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painting a chandelier "gold"Wanted to show you the finished chandelier

I will let it go at mid day.

Reluctantly.  It’s sO cOOl!


I already told you how I wore myself out trying to sand off the previous texture, and then used a Rust-Oleum metallic paint-and-primer in one as my base.  I used it to completely cover the textured verdigris finish and to seal any raw metal exposed in sanding.

I let it have the night to completely set up—especially because our humidity felt like it working on the finish--reached 1000%.  The Next day I began work on capturing that “golden patina” she was after, which comes from a multitude and range of “gold tones.”  Hence the menagerie of paints!

I used a combination of brush, spray & my fingers.

*I’ve had gold fingers for a few days~ down to some gold fingernails now! ; D

For the spray part, I used a handy little sprayer for small projects by Preval It’s a spray paint kit that allows you to make spray paint with latex paints—you’ll need to thin your paint just a bit.

Preval paint spraying system for small projects*You can buy these handy sprayers in most big box store’s paint departments.

I buy/keep a few starter (complete) kits and a few replacement sprayers on hand.  I’ve found the power unit can get too cold so I’ll switch to another and rotate between them.  The lidded jar lets me keep extra paint on hand “just in case!”

With all of these metallic colors and “techniques,” it was just a case of building up the COLOR in patient layers.

After it had a good amount of drying time, it felt a little “rough” again so I “sanded” it down with extra fine steel wool to a smooth touch, but,

enough talk—

Kristen's chandelier--

Kristen's chandelier--after

It’s tough to get a good shot of this because it has to hang from a rafter (it’s really heavy), and my studio is a wreck once again (Uuuuhhg).


another detail, andange of color to the candle sleeve--lor to th a chSo, one more thing….

The white candle sleeves just look too stark white so I painted a few of the old ones an old white that I thought might look more natural.  I’ll see what she thinks when I give up this beauty today.

*the old white candle sleeve is in the foreground—

And, Btw—below is the house it’s going to live in!  I laughed arriving there to meet with Kristen—I almost sold this house back in 1991 but my buyers were scared away by the amount of work it needed.  It was incredible then and more so now!


.…hey, this is the ceiling it will hang from—sigh……


--the incredible details of OLD architecture!

I know this house!  ; D



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Kristen's chandeliers--This project began in a call from my favorite lighting store, (who has rewired many a crazy lighting projects for me) would I be interested in a decorative paint job for one of their clients…?  Well, let’s see it!

No—they don’t want me to paint this beauty, whew!  They wanted the finish of this one to inspire the finish of another…..

it too, was amazing!

*Can I turn them down and just buy both from them instead!?!


Kristen's chandeliers--

Yes, I can see why they want to alter this one!  Big job getting between all those arms -16 of them- but, SURE!  Here are some details—-

details of Kristen's chandeliers--

I could totally see the first chandelier’s finish inspiring this one’s finish—but it turned out she wanted something else after all.

She would like it to have the soft, golden, brassy tones and glow of THIS ONE to be the inspiration.

the inspiration chandelier--

Yep~this is going to be a challenge.

After a thorough cleaning and a few test patches for color I realized the texture that came with the verdigris finish was seriously problematic.  And I spent the next 2 hours HAND SANDING the whole thing—a job I would NOT want to do again.  Ever.  I was filthy by the end of it, and my hands just ached.

sanding away the texture--

You can see all my hard work in the smoothness of the primer coating.

--the smoothness after sanding the texture away

working on the finish--


When I finish the FINISH -haha-

I’ll share pictures….

it’s looking really nice, and actually old!


I want to keep it!


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I miss my own “stuff” so much, but I’ll need to stay with my mother a bit longer, soooooo……long story short—

-it’s kinda’ silly to keep things sitting there any longer,

-it’s too expensive over the long-haul each year,

-I’m ready to let things go in favor of the “new” things I’ve been finding…


some of my lamps---So many beautiful things in that unit!

Here’s a sample of the lamp collection I had left behind.

I know, I know, it’s a sickness.

…there’s no vaccine.

I have lots of cool stuff to show you, from my unit AND from a few of my favorite stores I ran through when I first got in…so come back….


