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The old record cabinet.

I bought this in Atlanta in 2009

~while visiting my cousin, JeanAnn.  I think she’s suspicious of just WHO I am coming to visit since I’m always running off to go shopping while I’m there.

the old record cabinet

My plan was to convert it into a little girl’s armoire.  I was going to shorten the legs some and add an architectural crown at the top.  But–I had so many children’s cabinets to be sold–I back-burnered it.  However, I did not mean to abandon the poor thing all together.

It’s been so long, I may have had a change of heart regarding its new design.    At 37h  x  15½d  x  18½w . . . .

How about a small space night stand–??  Too tall?  A side table?  Drop a sink in it to go in a very small half bath?  I could keep going here you know…!

One change I intended is still happening—I’m cutting out the center door section!

After adding back some missing appliques and deciding on the thickness of the “sides,” I used a piece of wood as a measuring and marking guide–then free-handed, or, eased those finished lines with a sharpie marker so it was easy to follow with the jig saw.

altering the old record cabinetcuuting out the center door section--Did that just freak you out?

I drilled pilot holes at each of the corners -and a few extra places- to poke the blade through to cut out the center.  I did a pretty accurate job with the jig saw (it’s a curved door), but I still eased the edges really carefully -and again- free-hand at the router table with a dado bit.  Lastly, I switched to a ¼” round over bit and finished with a little sanding.

after the cut-out---

the door with its cut-outthe parts primed and laid out---This is where I left off last night… everything sanded and primed, except the top is stripped (for now).

Here are all the parts laid back out.  The poor little cabinet was so loose-y goose-y and super rough, I thought it would be easier just to take it completely apart.  I know~looks like crap right now, just gimme a minute….

more tomorrow. . .


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. . .lucky day---after all!Yesterday morning~I was sort of pouting over missing out on the cOOlest $25 craig’s list dresser.  I responded as quick as they posted it and still wasn’t fast enough.  : (

BUT–by afternoon my luck was sort of changing.  I stumbled onto these two cabinets–!

(both that you can sort of see)

However, I really did need to consider before pulling the trigger—and then couldn’t get back before they closed–yikes!  I headed back first thing this morning to discover that not only were they still there (whew!) they both had been reduced in price overnight!  I saved $22 by waiting a few hours.  Well that certainly made up for CL!

One is being worked over immediately,

the other is being stripped in prep for a total re-build!






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WoW! Does this look like MY cabinet!Someone brought this to my attention last week, and -yes- it really caught me by surprise!

…look familiar to you too?

She sent me this link to an online store called Belle Escape.  I literally blinked a whole bunch of times and just stared.

Uh–especially at their price!   $1895.oo   Yowza!

WoW! Does this look like MY cabinet!


My 1st place project in the OMTWI contest!-

Here’s the one I built once again (for my mom) in a competition 2+ yrs ago!

You can follow the progress of building and finishing it

by the links below.

Beginning HERE,

then HERE,

and HERE!

*My mom is thinking about selling if she can get THAT price too!  ; D








See you tomorrow

with a new project!



My 1st place project in the OMTWI contest!uh--WoW!

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I’m not entirely sure what these photo-things are called—

a Photo Carousel-?

new use for a Photo Carousel

I just know that I had a different idea for using it!

Something about this made me think about a restaurant—I don’t know, maybe I was just hungry.  Anyway. . . . .

I love reading a good dinner menu describing what you’ll be served!  When an old boyfriend commented how he loved my descriptions when he asked what we were having,

I decided to use this gift for something other than re-gifting(sorry, to whoever gave it to me)

I’ve been s l o w l y unpacking and sorting through my long-packed and stored boxes, and having fun rediscovering forgotten items.  Like this one!

new use for a Photo Carousel

new use for a Photo Carousel

new use for a Photo Carousel

I also like this for when

I’m stuck and don’t know what to make

“. . .what do I feel like. . . .”

Obviously, I didn’t finish filling it upso I can still have some fun with this!  Hmmm, maybe I should put a picture of the meal on the facing side-?  But that means I can only feature/show 6 menus at a time.  Maybe I should load it with 12 menus and close my eyes to picture it in my imagination?!?    ; D

I think I’m hungry for Catfish now, and that Margarita. . . .


