I’m not entirely sure what these photo-things are called—

a Photo Carousel-?

new use for a Photo Carousel

I just know that I had a different idea for using it!

Something about this made me think about a restaurant—I don’t know, maybe I was just hungry.  Anyway. . . . .

I love reading a good dinner menu describing what you’ll be served!  When an old boyfriend commented how he loved my descriptions when he asked what we were having,

I decided to use this gift for something other than re-gifting(sorry, to whoever gave it to me)

I’ve been s l o w l y unpacking and sorting through my long-packed and stored boxes, and having fun rediscovering forgotten items.  Like this one!

new use for a Photo Carousel

new use for a Photo Carousel

new use for a Photo Carousel

I also like this for when

I’m stuck and don’t know what to make

“. . .what do I feel like. . . .”

Obviously, I didn’t finish filling it upso I can still have some fun with this!  Hmmm, maybe I should put a picture of the meal on the facing side-?  But that means I can only feature/show 6 menus at a time.  Maybe I should load it with 12 menus and close my eyes to picture it in my imagination?!?    ; D

I think I’m hungry for Catfish now, and that Margarita. . . .


I flea markets!

And antique shops and thrift stores, and barn sales, and yard sales. . . .

So I was pretty excited to learn that our return trip happened to coincide with the 3rd Sunday flea market!

These are the few treasures I bought.

Beginning with this enamel-ware pot, they wanted $20—I paid $10.

(Made in Czechoslovakia~my paternal family are 100% Slovak, and I  browns.)

3rd Sunday flea market

My 3rd Sunday finds!I do love my lamp finials and hardware!  The ring was heavy weighted and orphaned, and I have a couple of brackets missing their rings—perfect!   $3 both

I LUV CORBELS, and corner brackets!  Of any size–and I love adding them into a project.  These were broken in many places, which they hid under duct tape–I would have negotiated wAy more.  $10 pr

There was a vendor with nothing but TIN. CooL tin too–but the stuff I really liked was beyond my pocket book.  I did get two pieces–I can’t say why, but I was just drawn to this fragment of license plate–he gave it to me with my tin -you can see some of here- which I’ll cut in half and use as “rosettes.”   $10 -both

I really love making floral bouquets in pretty containers and this little guy was only 25¢ I don’t know what it was and they didn’t either (we thought maybe an ink well?) but it’s a cutie and I’ve already put it to work!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

I saw a collection of kerosene lamp bases and this one struck me for its simplicity.  I have a bunch of huge glass bottle stoppers–hmmmm-?   $7

Until then—it’s holding a bouquet of Black eyed Susans.

My 3rd Sunday finds!

My 3rd Sunday finds!Finally, the last thing to show you is the 1st thing I bought.

I’ve been looking for one of these ever since I foolishly passed one by years ago.  Since then, every one I’ve seen has been outrageous in price–especially considering I’m taking it apart!

This Vicorian cast iron bench was missing its back legs so I got it for  $20

I intend to detach the legs, add extra support, and make it a child’s porch swing for our remaining little ones.  Either to hang from the play house I’ve yet to build, or from the tree when…..oooops, haven’t talked about that project yet!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

I had high expectations based on things I’d been told about this market, so I guess you can see by my meager purchases that I didn’t find it so fabulous–for me.  I gave myself a $165 budget to shop with but only spent $60.25 ~see what I mean?  I’m glad I went, but I’m pretty sure once is enough for me.   : (

I am planning on going to the last Elkhorn flea market of the season!  : )



Yes, I’ve run off -once again.

My mother asked me to take her “home,” to visit her last few cousins and go to the local annual Hull Town Picnic.  Check, check, and, check.

~Mom’s family were from the very small farming community of Kinderhook -and Hull and Quincy-  and we spent a LOT of time in and out of Hannibal while visiting Grandma.

~Below is a map of mom’s “home area” where we chased back and forth across the Mississippi River—only 12 miles from Kinderhook to Hannibal.

map of mom's "home" area

My oldest nephew’s wife jumped in the car to at last go see this place of all the crazy childhood stories.  We took her to see lots of Hannibal’s Mark Twain “stuff” and up the hill to tour the amAZing and haunted Cruikshank Mansion!  -which you can now stay at as a B&B!

~the driveway up the hill to the Cruikshank Mansion

~the driveway up the hill to the Cruikshank Mansion

with Terry from Forever Decorating!Additionally, we ran into Quincy, where I was so excited to meet fellow-blogger Terry-

Forever Decorating

and tour her beautiful and oh-so-creative home!

It’s pretty incredible meeting up with all of you creative and talented folks!


Finally, as we headed back home, we took advantage to take a break in Bloomington to go to the 3rd Sunday flea market.

3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market

. . . .ahhhhhh. . . . silver AND organization!  ; D

3rd Sunday flea market

Of course I found a few cool treasures to take home,

I’ll show you tomorrow. . . .


I passed!

taking control---

Is there something you’re feeling

addicted to?

Something you feel like a slave to?

Electronically speaking–the computer, cell phone, email– your blog…?



I was catching myself “checking in” wAy too often & wondered if I could

UNplug, DISconnect

for a few days.  I knew the world wouldn’t end, but would it be—painfull?  So last Thursday I hit “publish” on the latest progress in the alcove and walked away from as much electronic tethering as I could.

unplugging---no peeking!Obviously, I needed to use the phone, but watched that even closer after I caught myself MINDLESSLY checking email from it.  Omg!  Am I addicted?

That was day 1.  Once I made a conscious decision to check myself—I found it was like va-ca-tion time!  Not only was it relaxing, I stopped thinking about it.  No withdrawls.  Sure, I missed some messages, but again–the world didn’t end and I was available by phone (when I heard it ring).  ~I know people who would  f a i l  this test.

