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the upstairs hall linen closet--


Only the 2nd floor has wall-to-wall carpeting.

So only that floor needs a dedicated vacuum.

But—it needs a home to be properly put away.

There’s no way anyone EVer wants to give up their valuable closet space…

and there really is NO SPACE left to create something extra…

so the only logical thing to do is reconfigure the linen closet (and clean it out).


Again, here’s the linen closet before~and after I gutted it.

the upstairs linen closet--I decided on melamine for the shelving and to re-line the walls.

using melamine to re-configure and re-skin the linen closetMelamine seemed like the quickest, cleanest, smOOthest way to get the job done!  I DiD consider how wire shelving would allow more ventilation for some of the vERy old family quilts—but ultimately, I just don’t like the “marks” they leave on stored items.  Especially those delicate quilts!

The top two shelves are fixed, but there will be adjustable smaller shelves to the left of the vacuum.

I’m also intending to build shallow shelves and a “pocket” on the back wall of the vacuum section to hold cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner bags.  That will open up storage in the bathroom.

The closet doors.  I have plans.

Two plans actually—in case Plan A is too expensive.

the closet doors--Plan A is to have mirrors custom cut to fit exactly in the inset panels with a hole drilled for new knobs.  This would be great for the occasional time the alcove is used for company overflow.  I think the reflective quality will be nice in the narrow hall too.

Plan B -my back up- will be to cut out the inset, router a rabbet on the back side to create some kind of a “vented front.”

-I could rip wood for a lattice front,

-install vintage lace drapery,

-install a metal radiator-styled grating….

I could also leave the inset panels—and add a wallpapered front…??

The bottom line is—I have options!

But I’d like to start with the mirrors.  I’ll get a price tomorrow and make a judgement call….your thoughts, opinions, preferences?

btw–I’m saving the conversation of paint color for last—


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one of the Great Aunties' dressers--Tough decisions are ahead.

There’s just not room enough to hold on to everything.

Since I have many other things from my Great Aunties, I’ve decided to let this dresser go.  HOWEVER–I kept its fabulous beveled, oval mirror and offered up a free-standing mirrored, drawer ensemble as a replacement.

the orphaned auction mirror---I bought this mirror at a big furniture store auction, and intended to use it in the LL-bathroom during renovations of mom’s house—but that project went in a different direction and the piece became orphaned–again.

It actually married up to this dresser really well!

*Yes, yes–only -HALF-  dressed for the day and bed-head!  ~Just focus on the pretty mirror!

I had to hustle on this project (space and the weather) and didn’t get a picture of the mirror before painting(sorry)it was just a medium brown-stained piece that had a “Shaker” look and I always intended to paint away that “style.”

As for the GOLD the dresser was finished in—it looked really beautiful in my former Mstr-bedroom (wish I could find where my pictures are packed to show you)I painted the room a shade of taupe-y brown that is best described as a cup of coffee with lots of cream in it!

Since my Master bedroom was at the back of the house, east-facing, and over-looking the small lake I lived on, the saturated color was very peaceful and the gold dresser looked very rich!  BUT–I didn’t think a new buyer would necessarily understand or appreciate the gold, soooooo. . .


--talk about ReVitalized!

Here are some of the details—

I thought the dresser would look better with simple wooden knobs.

The paint is a very pale blue’ish GRAY and white–

-Ben Moore’s Wickam Gray and Alabaster White-

And now it’s off to the antique mall. . .


a pale blue'ish GRAY with white accents!Great Aunties' dresser--revitalized!I’m sharing this with a few of my favorite linky parties!

Savvy Southern StyleFurniture Feature FridaysPhotobucketPower of Paint






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Thankfully, I have a new stash of windows and glass-fronted cabinet doors to create some “new” mirrors~and they sell very well for me in the antique mall!

I was just plugging away on a new one…

…and GAIL  was asking me for a contribution to her recent post on great TIPS from fellow DIY bloggers-

Excellent tips in this list–should be a regular (monthly maybe?) posting in blogland!

-it never dawned on me this might be a helpful tip to pass on!

Tip #1 and Truly, SO easy and helpful!

How about this helpful tip!

Just drill long screws to the under side of whatever you’re about to paint to give it that much needed boost!

I’ve done this with chair legs, the legs under dressers, shelving, frames and mirrors, even doors!  No unstable blocks or props while you’re painting!  Just putty the holes when you’re finished if you want.

Tip #2.  I just learned this lesson (again).

Don’t Buy Cheap “Stuff.”  You Get. What. You Pay For.

