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Okay all you smarties–

We all know why we have Leap Year–

—because it takes the Earth 365¼ days to circle the Sun!  So we add a day every 4 years to keep the calendar “lined up.”

.      .      .      .      .

**Happy Birthday to my FavCuz who missed it by, like, an inch.

.      .      .      .      .

But did you ever hear of the “Leap SECOND?”


—In June, a second is added to the clock to keep the Atomic Clock accurate.

Again, what–?

So I looked it up online because I heard about this a couple of times today—

from the  U.S. Naval Observatory  and  Earth Orientation Department

Civil time is occasionally adjusted by one-second increments to ensure that the difference between a uniform time scale defined by atomic clocks (TAI) does not differ from the Earth’s rotational time by more than 0.9 seconds. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), an atomic time, is this adjusted time scale and it forms the basis for our civil time.

In 1956, following several years of work, two astronomers at the U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO) and two astronomers at the National Physical Laboratory (Teddington, England) determined the relationship between the frequency of the Cesium atom (the standard of time) and the rotation of the Earth at a particular epoch. As a result, they defined the second of atomic time as the length of time required for 9 192 631 770 cycles of the Cesium atom at zero magnetic field. The second thus defined was equivalent to the second defined by the fraction 1 / 31 556 925.9747 of the year 1900. The atomic second was set equal, then, to an average second of Earth rotation time near the end of the 19th century.


Seriously.  Huh?

Then I “read” The Leap Second Explained. . . .

And how they’re DECLARED and how they’re INSERTED. . . .

And then the BBC explaned it  (uh, okay—)

Did I miss school that day?

Uh~I can build things, and make things look pretty–!

Happy Leap Day/Year!

–And Happy Leap Secondwhenever!



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Many years ago (I think around ’99) I found this incredible “vintage” king-sized headboard!

It just seemed like the perfect “foundation” of a bench–for my mom’s kitchen.  I bought it, oogled and ahhh’d over it–winced at giving it up.  But it got loaded in the van for the next trip back to visit her, and, I let.it.go.

When a friend surrendered a cool trio of chairs she no longer wanted, the project was launched!  Sorry there are no other pictures to be found of the construction from back in the day.

With the most fundamental of descriptions

-I cut up 2 of the chairs and RE-spaced the legs,

-cut plywood for the decking,

-attached the headboard,

-and padded and upholstered the seat.

In 2005 I found the pedestal table in her local Thrift Shoppe for $275, bundled with a large glass round and 4 modern chairs—none of which belonged together—nor would they sell any of it separately.  Eventually, I sold the glass and chairs with a different pedestal in the flea market at a good profit.

A day or two after the table, I found the Chippendale chair for $3 at one of her Goodwill stores, and this is the outcome of the mismatched items!

Light, sweet, garden-y.  Ethereal.

I painted all the pieces with Kilz–it’s a good all-around primer, and I like the softness of the white color.  My friend Sara painted the Waverly fabric pattern on the slat of the chair!

–This is what the table looked like as I found it, funny how the dark stain “conceals” the carving details.

I think it’s really pretty painted, but think it would have looked fabulous with a lighter, med-honey stain, round glass, in a foyer with a beautiful vase of flowers!

Funny just how many years I’ve been doing this, wish I could show you all those long-ago projects.



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Mom is doing better, now in a really nice rehab facility—but still has me chasing (hither and yon–pillar to post).

I’m trying to get back on task:

  1. the banquette,
  2. the guest bedroom,
  3. some sewing projects–for me, for gifts, for the house, with my niece!
  4. about four other immediate furniture projects I’m anxious to share, but,
  5. NOW I need to make some alterations for when mom can return to her home.

Page 10 seemed to get out of hand again-(rolling eyes)-How DOes that keep happening–?

So first thing I spent yesterday cleaning everything back up, putting things away, re–ordering some of those projects, and, figuring out where to go with some “new finds!”  (luv those thrift stores!)

Apparently, I’ve got some A.D.D.  I lost my focus and got “detoured” into making another jewelry “box” instead of putting away leftover parts ~you know, it looked like something much more fun to be doing than the above list–  I know, bad girl!

Here it is–raw and generic.  You can see just how simple it is to build, right?

Well, I was thinking if all you super smart people could guide me–teach me how to do a giveaway and the drawing/random number-thingy– I could send THIS ONE off to one of you!  Completed & totally beaUtified, of course!

*Maybe we could collaborate on its final design?!

**I really am quite-super-sorry–this giveaway has some strings!   ;D

Any takers–(uh)teachers out there?!?


ps–it won’t be pre-filled with any jewelry!

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Have you been watching. . .

Downton Abbey banner

I love period stories! 

I love the command of language, the dress, the etiquette.

The decor and architecture.

And I draw a lot of inspiration for my designs from these stories!

If you are watching–take the quiz!

Who is yOUr Edwardian alter ego?

MASTERPIECE Downton Abbey Personality Quiz

Find out if you belong upstairs or downstairs…..

Omg–look who I am. . . .hahahahaha!

Countess Catherine–!

Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

You are Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham. You’re the imperious, aristocratic head of your family who (almost) always gets her way, and you don’t suffer fools gladly. Though you’re often bossy and arrogant, you’re surprisingly adaptable and exceptionally loyal to the people you love. By the way, you also get all the best lines, so we hope you’re ready for immortality. But you should really look up the definition of “weekend.”

ps–I have luv’d Maggie Smith for-EVer!

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–tough week. . .

. . .and not very productive. 

I’m sure you’ll understand when I reveal that the week has been spent making trips to and from the hospital since my mom had major surgery Tuesday morning.  Not handling her anesthesia and pain meds left my big brothers and me worrying, and on guard. 

But things are better, and I can shift gears again without so much concern!  Thank you, Lord!

There IS a bit of humor to share~ I continue to get lost in the maze of zig-zagging hallways trying to find my way in and out—hUge hospital.

I was soooo lost.  No one in sight to ask for help.  No “you are here” maps to review.  At last, another person insight coming towards me from the opposite direction–she was bundled up and looked cold–like she just arrived.

“Excuse me, were you just outside?”

“Yes–??”  She probably thought I wanted weather information.

“Where IS IT?”   –I was sooooo close.

My niece told me to use the phones they provide throughout the hallways, to call for help!  —Seriously.

“They’ll direct you, or have an aide come get you.”  Again—seriously.

I can drive cross country without a map, but I can’t find my way in or out of that hospital!  (can you see my eyes rolling?)


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She’s only primed, but I love her sooo dearly!

I think she’s going to require a proper name!

I can’t believe one of you (Gail!) figured out the root of this project–

one of my all-time favorite-stories-ever!


~my inspiration–the bench you see Kitty siting on~

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What. A.Weekend.  Strike that–Project.

I was eager for a challenge and decided on #3,

thinking it would be fun and work well at my round breakfast table           (or my round library table)!

Careful.What.You wish for.  Hmmm, where have I heard that?

I was sweatin’ bullets over some of the angles and connections.       And I realize that if I didn’t have so much experience with construction    –I could not have made that curve—the straight bench style, no problem.  Regardless, I really LOVE MY TOOLS!

All that said, I finished “construction” yesterday, and I’m really happy with the overall project!  Today I am painting–I’m just not settled on a color.       I should have painting pictures soon. . .


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