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Happy Easter!



Wishing you all

a wonderful day

spent with the people you love

Happy Easter



Happy Easter


and don’t forget to relax—   ; D

don't forget to relax. . . .

 And check THIS out!  ; D

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The winter that won’t end.

Mother Nature has a seriously wicked sense of humor.

. . . not again. . . .

I ran away for the weekend . . .

. . . to somewhere that almost felt like summer.

And this is what we woke to this morning.

I don’t think summer is in the cards for 2014.

~for us anyway~


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Keep calm–

funny minions-

It’s been a





-say whAAAT?-

-kind of weekend.


Is it over yet–?




minion war

minion humorHow’s YOUR weekend?



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multi tasking--Spring.  Cleaning.

Multiple family “events.”

Still fighting with that perfect (!@#$%) hall paint color.

~rolling eyes here~

Editing and deleting and more Spring Cleaning….purging gOOd!

Then— u h   o h . . . a M I G R A I N E .

a  M I G R A I N E.The 6th one I’ve ever had.

They. are.


I spent Monday in the lower- level trying to escape A N Y light and noise.  I spent Tuesday in DARK SUNGLASSES- -but I was out of the basement.

This Midwestern atmosphere is beating me up beyond reason–how I miss the Arizona desert.

The DULL headache I still have seems like a relief and I’ve resumed

Spring Cleaning-

-Cleaned out the underwear and sock drawers of all the “had better days” stuff–time for some fresh and new!  Need to go further through the dresser and closet and shoes.  (…when’s the last time YOU did that?)

-Cleaned out the bathroom drawers and cabinets–even cleaning through make-up for old & things not really used . . . Cut-Cut-Cut.

-Got back to some sewing projects.  Made some new satin pillow cases for mom, finished sewing the rest of the 70′s-styled faux fur pillow forms for my spoiled nieces–just have to stuff and hand-stitch them closed.

*I found a King-sized Matlasse coverlet for $10 in a thrift store and got that sterilized washed for use on some future upholstery projects!  That’s a LOT of fabric for $10!

spring projects--

wiring up long stems on the Christmas hydrangeas

AND….I’ve been playing with the Christmas tree hydrangea heads, adding long stems for some future usage!

Yea~it’s not some FABulous project (that I’m anxious to get back to), but it’s whats been going on.

Hope you’re having a better SPRING than “we” are-

-we’ve had two snow storms since “Spring” arrived–  ¦:  


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will winter ever go away?


Yesterday we woke to snow—hmmmmmm.

Dear Winter,

how can we miss you

if you if you won’t go away–?

We’ve been in Spring about an hour now— uh huh.

I’m not convinced.


Call me an optimist -but- I’ve been pretending it IS Spring and I’ve busied myself Spring Cleaning and deleting and de-cluttering and rearranging things throughout mom’s house.

. . .much to her dismay.

When you have a small house, every bit of space is important and it’s easy to be taken over by –stuff.  (And harder to cut things loose)  Mom was not too happy with me doing this to her, but liked the end results–whew!

These are two quick examples [of the angst I put her through] while everything got a good “cleaning.”  ; D  Again–this is the last room in the house to get a make-over-renovation.  With the plans we have, we need to sell some more Oz stuff to pay this tab!

mom's kitchen--the pantry/stove wallSimple changes–just editing, deleting and shifting things about.  I bought the iron-clustered hooks at Hobby Lobby to organize that crazy bundle of aprons~and YES, they get used!

Spring cleaning in the kitchen--Just a gOOd cleaning and editing and rearrangement here!  A-maz-ing the amount of filth under a microwave and behind a fridge–wOw!

*My mom was inFATuated with Holland during our Air Force-years in France, and wanted a blue and white kitchen.  There are lots of Delft touches throughout~now you get her slate blue stove-?!

**The soffit says: “The only thing to stir up in the kitchen…is trouble.”

…back to cleaning, painting, eradicating all signs of

w i n t e r…da da duhn.


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trying to get back on track--WoW– am I having a hard time getting back on track.

(I’m trying)→

That scratchy throat and general lack of energy just seems to be lingering.

It really doesn’t help that I’ve also been distracted by a gOOd book. Two, to be exact.  Uh oh–just learned there’s a third.


Pride and Prejudice SEQUELSI loved Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice  and have read a couple of interpretative sequels that were -okay- but tended to reshape Miss Austen’s characters in ways hard to buy into.

Yeah ~ NOT these two written by Linda Berdoll.  WoW!  Well into the 2nd, I’m ordering the 3rd right away.

another alteration to the bench---

I think I’ve concocted my own perfect watery blue color for the hall and need to get painting. . . right after I finish another alteration I’m making to the bench. See-?!

Haven 2014-

And~ I got my HAVEN ticket

last night!  Yay!

Are you going?

Hope to meet you there face-to-face!
…enough procrastinating already….off to paint….or read!


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This past Friday night

(…my birthday…nice timing, huh..?!)

12 of us (of our BiG family)

gathered for a last Christmas present

A sleigh ride!

A perfect night.  Lots of fresh snow with more continuing to fall gently throughout the night.  And thankfully, we weren’t still suffering that arctic cold.

The white speckles are snowflakes–!

A family sleigh ride!

A family sleigh ride!

A family sleigh ride!

Here we are at one of the resting areas (I’m sure we were awfully heavy to lug around….and you see my goofy nephew!)

Omgosh–what FuN!

Something to become a family tradition!


A family sleigh ride--rest area--

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w h o a. . .

. . .aGAIN. . .alREADy?

cake is for woosies!

Where does the time go-???



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I seem to be off to a slow project start in this new year, but really enjoyed this list of

awesome ideas!

Some of their solutions left me asking,

“Well—why didn’t I think of that?”

Check out the full list…

89 Genius Solutions To Simple Problems



These are a few of my favs…




This one goes out to my family…you know who you are!


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Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of you

the best Christmas

you could ever hope for!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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