Finding it pretty easy to “walk away,” I guess I’m not addicted–yay!–even if it was only 5 days.  But now I find myself wading through an enormous amount of emails.  C’est la vie!  Could YOU do it?

Other things I’ve been doing. . . .

Tying up loose ends on a variety of odd projects, working on our spaces at the Antique Mall, gardening and weeding, including pilfering all the Globe Thistle stems for seasonal floral arrangements,

mom's Globe Thistes…fighting with the glutenous squirrels,

fighting with the squirrels--…play-time with family….

a family outing--….and finally I’m starting to work on a design for a

china cabinet or dish cupboard

to clean up the mess I’ve made in the lower level kitchenette.

a china cabinet or a dish dresse?r--You can see by the decorative header I hung high on the wall (center pic, where it will live) that I’m leaning towards some version of a Dish Dresser.  I’m thinking it will be more flexible for other storage down the line.  I’m still plucking through my architectural collections to see what else I might have to play with!

Sunday I’ll have opportunity to shop a pretty distant flea market–maybe I’ll find something that will knock my socks off and solidify an absolute direction!

It IS nice to be plugged in again!  ; D


a little privacy for the alcove--At last I have found time to return to the Alcove so I can wrap up the Hall project!

You can see the Hall projects throughout the months of February and June 2014.

I’ve begun hanging tongue and groove pine boards to the ceiling, but, just above the bed area.

I really wanted the space to have a more COZY and PRIVATE sense for anyone using it.  So I hung drapes to effect separation~ but made them lace for a lighter feel.

I had said in a previous post that I would face-trim the drapery mount so you wouldn’t see the dowels—and that’s where I jumped back in.

face-trimming the lace drapesI used molding that I already had, but didn’t have enough of any one profile~ so there are differing styles at the front side vs inside (but nothing dramatic).  It’s finished, but for some touch-ups.

hanging pine in the alcove--Now I’m working on the ceiling–

4″ painted pine, just at the sleeping area ceiling for a cocooning effect.

I was participating in a glue trial so I got to play with gluing the boards up vs shooting them in place with my compressor/nailer.

The nail gun means less “destruction” if it’s ever taken down, but it also means puttying lots of holes.

The glue was a new Gorilla Bond construction adhesive that I really liked.  It had great “grab” for an instant hold—but it didn’t give much room for wiggling things into place so you had to be pretty precise placing boards.  I used a rubber mallet to flatten the boards to the ceiling and squish out the glue.

applying the pine boards--

trimming the alcove ceilingYou can see I ripped wood to the ceiling angle (by tipping the table saw blade to the right angle)–to close in the pine at the peak and give a “flat” finish to re-hang the chandelier.  I also used some (upside down) chair rail cap to trim/finish the end runs.

The same chair rail cap will be used to finish the leading edges—I was initially going to rip the sliver of pine to close in the gap, but the chair-rail cap was a perfect fit!

trimming the leading edges--

Some boards got pre-painted, unfortunately not all of them so I’ll have to paint UPSIDE DOWN—fun, fun.  I didn’t have enough chair rail cap so I’ll quickly chase off for that, finish any caulking and get painting.

Can’t wait to be done!


Aunt Margaret's cabin!It actually has been a productive summer– but it hasn’t...

…in blogging-terms.

Does that make sense to any of you?

*While on a time out up North at my aunt’s cabin, I saw some abandoned sidewalk chalk laying on the deck, picked it up and just started drawing arrows on the sidewalk, initially heading towards the dock.

Kiddos suddenly came out of the woodwork asking,

“What are you doing?

Why are you Aunt Margaret's cabin---drawing arrows?

Where are you going?

Why are you doing that?”

I never answered–I just kept quietly drawing arrows.  And 5 little kiddos kept following, asking silly questions!  I led them all over the place–and in circles  just being goofy!

Don’cha LUV summer games?!

Well I’m off to another lake cottage for the weekend—with two new little -victims- great nieces to play with!

--on a break!-


I’ve actually got projects in the works to share—maybe I need to stop following the arrows too!

; D


--changing things up!but believe me,

it has been so busy around here and I’ve been working on all kinds of miscellaneous things that would no doubt bore you to death

except for this project!


I’ve decided to change up the furniture in my mom’s LL to give things a fresh new look!

Beginning with a switch-a-roo of the rattan set I gave her as we renovated the house.

The sofa, settee, cocktail table, and side table just went to storage—until further notice, and they may be going up for sale.  The sofa table went there a while ago and the fern chest has gone to the antique mall for sale.

The LL--post Christmas '12

the Great Aunties' old table--

Here’s the new plan—

The table in the “corner” (with the lamp) came from our late Great Aunties.  Mom has these vivid childhood memories of it always being paired with a chair in a very large dressing closet—so she won’t part with it–no matter what!

*I think I may have given her an anxiety attack with this particular project because,

I decided to


to make it the new coffee table!

A simple project!  15-20 minutes et, voilà!

--a QUICK change!

I determined a height for the “new” table and found the most natural spot in the turned legs to make my cut!  What could be easier?!

I think it looks very natural and LUV IT!  And thankfully–so does mom!

You can also see Grandpa’s  rockers  never sold so we’re keeping them! (not upset about that at all!)  I brought the one rocker I was keeping all along and will do some additional work on it, plus, I pulled my caned sofa from storage and am changing out the lighting!

The cut-off legs will eventually be re-purposed into another project and many more changes to this space are afoot—stay tuned!


--the table cut down

Yes!  Everything is in CHA-A-A-OS!  (…sigh…)

--the new vignette is taking shape!


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