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on my way….

leaving AZ…..up at 3am.

Left Chandler by 4am.

This was my view as I reached the far North of Phoenix just past 5 (tears shed).

Driving out, the beautiful Saguaro cacti looked like they were waving me good bye (a few more tears).

This was coming into Flagstaff—


WinslowI had a quick breakfast (RedBull) in Winslow—but I promise, I wasn’t standing on any corners!  BTDT!

Unfortunately, I started to have some nagging concerns about the UHaul truck and the way it was driving.  The UHaul guys in Albuquerque took great care of me and I was back on the road—2+ hours later.

New Mexico

New MexicoSo, I’ve only made it to Amarillo.

And there’s a really bad wind storm.

Signs on the highway were “ENCOURAGING” everyone to get off the road for a while….

I’m safe in a hotel for the night.


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Made it to Albuquerque. ….

But have a 2+ hour delay at UHaul for truck issues.

Whew!  All is good again (fingers crossed)!


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ready to go---I leave in the very early morning—

I’m praying I miss all the storms with my one day of delay.

Wish me luck.


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the ReStore bed lampI found this ~old~ bed lamp in the ReStore a while back I thought my little princess-niece might like, but she spied something else of mine and–well–she’s my girl!

So this one was up for grabs again and I thought I’d flip it in the antq mall.

I stripped its UuuuG-ly coverings down,

re-faced it in a thick, nubby linen and

then gave it a secondary loose layer from an old scalloped dresser scarf!

Et, voilà!

the ReStore bed lamp redo!


Much more fun~right?!


next. . . .

the ReStore bed lamp redo!

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we’ve had a tornado~

. . .we’re hearing it was a combo of straight line winds and 3 tornados.  110 and 120 mile an hour winds hit just before 1am Tuesday night.

We’re okay, but a large tree branch on the garage roof.  I guess construction isn’t done yet around here, some neighbors took the worst hit.

We still have no power and we’re hearing the cell towers were all damaged so even the smart phone is spotty.  Be back to normal soon—fingers crossed.


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it'll be better~I’ve been laying more than a bit low lately.

Not posting much OR working on many projects.

The reason is that I thought I had a bad cold or~sOMethingAnD, besides a low grade fever,   I was getting these weird waves of nausea and dizziness.  ~Pro~bab~ly nOt a good idea to run any saws, so I cleaned and organized and sewed instead.

Really early lAst Wednesday morning, I was awakened by a severe pain at the very back-bottom of my head.  A bIG lump.  A sis-in-law wondered if I might have gotten a spider bite while sleeping–?  Hmmm-o-Kaaay-?

By Thursday it was getting biGGer and spreading upward aNd towards the back of my ear.  But I thought the “spider bite” suggestion sounded reasonable, and I didn’t want to hit the panic button.

Thursday night/Friday morning—I was awakened mAny times to a searing-hot pain, AnD mOre bumps/lumps, all over the right side of my head.    I called the doctor’s office, but they couldn’t get me in until this morning.

keep-calm-and-carry-onI admit I was scared and worried–but I didn’t think “the sky was falling!” enough to run to the ER.  I’m sure you can understand it’s been a lOng number of days.  And I didn’t want to reveal much to family, because, frankly–I didn’t want some speculation taking me down any bad paths.  The UNknown and mY crAzy imagination was acting enough like “mapquest” without any extra help, if you know what I mean.

The doctor says I’m in all the early phases of  -SHINGLES-.

But I don’t have the rash~yet.  Oh. joy.

some days suck!

You can get this on your hEAd??

I’ve only ever heard of people getting it on their bACk.

Obviously~I’m going to be plenty busy reading up on this.  But, pLEAse~

if any of you has any info to share,

it would be great to know what to expect so I don’t freak out over any more “symptoms!”

My HeaD hURts~but not like a headache.  Even my hair hurts.  But at least now I can -cAUtiously- get back to my power tools.  I’ve got big projects to do!

And just to explain this~ If you were to put your right thumb in your right ear, and pivot your hand from the bottom of your head up to the crown of your head—thAt’s where it is.  It’s messin’ with my ear and even my neck, but now I have an explanation for the dizziness and nausea too.

You guys are always such a wealth of info, I’m hoping to learn the REAL side of this that the Dr and internet don’t really tell.

And now I will   STop whining and cARRy oN


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bloggers are the BEST!



for all the emails with suggestions and help!

Especially La Verne and her son Peter!

Picasa problem solved!  YaY!

Can you imagine losing over 17K pictures?
~And I had a back up!  I just have a little repair work to do.  But I am nOt complaining!


Once again,

I can load the pictures of the projects

I’ve been busy working on~

I can SHARE again!

Yes, please!

Back.  Up.  Your.  Pictures.


I was lax in this task, and could have lost sO many pictures.


back up your pictures!

bloggers are the BEST!

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For the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing wEIRd stuff on my computer, and, more particularly, Picasa.

Initially, I was able to restore the previous version, and save everything to another source.  But that LAST time I could open Picasa, mANy of my pictures were completely distorted~I was able to UN-save, make corrections, and save again.

I’ve checked for updates, and seem to have the most current–Picasa 3.

I can SEE my pictures through my Library, but can’t capture any for my blog.

And now I can’t load any pictures or open Picasa at all.

*But I CAN capture images I’ve previously loaded to WP.


I keep getting an ERRORS LOADING PICASA DATA BASE message.

So~I have these projects to share

   but I can’t.

                                ¦ /

Anyone have suggestions-?

*besides a BIGGER glass of wine~


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I took the STYLESCOPE quiz

a bunch of times, truth be told!

I keep coming up~

Really–??  O-kay.

Not completely what I was thinking—but not totally off the mark!

What does it say about YOU?

Take the quizand tell me what yours says!


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I’ll celebrate later—

Yesterday. . . .

I spent most of the day all loopy from stripper and stain.  Not exactly how I imagined spending a birthday. 

Loopy on Margaritas or Martinis (or have you tried the hybrid Marg-a-tini?!  Ooooh, yummy!) would have been a w-a-y better plan, but instead,     I focused on the last project for One Month to Win It.  Again–if you guys vote me through to the last round!

–Did you figure out which bunting was mine?!  ; D

Omgosh, can’t wait to show you this last project–it’s looking pretty fab!  Would really love to keep it, but it’s for one of my mom’s guest bedrooms.  At least I can enjoy it while I’m still here.

Well, while I’m sharing

With the swelling finally GONE!

Remember last summer I told you I sprained both ankles?

6 months ago I was doing this—because of this.    :”(

Cheers to a healthier year!


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