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--changing things up!but believe me,

it has been so busy around here and I’ve been working on all kinds of miscellaneous things that would no doubt bore you to death

except for this project!


I’ve decided to change up the furniture in my mom’s LL to give things a fresh new look!

Beginning with a switch-a-roo of the rattan set I gave her as we renovated the house.

The sofa, settee, cocktail table, and side table just went to storage—until further notice, and they may be going up for sale.  The sofa table went there a while ago and the fern chest has gone to the antique mall for sale.

The LL--post Christmas '12

the Great Aunties' old table--

Here’s the new plan—

The table in the “corner” (with the lamp) came from our late Great Aunties.  Mom has these vivid childhood memories of it always being paired with a chair in a very large dressing closet—so she won’t part with it–no matter what!

*I think I may have given her an anxiety attack with this particular project because,

I decided to


to make it the new coffee table!

A simple project!  15-20 minutes et, voilà!

--a QUICK change!

I determined a height for the “new” table and found the most natural spot in the turned legs to make my cut!  What could be easier?!

I think it looks very natural and LUV IT!  And thankfully–so does mom!

You can also see Grandpa’s  rockers  never sold so we’re keeping them! (not upset about that at all!)  I brought the one rocker I was keeping all along and will do some additional work on it, plus, I pulled my caned sofa from storage and am changing out the lighting!

The cut-off legs will eventually be re-purposed into another project and many more changes to this space are afoot—stay tuned!


--the table cut down

Yes!  Everything is in CHA-A-A-OS!  (…sigh…)

--the new vignette is taking shape!

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Lily's rocker---Okay—they’re not finished.

:’ (

The chairs are only  ²/3 and ¹/3 complete.

Y E S–it was truly an ambitious timeline.

*Our little birthday girl is sitting in the chair 2-parts done.


was my plan…

1. The fabric store didn’t have enough of my chosen fabric so I decided to mix in part of a  Matelasse  coverlet  to fill the deficit.

2. Uh, yeah~what little girl doesn’t LUV tulle and ruffles so….I’m adding a ruffled skirt!

3. To customize the chairs for each of my little luv-bugs I’d like to add a silhouette -or cameo- of the girls!

SO—both chairs are  1. upholstered with the mix of red-and-magnolias and Matelasse, and one even has its ruffled tulle skirt.

Later this week I’ll run back up to their house to add the skirt to the other chair and apply their cameos!  I’ll share the final pictures then!

progress on the rockers---


-Until then, here are “working” pictures of my project!

-albeit incomplete-





*Sorry if it’s a bit heavy on pictures, but it’s the best way to see all those sweet details!


progress on the rockers---

progress on the rockers---and the ruffles!

progress on the rockers---almost finished!

progress on the rockers---the sweet details!

progress on the rockers---

And finally—this last picture is to give you an idea of the CAMEO of each little girl I want to add to customize their chairs!

the "cameo" I'll add to each of the girl's chairs!



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driving cross country--First. . . .I’m sooooooooooo sick of packing-unpacking-repacking and loading and unloading trucks and driving a “lame” truck cross country.  I’m hoping that will be the last for at least a little while—pretty please-!

choosing hardware--Now on to something FUN!

My cottage-y closet doors!

They’re essentially finished, except for some details to make them function even more!

I thought I was going to use an actual screen door handle but opted for this flea market pair instead!

before and during---

the details---And this is how beautifully (I think) they came out!

I love them–and think they are the perfect touch to this gazebo-styled bedroom


a better view of the lace drapes---

~The colors are very soft, but I’ve yet to catch a sunny day to picture anything with any color accuracy—  : \

The colors are Ben Moore’s Wickam Gray and Alabaster White.


The lace drapes are thrift store-found, I loved the loose-to-heavy patterning!

details of the closet doors--Cottage-y closet doors for the gazebo-like guest bedroom!

I’m sharing my cottage-y closet doors with a few of my favorite linky parties!

Furniture Feature FridaysPhotobucketSavvy Southern Style

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