~ ~ ~

Oooops—-maybe I didn’t word things too well.

I am emptying things out—and loading up a 20ft UHaul to take back to my mother’s until things settle and I get my own home again.  All this work is because I‘m unwilling to walk away from my things.

Still sad though—I hate that I have to visit my beautiful belongings in a storage unit.

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WoW–you guys are good!

Yes–I’m making light sconces!

corbel sconces

I’m also working on their half shades.

I’m covering this one with anaglypta paper.

I’ve just begun painting the corbels…

And I’m working on some other cool lighting too!


covering this half-shade with anaglypta paper--I’m sharing with this FAB linky party!


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my newest lamp--I have boxes full of lamp parts.  Why?

Because lamps are just


one more category

in my [long] list of obsessions.


All lamps are nOt created equal–or beautiful.

But they MaY have some interesting parts to them.  And if they’re cheap, I buy them, deconstruct them for their good stuff…

and add that good stuff to the boxes…

until further notice.

You see~I love to build lamps!  From odd parts.


This lamp just looks like it should be a TROPHY URN, so I’ll only deconstruct it then rebuild it and add 2 extra parts to finish it!

deconstructing my lamp--

I didn’t need to take it down the whole way, I just wanted to show you how far you can go to change the look of your own lamps!   ; D   Even that square pedestal is two pieces–but they were bolted together really tight so I left ‘em alone.


9  decorative parts make up this lamp.

deconstructing my lamp--

I’m going to reuse  6  of them  and add 2 of my own.

The gold cap -or escutcheon- and an artichoke finial.

and now reconstructing my lamp--

I’ll play around with its metal finish later…

’cause I don’t know how I want it to be yet.

Hmmm…wonder if I have a marble pedestal in one of my boxes-?!?


no more lamp--my new trophy urn!

I’m sharing this project in this fabulous linky party!

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putting 2013 behind us I’ve been reading a lot of “Year in Review” blog posts…a great look back at some really inspiring projects out there in blogland!

I started thinking about a couple of mine—and was surprised at how many of my own projects I’d forgotten all about!

antq mall display cabinet

So I thought it might be fun to

RE-share them with you too!

But I’m going to start with one from Nov 2012 and something I never thought I’d be doing…TAKING A SPACE IN AN ANTIQUE MALL.  What a surprise–that I did it, that it went so well as to expand in this year, and the many projects it propelled!  Like~ building this new display cabinet from odd parts and its outcome!


~found me constructing a dresser-hutch for my very 1st G-G-nephew Brody.
~Then I finished off another children’s cabinet for my cousin’s little baby girl Emma  before traveling to Atlanta to deliver it AnD take a little birthday getaway!  Woo-hoo!

year in review projects- 2013

In February~

I decided to make several changes in my mother’s master br as a surprise while she took a winter’s rest in Florida with a friend!  It started with a fire place

Mom's surprise!

During the year I worked on a variety of projects, big & small~

my lighting projects- 2013

  1. My vintage White Globe sconces
  2. Princes Aleigha’s lamp
  3. A thrift store lamp and an anaglyptic-covered shade
  4. A lace-y chandelier
  5. A vintage bed lamp re-fashioned

my chalk boards and mirror projects- 2013

  1. the Atlanta trip windows
  2. my auction mirror
  3. making a mirror from cabinet doors
  4. a decoupaged chalkboard
  5. two more decoupaged chalkboards

And there were lots of  miscellaneous projects….

misc projects of 2013

But you all know my very favorite thing is construction!

Hmmm, I guess I make a lot of benches   ; D

my bench projects- 2013

  1. The other half of the 1st Craig’s List dresser
  2. The neighbor’s curbie
  3. A quilted slip-covered curbie!
  4. The ReStore “bench”
  5. Saving history!
  6. The 2nd Craig’s List dresser
  7. The sewing cabinet bench
  8. The Christmas built-in banquette

And furniture~

furniture projects of 2013reviving some curbies, an old camp chair, rattan chair makeovers, a thrift store dresser and bed re-furbished, the farm table, the outdoor china hutch, a 2nd Craig’s List dresser re-do, a decoupaged dresser, a bit more decoupage, re-working a curbie, Grandpa’s rockers, the antq mall armoire,

And of course–charity projects.

charity projects -2013

2 Hall Trees for 2 charities, The Habitat for Humanities Hall Tree and children’s cubbyAnd one more currently in the works for mom’s neighbor who is battling breast cancer, but I haven’t posted on any of it yet.

