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working on the mechanical room--Every muscle in me aches–and I’m sure I must look like a very old woman moving around -BUT-

the floor is finished,

there’s one wall still in need of a little repair, otherwise, all has been freshly painted, and–

during all the work we discovered a few compromised areas around the windows and sill plate/foundation walls and made those repairs too…yep,

it’s a domino effect, right?

We added the 3rd wall of adjustable shelving -you can see above- so we’ll make better ORDER of all the chaos!


the mechanical room makeover--I also discovered a cheap deal on 12×12 press and stick tiles– the white were 49¢ and the blue-gray 29¢ each.

*Wish they had more of the blue-gray for the checkerboard effect…sigh

But since they really DON’T stick

-and I STILL had glue left from laying the Mannington floors in other parts of the house-

I decided to glue the tiles down so they would truly stick.  It’s all that crawling around and up&down to make cuts that’s got me aching so badly.  Seriously, oh my aching muscles & knees!

the mechanical room makeover---
*Commercial grade glue~ this was the smallest quantity I could buy, $150 for that bucket you see below.  It has laid more flooring than I can tell and there’s still 1/3 left.
So, I’m telling you this because– if I’d hired this job out, they would’ve charged me (probably $150) for “materials used,” like this glue.   How many times/jobs do you suppose they would’ve  -REcharged-  that same glue bucket before it was finally used up??  A little food for thought, huh?

DIY rocks!

laying a floor in the mechanical room--
-These were close out tiles so I bought all they had left of the “prettiest” pick. Choosing white gave me great pause but, next to the other selections

I discovered a few benefits in these cheapies–

Because they were “low end” and kind of thin I could cut them with a scissors and the cutting board!

The combination of white walls, white shelving, and the white tiles has seriously brightened up this dark, dungeon-y room!

This project took 158 tiles and only cost $69 + tax!  But no longer living directly on concrete—priceless!

We still have a little work to finish up as well as the dreaded

sorting~cleaning out~putting away,

but it’s truly BETTER, a 180° project!


You can forget about that call to “Burried Alive” now!

the mechanical room makeover--

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I’ve learned through the years to keep an open mind for sake of

surprises & happy accidents!


the sketch and idea of what I wanted--I traveled home to Phoenix. I emptied my storage unit and drove a big truck with the balance of my stUff back to my mother’s—until I figure out my next move.

But now I have stUff all over the place & it needs to be put away somehow-somewhere. And since we all know that necessity is the mother of all invention. . . . I sat quietly thinking about and sketching out a solution.

the best laid plans---I had a plan~but then I stumbled onto this 90¢ thrift store cabinet and those plans took a slightly-left turn.


just roll with it--






So I made some design changes and got to work!

RE-inventing the 90-cent thrift store cabinet

And I really love it!

the road to re-INVENTION!

the road to re-INVENTION!

Looking back, the pictures in the original stain don’t look too bad—hUh.  Anyway, until I’m back in my own home again the finishes work well in mom’s LL and I have access to my beloved dishes!

But as MUCH as it holds—all my dishes are nOt put away, so I need to think about MORE storage solutions.  Dear Lord–

The right door was originally broken (I’m sure the reason it was so cheap).  I re-glued and clamped it but it’s going to need more attention–AND the old DEmountable hinge seems to be sprung, thankfully I can still order a replacement!  I haven’t seen these in forever and didn’t know they were still made, so, whew!  GooD hinges are a BiG deal~I know this from my years designing expensive kitchens!

*The benefit to this DEmountable hinge is that you can adjust or remove a door from just ONE SCREW per hinge!  However, Euro and Mepla hinges are actually nicer (nothing visible from the outside) and give more range of adjustment and removal.  If you have a newer kitchen w/better cabinets you’ve probably got one of these styles!  Enough with the geeky cabinet info!

