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I already showed you my newest silver acquisitions, but let me show you some of my other finds!


This, the lady said, was used to make artillery shells. 

And somebody added the beautiful, decorative handles— nice mixed-media!  (Mine!)

I have such good luck outside at this market, I just don’t venture into too many buildings.  So when the rain became a downpour, and we took shelter in a building I’d never really noticed before. . . .

–there, I found the artillery urn, and—THIS!  

It caught my eye from the door— “what is that?”

Another treasure from the same lady.  She said it “marked the gallons inside a vintage gas pump.”  (Also Mine!)

It’s only a fragment.  Someone added the lamp finial, and mounted it to a wood base.  But still– very cool! 

I ran through the pouring rain, to the long line at the ATM for more money to buy both items.  My bf stayed behind and witnessed several people trying to prevail on the sellers not to wait for my return.  One man flashed his readied money in persuasion.  –The sellers just asked where all these determined buyers were prior to my arrival—???

I found this really beautiful —pot?  Peeling back its bottom felt, it seems to have had [perhaps] a stem and foot. . . ?


It was definitely my day for “metals” and $5 deals! 

Like this garden sconce, this drapery hold-back, and this print of a Victorian Lady!



And– just wanted to show you something our cousins sent to me–   from the family farm!


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More Elkhorn!

It rained, it poured–and then we thought it was over!

Look!  A rainbow and sun!

Lots of awesome treasures were getting uncovered, and we were burning through our “budgets!”  Well–I was!

Making another trip to the car to empty my heavy bag, I decided to leave the umbrella behind.  Fool.

It was the last sunshine of the day.

Yep, back to rain.

Buckets of it.  Unending.

Well, I was about out of money anyway.



But during the Rain, and Shine–and Rain,

here’s some more of what I saw!

















Plus this interesting array of treasures!  A little of everything!
























O-m-g!  I l-o-v-e these hats!





















very small child's saddle! $25






Next time I’ll show you MY fabulous finds!  But this, I have to share with you—

Fast walking by the booths, scanning for treasures (you can’t go in every space), not really paying much attention to vendors, I was about to ask for the price of a clock, (which I bought!) but this was the guy “in charge”–?  The “boss” was around the corner drying off with a towel.

I left out a couple of the really unusual, super cool things I bought— till next time! 


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Look what I saw at Elkhorn!

Ohhhhh, those poor vendors—

the pouring rain totally messed with their having a good last show.

But we stayed outside in the rain anyway, and found some of the most awesome deals!




Cathy always has the most incredible    ← chandeliers, lighting, and silver!  And, of course–you know SHE added to my collection!












The vintage glass lamp is from Cathy, the other is from another vendor!  Here are some details of its “ormolu!”  (Oh, God! I could open my own lamp store!)

Then I found this fabulous over-sized server! 

And kept seeing all these amazing tables!




The base of a vintage   poker table—OMG!









–More tomorrow!



But one last for this post—

Jeanine from ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! tried everything to buy this off my bf—

who was just as in love with her new purchase, and not letting go!

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The former dresser—

I finished that dilapidated old dresser project today!

It is now a bench– with storage!  See?



Can’t wait—                       for Elkhorn tomorrow! 

Can wait—  for 3:15am      to get up to go  :’ \



And check out this post on the construction! 

Or this post on how you can do it!


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This Sunday is the season’s last Elkhorn flea market

next Sunday is the Kane Co flea market!

Where my bf and I are doing a 2nd show this season—you’ll find us in the Trades (F) building!  We’ve been busy working on some great pieces to sell, and I can’t wait to show you some of them!  

I thought I would show you the most current piece I’m working on—

an old, dilapidated dresser.  Only good enough to re-invent.  So look what I did with it!

First things first— demo!

I cut off the top of the dresser, and smashed out the wood that encloses each drawer.  Then I removed the dresser’s top, and propped everything together to be sure about my idea.  –YES!

All the cutting, hammering, and knocking parts around meant a lot of nails on the ground.  A magnetic sweep picked everything up, keeping me “safe.”  Whew—I seemed to be a little “accident-prone” lately!

So here’s the new design!

A bench, with storage!  For the foot of a bed?  A bench to sidle up to the kitchen table?  An upholstered coffee table you can put your feet up on?  Hmmmm. . . . .

All the repairs are made, the appliques and veneer removed, hardware buffed clean with steel wool, and everything else pressure washed clean!  —No more stinky-phew, no more spiders! 

More tomorrow!


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A Sneak Peak!

There’s a Dresser, a Highboy, and, a Nightstand—

All will have a soft, blue’ish gray base, but each will have their own complementary  design!

And here’s the continuing progress on the dresser—which you can begin to see, has a stylized Union Jack design!

I haven’t used any lace in my designs in a couple of years, but thought this would be a good application to bring it back out!

These pictures show you the direction the dresser is taking, but there are many things to finish! 

In this view,  you can also see the detail at the bottom of the dresser.  Each piece was missing one side of its original bottom–which was just another detail pointing to the Art Deco design I’ve eliminated.

I should be finished with all the details tomorrow,

and can’t wait to show you the first completely finished piece—the others are underway—and wait till you see their finishes!


—Done, and sold!










Domestically SpeakingSunday's Best Linky Party!


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Limited time,

bad weather,

other things requiring my attention—

take your pick.

But, clearly, I’m      not very far on my dresser projects,   and my deadline is looming—yikes-ies!

Okay, so here’s the foundation color, a very pale blue’ish gray!

Still no “bottoms,”

trying to decide on hardware,

and the “designs” are the next task!

The dresser design?

–based on some pillows I saw at Finishing Touch Interiors—that I am completely in love with!  You never know where you’ll find inspiration!


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