It felt like I was so busy all year, but it’s only 50’ish projects!

I did leave out a handful or so because I abandoned them (-didn’t like how they were taking shape, but I’ll come back to them…).  There were also many “other projects” that occurred throughout the year not listed above…

like TRAVEL and meeting some of my FAVorite bloggers!

Which you can neVer do enough of!


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the ReStore bed lampI found this ~old~ bed lamp in the ReStore a while back I thought my little princess-niece might like, but she spied something else of mine and–well–she’s my girl!

So this one was up for grabs again and I thought I’d flip it in the antq mall.

I stripped its UuuuG-ly coverings down,

re-faced it in a thick, nubby linen and

then gave it a secondary loose layer from an old scalloped dresser scarf!

Et, voilà!

the ReStore bed lamp redo!


Much more fun~right?!


next. . . .

the ReStore bed lamp redo!

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I’m still alive—the shingles are finally at the end!                         Can I get a woot-woot, he-ey!

~And thEN I got hit with a 2nd punch.  About 3yrs ago, I -somehow- got a sebaceous cyst on my back, between my shoulder blades, right over my spine.  The doctor cut it open to drain it, easing the pain (after causing mOre 1st) and it was over.  For a while.  It slowly started to come back, and we’ve been monitoring it since.

About a week and a half ago, it suddenly got really inflamed and I was in just awful pain.  ~Like there was a competition going on between my head and my back.~  I headed back in to the doc—it was all infected and about the size of a golfball.  “Totally coincidental,”  I was told.  S-u-r-e.  I’m on anti biotics.

I was also told to check out a couple medical videos (you can find on Youtube) because, when the infection clears we’ll have to do one or the other—cut it out, or drain it again.  Whichever~it’s gonna hurt, and it’s gonna leave a scar—jOy.  Have I paid my dues now. . ?

cry-babying over~cry-babying over~cry-babying over~cry-babying over~cry-babying over

And now I’m going to bury myself in a thousand projects!                               No more talk of pain and misery.

a pair of chairs for Princess AleighaI was trying to work on my little princess Aleigha’s room.

I had let my niece pick some lighting from several options of things I have found, and this is one of her selections!     I asked what color she might like for the shade to be altered to—and she picked the same grEEn, like her chair!

I found this swing arm lamp at the ReStore for $5 a while back, the shade was $1 from a thrift store–and this was her choice to go beside her bed.

a light for Aleigha!

I popped the little glue-tacks that held the accordion-styled over-shade to its liner-shade.  Cleaned it with the vacuum hose/brush and then spray painted it.  Could it be aNy easier?!?

Then using an awl, I punched a small hole in the over-shade, and threaded the cut flower through.  I bent the wire into a little curly-cue, and added a little dob of hot glue for extra staying power.

After I applied all 7 flowers (that I found at mom’s Hobby Lobby on clearance for $4.76), I re-affixed the over-shade to the liner-shade with some hot glue.  Easy-peasy project!

re-creating Aleigha's lamp!

Here’s her lamp and shade finished!

Total cost of project $10.76

So cute, and I love the green and white combo!

After a big discussion about selecting flexible colors for her new room -that she can grow with- we are using more of that same green!  Wait till you see how~


I’m feeling better enough to get back to finishing her bookshelf-dresser now, so mOre to come—at last!

Aleigha'a bed side light!

Aleigha'a bed side light!

I’m sharing with these FABulous linky parties!
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Here’s some of the lighting I’ve been working on to go to the mall–things I’ve been sitting on for a while, and a recent find.

revamped lamp shade

my $2.50 price lamp!I got stUck with this lamp shade just to buy a lamp I DiD want.  Fortunately, the shape and scale of it were good for this lamp I recently bought at The ReStore’s annual ½-price sale.

