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the LIBRARY wicker tableI still love this table -but- we don’t need it anymore.

I thought painting it white might help it look more attractive to get re-sold (fingers crossed).  And I think it actually looks really pretty!

*It got the boot in a crazy furniture shuffle, poor thingMom’s old vanity went in the alcove-

-the vanity it replaced went to the Mstr Br-

-displacing a table that went to the library-

-which left this table out in the cold.

the LIBRARY wicker table

This is no antique, not even vintage—it’s just OLD!  But it’s cool and I can’t find another spot for it. : (   So it’s out.  Again–I thought it might help it get sold quicker with a paint job–

the power of a paint job!

the LIBRARY wicker table--painted!I’m torn—

I love how the white brought out its details,


I think the top looked WAY cooler brown….


the LIBRARY wicker table--for sale

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just call me HONEY

~I~ am the “honey” of my list…..sigh…..

I’ve been super busy working over a

never-ending list of

never-ending projects.

the front door---before and afterI love my oil-painted doors!

And two of the entrance doors have needed attention forEVER so I finally-


A pain-in-the-behind project because it’s better to take the doors off painting with oil--the hinges, the hardware off the doors, and lay them flat on saw horses to paint.  And then put them back.  *The sun stole all the shine from the West-facing front door.  : (

I  L U V  the mirror-like glossy finish of oil paint and the durability!  Like–I last painted the doors about 10 years ago-durability!

The Back door, for some reason, chipped in places–??

I have no idea why, but as I began to chip it off it started—peeling–??  Maybe because it was so warmed up by the sun-??  So I recruited help to peel it ALL off effecting a DO-OVER!  We took it right back to the primer.

Again–this door was last painted about 8yrs ago.

--the Back door

Now all RE-painted and looking fAb!  But I need to get the hardware back on (I want to give it extra drying time first).


repainting the back door---oil paint

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--see all the color "trys" on the wall?At LaST!

I literally mixed a little of this and a little of that to find it!

-I should NaMe IT!

-I added a lot of shadow to this picture to make it easier to see this area of “trys!”  There’s lots of “trys” on other walls too!  (or should I say misses!)


I wanted a watery blue with a tinge of green in it.

Sort of  “aqua.”

The color I had was somewhere in between, and although I liked it—it was just too perky and needed to be toned down.

the right color---at last!--the right color!

–it’s just about as hard to capture the true color in these pictures to show you

as finding the right color-shade-value!  Arrrghhh!

Many updates to share with you—


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the upstairs hall project--Today…..

upstairs hall---

finishing the upstairs hall mill work

finishing the upstairs hall mill work

So~you can see the rest of the board & batten is complete now.  If you remember, I installed board and batten to both stairwells at the time of construction/renovations to mom’s house (6yrs ago already) -and just decided to wrap it into the upstairs hall project for unity and design flow.

Board & Batten is such a classic that has truly proven to be What’s Old is New Again!”  And very popular in blog-land!

Today, I caulk, putty, sand, and paint.  And try again to get that elusive watery blue color “right.”  I’ve actually recruited some help so I can ALSO

work on the linen closet that you’ve had a glimpse of.  I’ve completely gutted it for a do-over of it’s organizational storage.  The vacuum needs to be put away too, y’know!

the upstairs hall linen closet---


Btw—hope you’re not superstitious on this

Friday the 13th~with a Full Moon…..

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This story begins in 1941 when my mom’s family farm house burned down.

mom's old vanityNeeding furniture, Grandma bought this dresser/vanity 2nd hand for mom (then 7 or 8) from a neighbor for $5.

Now bear in mind that my mom loves antiques and vintage furniture~ but she has nEVer liked this piece.

HATES itto be more clear.  Couldn’t believe I would want it as we emptied Grandma’s house for sale (to a cousin).  *She thinks it’s haunting her and she can’t shake it loose.

I was going to put it in HER room at my house in Chandler until hearing her mANy complaints.  It went in the 3rd bedroom instead.  This was all in 2002.

The picture above was at the time of packing to leave Arizona—I can’t seem to find any pictures from before I painted it gold.  The caned bench is not original, it was another something Grandma found back in ’41.

In emptying  my  storage  unit  just recently,

I was thinking it would become another piece I’d let go of.

mom's old vanity--It was off-loaded from the truck and jammed in the garage with SO MANY other projects.  My plate was full and I couldn’t give it my absoLUTE focus, so I worked on it a little here~a little there.  As the project began to take shape, I noticed mom actually starting to give it some POSITIVE attention.  Huh-??