I was too early to buy something I saw on Craig’s list.  To kill some time, I ventured down the road and saw a dollar store~what the heck, I said.  I was surprised to see some picture hanging stuff--and I was in need--bought it and headed back to that seller’s house—WHO NEVER SHOWED.

Cheap, crappy stuff broke with the smallest of pressure.  Imagine if I got as far as hanging my mirror on the wall!

CHEAP dollar store picture hanging stuff!Some things you just shouldn’t skimp on!

Lesson learned.


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putting 2013 behind us I’ve been reading a lot of “Year in Review” blog posts…a great look back at some really inspiring projects out there in blogland!

I started thinking about a couple of mine—and was surprised at how many of my own projects I’d forgotten all about!

antq mall display cabinet

So I thought it might be fun to

RE-share them with you too!

But I’m going to start with one from Nov 2012 and something I never thought I’d be doing…TAKING A SPACE IN AN ANTIQUE MALL.  What a surprise–that I did it, that it went so well as to expand in this year, and the many projects it propelled!  Like~ building this new display cabinet from odd parts and its outcome!


~found me constructing a dresser-hutch for my very 1st G-G-nephew Brody.
~Then I finished off another children’s cabinet for my cousin’s little baby girl Emma  before traveling to Atlanta to deliver it AnD take a little birthday getaway!  Woo-hoo!

year in review projects- 2013

In February~

I decided to make several changes in my mother’s master br as a surprise while she took a winter’s rest in Florida with a friend!  It started with a fire place

Mom's surprise!

During the year I worked on a variety of projects, big & small~

my lighting projects- 2013

  1. My vintage White Globe sconces
  2. Princes Aleigha’s lamp
  3. A thrift store lamp and an anaglyptic-covered shade
  4. A lace-y chandelier
  5. A vintage bed lamp re-fashioned

my chalk boards and mirror projects- 2013

  1. the Atlanta trip windows
  2. my auction mirror
  3. making a mirror from cabinet doors
  4. a decoupaged chalkboard
  5. two more decoupaged chalkboards

And there were lots of  miscellaneous projects….

misc projects of 2013

But you all know my very favorite thing is construction!

Hmmm, I guess I make a lot of benches   ; D

my bench projects- 2013

  1. The other half of the 1st Craig’s List dresser
  2. The neighbor’s curbie
  3. A quilted slip-covered curbie!
  4. The ReStore “bench”
  5. Saving history!
  6. The 2nd Craig’s List dresser
  7. The sewing cabinet bench
  8. The Christmas built-in banquette

And furniture~

furniture projects of 2013reviving some curbies, an old camp chair, rattan chair makeovers, a thrift store dresser and bed re-furbished, the farm table, the outdoor china hutch, a 2nd Craig’s List dresser re-do, a decoupaged dresser, a bit more decoupage, re-working a curbie, Grandpa’s rockers, the antq mall armoire,

And of course–charity projects.

charity projects -2013

2 Hall Trees for 2 charities, The Habitat for Humanities Hall Tree and children’s cubbyAnd one more currently in the works for mom’s neighbor who is battling breast cancer, but I haven’t posted on any of it yet.

It felt like I was so busy all year, but it’s only 50′ish projects!

I did leave out a handful or so because I abandoned them (-didn’t like how they were taking shape, but I’ll come back to them…).  There were also many “other projects” that occurred throughout the year not listed above…

like TRAVEL and meeting some of my FAVorite bloggers!

Which you can neVer do enough of!


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ReStoreIn late August, on a run through my FAVorite ReStore (and I’ve been through mANy)–the store manager grabbed me to say, “Don’t leave without seeing me.”  Uh~I promise, I didn’t do it!

The ReStore and Habitat for Humanity are holding their 3rd Annual Hard Hats and Heels Banquet November 15–would I be willing to make another “hall tree” like the one I made and donated for their Earth Day Celebration…?


working on the door/hall treeSo yesterday I made the trip up to the ReStore to pick up the door their manager and I picked out to use.  I also ran through to see if there were any other donations I could use in construction–but unfortunately, no.  We loaded the door and my other purchases and I headed home.

I finally got started around noon today~beginning with cutting it down from its 36″ to 33″.  I had two objectives in mind: I hoped to reduce some weight from this inCREDibly heavy door, and I thought it might be easier to make room for something 33″ wide.

Then I re-contoured the bottom to create “legs”…

…and I pulled another paneled door (I had in reserve for a different project) to make the box -or- seat.  The door had 5 panels, I cut off 2– one for the front and the other cut in half for the sides.  I used some cut-off bed posts for the front feet.

