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Everything is done with the lockers!

And tomorrow, when Brian finishes work, he and I will install Braeden’s lockers–yAy!  I can’t wait–ha–imagine how Braeden feels!

Below, as I quit last night—and today, cutting drawers down, base molding, last details, and finish waxing.

Sorry Kathy Ireland–really not feelin’ your cardboard drawers, or plastic veneers.

I am so-o-o-o-o happy to be done with this part of the project.  It was fun, exhausting, exasperating, and loooong to get through.  I looked upward more than once to acknowledge God’s sense of humor–uh huh–and I persevered.

I’ll show you how it looks installed and stylized—but here’s a preview!  It’s only propped together for the picture, so the middle shelf is missing, but you definitely get the jist!

two parts down, two to go—


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There are 4 key areas of change to Braeden’s bedroom:

  1. His dresser, turned into a bench,
  2. the locker  wall,
  3. the bed  wall,
  4. and, the closet!

While I’m painting “lockers,” let me share this other little project—

I found a hotel/motel styled swing arm lamp (that would be mounted between the two beds, even has a plug-in), and altered it to go beside his bed.

I found it at the ReStore for $5!

I’ve been sitting on the finished lamp until I show you the completed bed wall,  B U T—

  • It was that ugly “brass” finish, so I used some Rust O leum hand hammered spray paint.
  • Instead of standard lamp shades–let’s do something wAy more fUn!
  • I bought a vintage globe in the flea market–I think I paid about $7.  I cut it in half, painted the inside a watery blue, trimmed the raw edges—

–et voilà, lamp shades!

And I topped them with vintage finials!

It was interesting to take the globe apart and get to see how they actually make these things!

I have a sUper cool surprise of a headboard—

Braeden has NO IDEA,

and I can’t wait to finish it and share it with you!

It took quite a bit of sourcing for THIS idea, and it may very well

knock your socks off!


**If you go to this more recent post, you’ll find info on how to cut your globe!

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If you remember, I bought these lockers for $10 at the ReStore last April/May.  I thought they could be cool in my g-nephew’s bedroom and provide some very needed, extra storage!

Since there were soooo many interruptions trying to work on Braeden’s dresser/bench, I made a shift to the locker-wall project.

  • The lockers needed to be separated for this project–enter daddy.  I didn’t like all those burning little sparks from the grinder, so I made Brian do it! (I know–bAby!)
  • Then I built a “box” to seat them on BECause–1. the locker face-frames hang down lower than the locker boxes, and 2. the whole unit needed to be lifted off the floor.
  • Next, I used a rabbeting bit in the router table to create the void for the locker to rest in.  *The tape you see in the picture was to give me a good visual stop and start point.

At last, I could take the lockers apart to clean and paint easier.

I decided to paint the interiors this rich shade of aqua to play with the room color—Braeden loves the color of his room and made me promise not to change it!

I sure do hope these folks get paid well— what a job!

Painting the lockers became the biggest pain in the B-U-T-T.  It really was soooo much easier to paint everything in individual parts & then put back together, but NEXT TIME I will mark the outsides before disassembling–!  I painted the wrong sides but didn’t know it until AFTER I put one back together and realized it was “inside-out.”  I took everything bAck apart, repainted, and put together correctly–yAy.

So–I thought I learned my lesson for the 2nd locker–uh, huh.  Somehow I mixed up the panels–again–and painted the parts all wrong.  And–again–didn’t realize it until I was putting it back together.  ArGHHHHH.

I placed the lockers back on their “box,” and began installing the box shelves I made earlier on for this “unit.”  It was a loooong day–and pitch dark before I finally quit.

With that task sorted out—time to begin making a drawer box.  Without benefit of having a pocket screw jig–YET. STILL on my wish list–dang it.

I wanted to add the two drawers I eliminated from his (6 drawer) dresser/bench to the locker wall.  More storage–little bedroom.  An open cubby fills the end space the drawers didn’t take up.

I’ve been trying out different base moldings to wrap the bottom, but haven’t found the right piece yet.  Oh, well.  Tomorrow I’ll begin puttying and sanding, and then I can finally paint!

I can’t wait for this INCREDIBLY TEDIOUS project TO BE FINISHED!  I really can’t say I’ve ever felt like that on any other, but man-oh-man, this one has been a bear!

~Me and my bright ideas.


