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The “beginning” piece, or “foundation”

of the daybed-styled bed I’m creatng for my g-nephew is half of an old waterbed frame w/under drawer storage.

A standard twin mattress is 38″ x 75″.  But the length of my foundation piece was short, so I needed to add spacers—about 5″.  Instead of adding half the amount to each side, I had a brain-fart and added the amount to each side.  Oops!  So, I got out the circular saw and speed square to cut off the excess.

Correction made, I moved on to staining and painting and, then– propping all the parts together to see the general form.

Because of size and weight, the bed will be modular, built in 4 sections.

A couple of things about the next photo collage~~

  1. Instead of installing the base molding–then painting, distressing, waxing— I created the piece, sanded it, dry brushed it (so I could skip any distressing), then waxed it.
  2. Now when I install it—I don’t have to tape anything off, or cut in!  Big time-saver, perfect lines!

**Dry brushing—allows you to build up to just the amount of paint you desire.  Dry brush in several light layers, missing some parts altogether, and you don’t have to distress afterwards to achieve that worn look!

And the other thing I wanted to share is this handy jig for connecting mitered corners!  It’s the second pair of hands that you sometimes wish you had!

I have 2 sizes of these jigs.  They are fabulously handy, and you always get good, strong corners!


–click on pictures to enlarge and see closer up–


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I’m working on the tailgate bed,

  I’m making picture frames  from the scraps of pallet boards  and  old picket fence wood,

I’m trying out some ideas with the painted acorns,

catching up on laundry—and,

I’m trying to kill a squirrel.  For real.

In my life, I NEVer thought I would learn to shoot a gun.  But you don’t know my nemesis, the red (Satan) squirrel.  He may be petite, cute, and look like a little baby squirrel–but don’t let that facade fool you.  He’s vicious and destructive–which, sadly, I’ve seen first hand.

  • He has viciously attacked so many other critters, that we hardly see any around, including birds.
  • He’s torn up and chewed up the insulated garage walls and ceiling.
  • He chewed up the entire side of a china cabinet drawer in my furniture project queue.
  • He’s chewed up a couple of the custom patio cushions and pulled out the stuffing.  $85 to fix.  And now he has chewed up walnuts ON the cushions, staining them permanently.
  • And he’s brazen–he comes out in full view, close range, and chatters all kinds of noise at me, like he’s cursing.

Here’s some of his daily “destruction.”

Everyday I clean it all up—every morning I come out to more of the same.

So I’m fighting back—with a gun.  Albeit a bebe gun.  I haven’t gotten him yet, but my aim is getting better.

I’m still working on Braeden’s bed.  Yes, slow progress.

The base is the other half of the waterbed frame.  But it’s not lomg enough, so when I figured out the spacers needed, instead of dividing the number in half to go on each side–I doubled it.  Duh, now the bed is wAy too wide.

The remedy was to call it a day and whine a bit–andWINE a bit!

I made the correction the next day.

Here are 2 of the frames I made for my little nephews.

I need glass before putting in the pictures.

Back to work now—

on the saws–and a gun!

Catherine  Annie Oakley

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Only having “a couple of ingredients

to play with,

I put this together for the driveway entrance Saturday.

O-kaaay—some leaves are drying faster than others–??   Weird.   I’m sure it will look much better once all the leaves dry!

~more plans for my colourful acorns, I’ll share as I work on them!


I shared this with Rhoda’s  Thrifty Treasures: Fall Edition ! southern hospitality

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I try to go for a good walk each day—TRY, being the operative word.

I like to walk a particular direction, primarily because of the many, decidedly European-styled houses. But the undulating landscapes and river and park make a lovely bonus!

Last fall, in one area of said walk, I noticed some acorns on the ground and excitedly bent to pick them up–where I noticed EVEN MORE!  I finished my walk with stuffed pockets (think chipmunk cheeks!).  And I returned to the Scene of the Crime the next day with a bag in hand!

While I [enthusiastically] plucked every one I could reach from the walking path–and trying not to encroach terribly on the private yard I was reaching into–the homeowner came to greet me–uh ohAs I begged forgiveness, he laughingly invited me to “. . .Take them all, please!”  I obliged him with another stuffed bag full.

And I returned for more this year–as you can see!  ; D

But–I had a new idea!

So I deviated from building a bed to play a bit–c’est la vie!

Yes, acorns are beaUtiful all on their own—but I thought they could be

more colourful!

I guess I got a little carried away, huh?

It was fun and I can’t wait to work them into some holiday decorating, but for now–I feel refreshed to get back to that Tailgate Bed!


One wreath done!

**I originally forgot to say that–most of the nuts and caps had already fallen apart, so I placed the nuts upside down on a canvass and spray painted the varying colors!  Then I spent many hours with a hot glue gun, re-applying their caps!

It was like a big ole puzzle.  Do ya like puzzles–??  Cat   ; D

I shellacked a whole bunch of the nicer ones!

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Uh huh—knockin’ my socks off with some (self-inflicted) aggravation____ tell you later, and sure you’ll laugh.

Yes–this is of my own making.  Figuratively and literally.

I’ve been thinking about this design -idea- for quite a while.  **Sourcing the car part was its own challenge.  I’ve fallen asleep many a night working out some of the design concepts/construction in my head.  I’ve sketched out one design to change up to another–and finally aNOTHer.

Here’s the concept AND last sketch of my crAzy idea!

Braeden’s bed wall—is being built around a 1971 Ford pick up TAILGATE!

to be made into a bed!

the design--

You can see it is essentially a sofa.  The back of it is the tailgate, the seat is the bed.  The other half of the waterbed drawer frame is the base.  And I’m still hunting for some tail lights–oy vey!

I originally wanted a really old (1930’s-40’s) truck hood because they were small(er).  Or I thought a bumper or a grill could be really fun!  ~Couldn’t find ANYthing—affordable.

The original concept was for something unusual to become the headboard of my g-nephew’s twin bed.  But when a neighbor found this tailgate for $10, and I wasn’t sure how good it was going to look cut down from 67″ to 55″ (the space it had to fit in)—this became the new design plan!  And will probably work out better as he gets older!

I think he will be able to claim the most   ORIGINAL   bedroom of any cousin, friend or classmate around!


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I need some inspiration!

As I continue working on Braeden’s bed,

(you’re not gonna believe the parts going into it!)

I’d like to leave some inspiration on the wall for my nephew!  Or maybe just on some canvass or a sign.

I’ve been looking through all kinds of sights, AND returning to some old linky parties for signs–but I just haven’t found the right fit–yet!

These are the only two candidates I’ve found thus far, and, although I really like them for a growing 8 year old—

be open!

get started!

I’m hoping one of you might offer   “Just the Right Saying!”    Any suggestions??  Help!


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Happy Friday!

–the official beginning of the week for most DIYers, right?!?


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