Mom's old vanity---finished!Little by little,

plugging away with each chance I found,

it is at last finished, and


So do I.  And that made it harder to let it go.

We shifted some furniture around upstairs and installed it in the alcove.  It’s a keeper!

I used the same Wickham Gray and Alabaster White from My Great Aunties’ Dresser.

I let a little of the gold pop through and changed the hardware.

And oh, dear Lord~ did we have some fun getting it up the stairs.  Oy.

Here it is in the alcove….

mom's old vanity---re-finished!I’m not going to use the caned bench with it, but rather the chair I found at the Elkhorn flea market last season and recovered the seat to go with the new shelving-bench (in February).

details of mom's old vanity refinished

The old vanity refinished!

The old vanity refinished!

Yes, yes, I stiLL have work to do upstairs….

the weather finally got nice~

I was beckoned outside!  ; D


I’m sharing this project with a few favorite linky parties!

Furniture Feature FridaysPhotobucket

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the kid's rockerMy bf found this little project in a thrift store, but having no time to work on it—it was headed to the curbbut went to my car instead, and I’m just getting around to it myself.

It’s from The Bombay Co.  Remember them?!?

Looks like it had arms originally, so I need to putty some holes.  And it’s WoBBLY in just about EVery direction, so I have a lot of gluing and clamping to do too.  You can also see that the front rocker treads were cut down, so I’ll reshape/sand it down a bit more.


1-I taped off this edge before gluing so it wouldn’t drain out all over the place…

2-I pried the two pieces apart just a little extra from the under side, shot the glue in and clamped it up for the night.

3 & 4-You can see the good job the tape did for me~you know Gorilla Glue is m-e-S S-y.

fixing the kid's rocker

I needed to glue and clamp it up in 5 different directions.

fixing the kid's rockerWhile the chair set up, I moved on to creating an upholstered seat using a shirt-sleeve left over from some other project.

05-2829-14 -fixing the kid's rocker-002I dry-brushed multiple layers of two different grays to achieve a  streak-y’ish  worn finish.

I really just didn’t want the standard solid color or painted~distressed look.

the finish of the kid's rocker

the kid's rocker finishedI have a 6yr old great nephew who really wants this rocker—he spied it from deep in the middle of all the chaos of my work studio, and looks for it each time he comes over. ♥♥♥



So—an update with a little sass.  Forgive me.

The “hillbillies” next door continue their “awful neighbor” antics.  Over the weekend they got out a chainsaw and cut down an entire loooong row of mature Arborvitaes and a very large, old lilac bush in FULL glory.  Yes~all those beautiful-aromatic blooms —went to the dump.

They have systematically removed EVERYthing now but two trees and the grass.  There are NO remaining obstacles left in their way to FULLY ENJOY EVERYONE ELSE’S HARD WORK AND LANDSCAPE.

I’m seriously thinking about planting at least one new bush—what do you think?  Yes–No?


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the Urn table--getting a little TLCWe found this urn at Sam’s Club around 2006 for a pretty decent price.  I knew from the very start I was going to make it into an Urn-Table!  It was the perfect size and height!

It’s fared pretty well through the years, only needing a bit of attention here and there.  But in 2011 I emptied the whole urn to clean it thoroughly—

sealing the inside of the urn

and SEALED THE INSIDE, using black Plasti-Dip.


Yes, this was a tough winter, but -WoW!- the urn looked rough!  So now I need to work on some fixes for its outside.

A little PLASTI- SURGERY of sorts!


Mom used a scrub brush and cleaned away all the loose surface stuff, then I used 2 cans of white Plasti-Dip and sprayed the heck out of the outside trying to seal it up from any further disintegration!

the urn painted with Plasti-Dip-









And then I PLAYED!

Have you ever “painted” with DIRT?

painting with dirt!Okay, first know that this is VERY messy!  So make sure you think about where you’re going to do this and lay out some tarp.  And make sure to have a GOOD/large amount of dirt/potting soil right there for this project.

Last time I started with a “sand” colored foundation and used an off-white top color—ending up with a lighter shade of “brown,” which you can see in the very top pictures.  I later dry brushed it just a bit darker.

"painting" the table urnTHIS TIME I decided to start with the white and use a beige…

add some DIRT to the process and you get some varied effects!

1-Work in (small’ish) sections, top to bottom, or, like ALL of the top edge…

2-Don’t worry about painting nice and neat, just get it on there.  It’s even better when it’s gloppy in some areas and thin in others.