Just some of my china obsession!Yes–another of my obsessions!  I love to create a beautiful place setting and am so excited to see my pretty dishes again!  I’ll have to share some of it soon—Lenox, Waterford, Mikasa, Noritake, Spode, Charter Club, Calvin Klein, and a big stack of actual Italian chargers!!!  Virtually everything I’ve collected easily mixes and matches so I really get to play with it all!

~I need to figure out where all my stone ware is going to go next—yikies!

~Early this morning I headed downstairs to look at my project again and this was the morning light coming into the lower-level (basement).

~The last pictures are something I just found on pintrest and a collage showing the concept to completion of my project!


filling my dish hutch--

Uh-Oh!  More that needs to be put away--

my dish hutch in the morning light--

 a dish hutch I just found on pintrest!I’m sharing this project with just a few of my favorite linky parties!


Furniture Feature FridaysSavvy Southern Style






my Dish Hutch--beginning to end!

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working on the doors--My ears won’t pop,

my head is about to explode from all the coughing,

my nose doesn’t stop running, this at the end of the flu? So unfair–but,

it is sO gOOd to BE OUTside and working on a project again!!!


After sanding both doors, I got started waxing them with liming wax for a sort of “white washed” look!

I also made some decisions about the “interior.”  I would have loved to play with some gray or blue and old white combo, but giving consideration to where this will go and what it will be around, AND the china it will hold, I stayed with the tones of “wood, liming wax, chocolate.”  So, essentially—browns.  ; D

Instead of JUST PAINTING the interior walls and shelves, I splashed on some initial paint but spread it out and around with a Venetian plaster spatula.

Here’s why1. Using a V-p spatula pushes the paint into the wood’s grain and crevices, it reduces how much paint/pigment is left on the surface making a semi translucent finish (with more color than stain).  2. The V-p spatula leaves a silky-smooth finish without any sanding!  3. Such a thin amount of paint dries almost immediately–YaY.  *I did decide to lightly sand for some distressing.

applying paint w/a Venetian plaster spatula

covering the plywood edges--The interior walls and shelves were done so fast–I got to move right on to adding the edge banding—it was nEVer going to look properly finished looking at plywood edges!

I bought ¾” pre-glued Red Oak veneer edge banding, $2.69 for 8ft.  I had about 6″ left at the end (whew).

You iron it on (melting the glue) but I had all those curves so I also used a heat gun ~and a towel to hold it in place until it set ’cause it’s hOt!  Then I sanded the surface and edges for a nice finish, and it looks FABulous!

I reapplied the original backboard but then overlaid it with tongue & groove planks on the horizontal.

Today–I have just a few details to be finished and I’ll get to bring it in the house and

load it up!

adding horizontal planks--Yeah, sorry I’m being a little slick with the black & whites, but I’d rather show you the finishes when it’s



almost finished--

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the old record cabinetThe old record cabinet may be finished~but it  still  seems to have no clear identity.

Sure, all the slots are gone that made it a record cabinet, but it is just a bit too tall at 37″ to be a good side table or night stand (even with a high bed).

Well, it’s going to the antique mall for sale–and someone else can figure it out!

   ~  ~  ~

I cut shelves to slide into those slots.  If you look closely you’ll see the slots are DADO’s and the ends/sides of the shelves are RABBETs!

I finished painting, and after lightly distressing the outside to reveal a bit of the undercoat of white primer–I LIKED IT–so I left well enough alone and just waxed it.

The final touch was covering the door’s cut out with 3/8″ chicken wire.  Tomorrow I’ll apply trim to clean it up.  *I wanted to router a rabbet to sink the wire but the curved door would require a trim router–which I don’t have~yet.

Wait till you see my newest project–I’m cutting things up again!

See you tomorrow-


the old record cabinet--making the shelves

the old record cabinet--adding chicken wire

the old record cabinet--the refinished top

the old record cabinet

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Well, it still has no clear identity, but you see I’m plugging away with paint and putting it back together.

And this is it’s current state.

the old record cabinet---inspirational--

To do:

~I’m pretty sure I’ll add 3/8″ chicken wire to the door’s cut out, so I’ll use my hand router to create a rabbet and counter sink the application.

