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PhotobucketOkay~ so I got the boot in the 3rd week of OMTWI.

Found out last Friday morning.  Yeah, I was sportin’ a pouty lip much of the day….

…’eh, you know…..”big girl panties”……move on.

Would have been hustling all day to finish a few details, get installed, and photograph.  But–no worries now.

Insteadwalked away from the whole thing.  Took a break through the weekend, and decided to make some alterations.  Now, with no looming deadline—  happier.

I shared the rough-beginning of the original project, AND the inspiration behind it, but this is where it’s at as we speak. . . .

The desk painted–its top stripped, refinished, and the whole piece waxed.

The “hutch” is where I backed up and made revisions.  A new corbel design, primarily.  But there are other detailed design changes that aren’t so obvious.  And, an installation change-up.


Although not quite finished-

I’ll definitely be happier with the new outcome!


So—have you gone to see

(& vote for) the final projects?

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