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Elkhorn—part 2!

There was one particular vendor that     had some pretty spectacular stuff!

Can I just hang out with this guy?!?

What is his source—-?!?  An estate sale?  Did he salvage out a house?  Can I come along?































I would have   l-o-v-e-d        any one of these pieces!


More tomorrow—Iron, anyone?


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Yesterday was the 2nd show of the season in Elkhorn, Wisconsin!

As always–it never disappoints!

Thank goodness, considering how early I have to get up to go!  I saw sooooo many incredible things, and took way too many pictures to ever share all of them—but let me share some of the highlights!  Part 1

This is one of the very first things I saw—good start, right?!? →

I really loved this old chippy wicker tea cart–

–and this one too!

Several vendors had these             multi-drawer cabinets!

I would love one of these dogs— but they are just sooo pricey!

We’re always excited to see the many fabulous pieces Mindy from The Vintage Nest brings—what a great burlap-covered ottoman, and, look what she did with these old suit cases!

Wouldn’t these be fun painting projects. . . . !


























I can’t wait to show you what one vendor brought!  I want to hang out with this guy!          I’ll show you tomorrow!


























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I’m hanging wallpaper today— and closing in on The Finish Line!

But while I’m working on the 2nd guest bedroom, I wanted to share something special with you— it sits very quietly in the corner of the room!

My Grandpa made this for himself—before mom was born!

A miking stool built greena man ahead of his time!  Catherine

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I found a “cheap” price on ¼” thick beadboard.  Since I was wrapping the whole room at 68″ high, I was looking for any savings to stretch the budget.  Problem was–it had a lot of knots.  I wanted “old cottage” –not rustic.     So any savings I found was usurped by hours of puttying.  But it’s done–thank you Lord!  That, and some light sanding, and I can at last focus on painting the rest of the beadboard.

The long-awaited appliques came!  Here, they’re primed, hung, and first coated!

I’m planning to paint the inside of the “keyhole!”  

I am also going to re-hang all the pictures using the old Victorian-styled picture rail hooks.  I found a great source with a good variety at House of Antique Hardware!  They have other fabulous stuff and it was a lot of fun looking around their site!

I just need to find the right decorative chain–I’m not a fan of using cording.

I thought all the rain would mean no interruptions and I could get this room finished–HA!

—If you want to make God laugh– tell Him your plans!

Oh, and Elkhorn is this Sunday!


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I was trying to stay focused on the guest bedroom, but the gOOd change of weather derailed me.

Good weather  –pressure wash decks, furniture, cushions, and finally get to plant window boxes and urns.  Rent a Rug Doctor to clean carpets, area rugs, refresh furniture, even the car interiors.

Bad weather  –resume puttying and painting (and sore fingers), hang wallpaper, restore room so mom can get back to her own computer…..

Since it’s raining –againthought I’d show you some of the room’s progress!

I’ll be lowering the drapery rod to show a new, simpler window header!  My mom really likes corner blocks, I don’t, but there were so many miter cuts -and old, out-of-square walls— I was grateful for the break!

Here’s a detail of the miters around the new window header–

—and a closer view of the damask wallpaper, that I love-love-love!


Need your help, ladies!

I’m trying to persuade mom to let me paint this secretary, and add the same wallpaper to its back—she’s not sold.

Please comment and tell her what you think!

  The one below is an antique –the one she really likes– and is actually her desk!

I know she’ll never let me touch the antique, but the other is a reproduction that houses her computer!



The chair beside her antique secretary

was found at one of the St Vinnie’s half-price sales $5.

Just needed cleaning!

The chair below with the desk/vanity in the alcove is from the flea market,

isn’t it just perfect?!







I’ll have pictures of the beautiful outdoors -once it’s all finished!



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There’s a new puppy to be met—-

Little girls’ fingernails to paint—-













and bubbles to blow—-


with brothers to annoy sisters—-











and family bbq’s, and babies to hold—-




So tell me— how am I supposed     to keep “nose to the grindstone” ?





Well—-at least the stone-guys are doing their part!

But for me, as quick as I hit POST, I’m back to puttying and painting.

The casing is all complete, the wall paper arrived—the appliques for the window headers have not— I’ll show you pictures tomorrow!  It’s looking really good!


From the front garden---needs pruning!

The guys working on the stone!













-----how it's looking--but--ran out of stone---again!

From the back garden-----

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I didn’t get so much—but I did so good!

I clustered all my small finds together for you to see, in general!

The child’s toy phone and vintage swim goggles came from that private estate sale—I got some “furniture” too!  More on that shortly!

I love tatting, and got this really nice, long piece for $4!  I really love the petite Victorian painting, its round frame, even the fluer de lis paper, covering the back!

–And of course, another addition to my silver collection!  ; )

But my love of statues and busts would not let me walk away without this bathing beauty!  She’s just so adorable!  And she needs a name—any suggestions?  I was thinking about “June!”

I also got this great, very large picture!  It was suggested it was probably a church grouping—but I think it captures all the ladies at a family affair!    What do you think…?





My only “big” purchase at Kane County was this lovely chair!  And it will fit in nicely with the vanity in the alcove!  Nice curves!









I got this great vintage seltzer bottle!  I got these farmhouse table legs—and this cool lampshade skeleton!









The only large piece I can show you from the private estate sale is this iron piece.  It looks to be the remains of a bench, and I’m sure it would be very cool to restore it as such, BUT—-that’s not my plan….!

I am going to use it as the base of a cabinet!  I’m thinking about a bookcase with a fabulous header!  And it will be tall—around 7ft !


I couldn’t get any pictures of the other pieces, so for now, I can only tell you about them. 

I bought a barrister bookcase that has a shallow drawer, the entire width, at the bottom—I’ve never seen that before!

I bought a bow-fronted 3-drawer dresser and its highboy-mate!  They will both get a facelift, but the highboy is in bad shape and will be decapitated, in favour of a larger night stand!

And finally—I bought 2 sets of narrow french doors!  I would love to use one set in my mother’s home, but the other set will likely be used as doors to a future cabinet!  Maybe with that iron base above!

This is my hour and a half shopping spree–and estate sale after the twins’ party was over!  I did good—right?!?




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