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a couple of my singular corbels--I have several corbels, actually!

But these are two that are singular and I have not worked into a project—yet!

I found them at The ReStore!

1st thing–I cut a dado up the center back.

2nd–I drilled out a channel from the top down, and from the back inward to join the two together.

Any guesses what I’m creating?


a couple of my singular corbels--

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putting 2013 behind us I’ve been reading a lot of “Year in Review” blog posts…a great look back at some really inspiring projects out there in blogland!

I started thinking about a couple of mine—and was surprised at how many of my own projects I’d forgotten all about!

antq mall display cabinet

So I thought it might be fun to

RE-share them with you too!

But I’m going to start with one from Nov 2012 and something I never thought I’d be doing…TAKING A SPACE IN AN ANTIQUE MALL.  What a surprise–that I did it, that it went so well as to expand in this year, and the many projects it propelled!  Like~ building this new display cabinet from odd parts and its outcome!


~found me constructing a dresser-hutch for my very 1st G-G-nephew Brody.
~Then I finished off another children’s cabinet for my cousin’s little baby girl Emma  before traveling to Atlanta to deliver it AnD take a little birthday getaway!  Woo-hoo!

year in review projects- 2013

In February~

I decided to make several changes in my mother’s master br as a surprise while she took a winter’s rest in Florida with a friend!  It started with a fire place

Mom's surprise!

During the year I worked on a variety of projects, big & small~

my lighting projects- 2013

  1. My vintage White Globe sconces
  2. Princes Aleigha’s lamp
  3. A thrift store lamp and an anaglyptic-covered shade
  4. A lace-y chandelier
  5. A vintage bed lamp re-fashioned

my chalk boards and mirror projects- 2013

  1. the Atlanta trip windows
  2. my auction mirror
  3. making a mirror from cabinet doors
  4. a decoupaged chalkboard
  5. two more decoupaged chalkboards

And there were lots of  miscellaneous projects….

misc projects of 2013

But you all know my very favorite thing is construction!

Hmmm, I guess I make a lot of benches   ; D

my bench projects- 2013

  1. The other half of the 1st Craig’s List dresser
  2. The neighbor’s curbie
  3. A quilted slip-covered curbie!
  4. The ReStore “bench”
  5. Saving history!
  6. The 2nd Craig’s List dresser
  7. The sewing cabinet bench
  8. The Christmas built-in banquette

And furniture~

furniture projects of 2013reviving some curbies, an old camp chair, rattan chair makeovers, a thrift store dresser and bed re-furbished, the farm table, the outdoor china hutch, a 2nd Craig’s List dresser re-do, a decoupaged dresser, a bit more decoupage, re-working a curbie, Grandpa’s rockers, the antq mall armoire,

And of course–charity projects.

charity projects -2013

2 Hall Trees for 2 charities, The Habitat for Humanities Hall Tree and children’s cubbyAnd one more currently in the works for mom’s neighbor who is battling breast cancer, but I haven’t posted on any of it yet.

It felt like I was so busy all year, but it’s only 50’ish projects!

I did leave out a handful or so because I abandoned them (-didn’t like how they were taking shape, but I’ll come back to them…).  There were also many “other projects” that occurred throughout the year not listed above…

like TRAVEL and meeting some of my FAVorite bloggers!

Which you can neVer do enough of!


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I tried so hard to get a good REVEAL picture for you to see my contributions to the Habitat for Humanities and the ReStores’ HARD HATS & HEELS auction—

but the chA-os of my jam-packed work studio was not working for any “pretty” pictures.  Okay~although I wasn’t pushing for those BEAUTIFIED, IN PLACE, STYLIZED shots, I still just couldn’t show the dreaded chaos that abounds for the moment.

And you know it’s even tougher when mirrors are involved—you have to think about the background AnD their reflection~yikes!

Now that my Hall Tree & kid’s cubbie are boTH delivered, and their chaos is much less than mine—at LaST I can show you their outcome!  ; D

Hard Hats and Heels--Hall Tree

Hard Hats and Heels--Hall Tree

a cubbie for the kiddos!

Hard Hats and Heels--kid's cubbie-001

And there they are!

Their request was very flattering, I’m happy with the outcome of both, and sure hope they fetch a pretty price for this worthy cause!


