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Omg, I feel like I’m never going to get to finish cleaning up and organizing the garage!

Oooops–I mean Page 10!    

It’s crazy how out of control the whole space got just because I wasn’t in there working most of the summer. 

Injuries, traveling to funerals, traveling for fun, traveling to help friends, a lot of flea markets. . . . the list goes on and on.

I forgot about some of the fabulous things I have found   -to work on –cut up -re-invent,



Like this fire place surround I found in the Atlanta ReStore!  I can’t believe someone gave this up!  54″ tall and 66″ wide!  Check out the price!  Uh-huh, really!

And these two iron beds I found at Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis!













And these incredible vintage iron chairs!

This vintage Barrister Bookcase, that definitely needs help–I’ve never seen one with a drawer (very shallow, at the bottom)!

And this iron “bench,”

this old sewing machine cabinet,

this desk and all these “other goodies”!

And there’s a whole. lot. more!

(didn’t even show you any of the cool “parts!”)

It’s g’nna be a busy winter for sure!



Back to Work!



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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been sooooo busy on numerous projects–

but– nothing of great interest for a fresh post.

While I wrap up work on

some rather perfunctory chores. . . .

I wish everyone

the Warmest, Safest, and

Happiest Thanksgiving!


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I’m being featured—!

You know how much we love to rescue some

[yucky-rickety-dilapidated-sad ‘ole]

piece of furniture!

Like this commonly found fainting sofa

that now, looks truly worthy of “fainting” over!    Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3

It’s fun to give new life to these things, and share our projects!

–And really cool to see someone else’s interpretation after trying it out!


But to be recognized for your    creativity–

Thank You, Beckie!  You’ll find one of my projects at RoadKill Rescue!

She showcases a lot of really creative stuff– wait till you see!


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I need a time out.

Any one who knows me,

knows this is not my favorite time of year, by any stretch of imagination.  Just too much heavy, dirty work putting away and changing things out from beautiful, lovely summer–to the loooong, cold, depressing winter.

And then add the additional layer of moving from one storage unit to another–which is a double-edged sword.  I get to spend time around all my super-cool stuff!  But it’s not in my next home yet—boo-hoo. :’ (


I was trying to take pictures of the many  now finished– furniture projects to show you,

but my brothers and nephews were coming at me faster than I could handle–and they didn’t understand the need of any pictures!

I’ll have to try moving things around on my own to get some shots, but wait till you see some of my finds and finishes!


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Omgosh, I had no idea there were  soooo  many  other chair-fanatics out there!

I’m, obviously, in good company!

(thanks for the many [private] email admissions–I’ll never tell!)

More of [my] Madness!


Two more chairs from that Thrift-wanna-be-Antique store.

This one, $65.

I’m not changing a thing, it just needs a good cleaning.  This does not happen very often— Good price, just like it is.

(I feel p-ret-ty blessed when it does!)

And this bergère,  $90.

Ideally, I’d like to REdo this one in a linen or hemp—a very soft color.  But it won’t be cheap, and I don’t hate it enough to change it right now.

I  L O V E  bergères!

And all those carvings—omg!

Now that it’s very well cleaned, it’s all growing on me!

Now, this chair—

I need someone to explain to ME why I love it-?

RED is not my passion, nor is the Art Nouveau or Art Deco style.  But this vanity chair—well, it just always makes me smile!

I talked to my upholstery-ladies about recovering it—they shot me down cold.  They said I would completely ruin it.  –Just refinish and repair the legs.

I’m toying with selling it.  Are you interested?

Another thrift store chair!  $4.99

I’m crazy about this one!

Except for the legs,

and the fake tapestry,

and the fake leather.

How funny it has a down seat!?

It’s in my queue for upholstery.  I already have an incredible golden-beige silk-linen-raffia for the interior, and my mind made up on a fabulous nailhead design (lots to buy–$$ yikes) . . . .

It’s -large-  and sits deep.  Absolutely perfect for a man.  So I like the original upholstery idea, and am hunting for a real, brown leather hide to wrap the outside.  And I have some Chippendale, ball & claw legs I will probably switch to!

So, I really like the original upholstery idea, and am hunting for a real, brown leather hide to wrap the outside.  And I have some Chippendale, ball & claw legs I will probably switch to!


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Old Radios—

I’m re-building an old radio into

a 7ft bookcase.

But then I got side-tracked –into building a greenhouse, move [too many] plants around to fill it, get the house “winter-ized,” and move to a different bigger storage unit. . . .

My back is killing me, and I’m not yet done.

But until I get back to the “bookcase,” I thought it would be fun to show you the one I did a while back!


I found this old waterfall-styled radio cabinet.

It was so cool, and small’ish—and perfect to rebuild into a cabinet for a child!  So I bought it, and promptly cut part of it up!

This old post will tell you the whole story—but here’s the before and the after to show you what I did!

And I’m sharing it with these fun linky parties!


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Okay—I’ve admitted I have “a problem.”

–That’s a good step–right?

But I have only cracked the door open for you to see the extent.

4 chairs down—

a shameful amount to go.


An authentic bergère de la France.  $65

(I’m partial—it’s my birth-place!)

Home for a few weeks on business, I could not wait to run around to my favorite places!  Arriving at one of them, my heart dropped to my stomachSherry‘s not here anymore–what–???

She was selling her business “location” to someone else, and relocating—to Colorado.  But she wasn’t gone 100% yet, and I found her off-loading her latest European container.  And, there was a very tattered chair she was excited to show me–she knew I would understand–and not make ugly faces.

I can’t find the pictures to show you, but, flip a coin–it looked either really loved, or, abused–??  I “cleaned” the frame (trying to leave most of it’s natural patina), made many repairs, and passed it on to Katie & Jane with some reproduction ticking.  They had to rebuild most of the chair, and recreate a missing seat cushion.  –I’m in love all over again!

Also from France—a fauteuil!  $210

My eyes popped.  I bought.  Took to storage.  Needs nothing–rare.  Not changing a thing—or I would not have paid that price.

I found this in a store that came and went in the blink of an eye–how sad.  They had many items shipped over from France and Italy, in particular.

From Italy. 

2 of these Louis’ were given to me as a Thank You—!

Some gifts come at a price. . . .

’cause there just ain’t no way I’m livin’ with that upholstery.

Really—a nice gift.  Totally in love with them!  But getting a fresh look at them–I think I’m going to alter the frames. :  )

Speaking of Louis’ —

I found these in another store that succumbed to the economy.  $15 each

Vintage Henredons —can you believe that price?

Sadly, only 5 of them.  The seat supports were in miserable condition.  Thankfully, not being completely set on the boxed shape helped to keep the cost down in having to rebuild them.

I actually liked the darker wood tone, and used this playful chenille for the base.  I have some beautiful oatmeal colored, silk-raffia and will sew pleated seat covers for a lighter, summer look!

The chairs have a wider seat–very comfy sitting over L O N G dinners!

I’m purging my secret—but not my chairs–!  : )  There’s more to show.

Many.  More.


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