The old record cabinet.

I bought this in Atlanta in 2009

~while visiting my cousin, JeanAnn.  I think she’s suspicious of just WHO I am coming to visit since I’m always running off to go shopping while I’m there.

the old record cabinet

My plan was to convert it into a little girl’s armoire.  I was going to shorten the legs some and add an architectural crown at the top.  But–I had so many children’s cabinets to be sold–I back-burnered it.  However, I did not mean to abandon the poor thing all together.

It’s been so long, I may have had a change of heart regarding its new design.    At 37h  x  15½d  x  18½w . . . .

How about a small space night stand–??  Too tall?  A side table?  Drop a sink in it to go in a very small half bath?  I could keep going here you know…!

One change I intended is still happening—I’m cutting out the center door section!

After adding back some missing appliques and deciding on the thickness of the “sides,” I used a piece of wood as a measuring and marking guide–then free-handed, or, eased those finished lines with a sharpie marker so it was easy to follow with the jig saw.

altering the old record cabinetcuuting out the center door section--Did that just freak you out?

I drilled pilot holes at each of the corners -and a few extra places- to poke the blade through to cut out the center.  I did a pretty accurate job with the jig saw (it’s a curved door), but I still eased the edges really carefully -and again- free-hand at the router table with a dado bit.  Lastly, I switched to a ¼” round over bit and finished with a little sanding.

after the cut-out---

the door with its cut-outthe parts primed and laid out---This is where I left off last night… everything sanded and primed, except the top is stripped (for now).

Here are all the parts laid back out.  The poor little cabinet was so loose-y goose-y and super rough, I thought it would be easier just to take it completely apart.  I know~looks like crap right now, just gimme a minute….

more tomorrow. . .


I call him "Guillermo"A f t e r

the crazy weekend’s

e x h a u s t i n g

-and lame-

Trunk Sale…

I tried to get some recovery time,    but I desperately needed to reset my antique store space.  The storage unit and work shop both had to be essentially ransacked and reorganized for any of these things to happen—a workout all by itself!

Somehow, taking pictures of the Trunk Sale got away from me—you’ll have to just believe me that it looked really beautiful, so I was told over and over AND OVER!  Too bad they didn’t put their money where their mouths were.

You can get an idea though, by how the antique store is looking. . . .

front side--left

front side--right

back side--left

back side---rightAnd here’s a better look at one old project—

My orange decoupaged breakfast table.

my orange decoupaged tableThese are the pine French country ladder-back chairs I bought in Atlanta!

Yes~I decided to put them up for sale. . . .lots of angst. . . .more tomorrow!


my French country ladder-back chairs

e x h a u s t e d.

I don’t think I have any other description to give.

Saturday was the Trunk Sale.  It RAINED up to a few hours before it was to begin which meant we could not load the trailer until Saturday morning at 5am.


Yes, we essentially spent the day

loading and unloading

LARGE amounts of furniture.

Again— e x h a u s t i n g .

I will have pictures and more to tell tomorrow.



the old farm chair--I found this on a curb last year, and stuck it up in the garage attic. . .

. . .Until Further Notice.

[We] all know and understand the dreaded “Until Further Notice” piles, -to layman it’s just a hoarder thing- but Wendy told me at Haven, it’s “…a garage full of GOOD IDEAS.”

Since I’m working on things for tomorrow’s Trunk Sale AND to refill my antique mall-space, this got pulled from the GOOD IDEAS pile for a quick makeover.  ; D


fixing the damaged seatWhat I thought was just a de-laminating veneered seat turned out to be deeper damage, so this project became more than just -a quick paint job-.

With the chair laying face down, I drizzled some amber Gorilla Glue into the splits and cracks and clamped it up for the night.  Knowing it still wasn’t going to look “pretty” painted up I decided to upholster the seat.

I pulled some grain sack cloth and burlap -and both looked gOOd- BUT. . .and this might sound cheap, BUT. . .

Knowing the chair won’t fetch much money, I don’t want to surrender my cool grain sack cloth to it.

Yes, I cheaped out—but you know what?

I really like it!

Simple-clean-nice!  Just needs a tiny touch up & trim. . . . . . . . . Wish I had more to go around the farm table I’m also taking. . . .


the curbie farm table chair--

my curbie farm table chairI’m sharing this project with one of my favorite linky parties!


"Trunk Show"I’ve got several irons in the fire– and then running across town I happened to see this HUGE sign.

I called to inquire and found out that it’s the 2nd year of a big church

yard sale~flea market~TRUNK SALE!

But they don’t want donations, YOU rent a space and sell YOUR OWN STUFF!

