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Would you survive the Victorian era?

You [me] might survive….

Uh oh…..you may or my not survive the Victorian era. You have the right ideas, but you may not be able to fully realize them. You understand what life was like in the Victorian era, but you probably won’t be able to sacrifice all of your modern luxuries. You can try, and you may have to work hard to survive the Victorian era if you were transported back in time! Congrats, anyways.

Modern Luxuries indeed—and issues of hygiene!

I love all the Jane Austen books, antiques and such, but, hmmmm.   How ’bout you?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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taking control---

Is there something you’re feeling

addicted to?

Something you feel like a slave to?

Electronically speaking–the computer, cell phone, email– your blog…?



I was catching myself “checking in” wAy too often & wondered if I could

UNplug, DISconnect

for a few days.  I knew the world wouldn’t end, but would it be—painfull?  So last Thursday I hit “publish” on the latest progress in the alcove and walked away from as much electronic tethering as I could.

unplugging---no peeking!Obviously, I needed to use the phone, but watched that even closer after I caught myself MINDLESSLY checking email from it.  Omg!  Am I addicted?

That was day 1.  Once I made a conscious decision to check myself—I found it was like va-ca-tion time!  Not only was it relaxing, I stopped thinking about it.  No withdrawls.  Sure, I missed some messages, but again–the world didn’t end and I was available by phone (when I heard it ring).  ~I know people who would  f a i l  this test.

Finding it pretty easy to “walk away,” I guess I’m not addicted–yay!–even if it was only 5 days.  But now I find myself wading through an enormous amount of emails.  C’est la vie!  Could YOU do it?

Other things I’ve been doing. . . .

Tying up loose ends on a variety of odd projects, working on our spaces at the Antique Mall, gardening and weeding, including pilfering all the Globe Thistle stems for seasonal floral arrangements,

mom's Globe Thistes…fighting with the glutenous squirrels,

fighting with the squirrels--…play-time with family….

a family outing--….and finally I’m starting to work on a design for a

china cabinet or dish cupboard

to clean up the mess I’ve made in the lower level kitchenette.

a china cabinet or a dish dresse?r--You can see by the decorative header I hung high on the wall (center pic, where it will live) that I’m leaning towards some version of a Dish Dresser.  I’m thinking it will be more flexible for other storage down the line.  I’m still plucking through my architectural collections to see what else I might have to play with!

Sunday I’ll have opportunity to shop a pretty distant flea market–maybe I’ll find something that will knock my socks off and solidify an absolute direction!

It IS nice to be plugged in again!  ; D


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Aunt Margaret's cabin!It actually has been a productive summer– but it hasn’t...

…in blogging-terms.

Does that make sense to any of you?

*While on a time out up North at my aunt’s cabin, I saw some abandoned sidewalk chalk laying on the deck, picked it up and just started drawing arrows on the sidewalk, initially heading towards the dock.

Kiddos suddenly came out of the woodwork asking,

“What are you doing?

Why are you Aunt Margaret's cabin---drawing arrows?

Where are you going?

Why are you doing that?”

I never answered–I just kept quietly drawing arrows.  And 5 little kiddos kept following, asking silly questions!  I led them all over the place–and in circles  just being goofy!

Don’cha LUV summer games?!

Well I’m off to another lake cottage for the weekend—with two new little -victims- great nieces to play with!

--on a break!-


I’ve actually got projects in the works to share—maybe I need to stop following the arrows too!

; D


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LAST year we had a big birthday party blow-out for MoM,

MoM's birthday 2013

THIS year is very low-key and quiet with a small family bbq on Sunday.

Prince George's b-day!BuT–parties abound for my niece’s nephew (are you thinking that one through?!), for a great-great nephew, an early celebration for my cousin’s son (while we were just up North at my Auntie’s cottage), and don’t forget Prince George!  ; D

I’m busy on a time-sensitive custom paint job for someone and will be back to you soon—with pictures!


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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

6 Things You Didn’t Know

About the Flag


….hope you check it out!


Happy 4th of July!



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rain-rain-go-away.....I think we’re in a Rain Forrest.

The rain continues -d a i l y.

And nightly.  Those storms make it hard to sleep for worry about the winds and the tree.

I hardly know what to do with myself anymore.  My TO DO list is sO lengthy and tough to balance -WITH. -RAIN.

Back to those tree-worries…….

Last summer’s tornadoes wreaked havoc on the Box Elder tree—remember this?

the tornado damage--

Pardon the PUN, but when damages were triaged all around town, we were placed lower on THE LIST.  A double-edged sword—thank God we didn’t have it worse!

Numerous tree companies have assessed the damages and remedies.  They can’t, they won’t, they’re just not sure….but we did find someone to take it on.  Another “but”–things need to be DRY-er so we’re STILL on hold!   AND LOOK HOW SCARY THIS BRANCH IS GETTING!

the tree damages get worse---All this rain has made the Hostas and the Annabelle Hydrangeas (more than) double in size!  And the moss is growing nicely in the voids of the flagstone—but so are the weeds.

look what all the rain is producing!The deck is in a perpetually WET state so we’ve used it I think 3, maybe 4 times?

the perpetually wet deck--Last Friday -on ONE of those unusually nice days- I headed out for an end-of-day 18-mile bike ride!  All was gOOd until the end.  When the vERy bumpy road tipped over the remainder of my water bottle….


Toast.  Fried.  Two days packed in rice did NOT do the trick.

Sprint sent me a new phone in 12 business hours! (Can you believe?!)

But~while I was there I snagged a Tablet in a Hard-to-say-NO-to deal!  And a blue-tooth keyboard!  So I have been camped out trying to set up and figure out the tablet and now the replacement phone.  I lost all but my contacts.  And learned I no longer know anyone’s phone number without my phone.

Help!  -seriously-

gOOd luck on Family Poker Night!My luck  -zero-  until Family Poker Night!

Only five of us this time and still the saSSy-trash talk of a crowd! hmmm….

And I’ve binge-watched my way through–

sara's cottageThat was really fun to watch again!


Guess I’d better figure out how to get along with Mother Nature or nothin‘s gonna get done….


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We have the most peculiar weather front moving through. . .

…and it is making it diff-i-cult to plan what work to work on for the day.  I’ve been through plan A, B, C and now I just don’t know WHAT TO DO!

The Cottonwoods are shedding so badly it looks like snow—so I can’t paint.

The West-blowing winds are a bit rough so I don’t want to open the garage door—which is of course West-facing.

This is how my whole list runs on….

I guess I can go back to ripping MDF and door casing to finish the upstairs hall….???   More. stairs.  Well, I need the exercise.

the upstairs hall project--

Until then….


What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?One of my nieces shared this quiz with me—she’s

“New Zealand!”

What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?

(where do you land?)


Convenient. . . . since I was born there!  ; D

http://www.playbuzz.com/larak10/what-country-in-the-world-best-fits-your-personalityYou are a romantic who enjoys strolling through cobblestone streets and markets. You are inspired by art and architecture, and thrive being surrounded by other artists and intellectuals. You enjoy the bustle of a city, but also love spending time in the warm countryside, sitting at a cafe, and having a glass of wine or coffee. Your soul is nourished by being in nature, and by having deep meaningful conversation about love, art, and the meaning of life.

Oui!  That is moi to a tee!

–how accurate is yours?


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