*I added a small bead detail at the top and bottom of the box with the router~although you can’t see it in any of these pictures yet.

creating the "box"While I was working on a few of the details to the box, I was simultaneously working on the “mirrors.”  These fabulous beveled windows were one of the main reasons I was pushing for this door selection!

You can see the “mirrors” coming to life in the collage below, and the last shot of the two parts propped together so I could get a feeling for how things were going so far~at the end of day.  Tomorrow I’ll add the crown molding, tweak a few things here and there, and get painting.  And I hope to get crackin’ on the flip lid too!


silvering the glass-

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While we continue working through our ~enORmous~ project,

Elkhorn -last show 2013(of inventorying my late Uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection)

I thought I’d go back a little to share some of the great treasures I saw at the last Elkhorn flea market for this season!

1st~It seemed to be a little later in the month than usual.  It was still “dark” as the market opened, AnD, it was foggy -WeiRD.  But once the sun was fully up and the fog burned off. . .WhaT a beaUtiful day!

I showed you my fun purchases, but here are some more things that had my attention!

Well–you know I loves me some furniture!  Uuuh–how I wish I could have bought that Victorian sofa!

as always—click on the pics to see them biGGer!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Do you recognize what these super CooL “mirrors” uSeD to be-?


ps–I hope to get back to my own “work” really soon~fingers crossed!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

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Making a mirror from 2 leaded glass cabinet doors.

It’s been sO crazy-busy, and I needed to hustle to get some stuff in my store space–so I don’t have many pics to share~sorry.  But, here’s the technique I used to create THIS mirror. . .

refilling my antq store space!

1st~I found a french script graphic that I liked from the Graphics Fairy -bUt- since I have nOt mastered the art of transferring, I figured out a different trick.  I printed the image in reverse on some plastic-wrapped paper—which acted like a stamp on the back side of the glass.

2nd~I misted some rubbing alcohol over the glass.  Before it could dry/evaporate, I began spraying the silvering paint—and alternated spritzing a little rubbing alcohol, and more silvering paint until I got the layered effect I liked.  *FYI~the rubbing alcohol distresses, and, acts a lot like an oxidizing agent with the silvering paint.

And then, just to mess it up a bit, I sprayed the smallest amount of gold gilding paint into a few areas—they react like oil and water, so it “curdled” giving odd “voids” to layer in more silvering paint.

Moving on to the cabinet door frames.  I ran the doors through the table saw to cut away the OBvious cabinet door profile, and cut the new center styles to equal the width of the outside styles.

Next, I ripped some wood to wrap and frame the two parts together as one, and added a flea market find to the top!  Then it was just a matter of painting and you can see the end result below, and how it looks hanging in my space for sale above!

~click on the pictures to see the effects much closer up!

making a mirror from 2 leaded glass cabinet doors---

Making some shelves from suitcases.

Okay–so you can see that I made some of Korrie’s suitcase shelves too!  (Apparently she got the idea from FLEA MARKET magazine!)  I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw her’s ’cause it’s just such a fabUlous idea!

I found the best way to cut the luggage was by using my OSCILLATING SAW.  It cuts through aLL kinds of mediums without much trouble, and is easy to use and control!

making the suitcase shelves!After I cut them up, I decided to keep the “bottoms” after all, and do something with them down the road!  MAYbe something as obvious as magazine holders~but mAYbe something mOre creative!  Stay tuned!

I ripped a plank of wood to “plug” the cut opening, but I also cut some contoured wood (and attached it to the plank) to support the now vulnerable interior of the suitcase.  I drilled KEYHOLES in the board to receive screws or nails in the wall for simple hanging.  OH–btw–I gave my shelves a little more depth at 8″ and 9″.

This sort of looks like a “travel” wall, huh?!  ; D

making the suitcase shelves!

Part 2 tomorrow.


I’m sharing my MIRROR project at this FABulous linky party!

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auction mirror~ $22.50. . .Y’ know that auction I’ve been talking about lately–?

Okay-so, 1st time I went, I got this mirror, and the tapestry below.

2nd time -last Thursday- I was outbid on EVerything but a bench by some antique store and consignment shop owners.

(insert bottom lip here)

*Well, I see in this week’s uploaded pictures ~there’s 1 nice dresser I’d like to try for, some cool silver, and tOOls!

So~ y’ think I’ll have even half a chance~?

the auction tapestry~ $5

the auction bench~ $35

Well  -the bench-  I’ve decided I will sell, but just as it is.