So I’m goin’ for it!  I’ve got numerous things just waiting for sales attention, but my antique mall space is only SO big.  I’m not sure how well they’ve been advertising, but it’s a couple blocks outside the weekly/Saturday Farmer’s Market and apparently that captured a lot of foot-traffic last year–!

So, fingers crossed ~ nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I pulled this drum table from the antique mall to go on Saturday, but I gave it even a little more zhush hoping that will help get it sold!  The first picture shows it in its original form and with subtle changes. 

subtle changes to the old drum table--Finally, with some decoupaged vintage sheet musicalso inside the drawer.  I did finish buffing the top since these pictures. . . .and I’ll take better pictures Saturday.  The table definitely looks nicer than these pics show.

I’ve got several things to finish- touch up- clean up for this unexpected show ~bear with me.


the drum table now decoupaged--

CL surprise find!It was raining,

I was restless,

and “stuck” in my current project.  What to do,

what to do.

Why, go check out CL for MORE projects~ d u h.

Oh, this is cool!    Would you take $15 ??  Yes?!  Would I come 1st thing tomorrow: )

♥ ♥ ♥

Mother nature has been making me reorganize projects.  Beginning with the fact that one of the [badly] damaged tree branches from last summer’s tornadoes finally gave up.  Ironically, the tree guy was coming THAT day—until a thunderstorm backed us up to -the next day- .  Yep, Murphy’s Law.

*Murphy's Law

♥ ♥ ♥

Since we had a sunny window and I had -I thought- a quick stripping job, I figured I’d stay outside for the moment to work on my surprise CL library table!

I was thinking I’d like a stripped top-natural look with a painted bottom.  And then I thought about what else I had and how it wouldn’t really go with anything—so I decided to lightly stain the top.  Now I’m on the fence about the painted bottom~maybe I should just strip the WHOLE THING-?  Any thoughts?

the stripper I like to use when it's just old varnish and stain--This is the stripper I like to use   when it’s just old varnish and stain.

Think of it like a good bath –again–when there’s no paint involved.  This is the same stripper I used on my Grandpa’s rockers, the China cabinet, and numerous other projects through the years.

It’s stinky-strong and will burn your skin so use it in a well ventilated area and wear appropriate gloves.  And I guess my gloves are due for replacement ’cause my pinky finger got sort of burned by the end of this job–yOWza!


the ibrary table from CL

♥ ♥ ♥

So, I’m back to bouncing around multiple projects.

Since the library table needs to be dealt with outside– . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it’s on hold for better weather,

and I’m heading back to the LL and the China cabinet.

As for the tree–it too has to wait until the weather changes. . . .again.


Ps– if you’re trying to find Zinsser products here’s a link

I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!


. . .lucky day---after all!I do really love this cabinet.  Especially its curved & bowed doors and its glass -but-

it’s SMALL.

6ft tall and a mere  ……20″ wide.

Yes, very impractical,

but let’s see….


First–I stripped the doors, and then the face frame~which was the only other actual wood.  The rest is all composite~plastics and “wood.”

Next, I had to figure out a paint scheme for the balance since it’ll be living in mom’s LL for a while.  But I’m planning to load it with as much china as it will hold so the colors need to look good with all that too.

Thankfully, my china tends to be mostly in varying shades of whites with golds and platinum detailing.  I love to mix & match china for different looks!

working on the small china cabinet

Boy oh boypaint colors.

I didn’t want a shabby chic look,

and although I love old whites and pale grays, I knew my china would not only “blend in,” but the cabinet wouldn’t go well in the room.

I didn’t want another “black” piece so close to the dark-stained sofa or the off-black island, or a green “like” the kitchenette base cabinets…..

I was only half tempted to veneer the outer sides for more options, but –another stained piece–???

I finally decided on a “peanut buttery” color of paint I had on hand for the interior and to play with a faux paneled side idea.

I dry painted and smudged a white on the sides for a mottled “base” effect and gave it 24hrs to dry.

While that set up I played with a change of hardware to capture something more simple Euro-looking.

working on the new china cabinet--Day 2 I taped off and painted the paneled sections

I used 2″ tape to create a consistent measuring guide while taping off and an exact-o-knife for clean up…

Unfortunately, it has been incredibly humid while working on this project and I honestly think it’s responsible for the “fail” you see on the one side.  So before I can do the finishing touch of some detailed hand-painting, I have repair work to do.   :  \

painting the faux paneled sides--

I’ll leave you at this point  -for the moment-

with another design change.

another design change--

I’m having the hardest time getting any decent pictures to show you anything more because of lighting….we’re in storms now so I hustled the piece inside and to the LL for the remainder of work.

Subterranean lighting is always difficult -but add in stormy skies….

So till tomorrow,


I’m sharing my project with these few linky parties!

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