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antq mall space #49


. . .uh, literally!

A local business owner bought my luggage shelves from the antique mall and then contacted me about creating some more for her–

but she wanted to buy WHOLESALE.

Thanks lady.  Apparently I am to build everything for charity now, huh-?

I decided to visit her store to talk face to face about why I can’t, but she caught me off guard with the proposition of at least making two more from a pair of suitcases she already hadhmmm. . .


luggage shelvesI charge $30 an hour for general things, but again, she caught me off guard and I forgot to include materials (dang it) !

And here’s the problem. . . .

The suitcases were fake leather and did nOt cut well.  In fact, the material kept “shredding” and I could never get a clean edge–even after numerous (failed) fixes.  So with THaT consuming problem, fitting interior cripples, cutting a to-fit backboard, gluing it up and permanently closed, all the finish details and the ribbon I ultimately ended up buying to cover the rough cuts/edges, I ended up with almost 2½ hrs into each case.  AND materials!

Certainly NOT worth $30 each.  A charity job.

~Ordinarily, this whole job would take me a smidge over an hour,  plus materials.  But apparently I pick better quality suitcases!

She didn’t seem to feel any “INEQUITY”   in this and actually HAD ANOTHER SUITCASE FOR ME TO DO-!

Do I have an “S” on my forehead-?

Now the other part of this story is that my sense of pride in craftsmanship would nEVer let me send something mediocre, less-than, half-done on its way.  There’s NO WAY I could ever do just the basics and make her finish the job– “trim” for the bad edges or clean them–and they were disgusting

which=MORE of MY TIME, but that’s me.

luggage shelvesHere are the trouble-makers, ready for delivery.


luggage shelves

The End.

N o t  q u i t e,  come back tomorrow for an  “alternative”  ending!  ; D

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putting 2013 behind us I’ve been reading a lot of “Year in Review” blog posts…a great look back at some really inspiring projects out there in blogland!

I started thinking about a couple of mine—and was surprised at how many of my own projects I’d forgotten all about!

antq mall display cabinet

So I thought it might be fun to

RE-share them with you too!

But I’m going to start with one from Nov 2012 and something I never thought I’d be doing…TAKING A SPACE IN AN ANTIQUE MALL.  What a surprise–that I did it, that it went so well as to expand in this year, and the many projects it propelled!  Like~ building this new display cabinet from odd parts and its outcome!


~found me constructing a dresser-hutch for my very 1st G-G-nephew Brody.
~Then I finished off another children’s cabinet for my cousin’s little baby girl Emma  before traveling to Atlanta to deliver it AnD take a little birthday getaway!  Woo-hoo!

year in review projects- 2013

In February~

I decided to make several changes in my mother’s master br as a surprise while she took a winter’s rest in Florida with a friend!  It started with a fire place

Mom's surprise!

During the year I worked on a variety of projects, big & small~

my lighting projects- 2013

  1. My vintage White Globe sconces
  2. Princes Aleigha’s lamp
  3. A thrift store lamp and an anaglyptic-covered shade
  4. A lace-y chandelier
  5. A vintage bed lamp re-fashioned

my chalk boards and mirror projects- 2013

  1. the Atlanta trip windows
  2. my auction mirror
  3. making a mirror from cabinet doors
  4. a decoupaged chalkboard
  5. two more decoupaged chalkboards

And there were lots of  miscellaneous projects….

misc projects of 2013

But you all know my very favorite thing is construction!

Hmmm, I guess I make a lot of benches   ; D

my bench projects- 2013

  1. The other half of the 1st Craig’s List dresser
  2. The neighbor’s curbie
  3. A quilted slip-covered curbie!
  4. The ReStore “bench”
  5. Saving history!
  6. The 2nd Craig’s List dresser
  7. The sewing cabinet bench
  8. The Christmas built-in banquette

And furniture~

furniture projects of 2013reviving some curbies, an old camp chair, rattan chair makeovers, a thrift store dresser and bed re-furbished, the farm table, the outdoor china hutch, a 2nd Craig’s List dresser re-do, a decoupaged dresser, a bit more decoupage, re-working a curbie, Grandpa’s rockers, the antq mall armoire,

And of course–charity projects.

charity projects -2013

2 Hall Trees for 2 charities, The Habitat for Humanities Hall Tree and children’s cubbyAnd one more currently in the works for mom’s neighbor who is battling breast cancer, but I haven’t posted on any of it yet.

