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Did you figure out what I was up to yet–what I had in mind for this part of the bed??

How’s this for a transformation?!

I am crazy in luv with caned beds—but they’re typically very expensive (when they’re cool) and not so easily found!  (Unless you’re okay with brand new.)

I have two—and both have a little caning damage.  Probably the reason I found them/could afford them.  One I will live with because it’s so incredible, the other I’ll likely modify somehow.

The day will be spent on the finish so I can install it tomorrow!  Which I can’t wait to show you!



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We had stormy weather on Memorial Day changing all plans for the day.    So I seized the opportunity to get crackin’ on that mysterious foot board project!

This was the bed, painted for a different bedroom.  Very sweet, but it wasn’t going to fit into this bedroom’s design—awwww.

I painted the frame, and padded and upholstered the head board with an old flea market linen table cloth.  I  it!

This project required cutting out     the panels.  I needed the foot board “stripped down to” the frame.

  1. Drill a pilot hole,
  2. cut out panel with a jig saw.
  3. **I used the router to clean up the jig saw cuts with a trim bit, then a rabbeting bit–to create the rabbet.

After cutting out the curved panels, step 1 and 2 again, I free-handed the rabbets with a multi-purpose saw.  Painter’s tape gave a line to follow.  **Okay, it’s not as precise and pretty as the router-cut, but it’ll work.

I sanded and puttied and painted.  I need to do a little more painting, distressing, and waxing before I can move on to the surprise part of this project.  Can you guess what it is yet–??


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You’ve seen glimpses of the ceiling (in different pictures) of my Guest Bedroom project.

Clearly–you must know I painted the sky up there!

Although It’s not 100% finished–thought I’d show you how it’s looking thus far!

I still have to cut and apply the final scrolls to “close in” the corner trellises!

But it was a holiday weekend, and time for a respite!  Until Mother Nature interrupted plans.  —and when life gives you lemons—

I  SHOULD’VE  been cutting those final scrolls, but instead, I stole the day to begin working on that  FOOT   BOARD   PROJECT!


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When you’re sleeping in what is

sort of a “gazebo,”

shouldn’t it have a sort of

garden-y chandelier?!

I bought these pretty colored glass chandelier [crystals] very inexpensively on line!     They were really nice,       but “wanting something.”  So I hung them from a wire hanger and sprayed them with frosted glass spray paint.  They look sort of sugared.  I was trying to figure out what I could coat them with for an extra, textural, sugary touch—     any suggestions??


Happy Memorial Day to you all!


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So I’m actually wrapping up work on the last Guest Bedroom.

I was beginning to feel like the end would never come.  I wonder how long it would’ve taken even if I could’ve devoted all my time to it—?  Oh well, the end is near now!

I’ve been working on the interior of the closet.  I went on line to one of those DIY closet organizer systems.

YOU design what you want, THEY build it/ship it,

YOU put it together.

It was a few hundred.  No.

I went to a local box store with my sketch of ideas and measurements, and priced out some needed materials.

It came in at $86.  Sold !

Here’s the craziness of what I started with    and the changes!

You see I’ve already been changing the exterior  frameworkbut in the interior

I emptied and gutted the closetthat certainly created some chaos.  I patched the holes and pulled the very last ugly clamshell base board.  I debated painting the closet NOW or after I got the new structure installed.  I chose the latter.

I have too many shoes–I’m nOt giving any up.  I love them.

Still needing more room, I also created a “shoe ladder.”

It’s irrelevant that I’m STILL occupying one of mom’s guest rooms.


*See the later finish of the CLOSET DOORS!

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While the guestroom is getting a new paint job~and “repaired,” and new case work, and a decorative ceiling, and a new closet face—a change of furniture seems appropriate too~right?!

I showed you –told you- about my late Uncle’s bed and dresser that have now passed to a great nephew.  And I showed you the beginnings of the “new” dresser and bed, but now I can show you how the dust has settled!

When I bought this dresser, it was in quite miserable condition, and painted white.  The white paint showed some of the details more and was “pretty,”  but I just wanted to restore it.  ~Let it be a little more sophisticated.

I had it stripped, but I wanted to finish it myself.  It’s been sitting in the storage unit~ waiting for me to return home and go house hunting!  In changing this last guest room around, I decided to give it to mom.  Along with a 1930’s era bed I’ve also been storing.

I love the design and lines of this dresser, and think staining was definitely the way to go!         She’s beaUtiful!

The mirror came from the ReStore a while ago.  $20.  I knew I’d put it to use at some point.  It needed a simple repair and paint job–the wood was not “pretty,” and there was a mix of stained-wood/painted-wood in the room anyway.  *If I was looking for pink, the 1st coat of white over stain was cool!

Again–here’s the bed as it was painted for another room, now changed for this room.  Double welting is now added as well as a fleur de lis at the top!

*Note the fluffy, lumpy, top ~ LAYers of goose down (mattress topper and comforter)!  It’s like sleeping on a cloud!

I have a special project for the curved foot board, but as I’ve said before, it will require my absolute focus.  Which I don’t have right now, so the old bed’s foot board is still there—for a little while. 

The curved foot board project–if it comes out right (fingers crossed)–might just knock your socks off!  It will be my version of what I could not FIND or AFFORD.  And I’ll try to photograph all the steps of the transformation, ’cause—  I REALLY HOPE YOU’LL TRY IT TOO!


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I like to start each day going through emails and logging on to my own blog to check any comments, and the stats, and think about my next post.

This morning began with this very alarming email:

“Dear Catherine:

Your web hosting account for freddyandpetunia.com has been deactivated, as of 05/24/2012. (reason: site causing performance problems)

This deactivation was due to a Terms of Service violation associated with your account. At sign-up, all users state that they have read through, understand, and agree to our terms. These terms are legal and binding.

Although your web site has been suspended, —–“

Omg—what–??  Suspended?  Violation?

I promise, I didn’t do anything.

I was slammed with over 5K hits of spam in just a few hours that was gravely affecting the server that hosts my blog.  Somehow, the Akismet on my blog got deactivated—I have no idea how!  I made an immediate phone call to Bluehost for help–and boy did they!  It took a while to figure it out and make some corrections, but they did.  Whew.

Top that with how we’ve had major wind all day with the [threat] of big storms, making it hard to work on varying things.  But one of the things I did get done was seal-coating a bed and dresser for my 6’2″, 14yr old g-nephew.  It was so humid here the last few days, the satin seal-coat I prefer dried really blotchy and I had to do it again—with a glossy finish.  Oh well, he’s 14, and probably won’t treat the furniture gently, so–eh.

This was our beloved Uncle Fred’s bedroom set, so it’s nice it’s passing to another family member!  It was originally a severely dark stained bed suite, I painted it white about 10 years ago, but it looked too girlie for Nate, so I painted it a color he liked (sort of a light peanut butter) and changed the hardware to stained wood knobs.  The foot board was eliminated too–remember, 6’2″ at 14!  I think it looks really nice! 

There’s still a mirror/stand to be painted, but he doesn’t need it right away, and my plate is sooo full.  Plus, I’d like to come up with a night stand for him.

**You can see just how hard it was to get a good picture and accurate color reading by the pictures below.  The outside shots of the headboard are the best accuracy.


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