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the coolest Blog Post!

Have you checked out Mandi‘s

ultimate linky party featuring US

at Vintage Revival?

What a super fun idea!  A-n-d-there went my morning.  I discovered several new blogs, saw some really cool projects, added them to my reading list. . .

. . .did I mention I got nothing else done all morning?

So, my favorite thing is to begin each day checking out all your newest posts–and I discovered who included me—

Thank You Julia!  I stalk you too—ShoeStringBean!

I’m #47 on the list!

I saw the list has grown much longer, so I’m cutting this short to go check out the new entries!  And, add “a few” myself!



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Quite a while back, I found this frame at the flea market.

**I have “found” many—this is just one more of my “collections.”  ; D

After playing around with paint,     I built a box for it.  Think “shadow box.”

I “upholstered” that box with heavy linen.  Applied a combination of wooden pegs and teensy cup hooks.  Finally, I connected the frame to the box with a piano hinge.

I knew at some point I would come back to it–I just didn’t have the right print or picture to put in it yet, patience. . .

So- a while back I found this print at St Vinnie’s for a dollar.

I cut it down, and mounted it to ¼” plywood I cut to fit the frame opening.

I cut ½-round and flat stock for 2 matching “frames,” and sandwiched 3/8″ brass chicken wire between the two–then applied it to the face of the mounted print.

I painted and waxed the wood and outer print area–

and slipped it into the frame.

The reason for the two layered “frame” and chicken wire?  To create “space” for the earrings to be hung on the face!

My new jewelry “box!”


Yes, I boo-booed, there’s a gap at the top.  I’ll figure something out!   Cat

I’m sharing with these fabulous linky parties!














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The day began like this, 28″ wide–okay storage.

By mid day, things were changin’

–this cabinet, 42″ wide–and,

a new (old ‘ish) wool, hooked rug!

This room is in more transition.

Needs painting,

all the case work will be changed,

window treatments will be modified–and,

the ceiling is a surprise–which I really can’t wait to show you!

     When I finish setting up this cabinet, I’ll take you through the     construction process—I really hope you’ll try it!


Here’s the beginning of this project— and follow on with the progress!

—Sharing with these fabulous blogs!


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Going over my project, I suddenly realized—

every part of this project

came from things I already had!

I made no trip to any store to buy ANYthing to build this!


flea markets, the ReStore, thrift stores, and curbies are sO worth it!  AND hoarding things for future use!   

project #4 of OMTWI

desk  $25

applique  $10

crown molding  $2

knotty pine boards $17  $8.50  (*used about ½ of what I bought)

2 mini corbels, each  50¢

left-over materials from old projects  $00.00   (they were scraps!)


total  $46.50

Actually, I think–Priceless!


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PhotobucketOkay~ so I got the boot in the 3rd week of OMTWI.

Found out last Friday morning.  Yeah, I was sportin’ a pouty lip much of the day….

…’eh, you know…..”big girl panties”……move on.

Would have been hustling all day to finish a few details, get installed, and photograph.  But–no worries now.

Insteadwalked away from the whole thing.  Took a break through the weekend, and decided to make some alterations.  Now, with no looming deadline—  happier.

I shared the rough-beginning of the original project, AND the inspiration behind it, but this is where it’s at as we speak. . . .

The desk painted–its top stripped, refinished, and the whole piece waxed.

The “hutch” is where I backed up and made revisions.  A new corbel design, primarily.  But there are other detailed design changes that aren’t so obvious.  And, an installation change-up.


Although not quite finished-

I’ll definitely be happier with the new outcome!


So—have you gone to see

(& vote for) the final projects?

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Oh maaan–I came in last on the bunting.

I’m out of the competition–and bummed.

I thought my bunting was really creative and unique.  Oh well.

So, this was to be my final project–

–now that I don’t have to hurry through it, I’ll have time to make some re-adjustments to the final piece, so– yay!

This should really appeal to all you Francophiles out there!

My mom’s main guest bedroom needs a better storage-workhorse.      During the summer, I found a nice desk for $25 at the Salvation Army I thought might work well.  I’ll just have to build on top of it–no problem.

But~this project had to “take a number and wait its turn.

My first thought was to build a “hutch” on top of it.  But the potential scale could be over whelming to the small room.

I love those little Panetières,”  –french hanging cupboards.  Even more, the “stylized” version of it as a hutch!  And that was my direction!

Here–a couple of examples by Betty Lou Phillips, and Charles Faudree.

–This is the rough beginning of my interpretation!

Actually, I’m much further along in this project–but, no longer on that contest’s deadline,   I can back up some, and make a few amendments to its finished design!  BiG yAy!

-Cant’ wait to show you more!


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I’ll celebrate later—

Yesterday. . . .

I spent most of the day all loopy from stripper and stain.  Not exactly how I imagined spending a birthday. 

Loopy on Margaritas or Martinis (or have you tried the hybrid Marg-a-tini?!  Ooooh, yummy!) would have been a w-a-y better plan, but instead,     I focused on the last project for One Month to Win It.  Again–if you guys vote me through to the last round!

–Did you figure out which bunting was mine?!  ; D

Omgosh, can’t wait to show you this last project–it’s looking pretty fab!  Would really love to keep it, but it’s for one of my mom’s guest bedrooms.  At least I can enjoy it while I’m still here.

Well, while I’m sharing

With the swelling finally GONE!

Remember last summer I told you I sprained both ankles?

6 months ago I was doing this—because of this.    :”(

Cheers to a healthier year!


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