair of my own FJI “tool boxes!”

If you remember, I found two of those fabulous old hand drills/brace and bits at my favorite ReStore’s half price sale!

When my niece & nephews’ neighbor took down her old picket fence—I snatched up EVery picket I could get my hands on!

And I used a few of them to close in my boxes.

You’ll also see that I, very fastidiously, kept all its nails (cutting them off on the back side), mitered the corners and even used the tips of the pickets!

They looked really cool left totally rOUgh and rUStic—but they still just felt “un-finished” to me—so I sanded and stained them for a more “elegant” rustic charm!  **Not quite happy with the finish yet–I’m considering dry-brushing the exposed interior with a punch of color!


The larger box~

I love that part of the “handle,” where the picket as it was attached to the fence rails, refused the stain–just a little more character!

The smaller box~

I took advantage to use a split board in the pile –what fun to miter–.

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Keep calm!

I’m trying to Keep Calm

and finish sewing!


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Ordinarily, I work with music playing in the background.

When the radio becomes too monotonous with the same songs over and over, I switch to cd’s of reggae, latin mixes, old school, R&B–& my boyfriend Michael Buble!  **I’ve been caught more than once singing and dancing away!  ; D

But while I’m sewing–I love to get “lost in Austen!”

–which was a really fun movie too!–

Jane Austen!  Dvd’s of Jane Austen movies.  I love listening to the beautiful musical scores–and the dialog, and language!  The intelligent command of words, politeness, AND, No. Cursing.

So I loaded up the dvd player with Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibilities to get started, and away I sewed yesterday!

I finished the bunting-blanket and pillow for my soon-to-be great-GREAT-nephew.  And I pulled out the pattern we bought for size-guidance to begin working on the crib bumpers, skirting, quilt, and sheets.


By the time Elizabeth rounded the corner for the first, breath-taking sight of Pemberly, I was needing to  Step. Away. From. The Camo.  –Badly!  So I shifted over to something graphic that is much more to MY tastes!  Ahh h h h!

I’ve been thinking realistically about the quantities of (now patio too) CHAIRS I have collected and decided I would let these go.  They are so unusual and, I’m told kind of rare, and I truly LUV THEM!  But I’ve been thinking about my over abundance, and, “You can’t have EVERYthing!”—so I’ve cleaned them up, and I’m re-doing the seats to help them attract new owners!

↑  As I got them–yikes!  ↑

And now!

I didn’t want to cover over their original paint, so I scrubbed them clean with Clorox Clean-up!  You may not see the difference in a picture, but, wOw!

I found the yard and a half of fabric on a remnant pile for $5.  Not wanting to just wrap the seats again (the original covers were still under there in bad shape), I ran single welting & made boxed covers.  I think it looks wAy better!

One down, one to go!

Back to sewing now—Lizzy is about to run into Mr Darcy in the gardens!


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I don’t feel like spending time “outside” in the cold, damp weather,

So—I’m sewing.

Okay, backing up just a little

Only girl, all big brothers, I’ve been an Auntie since I was 11.

12 nieces and nephews–13 great nieces and nephews.

And now my oldest Great Niece is having a boy.  Oh, God.  I’m going to be a Great-GREAT Auntie.  How can this be possible, she still has a totally baby-face–??

When Tator-tot asked me to put some creativity to her little guy’s name for a maternity picture,  I had to find my “crafting hat.”  I really don’t DO crafts–yikes.  Uh-boy.  She brought me these letters and some camo fleece.

Plan A— Paint the letters, then face them with the camo–??       I left them by the fire to dry while I continued on other projects–it’s c-o-l-d out!

Hmm—yAWn’ers–snOOZeville.  No real impact~and no pictures either~not showin’ that~yeesh!

Plan BNow what do I do?  The only thing I could think was try to wrap the whole letter.

It’s alright, sort of cute now.  Taylor likes them, and that’s what really counts, so. . .

Any better ideas out there–??


I left my 1st try on and added the next layer over the top, it made them kind of “puffy!”  I think they’ll get mounted on rustic wood.

~Next project(s)~

I always make a bunting/blanket and pillow for every baby, so I bought fleece with the hunting “theme” they like.  They are truly outdoorsy, country-bumpkins!

The last photo is the inspiration for her Baby Boy’s Nursery–but it is ex-PEN-sive–wow!  So I’m spending some extra time at the sewing machine to help out one of the Grandmas.  The first two fleece samples will become our interpretation of this pricey bedding!

I’m trading saws for sewing machines, and nails for thread for the next few days!  ; D  It’s still construction, isn’t it?!


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