It felt like I was so busy all year, but it’s only 50′ish projects!

I did leave out a handful or so because I abandoned them (-didn’t like how they were taking shape, but I’ll come back to them…).  There were also many “other projects” that occurred throughout the year not listed above…

like TRAVEL and meeting some of my FAVorite bloggers!

Which you can neVer do enough of!


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When I was recently shopping one of my fav ReStores, the manager asked me to come see him before I left.

My instincts were saying “I didn’t do it~it wasn’t me.”

always try to be charitableThey really liked, and appreciated my Hall Tree donation for their Earth Day Celebration

would I be willing to build anOTHer for their fall silent auction–??

I believe in charity.  I have a strong sense of Where you are CAPABLE and ABLE, you SHOULD!  So I’ll be building another hall tree for this worthy cause very soon!

I was escorted to the back staging area to get a first pick of some really cool, oLd  -recently donated-but not put out just yet-  doors.  One really stood out!

Check out the dentil molding under the beveled glass divided light windows!  O.M.G.  I have   p-L-a-n-s   swirling around in my head galore!

*Sort of ironic that I picked a door with a NO SOLICITING sign—for a SOLICITED project!  ; D

Okay, so, speaking of The ReStore—

My cousin sent me this notice from the Atlanta ReStore!  It doesn’t say you have to be local to participate–and I visit them aLmost eVery trip. . .

ReStore Events and News

Calling all you creative ReStore shoppers!

What’s Your ReStory?

We know you’ve been taking your ReStore finds and using them to enhance your home or to create something wonderful. It’s time to show off your creativity! Send or bring us a photo of your favorite ReStore item or project and we’ll proudly post it in the store. All customers will vote for their favorite entry and the most popular one will receive a $50 ReStore gift certificate! You can enter as many projects as you like, so get those photos to us right away!

FINE PRINT:  Submit entries from August 27 through September 24. The winner will be announced at 10:30 a.m. on September 28.  Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address along with your photo. Entry forms available at the ReStore. Also, be sure to let us know what items in the photo you purchased at the ReStore. Email entries to us at restorenewsletter@atlantahabitat.org or bring your photos by the store.

I have a FeW things to pick from to maybe send in—!  ; D


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"Landen"My days have been very roller coaster-like since having my little surgical procedure last Tuesday.  And it’s been a challenge to work on -anything- at length.

I just couldn’t finish the 2nd hall tree on time so I donated one of my children’s cabinets instead.  I really hope it, too, will fetch a good dollar amount for Vicky.  Fingers crossed.

I named this cabinet  -locker-cubby-  LANDEN, for my gr-nephew Landen.  And it is hIS grandmother that the benefit is for.

*the reason I picked thIS cabinet

Thankfully, their “cup runneth over” with donations, and I DiD also make 2 beautiful spring floral arrangements.

building the 2nd Hall Tree

But, let me show you what I was TRYing to build for this 2nd charity benefit.

(I DiD get pretty far along–)

The 2nd Hall Tree.

I picked out some things and parts to bring together.  I wasn’t sure exACTly what I would ultimately use, so this was just a part of my “creating process!”  ~Options, y’know!

-So, I decided to use the split pediment instead of the half moon frame.  I took the mirror and frame apart to get to it.

-Then seeing how it would/could fit onto the door and its new height, I decided to cut off the top panel section.  And I needed to create a spacer, or transitional piece to bulk up the top again.  I cut a piece of wood to length and depth, and then routered a dado for the pediment to fit into.

