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I was totally having fun playing with the finish on the screen doors.  They were taking great shape and looking really –OLD.

But since I just could NOT get ONE picture to show you the actual texture and color—let me describe it.   (the pictures are not at all accurate…)

the 1st go-round. . . .

~I painted the door a foundation of color of BM’s Revere Pewter.

~Then I spray painted random shots of Leaf Green and used a chip brush to smudge it around.

~Next I just randomly painted soft white everywhere.  I painted normally, I dry brushed areas, and I painted really gloppy in others.

~Before the white was fully set up I grabbed the Leaf Green spray paint and again shot it in random areas—and smudged and pounced it into the white.  Some areas of green hitting white acted like oil and water–I left those alone.

~I used my random orbital sander with med-grit paper to start sanding the door while the paint was just “dry to the touch.”  The reason is because it RUINS the paint job—in a gOOd way!  It gums up areas, it knocks off areas all the way to the wood again—it just does some crazy-cool things!

~THEN I got out my semi dull razor blade and scraped the whole door.  This does two things to the finish.  Depending on the aggressiveness, it removes more paint in interesting ways, but more importantly, it totally smooths out the finish and burnishes it to a silky smooth touch!  *Below you can see some of the chatter marks and voids left by the razor blade.

~And then I went too far.  I dirtied them up w/some stain and med/dark wax.

Even though. . . .

some of the texture--

Plan B on the closet doors


The doors looked FABulous!

Just -NOT-

in the room.


On to Plan B.

More on that soon. . . .


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So you want to see more of that ceiling detail….

sleeping under a sunny sky…I wrote about it initially in this blog post!

Uhhhh, y e a h—I admit, I still haven’t finished it.

I liked my designs for the center scrolls and fleur de lis “finial” (not applied yet), but I just couldn’t get the outer scrolls right.  So I stepped away from it.

And I haven’t returned as yet.  Oooops.

C’est la vie!


Why the sky–??

Well—this is the guest bedroom I’ve claimed for my own while at my mother’s.

And—I really missed my Arizona skies….the clearest and most incredibly brilliant, turquoise-y blue skies that are impossible to forget!

So I’m “taking comfort” in a painted version!  Sure, I gave it wAy more clouds than you’d ever see in Phoenix, but it needed some layering—including those sparrows and barn swallows!

sleeping under a Sunny Sky!I found the four corner corbels at TJMaxx long-long ago and ripped the lattice on the table saw.

I tied a loose loop in string around the chandelier, stretched it out 4ft, and tied another loose loop around a pencil.  And then drew out the 8ft diameter circle.

I bought a PLASTIC version of detailed cove (usually used for exteriors) so I could trim out the circular shape—and then I painted away!

—inside the lines!—

It’s a nice way to wake every morning!


my “Panetière”Here’s another view of my desk and “Panetière.”

You can see the posts on the making of this HERE 




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...out wit the TRUNK...Yes,

I’m pretty happy to be finished with this cabinet project!

But more,

I’m happy to be able to put my work clothes away.

Where I can get to them with ease.

And I don’t have to LOOK at them folded in the laundry basket any more.

Sadly, the trunk (that goes with an armoire upstairs) is going to the antique mall for sale.

There’s nowhere else to use it in the house.

Moving onYaY…

This morning I suddenly decided I wanted to dry-brush the interior cabinet walls with the same bedroom wall color–and then I waxed the whole piece.  Including the top, even though I had already seal-coated it.

Here’s my outcome—

Craig's list bedroom cabinet-001

the Craig's list bonus cabinetNothing fancy, nothing extraordinary– –just simple changes to improve the overall look and new use.

Remember, it use to be an old stereo cabinet.  The right side was gutted of all the old mechanics, and needed to be rebuilt.  The back leg was broken off, and, there was water damage and trace amounts of mold.

the finished Craig's list bonus cabinet!I painted it white to go with the other cottage-y furniture in this garden-styled bedroom.

I added ½” half round picture frame molding.

I changed the hardware.

And I refinished the wood top—which looks FABulous with all the other furniture!

I’ll find time to adjust and play with the pictures on the wall later, but for now

it’s loaded &

I luv it!


All this for only $10

—and leftover materials from other projects!

the Craig's list bonus cabinet

the $10 bonus Craig's list cabinet!

I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!

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Craig's list bonus cabinet….I could just stay on ONE THING AT A TIME.

I hate this ricocheting around routine.  Does anything really get done that way?

I’ve got more things going on than I can keep track of lately.

All winter I was scraping by finding projects to work on  –nOw–

my cup runneth over!


I have some really cool and exciting things to work on for a while now!

Craig's list bonus cabinet


Barring any interruptions,  I should be finishing THIS project tomorrow and I’ll be able to finally put those grungy work clothes away!  wooo hooo!

WoW I can’t wait to put it in place and fill it up!


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Yep.  I’m STILL working on my Craig’s list bonus cabinet.

working on the CL bonus cabinetMy mother had a pretty big surgery on Monday, released from the hospital Tuesday (she’s up and down on the feeling better scale).  Heck, the whole week was just turned upside down by an array of things.

So I guess I   should be saying

“Look how far I am on my Craig’s list bonus cabinet!”

I sanded the top clean and used a clear Varathane sealer -but- I’m not sure if I like it yet.  Ehh–if I don’t, I can just paint it white with the rest of the cabinet.

the Craig's list bonus cabinet

puttying all the bad areas--I puttied ALL the bad areas besides the faux panel cut lines, let them set up for 24hrs, and have sanded everything SUPER smooth.

