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My 99¢ scrap of fabric!

1st, I digress.

I love to peruse the scrap remnant piles in fabric stores.  You never know what you might find.  But it truly sucks when you find something you love–and that’s all there is.  It’s the laaast cookie in the jar.

Back to my project—At one of those St. Vinnie’s ½ price sales,

I saw this old coffee table, $20 $10

       Since I’m over the moon for any Chippendale-style Ball & Claw foot––     of course, it was Mine!

Instinct said it would make a great bench!

So, although ↓ this ↓ is basically what everyone saw at the sale. . .

**can't find my before picture, but it looked just like this--except not painted, it was still a blonde wood.

. . . this is what I was seeing!

I ran to my fabric stash, praying for my small’ish 99¢ scrap to be large enough (please-please-oh please!)


I was on the fence to paint it, live with the blonde wood, or

strip it and start over–?

I popped the top off right away and got it upholstered.  –Only enough fabric for BUTTON TUFTS, but it still looks so beautiful!  And, with the top done, I could re-place it, making it easier to choose the finish!

It looked horrible with the blonde wood, and worse as I began painting—so off to the strippers!

A note on delegating work:

  1. I hate stripping.  And while the professionals do their thing—I can work on another project!
  2. I’ve developed a good rapport with these guys because I’ve taken a lot to them!
  3. I’m generally only looking for stripping, am completely flexible to their schedule, and always negotiate $$!
  4. And, I’m not above bribery–I go in armed with DQ Blizzards for both guys!

I really have to laugh at myself–What. Am I. Going To Do. With. One. More. Bench?

I love to use different mediums to oxidize a piece of furniture. 

Glazes, dark waxes, stains, paint.  In this instance, I used a paint color called Pecan Sandie!  It’s the absolute, most perfect paint color I’ve ever found to use as a “light” oxidizer!  It seems to work well with any color and/or finish! 

–I oxidized this piece both sparingly, and deliberately.  You can see it most visibly at the feet.  

Sorry, I can’t remember which paint fan-deck it comes from–but I can search through for it if you want to know!




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I love Iron!

I love iron, and thought this was such a cool piece–

I had to have it!

I realized it was part of a bench when I saw it– but I saw it as the base of a cabinet, instead!

So look what I found recently on

One Kings Lane!

Very cool–but mine is still going to become a cabinet base. 


It’s in my queue of projects –I’ll share when I get to it!


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I can breathe again!

Page 10 is restored to working order—future projects are queued up, and, available to pull for work!

I rediscovered this light fixture in the mess.  I found it at the ReStore quite a while back —and began to alter it, but interruptions took me away, & I forgot completely about it. 

I think it would be fun to use  in decorating for the holidays!   –Love the $5 price tag!










I disconnected the light, & taped the glass to paint over that garish gold.

  ~now the gold is barely noticeable!

  ~yes, I also collect vintage lamp parts!

And these are my 3 favorite candidates to top it off with.   But, which one–?








I’ll use it as a Cloche!












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my caned sofa---BEFORESo~I was a bit early to pick up a rather large piece for a design job, so I ran through another favorite place next door as they were opening.

Hmmm–what here looks like it doesn’t belong–?

Nikki’s store is always so beautifully staged, and full of great stuff—I love going there!  But here sat this sofa.  Just kind of “plopped” in this awkward spot, and someone was looking a bit stymied on just what to do with it.

“Do YOU want it?

..I’ll give you a


Uh, Yeah!

my caned sofa---BEFOREI couldn’t take it with me right away because I was picking up the other large piece (at the neighboring store).  But I promised to be back the next morning.

I stashed it in the garage.

For a looong time.

Two years, there about.  I thought it had great potential, but I just didn’t have a plan for it–yet.

my caned sofa---BEFORE

-just not fulfilling its true potential-

The paint wasn’t entirely sticking, and the color really didn’t suit the piece anyway.  And, although it was done well,  someone seriously thought this upholstery job was an improvement–?  Really? 

Well, I got an idea.  It felt more “masculine” to me, and I was thinking “Ralph Lauren.”

  • It’s about 60’ish years old (the best I can find any info).
  • Its sheet caning was in excellent condition so–no stripping without risk.
  • Strip the decking fabric down.
  • Scrape and sand.  Sand and scrape.  Repeat-repeat-repeat!
  • I even sanded the caning.  Really. Carefully.

When I was finally breaking down the yellow’ish paint, I decided to let some stray spots remain.  Then I began staining.  First with a Jacobean stain, and I hit some areas with an Ebony stain for added depth.

Lastly, it went to my upholstery ladies for some re-working, including one large bench cushionBETTER!

I  L U V  the end results!

my caned sofa---AFTER!my caned sofa---AFTER!my caned sofa---AFTER!

my caned sofa---AFTER!

With the best high density foam for a singular bench cushion–this is one incredibly comfortable 6ft sofa!

Isn’t he

just a  beaute?!







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