I stRIPPED off someone’s DIY-improvement of burgundy crushed velvet (can you say FAILure).  Sorry, could nOt torture my camera for picture of that mess!

I gilded the interior of the shade for a softer glow–and wallpapered the outside with anaglyptic paper.  And you can see I needed more fingers (than I had) so clothespins became my little helpers!

Here’s that $5 $2.50 lamp!

I loved that it was turned wood!  And that shape–as well as the harp!

I spray painted it a soft white.

I painted the wallpapered shade with a soft white too, but I dark waxed it to show the texture better.

*You’ve really got to click on the picture to see this closer up~ so pretty!


my 1/2 price lamp~

newly covered lace shadeDang it~I forgot to take a before pic of this “chandy” AnD lamp shade frame ~sorry.

The lighting part of the chandelier was stripped from a “structure” I wanted for a different purpose (*but I didn’t throw it out, It was that nAsty-shiny gold.

The shade was 1 of a pair I rescued from a dumpster!  I patiently sat with a glue gun and some old lace and covered the wire frame.  (I’d like to cover the 2nd one with a really loose-weave burlap I bought at Scott’s.)

I was totally playing with the hot glue gun and added wax drips to the candle sleeves before I painted away the rest of that nAsty gold.

a different kind of chandelier!

a 4-armed baby chandelierI forgot to get a picture of this baby chandelier, but it just so happened to get caught in this shot~yAy!  It’s a cute little guy, but it could be c-Uu-t-er.

I dry-brushed it with a pale blue eggshell, then with a soft white, and waxed it, and  added some cottage-y chandelier shades I’ve had forEVer!

But I was so hurried to get it to the store— now that I see it hanging~ooooh, eeey.  It’s tOO plain, and the shades are tOO big.  I’ll be re-working this fixture.

a 4-arm baby chandelier-


*I went back again to that auction today, but was out bid on everything I wanted by the antiques store owners, and consignment shop owners that got it all.

I left with 1 item~I’m sure only because none of them had interest in it.

I’ll play with it and flip it too!  It was $35.


the one thing I got a t the auction~

A few things I was out bid on. . .

the things that got away~

And~look what I saw in a trophy case going in!  I guess it wasn’t part of an urn, but rather, part of a trophy!

DSC02627the URN now~

I’m sharing these projects with these FABulous linky parties!
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Furniture Feature Fridays

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Working on mom’s bedroom meant I had to tear things up~

working on the base molding~

Restoring things, brought my attention back to a lamp I’d looong forgotten about.  A project from the early ’80’s.

Was I BORN working on projects–??

Anyway~ here’s the lamp, made of mixed parts.

an old lamp project~

Nothing “fancy,” but the parts seem to come together very naturaly.  I’ve collected lamps and pARts forEVer–and have boxes full of lamp-parts to play.  *Confesion~ I’ve had 2 lamps sitting “in the works” for a while now in Page 10, just waiting for the right parts to complete them.  Can’t hurry perfection!  ; D

building a lamp from many partsBack to this lamp~

it’s made of 6 varying lighting parts, then painted with multi-layers of metalic paints that bring it all home!

1- I am obSESSed with finials.  I’d like to say I have many in my collection, but I give them up to my projects, then cry & pout as they leave me.  C’est la vie.

2- An upside down glass shade from a vintage ceiling fixture.

3- Vintage harps are so much more fluid!  This one is unusual in that it is cast metal.  It’s rare to find these.

4- Just a spacer piece, but I like the twist in its design.  They’re comonly found, and if I see a super chEAp lamp with a rEAlly cool one–I’ll buy it!

5- The bottom section from an Art Deco floor lamp.  Sometimes there’s just one little part of a lamp that’s cool!  Pilfer it.

6- A cool lamp base!  I’ve bought some pretty uGly lamps just to get the base!

Yes~ LAMPS are another catagory in the line-up of my obsessions.  I could open a lamp store.  Chandeliers too.

*I can change ‘em out sEASonally!  ; D


an old lamp project--

an old lamp project--

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