3-WHILE THE PAINT IS WET, take a hand full of dirt and rub it/mix it into the paint.  I like to use a chip brush to smudge it in better to some of the crevices.  I’ll leave the pictures all large so you can better see what happens!

painting with DIRT!

painting with DIRT

This is the kind of mess you’ll end up with…

you can see some of the color variations already.

painting with DIRTpainting with DIRTThis is where I like to move to the grass.

When you move your piece it will be sort of dry, sort of tacky’ish.  You can also let it totally dry if you want to–the paint is just more pitted when the dirt does wash away.  I’ve done both, and it doesn’t matter too much–I’m usually just eager to keep things going.

I like to use a soft shower of water to hose down the “dirty” project!  And I like to use that chip brush here too as I’m cleaning away the dirt!  It gives me a chance to lighten some areas if I don’t quite like how it’s looking.

cleaning up after---

--manipulating some of the end finish----the end  result!You can see the many variations of color from just WHITE and BEIGE and how dirt can manipulate it!

I’ll probably smudge a little Pecan Gel Stain in areas for a little more color depth.  And, BTW–this technique looks really good using greens and yellows too!

I hope you’ll try this—it really is a lot of fUn!


the URN TABLE refinished

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There must be a pony in there somewhere!Did I scare you?

I have been busy.  To say the least.


And over the(very loooooong for me)Memorial Day weekend,

–still going on–
  1. help!I emptied the Page 10 workshop (aka *garage), took down the greenhouse and packed it away for the summer, then began to re-pack Page 10 (*garage) and prioritize the MANY projects awaiting my attention.
  2. I restored the deck for the summer–YaY!  But I have not been able to clean the winter dirt away yet–maybe today–??
  3. I’ve continued sorting through my things and lighten my load by  1. giving things to family and friends,  2. selling things in a garage sale,  3.  selling things on craigslist,  4. and a few things are going to the Antique Mall.
  4. I’ve made repairs to numerous things that are setting up–then I can work on finishes.
  5. Things are finally in a position to start replanting the green house flowers–again, YaY!

In the middle of all this chaos, I have at last come up with a creative plan for dealing with the tornado-damaged Box Elder tree that has to come down.  We’re incredibly sad over that fact.  Up to now it just seemed like there was no way around it—but I think you’ll find my idea ingenious when I reveal it!

 at the end of the day---Every day has been a back-breaker, but I did get to end a few of them like this….

I’ll get back to some cool projects here in a minute so I hope I haven’t bored you to death and you’ll come back.


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one of the Great Aunties' dressers--Tough decisions are ahead.

There’s just not room enough to hold on to everything.

Since I have many other things from my Great Aunties, I’ve decided to let this dresser go.  HOWEVER–I kept its fabulous beveled, oval mirror and offered up a free-standing mirrored, drawer ensemble as a replacement.

the orphaned auction mirror---I bought this mirror at a big furniture store auction, and intended to use it in the LL-bathroom during renovations of mom’s house—but that project went in a different direction and the piece became orphaned–again.

It actually married up to this dresser really well!

*Yes, yes–only -HALF-  dressed for the day and bed-head!  ~Just focus on the pretty mirror!

I had to hustle on this project (space and the weather) and didn’t get a picture of the mirror before painting(sorry)it was just a medium brown-stained piece that had a “Shaker” look and I always intended to paint away that “style.”

As for the GOLD the dresser was finished in—it looked really beautiful in my former Mstr-bedroom (wish I could find where my pictures are packed to show you)I painted the room a shade of taupe-y brown that is best described as a cup of coffee with lots of cream in it!

Since my Master bedroom was at the back of the house, east-facing, and over-looking the small lake I lived on, the saturated color was very peaceful and the gold dresser looked very rich!  BUT–I didn’t think a new buyer would necessarily understand or appreciate the gold, soooooo. . .


--talk about ReVitalized!

Here are some of the details—

I thought the dresser would look better with simple wooden knobs.

The paint is a very pale blue’ish GRAY and white–

-Ben Moore’s Wickam Gray and Alabaster White-

And now it’s off to the antique mall. . .


a pale blue'ish GRAY with white accents!Great Aunties' dresser--revitalized!I’m sharing this with a few of my favorite linky parties!

Savvy Southern StyleFurniture Feature FridaysPhotobucketPower of Paint






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I can’t wait to actually write a post and show you my project,
but I can’t right now….

I’ll explain tomorrow–promise!


Here’s a quick “peek”

to share at least a little~sorta’   ; D


a hint of the finish---

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