Oh!  Here’s a close up of the new glass handles!

the new handles--

You can see I’ve been priming the exterior of the cabinet.

So, I’m getting there….!


my CL bonus cabinet--getting re-worked!

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They’re finished and ready to go to the antique mall–YaY!

the newest finished Craig's list projects!I made a pair of matching pillows to go with this ’60′s setI sure hope they sell together….and they’ll want some pillows to coordinate!

 the '60's styling of the '60's bench!

The picture above shows you how the new undulating toe kick turned out for the bench.

I bought this fabric for a “little nieces-project” that ended up going in a different direction.  I’m so happy to still have it for this project and LOVE IT!

I have some construction Craig's list #3stuff to share with you too….tomorrow!


Remember where I started?

I’m sharing this project in a few of my favorite linky parties!

Furniture Feature FridaysPhotobucket

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Craig's list #3Worth traveling for.

Brought it back and immediately cut it in 2.

Started making repairs, and sanded and re-stained top of “new dresser.”

Made all necessary construction adjustments to the new forms.

(But one~to be made tomorrow.)

Painting.  Outside.

Almost 60° –shocking.

craig's list #3Craig's list #3

-out of the BOX!


Tomorrow, I pick up another of my Craig’s list finds!

An incredible, architectural table (to be re-purposed)!

And hopefully, that square-backed Louis chair!


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Yes, I have a full plate of priority projects -but-

make anything a chalkboard

when I saw this product recently,

I thought it was a really awesome idea-



-and I was eager to try it out!

I tested it on a thrift store over-sized pizza board I really didn’t want after all, deciding it might make an fun message board instead!

The board’s finish was a bit “fuzzy” so I gave it a thorough fine-sanding.

*When I’m using regular chalkboard paint I always give a very light sanding between coats to lessen the brush strokes  -to get the smoothest end finish.

the FAIL--That being said I brushed on a first coating of this product -per their instructions- all in one direction, waited an hour, and brushed on the second coat in the opposite direction, then let it cure for 24hrs.

Okay, NOT liking those brush strokes, I admit to lightly sanding the project before applying the 2nd coating–which did NOT go over well, peeling in a few areas.  So I tried to feather it out and I suppose I over-compensated for it with the 2nd application.  Again–I let it cure over night/24hrs and tried to soften the brush strokes with another light fine sanding–this time it peeled a little in other areas.

“Priming” the board with chalk seemed to exacerbate the issues, and, it actually scratched more of the finish.  To me, this was a project FAIL.  I darkened the picture above so you could better see some of the scratches, and the “blotch” below the 10″ was one of the areas it peeled.


my pizza board chalkboard-001I turned over the pizza board for a Do-Over and took a different approach.

This time I poured out a small amount and used a cloth to spread it around evenly.  This approach was so much more EVEN and SMOOTH and I applied 4 thinner coatings.  I still gave an hour between coats and 24hrs cure time.

It looked WAY better, and there were no problems when I primed/coated the board with chalk–YaY!

It was really nice writing, erasing, and re-writing on this side of the board!


I still think this product is an awesome idea  -but-  I also think it’s going to take some “practice makes perfect” to find the best application/outcome.

I love that you can now create a “non-colored” or “clear” chalkboard over an original wall color, door color, glass. . . fabric maybe–?

my pizza board chalkboard-002

Playtime over . . . . . . back to real work now!


DSC06512-On a BTW foot note–

that glimpse of blue stove you see is my mother’s 1954 GE slate blue stove.  The only one she’s ever had.  It too has traveled all over thanks to the Air Force!

The little chair (1900) sits beside the stove in memory of our beloved great aunties, just as it always sat beside theirs in the old farm house.

*The kitchen is the only room not renovated-


I hope!

; D

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my chalkboard globe-

I’m finished and totally LOVE

my chalkboard globe!


A wooden lamp base from one of last season’s flea markets. $3

A Meridian ring orphaned from another globe project.

A $3 thrift store globe.

A hot glue gun,

and some spray paint Chalkboard paint.

Finally, I ran off to the hardware store to buy a $2 double-threaded screw to join the globe’s meridian ring to my flea market lamp base–and a little 2-part epoxy for extra strength.

my chalkboard globeMade from misc. parts and a pretty good imagination!


my $3 thrift store globe-






-making my own tabletop globe









The end of the plastic–now a metal Meridian ring and wood!


my chalkboard globe and stand

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my $3 thrift store globe

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, but I kept finding really NICE globes–and I just couldn’t do this to a NICE globe.

Then I found a great candidate in this $3 thrift store globe (months ago).    But then I had nothing to give it a better base.

I forgot all about my $3 flea market lamp base!  Oooops!

Anything would be better than this cheap plastic base–right?

my $3 thrift store globe

I know it’s probably difficult to see what I’ve done, but—

I used a hot glue gun to OUTLINE

just certain parts of the globe.

The United States, Canada, places our family has lived, places I’ve lived, places where other parts of our family live.  Places we’ve traveled to and places I’d like to travel to!  -ooops…looks like I’ve left out some places.

I was just having a lotta fun!

And then I painted my outlined globe with chalkboard paint!

Now can you see it–?!

my $3 thrift store globe OUTLINED and CHALKBOARD PAINTED!There’s the new base that will be used above!  (no more plastic)

I need to make a few modifications to join the globe and wood lamp base together, and then I need to “prime” the chalkboard paint so the globe has some patina to it—

quick as I finish, I’ll share the finished picture!

I have numerous projects going on simultaneously so be patient with me, they’re almost finished!


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