. . .lucky day---after all!Yesterday morning~I was sort of pouting over missing out on the cOOlest $25 craig’s list dresser.  I responded as quick as they posted it and still wasn’t fast enough.  : (

BUT–by afternoon my luck was sort of changing.  I stumbled onto these two cabinets–!

(both that you can sort of see)

However, I really did need to consider before pulling the trigger—and then couldn’t get back before they closed–yikes!  I headed back first thing this morning to discover that not only were they still there (whew!) they both had been reduced in price overnight!  I saved $22 by waiting a few hours.  Well that certainly made up for CL!

One is being worked over immediately,

the other is being stripped in prep for a total re-build!






the old pencil sharpener--So, I have been busy-busy with this closet.  And some squirrels, but more on that later.

After gutting the closet of its contents, I needed to gut the closet of the old “reconfiguration” and make a lot of wall repairs.

You can see the raw/unfinished plywood sides and wAy too thin shelveswhich is why this setup never really worked.

~But, check out that very old pencil sharpener!  I’ll put that back!

The old closet being re-worked!Gutted and repaired, I repainted the old walls a pale blue’ish gray that I had on hand.  You can really see how small this space is— 2′ w  x  2’4″ d.  Next, I ripped and cut scrap wood for cleats to support the shelves.

countertop endcuts---The shelves were a surprise material.

I planned to use melamine and have adjustable shelves -but- when I was perusing the size options to make the most cost-effective and efficient cuts I happened to notice these counter top end cuts.

12″ D  x  4ft L and $2 each.  Huh-??  There were lots of finish options including some that looked like leather, and most had an ogee edge!!

Cut in half, I could get 2 shelves from each board!

6 shelves for $6!!


Downloads4The melamine was going to run roughly $60 ~because I would have bought the full length pegged sides for the adjustable shelves.

So I changed my plan!

And I changed a few other things too.  I decided to reorganize things and make the closet’s focus all about snacks, extra supplies, then cleaning “stuff.”  *There was a lot of “junk” in there that got cleaned out.  Maybe it’ll change down the line, but for now, this is working much better.

the reorganized closet--

 new flloring and base moldingThe final thing I did was to cover over the very last of the hideous original 1961 faux cork floor.  It took 4½ 50¢ tiles to change the look and clean it up~ nice.  And I added base molding.

To summarize

3 pieces of counter top   $6

1 wire hanging basket   $5

2 hanging grippers   $5

5 12″ x 12″ floor tiles   $1.25

base molding   $6


A fresh, clean, NEW look for   $23.25!

. . . Next. . . !


hall closet BEFORE & AFTERI’m sharing this project with one of my favorite bloggers—-


the hall closetThis closet has always been a bit of a mystery–like it was just an after thought.

As we came to this house (wAy back when) it had a hanging rod and shelf.

It’s in the hall—just steps around the corner from a coat closet.

–It faces the guest bathroom–which has a linen closet.

–It’s certainly not convenient for either guest bedroom to (potentially) use it.

And it’s SMALL.

Eventually it was gutted and converted into a pseudo pantry.


the hall closetcountertop endcuts----

But it wasn’t done well, and doesn’t work well, and, well, you know. . . .

So I’m re-fitting it—and you might be surprised at the material I’m using. . .

counter top end cuts!



WoW! Does this look like MY cabinet!Someone brought this to my attention last week, and -yes- it really caught me by surprise!

…look familiar to you too?

She sent me this link to an online store called Belle Escape.  I literally blinked a whole bunch of times and just stared.

Uh–especially at their price!   $1895.oo   Yowza!

WoW! Does this look like MY cabinet!


My 1st place project in the OMTWI contest!-

Here’s the one I built once again (for my mom) in a competition 2+ yrs ago!

You can follow the progress of building and finishing it

by the links below.

Beginning HERE,

then HERE,

and HERE!

*My mom is thinking about selling if she can get THAT price too!  ; D








See you tomorrow

with a new project!