The tapestry–is anOTHer story!

I took it off the dowel it was affixed to, threw it in the washer—then cut it up.

Yes, I cut it up~to make 3 pillows.

the auction tapestry gets cut up!

I used a neutral damask for the back side, and goose-down pillow inserts!

I kept it totally simple, no frills, square pillows–I think there’s enough pattern already going on!  I used the sewing machine for three sides, and hand sewed a blind hem to close them up.

All while I listened/watched “Becoming  Jane,” about the life of Jane Austen.  I’ve already told you how I love listening to the vocabulary, dialog, and music  ~and the stories, of course~  while I’m sewing!

the tapestry cut into pillows

the back side of the tapestry pillows

closing the pillows with a blind hem~

While I was in the pillow-making mood, I cut up a couple more of those sweaters I’m always collecting!

I love using button up sweaters for how easy it is to insert a “pillow.”


sweaters made into pillows!

I’m sharing this project with these linky parties~

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Mod Vintage Life


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just 2 of my recent "finds!'1st, I confess–yesterday and today I’ve plAYed more than clear the decks.

I’m sure I’ll pay for that soon enough—but I needed it and took it,

and here’s a look at some more of the things I have to share with you!


Lord knows I have an obsession for cool old mirrors.  I have too many obsessions.

The tall/long one I found in the antique mall for a surprising $32.

The white one followed me home from Atlanta $20 ~It needed me ; D

And the inCREDible -ugly gold- mirror I got as the highest bidder at an auction I just learned about.  Don’t hate me~ $22.50.

Can you believe that?


found in an auction~

This is one of the pieces I played on yesterday!  The mirror’s silvering reveals it is oLD, but I’m sure it’s not the original, and I’d really like to find something beveled to replace it.  I also think I’ll dry-brush it with more white ~ it’s still just a little too gold.

the auction mirror re-worked

I found this cute little urn at Scott’s antique market.  I know it’s not “old” but it’s so cute!  I’m going to add a half ball of moss to it later.  I’ve had it’s much taller mate forEVer.

found at Scott's

~Can’t explain my fascination with taxidermy this last couple of years–??  I’ve seen some really cool tortoise shell displays and thought it could be fun to do something with this find ~from Scott’s.

~Who knows, maybe it’ll go to one of my boys!

*As I bought it -and- now cleaned and oiled.

my turtle shell~

I found this. . .”URN” -??- in a thrift store looooong ago.  It’s been hangin’ out in a box I’m tired of movin’ around.  Since I needed some play time, I thought I would build it a platform and see what I could make of it.

The Box— I cut 4 equal sides with a 45° mitered corner, added dental molding, cut a “cap,” and routered a large-scale ogee detail in it.  Then drilled a hole to bolt the URN and box together.

the "URN"

I didn’t like the silver finish, and play around with it, dulling it.  Better.  And I painted the box an espresso brown, sanded it, then over-stained it dark walnut.

the URN now~

Here’s some more random things I’ve found along the way.

more random finds!

I worked on some fun lighting projects most of today~I’ll share that with you tomorrow!


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making a mirror~



I hit “publish” prematurely on yesterday’s post ~sorry.

I forgot to show you what the mirrors looked like when they were finished –my’bad!


Click on pics for closer view!

old window mirrors

~ and now ~

My newest “bench.”

If you remember–

my mother’s neighbor went into a nursing home, and his children have had to deal with his house and belongings.  How sad to bear witness to this necessity–but they let me save a few things, including this dresser!

-SO busy with many other projects, I just haven’t had the time to focus on this art deco piece.  But I DiD know I would cut it up for a new lease on life!

cutting up the dresser--

Now, cutting it up–

cutting the dresser--

and putting it back together ~in a new form.

the new form


my inspiration--

My inspiration–

Sure, its Art Deco design and the turquoise paint gave it a juvenile feel. . .

But to me, it spoke of   old Hollywood -and- sophistication!  And made me think of this favorite old pair of shoes!

Two things of note~

1- I had two last sample pots of chalk paint to play with, and the colors happened to be exactly what I had in mind!

2- I hadn’t given up on image transfers ~yet!  I tried the freezer paper method this time~better.


I only used dark wax~mostly to give more depth to the brown.

Oh!  And how do you like the “new” hardware?  More flea market finds!

paint and dark wax

I’m pretty sure this dresser actually belonged to the neighbor’s late wife ~Kathy.

I like to think the initials in the transfer image are her maiden name initials, so I added the brass letters to reinforce the idea!

Oh~ here’s my store space reset!


my reset store space

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