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Hard Hats & Heels--the hall treeI finished up the last details of the Hall Tree (door)

this morning to take to the ReStore for their upcoming

Habitat for Humanities Auction~Hard Hats & Heels.

It’s such a good cause and I’m happy to build a contribution for them, and incredibly flattered that they sought me out to ask!

: )


one of my "patterns"I decided kind of last minute–

“hmmm~why not make a kid’s cubbie as a companion piece!?!”  

–so it’s been a veRY busy day!

I grabbed a “pattern” to cut out a pair of sides, and routered a beveled edge on both interior sides.

routering a beveled edge--










Next, I cut the bottom-top-and seat, and put the carcass together.  Then added some base and coved-crown moldings, and finally, made some decisions about the decorative details before quitting for the night~whew!

Hard Hats and Heels--kid's cubbie

Okay~had a little accident along the way (Oooops).

O-w--I-E!While I was nailing that small-scaled coved-crown, it would seem I hit a crossing nail.

And it ricocheted out.

And through my hand.

O-w–I-E!  Hurt like the dickens and took my breath away for a minute. Well~stuff happens.

the 1st  O-w--I-E!-


Unfortunately it happened once before.

Through and through both fingers~yeeee.

Again~stuff happens~ooops.

Have a SAFE DAY everyone!


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Thought I’d share some progress with you…

…need to secure the seat in the morning and add some leveling feet, otherwise~fini!


progress on the Hall Tree~

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ReStoreIn late August, on a run through my FAVorite ReStore (and I’ve been through mANy)–the store manager grabbed me to say, “Don’t leave without seeing me.”  Uh~I promise, I didn’t do it!

The ReStore and Habitat for Humanity are holding their 3rd Annual Hard Hats and Heels Banquet November 15–would I be willing to make another “hall tree” like the one I made and donated for their Earth Day Celebration…?


working on the door/hall treeSo yesterday I made the trip up to the ReStore to pick up the door their manager and I picked out to use.  I also ran through to see if there were any other donations I could use in construction–but unfortunately, no.  We loaded the door and my other purchases and I headed home.

I finally got started around noon today~beginning with cutting it down from its 36″ to 33″.  I had two objectives in mind: I hoped to reduce some weight from this inCREDibly heavy door, and I thought it might be easier to make room for something 33″ wide.

Then I re-contoured the bottom to create “legs”…

…and I pulled another paneled door (I had in reserve for a different project) to make the box -or- seat.  The door had 5 panels, I cut off 2– one for the front and the other cut in half for the sides.  I used some cut-off bed posts for the front feet.

*I added a small bead detail at the top and bottom of the box with the router~although you can’t see it in any of these pictures yet.

creating the "box"While I was working on a few of the details to the box, I was simultaneously working on the “mirrors.”  These fabulous beveled windows were one of the main reasons I was pushing for this door selection!

You can see the “mirrors” coming to life in the collage below, and the last shot of the two parts propped together so I could get a feeling for how things were going so far~at the end of day.  Tomorrow I’ll add the crown molding, tweak a few things here and there, and get painting.  And I hope to get crackin’ on the flip lid too!


silvering the glass-

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

. It seems like EVery plan I’ve made since May has been foiled by sOMEthing all summer!

So, I just try to roll with the punches.


While I was gone to Haven last month, mANy things sold out of my antq mall space–a gOOd problem to have ~but.

It’s left me busy working on projects for the store AnD I promised to do the Kane Co flea market for the 1st time in two years, so I needed stuff for thAT too!

~and don’t forget the storm damage we’re stILL dealing with.

At last I have sOMe things to share ~just not everything I’ve been working on.  I was too hurried to take pictures of everything, sorry.

I’ll start with this simple chalk board!

the chalkboardI found a cabinet door at the ReStore with a nice arched top and applique!  I ran it through the table saw to remove the outer door “frame,”

sanded everything, painted it with chalk board paint, decoupaged the styles and rails, and framed the door with leftover bullnose-

-which I painted with a gold leafing paint, and hit some oTHer edges while I was at it!

And I sold it at Kane Co to the loveliest woman!


And btw— I’m in the Spot Light at The Power of Paint Party!

the chalk board--

the chalk board--

Kane Co flea market

I’m sharing this project with these FABulous linky parties!


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