My 1st place project in the OMTWI contest!uh--WoW!

Would you survive the Victorian era?

You [me] might survive….

Uh oh…..you may or my not survive the Victorian era. You have the right ideas, but you may not be able to fully realize them. You understand what life was like in the Victorian era, but you probably won’t be able to sacrifice all of your modern luxuries. You can try, and you may have to work hard to survive the Victorian era if you were transported back in time! Congrats, anyways.

Modern Luxuries indeed—and issues of hygiene!

I love all the Jane Austen books, antiques and such, but, hmmmm.   How ’bout you?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


YaY!  for flea markets!What could possibly be more fun than a gOOd flea market!?! sigh


These are things I saw at the Scott Antique Market in July.   Things I forgot about sharing.

Sorry if this is -long- but you know this market is ALWAYS incredible!  You really should go sometime. . . .

-Right out the gate I was hit with the English scalloped hall table and caned chairs you see below—they were waiting for pick up, already SOLD!

-Check out the ormolu on that desk below–even painted!

-The Chippendale sofa was a whopping $60 and I seriously thought about how to get it in the car!

The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketThis vendor was picked pretty clean–with items like this bed remaining, imagine what she sold!  And that vintage belt sold while I was trying to take a picture of it.

The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketI heard several folks gasp at the price of this FAUX BOIS BENCH.  Yes, $1,000. is high, but I’ve seen wAy higher prices for lesser quality–and this was by FAR nicer than any I’ve ever seen.  So well done, it DID look like wood, even the seat!

The Scott Antique MarketThis vendor was also the builder of these headboards–fabulous craftsmanship!

The Scott Antique MarketI couldn’t help but think of the fun projects built around these car parts!

. . .no idea why I’ve become so completely fascinated with car parts. . . .

The Scott Antique Market

The Scott Antique MarketI ALWAYS love architectural items, but nothing was matching up with my needs ( ; D ) or budget.  : (

The Scott Antique Market

The Scott Antique MarketI love this old fire place radiator, and could totally see it repurposed into a child’s bench!

And I really liked this leather case–if my memory is good, I think they were asking $25.

The Scott Antique Market









The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketThis vendor’s stuff was  a-MAZ-ing!  If you want info on her, email me, she ships all over!

The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketThis gentleman was SO incredibly knowledgeable and generous about/with info on silver—and don’t you love his “check out station?!”

The Scott Antique Market The Scott Antique MarketThese bolsters were made from bleached rugs. . . amazing, huh?!

The Scott Antique MarketDid I overwhelm you with all the cOOl stuff?

And I only went to the “B” side of the market…

told you you should go to this market!



I was so excited to learn the Scott Antique Market and Haven landed on the same weekend back in July and immediately shifted my plans to go at the end of the conference.

Of course I had a blast!  But, I’ve never gone on the last day so, although I knew it would be picked over and certain I missed out on some incredible treasures –I was anxious to see what crazy deals might be available too!

my Scott Antq mrkt find--This silver coffee urn was just one of my crazy cheap deals!

The vendor wanted $25 -even with the missing lid- because it was a higher quality piece.  But when I pointed out that it also had a missing leg we settled on $7!

First thing I did was polish it up to see its true beauty!  Then I took it to a local jeweler to re-balance the 3 legs and carefully bend back the one smashed in handle, $15.  Ultimately, I want to plant an ivy in it and use it in a vignette in the kitchen, but first it will be a vase for some late summer blooms.


my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!

my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!

Once I plant the ivy in it, the spigot can be opened for drainage if it gets over-watered (which my mom tends to do).

I saw lots of amazing things at Scott -which I’ll share tomorrow-

but for now, let me share one more simple-cool find (from our Kinderhoook trip) you know I love urns~and this cutie was only $4.50!


btw–I’m sharing these finds with Southern Hospitality!

Furniture Feature Fridays





found on our trip to Kinderhook--

mom's kitchen--


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