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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

6 Things You Didn’t Know

About the Flag


….hope you check it out!


Happy 4th of July!



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Happy Easter!



Wishing you all

a wonderful day

spent with the people you love

Happy Easter



Happy Easter


and don’t forget to relax—   ; D

don't forget to relax. . . .

 And check THIS out!  ; D

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happy new year!

May I give the very Best Wishes to you all


give Many Thanks to every visitor to this blog~it is





My focus for this coming year…

…I wish this for all of you as well!

My goals for this coming year!

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Christmas decor 2013I was  s-o  s-l-o-w  getting some Christmas decor up…

…it’s probably going to stay up a bit past the holidays!

  ; D   (gotta get my money’s worth!)




Suffice it to say that, all ornamentation this year was done with a very simplistic (but elegant) touch.

Of course~beginning with images of my hydrangea-splashed tree!

Christmas decor 2013

There just doesn’t seem to be a good way to get a good shot of this window header, and how I wish you could actually see it ~it is so simplistically pretty!

Christmas 2013 decor

Again, “simple” was the theme….

Christmas decor 2013

(Okay–maybe it’s a little heavy-handed over the curio)

Christmas 2013 decor

Just little touches in the kitchen cabinets, over the fridge, beside the stove…

Christmas decor 2013

…even from the driveway door heading down to the lower level…

Christmas decor 2013

Christmas decor 2013…but in the lower level kitchenette…

I had the fun of playing with some of my silver collection!  ; D

Christmas decor 2013

the NAUGHTY & NICE list


One last thing to share~

I taunt family each year with a NAUGHTY & NICE list.

I write out the initial list and then have mAny debaters coming at me.  The list gets re-written  mANy times throughout Christmas day, but this year I decided to write only the headers of NAUGHTY & NICE–period.

As family arrived~ first looking for their stockings and then checking “the list,” I heard a lot of “HuH?”

Then they joyfully filled out the lists for themselves–of course you know where their very own names landed!


I heard one child get scolded for putting Grandma on the Naughty list~ “You NeVeR put Grandma on the NauGHTY list, are you crazy?!”

My 2nd brother didn’t like where he kept landing so added the “Everything is the opposite” disclaimer.  I also see that a lot of names are just missing–perhaps the verdict is still out–?

Look where they put me!


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I love hydrangeas!

Any time of year, for any reason.  I just love them.

Christmas hydrangeas!Gail shared with us (more than a year ago) how to dye them a more brilliant color and I did just that last Christmas.  I dipped them multiple times in red Rit dye and put them in the Christmas tree–it was beaUtiful!

This year I had a different idea.  I thought it might be interesting to Kilz them white!  Ehh-yea ~it was okay.  They looked rather “flat.”

So with nothing to lose, I pulled out some lilac and chartreuse spray paint and sprayed them back to the color of SuMMeR!  And for good measure–a little aubergine!

They look fanTAStic!  If I do say so myself!  ; D


spray painted hydrangeas!

The picture on top was taken in the daytime,

the picture collage was taken last night with artificial light.

The daylight pic shows the color more accurately, but I kind of like the more “reddish” coloring too!

spray painted hydrangeas!And back in daylight this morning!

the painted hydrangeas!

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     Tuesday night~

A built-in for Christmas!

     Wednesday morning~

the LL built-in

     Thursday morning~

the built-in

     By Thursday night~

the built-inthe built-in

And you can see I took a little playtime!

A little playtime!

Today~ we clean-clean-clean!  And decorate like crazy!

Tomorrow~ I will work on and FINISH the upholstered seat-

(fingers crossed)!


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I’m taking on a Very Needed,

but Very Ambitious project

a week before Christmas.

Yes.  A WEEK before Christmas.  Uh-huh, I’m probably crazy.

Mom's  LL

I’ve said numerous times on this blog how LARGE our family is, and it’s definitely a crowd in mom’s little’ish house at Christmas.  So I decided to remedy at least a part of the storage-seating-spacial issues in her LL and dining area.

A built-in bookcase and banquette!

I pushed the table over to “see” and rearrange the chairs and—I think it will work.  In fact, I think it kinda’ looks like it was ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!

This hair-brained idea hit me a couple of nights ago, but at 11pm last night, I grabbed the only paper on hand to make a sketch, then make a commitment, and today–make the jump.  (God help me)

A built-in for Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for an update!

Or to see just how c-RA-zy  I. am.


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