-Next I began working on the “box” using the top section of the door I cut off.

-And I used stair railing pickets to create legs/feet for support.

-I also cut up an old cabinet door to make a hinged lid for its new hidden storage.

I’m going to end here, at the construction phase—although, mUch of the painting was well under way.          I’ll show you more of that next post.

I’ve needed more follow up with the doctor –proving just how infected the cyst actually was, and the reason I just couldn’t stay on this project to finish in time.


the 2nd Hall Tree


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Let me 1st say that life (in the form of a painful sebaceous cyst) has interrupted the flow of working on, and finishing this hall tree, and getting started on the 2nd one.  Can you say mOre stress to make both charity deadlines~yIKes.

My mom accompanied me for my scary, and painful little “surgery.”  She also took pictures so I could actually see (afterwards) what the heck was happening.  I’ll spare you the sUper gross pics–but I’m going to show my nephews-the bOys (I’m a bAd auntie).

The whole process was pAINful~beginning with the hUNdred shots of local anesthetic that sent me flinching and squirming for all the burning, to all the cutting-poking-prodding-pushing-squeezing to excise the badly infected cyst.  Which may have lOOked like a golf ball, but felt like a softball–with roots.

Before all was done, their floor was flooded with my tears, and the doc had to remind me more than once to breathe.  And after all that to empty it, thEN she packed it back up with a medicated gauze for 24hrs that left me in agony.  My body definitely knew something was in there that didn’t belong, leaving me feeling ill, pale-white, wobbly,  and back in bed for the rest of the day.

This was 2 o’clock yesterday.  This morning, I tried to focus on finishing the hall tree upholstery to distract myself from the pain until I was scheduled for the packing removal.  The cyst was sO infected, some had to remain–and I have to go back yet again.

I’ve just got to FOCUS on my projects, and the good cause they are for.  Yes, it hurts and I’m in pain~but I’ll bet my niece’s mother-in-law would trade with me in a heart beat.  And, in the immortal words of my funny, late grandmothers—

Thank you God

“It’ll heal before you get married!”


“Cry, cry, cry–you’ll just pee less later!”

That definitely helps put things back in perspective—.


a hall tree for the ReStore's Earth Day celebration!The finished hall tree may not look “perfect” –but, all considering, I’m happy with it.  My last task was to add the nail heads, and it gave me the most trouble~heck, they’re tough to get perfect in the bESt of circumstances!

(and I sure would like a do-over)

But I have to get this one to the ReStore, and finally start on the next hall tree.

I hope you like it, and I hope the ReStore gets a gOOd price for it!







ps~1. It seems I got something on the internal part of my lens, that’s the weird dark spot you see.

And, 2. The “F & P” are covering the cabinet door handle holes on the box’s front that I somehow overlooked in construction.  ; D

a hall tree for the ReStore's Earth Day celebration!

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Yesterday, I was in construction.

Today, I’ve been puttying, sanding, painting, and waxing.

Tomorrow, I will have a few refinements to finish, and then,     I’ll be—upholstering.  Yes, the little arms and seat!

Here’s a shot from earlier today—

my charity project #1

       I have no idea why the poor thing looks a bit wonky in the photo ~but I promise, it iS square and level!

       Anyway, it looks better than this as I’ve quit for the night, but it will be finished tomorrow, and before end of day, I should have begun construction on the 2nd hall tree!  Busy-bUSy!

*I’m not sUper crazy about thESE hooks for thIS piece, but I’m trying to oNLy use things frOM the ReStore–remember that this piece is for them.  I may acquiesce on this point.


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…..OMG!  Sooooo much fun antiquing-thrifting-shopping,

especially at  A Classy Flea.

Found lots of great parts to build new cabinet designs–

already busy sketching ideas!

♥  ♥  ♥


The reason for the trip was to personally deliver a specially-built cabinet to

Music for Megan!


Hope you like it!

It felt really good to make such a contribution for this worthy cause!









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