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Working on Braeden’s room has not been without interruption OR obstacles.

I snatched up his dresser a while ago.  My nephew told me from the very beginning that he really-really wanted a bench in his room, so— trying to “use what we have,”  (remember this project?)

  • I cut the top row of drawers off–as well as some off the bottom “legs” to make it a better height for a bench.
  • After sanding the plastic-y, fake veneer for a “tooth,” I re-faced the front and right side with ¼” oak veneered plywood, and added a heavy base molding to ground the piece.
  • Then I puttied, sanded, painted and waxed–and, hit the PAUSE button.

A few days later, it got partially installed—then, PAUSE button.

Sunday, I cut the seat/decking, routered an edge detail, cut the barn board, cleaned it, “urethaned” all of it—PAUSE button.  AgainSeriously–??

So Monday I shifted gears and started working on the lockers.  Tuesday morning I discovered problem after problem with every-thing done so far.  Arrrgh.  More on THAT later.

But, last nightat lastthe rest of the wood was installed, and the dresser-bench is “finished.”  –Well, some hooks still need to be hung–sigh.

You can see in the following shots–how I ripped (on the table saw) and applied (glue and ¾” nail gun brads) ¼” oak plywood to the face frame.

Now the bench will have a painted WOOD finishnot painted “plastic.”  The very nice (and expensive) base molding was someone’s leftovers/donation to the ReStore–I think I paid $1 or less for the short length.  **I buy a lot of 5 and 6ft lengths for small projects!

–click on the pictures to see the steps closer up–

Here it is installed!  I think he likes it!

Here’s a close up of that very cool barn board!  I the textures and the old cut nails!  We cut out the base boards so the bench fits tight to the wall–I guess it’s staying with the house now as a built-in.

And these will become the hooks!  He doesn’t know about this–notice how I added 1 girlhee heewonder how long it will take him to catch on!

Anyway, I’ll spray them with Rust-o-leum’s bronze hand-hammered paint, and will use double-threaded screws to screw them into the barn board.  These are all old METAL trophy tops, so hopefully he can’t break them.  Fingers crossed.  You know boys.


Here is the finished “bench!”

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We had a (Surprise!) birthday party for my sister-in-law last Saturday.

Sunday we drove to see a pig rassling contest–O.M.G.

The more people on your team–the bigger the pigSmall town festivals–?!

It was really funny–but my heart went out to the terrified pigs.

They let the kids play in the mud pit at the end–and had the fire dept on hand to “clean up.”  The kids had a BLAST!

Thank goodness there are always some blankets in the car!  *I hope my nephew’s phone still works–!

I finished Landen’s room Tuesday, and posted it for you to [finally] see!

Wednesday, I ran around to the local ReStores (like I really needed to buy more things–ha).

The black shaded chandelier was only $20, the 3 hanging pendants were $5 each!  I thought the long dropping, stripped down light ($10) would be a fun project to wire some kind of beads or shells to–but I have enough on my plate.  The trio of vintage lights, with heavy, cut leaded glass, looked like something from a great old hotel!  At $25 each, they would be fAb over a lg kitchen island!

Double click on the pictures to see closer up–especially to see the leaded glass and chains!

There were 6 of these 9ft Corinthian columns for $99 each.  Hefty in scale, they’d be spectacular for a pergola!  Shoot–just to BE in the garden–ooooo!  I was cryin’ at not being able to buy them.

The 8ft arched, wooden screen door was a whole $20–wow!  The wooden cabinet was custom-made by, and for, a plumber.  The craftsmanship was incredible–as well as the storage!  I think it was $150.

We were in thunderstorms most of Thursday, I know I was busy all day, but I can’t think of what I did–?!

Friday—I took the day to play with 6 of my nieces and nephews– all. day. long.

We visited an animal rescue sanctuary and played with the adorable baby kitties and bigger kitties, and some of the dogs–including an English Mastiff “puppy” that was giGANtic!  I forgot the camera, dang it—soOooo cute!

We also visited Grandpa in the cemetery, climbed trees, walked down to the river and played in the park (except for one niece who stayed with grandma–“too hot to walk“), went go-carting, collected acorns—had wAy too much candy, and laughed, talked smack with each other–had a sUper fun day!  Hope they’ll always remember these days!

