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rain-rain-go-away.....I think we’re in a Rain Forrest.

The rain continues -d a i l y.

And nightly.  Those storms make it hard to sleep for worry about the winds and the tree.

I hardly know what to do with myself anymore.  My TO DO list is sO lengthy and tough to balance -WITH. -RAIN.

Back to those tree-worries…….

Last summer’s tornadoes wreaked havoc on the Box Elder tree—remember this?

the tornado damage--

Pardon the PUN, but when damages were triaged all around town, we were placed lower on THE LIST.  A double-edged sword—thank God we didn’t have it worse!

Numerous tree companies have assessed the damages and remedies.  They can’t, they won’t, they’re just not sure….but we did find someone to take it on.  Another “but”–things need to be DRY-er so we’re STILL on hold!   AND LOOK HOW SCARY THIS BRANCH IS GETTING!

the tree damages get worse---All this rain has made the Hostas and the Annabelle Hydrangeas (more than) double in size!  And the moss is growing nicely in the voids of the flagstone—but so are the weeds.

look what all the rain is producing!The deck is in a perpetually WET state so we’ve used it I think 3, maybe 4 times?

the perpetually wet deck--Last Friday -on ONE of those unusually nice days- I headed out for an end-of-day 18-mile bike ride!  All was gOOd until the end.  When the vERy bumpy road tipped over the remainder of my water bottle….


Toast.  Fried.  Two days packed in rice did NOT do the trick.

Sprint sent me a new phone in 12 business hours! (Can you believe?!)

But~while I was there I snagged a Tablet in a Hard-to-say-NO-to deal!  And a blue-tooth keyboard!  So I have been camped out trying to set up and figure out the tablet and now the replacement phone.  I lost all but my contacts.  And learned I no longer know anyone’s phone number without my phone.

Help!  -seriously-

gOOd luck on Family Poker Night!My luck  -zero-  until Family Poker Night!

Only five of us this time and still the saSSy-trash talk of a crowd! hmmm….

And I’ve binge-watched my way through–

sara's cottageThat was really fun to watch again!


Guess I’d better figure out how to get along with Mother Nature or nothin‘s gonna get done….


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There must be a pony in there somewhere!Did I scare you?

I have been busy.  To say the least.


And over the(very loooooong for me)Memorial Day weekend,

–still going on–
  1. help!I emptied the Page 10 workshop (aka *garage), took down the greenhouse and packed it away for the summer, then began to re-pack Page 10 (*garage) and prioritize the MANY projects awaiting my attention.
  2. I restored the deck for the summer–YaY!  But I have not been able to clean the winter dirt away yet–maybe today–??
  3. I’ve continued sorting through my things and lighten my load by  1. giving things to family and friends,  2. selling things in a garage sale,  3.  selling things on craigslist,  4. and a few things are going to the Antique Mall.
  4. I’ve made repairs to numerous things that are setting up–then I can work on finishes.
  5. Things are finally in a position to start replanting the green house flowers–again, YaY!

In the middle of all this chaos, I have at last come up with a creative plan for dealing with the tornado-damaged Box Elder tree that has to come down.  We’re incredibly sad over that fact.  Up to now it just seemed like there was no way around it—but I think you’ll find my idea ingenious when I reveal it!

 at the end of the day---Every day has been a back-breaker, but I did get to end a few of them like this….

I’ll get back to some cool projects here in a minute so I hope I haven’t bored you to death and you’ll come back.


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All I can find is this picture to show and share.

This is a really  O L D  project!

You’ll have to use your imagination as I explain. . .

my patio table---

See the dark rim around the table top?

That’s a steel ring.

That’s where this project started.

Someone gave me that steel ring—noooo idea why.

And one day I got this Crazy Idea.

What if I lay it down on some heavy gauged plastic,

and mix up some QuickCrete,

and pour it into the steel ring–??

Hey!  Before it sets up—can I press some artsy tiles into it–??

So either I just did something really cool. . .or really bone-headed and sacrificed some cool tiles.  Hmmmm. . .

Shortly before this Crazy Idea, I happened to stumble onto an incredible, and sUper heavy, cast iron pedestal-table-base.  In a thrift store— $20.    (if my memory is good)

It seemed rather serendipitous they should be paired together—nO?  And it all worked out—YaY!

Could you picture it?

And~I’ve always wanted to do it again, but a little differently.

What if I pressed ceiling tin into the concrete before it sets up—just for its IMAGE to transfer?

And what if I added some concrete stain to the mix–!?!

Alas, I’ve never come across another steel ring. . . .

btw~our Arizona monsoons never blew ThiS table over!  ; D


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unit 1281It has been ..o..n..e.. exhausting week.  Beginning last Friday morning with a 5am flight home to Phoenix.

I emptied my storage unit -exhausting-  it goes deep to the left.

Loaded it all in a 20ft truck with the help of some movers (2 fabulous guys who came to my rescue AFTER the 1st ones TEXT me a cancellation an hour before they were supposed to arrive).

Initially I wanted to delay a day leaving to avoid traveling through some of the cross-country storm-path—but those 1st rotten movers absolutely made that happen.

Yesterday went like this—

I set the alarm for 4am but was hoping to wake on my own at 3:30 — I hoped to make it to Chicago by end of day.

While I was sleeping, my phone (and therefore alarm) readjusted to the new time zone that I didn’t realize I’d crossed into.  So when the alarm went off at 4am I couldn’t believe it was time to get up already!

In my sleepy, dazed and confused head, I looked over at the clock I travel with, which said 2am!

Now I was so confused, I didn’t know WHAT time it was, WHAT TIME it was when I got to sleep, or HOW MANY HOURS of sleep I’d actually gotten!  *I had the day to sort it out while I drove….oy….so tired.

Oklahoma turnpike stop--I traversed my way across Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois,

where there was a lot of rain, road construction, monotonous driving—and RUNning for the bathroom at gas stops.  ~I encountered this VERY accurate sign on the turnpike between OKC and Tulsa!  (*I made certain to give a respectful nod to the late Charles Faudree as I passed though Tulsa–)

second day driving


My little niece painted the orange flower on my thumb nail to think of her during my trip–


–The much-present storm clouds. . . but thankfully nothing severe.




–The endless road construction. . .






–Is it totally wrong that I salivated over this load of cedar logs–?!?  Think of the projects–!!!



Btw, did you know there are wine vineyards in the Ozark Mountains–?

Bourbon, this way……YES, please!  I was getting a bit slap-happy-tired.

2nd day of travel--

St Louis--

This is always a mark for being back in “home” territory since my mother’s family are from around the Quincy, IL area, growing up we spent much time in St Louis and Hannibal.

I made it to my bf’s in the Chicago area by 11pm— safe and sound!

One VERY long day.


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Unfortunately it’s going to be a super short trip.

And it’s all about some tough work.

–I’m hoping to find even just a minute to play!–


flying home---

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Keep calm–

funny minions-

It’s been a





-say whAAAT?-

-kind of weekend.


Is it over yet–?




minion war

minion humorHow’s YOUR weekend?



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Craig's list #3Worth traveling for.

Brought it back and immediately cut it in 2.

Started making repairs, and sanded and re-stained top of “new dresser.”

Made all necessary construction adjustments to the new forms.

(But one~to be made tomorrow.)

Painting.  Outside.

Almost 60° –shocking.

craig's list #3Craig's list #3

-out of the BOX!


Tomorrow, I pick up another of my Craig’s list finds!

An incredible, architectural table (to be re-purposed)!

And hopefully, that square-backed Louis chair!


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