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I found these little cuties in a garage sale—aren’t they great?

(Already got one painted here)

So cute as they  were—but look at them  now!

Aren’t they just adorable!?!

Perfect little folding chairs for the little ones in our family!

But let me add numbers so the kiddos can fight over which nUmber as well as cOlOr!
~I’m a good auntie; D



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Okay—my bf lives in the Chicago area, so I get into extra mischief thanks to her!

This has a beautiful black marble top!

I flew into Chicago returning from Atlanta.    So, of course, we had to seize the opportunity to run through a few places!  One of the places calls itself a “thrift” store—really???  More than a little misleading, but these are some of the fabulous things there!

Why couldn’t I be born rich, instead of beautiful?  Ha–ha-ha-ha–Ha! 

Case pieces!  Seating!  The Extras!

I would reupholster this in linen, and tuft the WHOLE back, eliminating the chanel tufting!

I love the detail of the carvings!

This was about 7' tall.

Fun stuff–right!?!


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Traveling is done— for a little while.

Coming back from Atlanta, a storm rolled through holding us captive on the tarmac— for about two hours!  Good decision to fly 1st class–the wine flowed for us, while poor coach just sat.  :’  (

I’ve seen so many incredible things lately–and I always keep a camera at the ready!

So— 1st, at A Classy Flea from my short trip!


















The designer in me thought this would make a fabulous breakfast table for 6 with the addition of a large rectangle of glass, and some great chairs!





























←This is what I saw at the front door when I returned for my chairs!

Oh-no!  –NEW treasures– and I only had time to pick up my chairs and head to the airport.  :’ /

More tomorrow— Catherine

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I showed you these fabulous, french country chairs I saw at The Arboretum of South Barrington       in late May.

They were fabulous—          but  ex–pen–sive.    Somewhere around $650.          3 were finished—1 was not—???  And their fabric selection—???  Very cool, but not for that price, not for all the issues.

So—I tell you this because

I found these on Sunday at A Classy Flea!

I took a few pictures of them, and thought they were beautiful.  I could work with these.  But I’m FLYING back to Chicago tomorrow.  No car.  Can’t check in furniture.  : (

I was just settling in to write a post and share a few pictures of some cool things I saw.  Looking over my pictures to pick which ones to show you—I stopped at the chairs again.  What to do—what to do—???

So I text my favorite cuzzin’ in the whole wide world to plead my case about stashing them here– at her house– until I can make another trip.  She said yes!  (another reason she’s my favorite cuz–w-w-w!)

So I bought them!

They’re mine!

All 4 of them–

For— $149!

Aren’t they beautiful !?!


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I jumped in the van to help my cousin drive home to Atlanta— with a 3 and 4 yr old, and a dog!

Delta was super helpful!  

And, even though this is one really short staythere was no way I was missing out on a visit to A Classy Flea!

And wouldn’t it just figure, that because I’m flying back—I saw lots of cooooool furniture!

But see the great SMALL treasures I found bought!

—More headers to build with!

—A twin-sized crocheted “coverlet!”

—And, of course, more of my passion for metals!











And a very well done, reproduction sign!

Now, if I could just steal a chance to     run through the Buckhead Goodwill..!



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My “Deck Rug”

I’m leaving–again–in the morning for Chicago.

And then for Hot-lanta Saturday around 5:30am.  So I was pretty determined to keep focused on the deck rug project.  Thankfully, the predicted rain held off so I could!  But not those darned mosquitoes.  :  (

Well, basically,       I’m finished.

When I return next week there will be some touch up and I’ll seal it!  I see I will also need to re-coat the whole deck to look refreshed.

Sorry your view is upside down!  But here’s the project in process!

You can sort of see the markings of the original plan.  Luckily, it’s mostly faded, making the new approach easier!

A good friend (who used to be a painter for Tracy Porterand I were going to paint a “koi fish pond” on the deck—just for fun!  When we could never connect our schedules during good weather—it just never happened.

So–  Plan B.

I had forgotten about La Plates and their customized outdoor dishes.  But then Tobi Fairley featured them on her blog—-  et voilà,      a new idea!

I had already planned out a 10′ circular rug.  The deck boards gave me natural “stripes.”  And La Plates’ sample was shown in the perfect colors for my project!  —Plus, I’ve ordered a large platter in the very pattern for mom!












You can also see that my urn-table is restored!!!


Domestically Speakingsouthern hospitality

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Found at the ReStore!

We all love thrift stores,

but you really need to check out your local ReStores!

I’m lucky to have 3 to visit—1 local, and 2 heading north and/or south about 30 minutes!  And these are a few of the cool things I found at the one locally just a couple weeks ago!

My prize flush-mount crown light!  Can you believe the $4 price tag–?  I’m pretty sure the “crown” will become a twin bed corona!










I  l-o-v-e  to look through the lighting sections!    And this baby chandelier is perfect for the play house   I’m going to build for all of our little girls!

Can you believe it?!?  $1







And whatever this ↑ was—the bottom of something???

—I thought, a great deal at $10, and then I found out it was ½ price—omg!

All primed, my plan is to build a very tall cabinet on top of this narrow base–for bathroom storage, perhaps–?  I’ll show you more as that project develops!

Visit your ReStore!

And donate too!


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