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New Inspiration!

I got a phone call from an artist friend“Would you put your creative carpentry to work on my two new, larger door openings—?”

I love going over to Sarah’s house!

1st—I want her fabulous, vintage, English cottage! 

2nd—She’s so creative, it totally revs up my imagination! 

3rd—The kids and cat are super cute, silly, and entertaining!

Uh-oh! Henry–Lord and Master of the hose!

In addition to the door openings, I’ll also get to “dress up” the built-in bookcase!

This is an artist’s home —note the chartreuse color for the bookshelf backs!

And I LOVE the cast heads!


But—that’s not all—look at her fabulous painted ceiling!  Beautiful!



I wish you could see the claw foot tub for baths outside, under the stars—in her very English garden!

This incredibly talented artist is in the process of building her website, Sarafinastyle.com.  I can’t wait for you to see the full range of her many talents!



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I promised the sellers I’d be back asap to pick up another car-load of my “raw treasures”—and then I sprained my ankles.  But before their patience is completely lost–I’m back on the highway!

Like a squirrel gathering walnuts for winter —like the one driving me crazy   in my work studio— I have been “hunting” and “gathering” my own winter supply!  : I should have lots to share with you this winter!




This shows you the front & back of the doors, and the sides of the “former” armoire.





But, yesterday, was spent like this→

—I’m sure to look back at these moments with longing in the bitter cold.

**but the Pomagranite martinis should be easy to chill ; ]


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Paying Respect

The summer of ’06 was tough, looooong, and hot! 

—I tortured mom w/an addition & major renovations to her home.

I did my best to paint the clearest picture of what she was about to go through.  She didn’t get it.  I think she even hated me at times–seriously.

I knew it would be tough to live in the midst of construction, but what neither of us knew was the adventure we were about to go on in the company of

two old, childhood, best friends!

John and Garys’ camaraderie” had us in stitches! 

We heard a lot of “Are you gonna help me, or do I have to do everything alone?”  “Does cheese come with that whine?”  “Well, I was wrong once—but that was back in ’47.”

And they didn’t leave me out of it.  On a particularly hot and muggy day, wearing a “summer top” with shorts, I walked up on a conversation about “the shortage of clothing in the world—–.”

When I fussed about something not quite right (per my design), “Oh?  If you don’t like it, we’ll do it again, ‘cuz you know what we call you— boss!”  “Y’know Catherine, we may b-s you some—but we’ll never lie to ‘ya!” (wink-wink!)

One of my “hats” was go’fer.  But once I needed John to help pick up a big load of drywall, leaving Gary behind–Mom said she was leaving for church and (foolishly) asked if he would be okay alone?   “Oh I’m gonna be real scared.”   —ask a silly question, get a silly answer—!

They never cleaned up after themselves—they were “too expensive for that!”  “—But there’s this girl who comes around and cleans up–so don’t worry about it!”  —Understand that this is only a BLIP of the story!

Well, No Pain—No Gain!

A tough project in the best of circumstances, made “fun” by these two characters! 

Sadly, we lost Gary a week ago, to cancer.  A great loss to his family and anyone lucky enough to know him.

I can hardly imagine John’s loss of his best friend—but I know he wanted to argue with him at the funeral when it was revealed Gary said, “All John does is measure stuff–I have to do everything else!”

He may have been in our lives a short time—but he left a big imprint! 

—to a really good, hardworking man,


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Where am I—?

I recognize the sign—Page 10 Studio.

But the space—NOT SO MUCH.

Spring came, and I went.

Traveling— a whole lot!  Flea marketing—a whole lot!  Coupled with other projects, and does it show—a whole lot!

BUT—along the way, I’ve found so many great parts, and great pieces to re-invent!  I’ll certainly have a lot of work to keep busy this fall/winter!  Now—to just stay put and DO THAT!

Believe it or not, there is a work studio in there–really!

And I’m busy trying to make order of it once again!  But there’s still a couple of interruptions in my near future—oh well.


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We just l-o-v-e Elkhorn!

More of our good “clean” fun!

I love metals— and there’s always a great variety!

Chad had these really cool brass drapery rods!

3 larger, and

3 french door rods in all— $30!

Check out the arms on this singles park bench!

And, even though it’s not part of this “metal” post, what a fabulous mirror!



Mark, from Room 363, brought this lovely, lidded trophy urn!  His blog has many more pictures —he got around better!  ; D

←Denise, Janice, and Mark!

Janice had this old broken hand mirror. . . . I really love the new “finish!”

There was even a mode of delivery!  Who knew!

Catherine —still more, next post!

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It can rain.

Be obnoxiously humid.

Be [too] early in the morning.

And, yes—I can have two healing sprained ankles!

If it’s a great flea market

I’m gonna be there!

Part 1 –of the things I could see get to!!!




Door  l-o-v-e !






— “industrial” —





How about a boot scraper?!?

They were asking $125---yikes-ies!

I negotiated this little guy for ---- $15 !!! And mine's way cuter!








More of the classics!





More very cool stuff, and

More of what I got—tomorrow!





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We don’t Shop,

We buy!

( on our 2nd trip back to the car! )

Even recovering from two sprained ankles,

I just couldn’t miss out!

Although, I did not see as much of         the market this time. . . .


—is this a testament to a sickness,

—or how good this market is. . . ???

I have great pictures

to share, next post!


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