Yesterday, I traveled to pick up a vintage children’s chaise lounge I found on craig’s list, and checked out an antique store and their local ReStore.

Bought a pair of vintage wall sconces for $5 each, a box of 100 yr old hand-forged cut nails for 50¢, and a couple of old bathroom towel rods/racks for $1 each.  Saw some awesome antiques (with equal price tags) on my way TO their ReStore—and just had another FUN day!

But—enough play—back to work now.

I sure do have a  lot of it  backed up.


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I wanted to stylize Landen’s new shelves before taking pictures, but—didn’t happen.  Oh, well.      I’ll take a cue from Monsieur Monkey there, & just relax!

I lUv the ReStore, here’s why—

  • the storage shelf/now bed wall– $10
  • the under bed storage– $20 (his half)
  • the EXIT sign– $10
  • the swing arm lamp– $5
  • the portrait light– $2
  • the spigot drawer handles– $1 and $2 each, for a total of $10
  • 3 under bed drawer handles– all $1

Total spent $58! HUge budgetary help!

From the very start, Landen wanted a blue room.  He picked out all kinds of blues to show me—ALL variations on navy, o-kaaay.  I happened on this blue paint on an ooops rack for $5.  It would NOT have been my 1st choice, but I really warmed up to it.  *Everyone seems to make the same comment about the color and stripes—“There’s something sort of “Dr. Seuss” about the room. . !

Speaking of stripes, I found the striped lamp shade at TJ Maxx on clearance for $8.99.  I–patiently–pried off the little car, then used fabric paint to make the random stars!

Asking my niece about a mirror above the dresser, she suggested a chalk board or something instead until he’s older.  Hmmmm. . .

When I went to meet up with the Craig’s list guy about the barn board, I saw a metal ring laying on the ground–a ring from an old bathroom sink– $1.  I’ll take that.  An sos pad scrubbed it up, I cut up a cork board to fit— et, voilà!

I bought an “L” from Hobby Lobby, printed out and decoupaged a bunch of “Landen” pictures in black and white, and, you finally see that $2 portrait light!

The Closet-Wall.  The goal was sort of “minimalistic!”  So I purposely striped the closet door to “eliminate” any extra “interruptions” in this little room.  When the door is closed, it’s just–gone!  *And even the tv and stand will be gone very soon–in favor of a small 19″ tv that can sit on the shelf or mount on the wall.  –Boys and their video games–?!

Before all is said and done, I intend to re-frame the low window, adding a frieze board on top and raising the roller shade.  Let’s at least fake it that the window is higher and more architectural!

Opening the closet door you’ll find a very well organized space–well, NOW, you will!  Completely simplified and stream-lined.

Yes–the room is l-iiii-ttle, but now

it packs sOme kinda punch!


his FAVorite GReat-auNTie,

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He’s 4.  The little guy.  The baby.  But he’s head and shoulders taller than other 4 year olds.  And the poor guy got the littlest bedroom in the house.  1st come–1st served, you know.

His room has only been somewhat changed from the nursery he first moved into, so it was absolutely TIME TO GROW UP!

Before →

Here are the changes I made to his itty-bitty– roughly   7½ x 9ft –room.

Like walk-in-closet size.

Or NY city apartment size!  ; D

I was just starting to formulate a design plan when I found this odd garage-storage piece at the ReStore during their annual Earth Day Celebration!  Everything was ½ price!

↓ $20 –I couldn’t build this piece for thatand certainly no way for the $10 I paid for it!  It totally steered this design!

1st, I hoisted the whole piece up on “legs,” and secured it all to the wall.  Then I used the spacing of the shelves to create the stripes around the room– which distract attention from the room’s size.

To bring more texture, I cut up pallet boards to back the shelves.  To bring in more color, I painted the ceiling green—my sister-in-law thought I’d lost my mind.     Aren’t ceilings supposed to be white–??  Says who–??!!

The storage piece new bed system will anchor Landen’s bed and give him storage for books, toys, games and other little boy things without taking up any more valuable floor space!

Another awesome ReStore find was a donated old waterbed frame with under-mounted drawers, $40.  My niece wasn’t exactly enthusiastic, but said she trusted me.  Half will go to each of the boys for extra storage–after some modifications, like what you see below.

Here’s Landen’s half!

And another view–tough to get a good shot without a wide angle lens, sorry.

More details tomorrow—


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