~I need to get crackin’ on an adjustable shelf  (or 2) for the interior.  I’d like to take advantage of the slots from the former the old record cabinet--thus fardividers…….

~Paint the backboard and actually apply properly.

~Still not keen on the finish–guess I’ll be playing with that too…..but I do like the Tiffany-blue interior!

Sooo~ back to work. Even in an impending thunderstorm…?


Under construction!








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the old farm chair--I found this on a curb last year, and stuck it up in the garage attic. . .

. . .Until Further Notice.

[We] all know and understand the dreaded “Until Further Notice” piles, -to layman it’s just a hoarder thing- but Wendy told me at Haven, it’s “…a garage full of GOOD IDEAS.”

Since I’m working on things for tomorrow’s Trunk Sale AND to refill my antique mall-space, this got pulled from the GOOD IDEAS pile for a quick makeover.  ; D


fixing the damaged seatWhat I thought was just a de-laminating veneered seat turned out to be deeper damage, so this project became more than just -a quick paint job-.

With the chair laying face down, I drizzled some amber Gorilla Glue into the splits and cracks and clamped it up for the night.  Knowing it still wasn’t going to look “pretty” painted up I decided to upholster the seat.

I pulled some grain sack cloth and burlap -and both looked gOOd- BUT. . .and this might sound cheap, BUT. . .

Knowing the chair won’t fetch much money, I don’t want to surrender my cool grain sack cloth to it.

Yes, I cheaped out—but you know what?

I really like it!

Simple-clean-nice!  Just needs a tiny touch up & trim. . . . . . . . . Wish I had more to go around the farm table I’m also taking. . . .


the curbie farm table chair--

my curbie farm table chairI’m sharing this project with one of my favorite linky parties!


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. . .lucky day---after all!I do really love this cabinet.  Especially its curved & bowed doors and its glass -but-

it’s SMALL.

6ft tall and a mere  ……20″ wide.

Yes, very impractical,

but let’s see….


First–I stripped the doors, and then the face frame~which was the only other actual wood.  The rest is all composite~plastics and “wood.”

Next, I had to figure out a paint scheme for the balance since it’ll be living in mom’s LL for a while.  But I’m planning to load it with as much china as it will hold so the colors need to look good with all that too.

Thankfully, my china tends to be mostly in varying shades of whites with golds and platinum detailing.  I love to mix & match china for different looks!

working on the small china cabinet

Boy oh boypaint colors.

I didn’t want a shabby chic look,

and although I love old whites and pale grays, I knew my china would not only “blend in,” but the cabinet wouldn’t go well in the room.

I didn’t want another “black” piece so close to the dark-stained sofa or the off-black island, or a green “like” the kitchenette base cabinets…..

I was only half tempted to veneer the outer sides for more options, but –another stained piece–???

I finally decided on a “peanut buttery” color of paint I had on hand for the interior and to play with a faux paneled side idea.

I dry painted and smudged a white on the sides for a mottled “base” effect and gave it 24hrs to dry.

While that set up I played with a change of hardware to capture something more simple Euro-looking.

working on the new china cabinet--Day 2 I taped off and painted the paneled sections

I used 2″ tape to create a consistent measuring guide while taping off and an exact-o-knife for clean up…

Unfortunately, it has been incredibly humid while working on this project and I honestly think it’s responsible for the “fail” you see on the one side.  So before I can do the finishing touch of some detailed hand-painting, I have repair work to do.   :  \

painting the faux paneled sides--

I’ll leave you at this point  -for the moment-

with another design change.

another design change--

I’m having the hardest time getting any decent pictures to show you anything more because of lighting….we’re in storms now so I hustled the piece inside and to the LL for the remainder of work.

Subterranean lighting is always difficult -but add in stormy skies….

So till tomorrow,


I’m sharing my project with these few linky parties!

Savvy Southern StyleVisit My 1929 Charmer Blog!

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