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I was so excited to learn the Scott Antique Market and Haven landed on the same weekend back in July and immediately shifted my plans to go at the end of the conference.

Of course I had a blast!  But, I’ve never gone on the last day so, although I knew it would be picked over and certain I missed out on some incredible treasures –I was anxious to see what crazy deals might be available too!

my Scott Antq mrkt find--This silver coffee urn was just one of my crazy cheap deals!

The vendor wanted $25 -even with the missing lid- because it was a higher quality piece.  But when I pointed out that it also had a missing leg we settled on $7!

First thing I did was polish it up to see its true beauty!  Then I took it to a local jeweler to re-balance the 3 legs and carefully bend back the one smashed in handle, $15.  Ultimately, I want to plant an ivy in it and use it in a vignette in the kitchen, but first it will be a vase for some late summer blooms.


my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!

my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!

Once I plant the ivy in it, the spigot can be opened for drainage if it gets over-watered (which my mom tends to do).

I saw lots of amazing things at Scott -which I’ll share tomorrow-

but for now, let me share one more simple-cool find (from our Kinderhoook trip) you know I love urns~and this cutie was only $4.50!


found on our trip to Kinderhook--

mom's kitchen--

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I flea markets!

And antique shops and thrift stores, and barn sales, and yard sales. . . .

So I was pretty excited to learn that our return trip happened to coincide with the 3rd Sunday flea market!

These are the few treasures I bought.

Beginning with this enamel-ware pot, they wanted $20—I paid $10.

(Made in Czechoslovakia~my paternal family are 100% Slovak, and I  browns.)

3rd Sunday flea market

My 3rd Sunday finds!I do love my lamp finials and hardware!  The ring was heavy weighted and orphaned, and I have a couple of brackets missing their rings—perfect!   $3 both

I LUV CORBELS, and corner brackets!  Of any size–and I love adding them into a project.  These were broken in many places, which they hid under duct tape–I would have negotiated wAy more.  $10 pr

There was a vendor with nothing but TIN. CooL tin too–but the stuff I really liked was beyond my pocket book.  I did get two pieces–I can’t say why, but I was just drawn to this fragment of license plate–he gave it to me with my tin -you can see some of here- which I’ll cut in half and use as “rosettes.”   $10 -both

I really love making floral bouquets in pretty containers and this little guy was only 25¢ I don’t know what it was and they didn’t either (we thought maybe an ink well?) but it’s a cutie and I’ve already put it to work!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

I saw a collection of kerosene lamp bases and this one struck me for its simplicity.  I have a bunch of huge glass bottle stoppers–hmmmm-?   $7

Until then—it’s holding a bouquet of Black eyed Susans.

My 3rd Sunday finds!

My 3rd Sunday finds!Finally, the last thing to show you is the 1st thing I bought.

I’ve been looking for one of these ever since I foolishly passed one by years ago.  Since then, every one I’ve seen has been outrageous in price–especially considering I’m taking it apart!

This Vicorian cast iron bench was missing its back legs so I got it for  $20

I intend to detach the legs, add extra support, and make it a child’s porch swing for our remaining little ones.  Either to hang from the play house I’ve yet to build, or from the tree when…..oooops, haven’t talked about that project yet!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

I had high expectations based on things I’d been told about this market, so I guess you can see by my meager purchases that I didn’t find it so fabulous–for me.  I gave myself a $165 budget to shop with but only spent $60.25 ~see what I mean?  I’m glad I went, but I’m pretty sure once is enough for me.   : (

I am planning on going to the last Elkhorn flea market of the season!  : )



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Yes, I’ve run off -once again.

My mother asked me to take her “home,” to visit her last few cousins and go to the local annual Hull Town Picnic.  Check, check, and, check.

~Mom’s family were from the very small farming community of Kinderhook -and Hull and Quincy-  and we spent a LOT of time in and out of Hannibal while visiting Grandma.

~Below is a map of mom’s “home area” where we chased back and forth across the Mississippi River—only 12 miles from Kinderhook to Hannibal.

map of mom's "home" area

My oldest nephew’s wife jumped in the car to at last go see this place of all the crazy childhood stories.  We took her to see lots of Hannibal’s Mark Twain “stuff” and up the hill to tour the amAZing and haunted Cruikshank Mansion!  -which you can now stay at as a B&B!

~the driveway up the hill to the Cruikshank Mansion

~the driveway up the hill to the Cruikshank Mansion

with Terry from Forever Decorating!Additionally, we ran into Quincy, where I was so excited to meet fellow-blogger Terry-

Forever Decorating

and tour her beautiful and oh-so-creative home!

It’s pretty incredible meeting up with all of you creative and talented folks!


Finally, as we headed back home, we took advantage to take a break in Bloomington to go to the 3rd Sunday flea market.

3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market

. . . .ahhhhhh. . . . silver AND organization!  ; D

3rd Sunday flea market

Of course I found a few cool treasures to take home,

I’ll show you tomorrow. . . .


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While we continue working through our ~enORmous~ project,

Elkhorn -last show 2013(of inventorying my late Uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection)

I thought I’d go back a little to share some of the great treasures I saw at the last Elkhorn flea market for this season!

1st~It seemed to be a little later in the month than usual.  It was still “dark” as the market opened, AnD, it was foggy -WeiRD.  But once the sun was fully up and the fog burned off. . .WhaT a beaUtiful day!

I showed you my fun purchases, but here are some more things that had my attention!

Well–you know I loves me some furniture!  Uuuh–how I wish I could have bought that Victorian sofa!

as always—click on the pics to see them biGGer!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Do you recognize what these super CooL “mirrors” uSeD to be-?


ps–I hope to get back to my own “work” really soon~fingers crossed!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

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Life is FuLL of peeks and valleys—but sO mANy in oNe dAy-??

The alarm was set for 3:10—I laid awake from 2am on.

I should have been out the door by 4am—it was 4:15.

Oh well~I still made the early entrance line~barely!

Which means I could park in the vendor area!
Which means it’s WaY easier to make trips back to the car when my finds get heavy!
AnD–shed clothing as the sun finally begins to warm everything up!

So, LooK what I found!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

First, I found the antlers.  I’ve been interested in getting some of these for a while now, but haven’t pulled the trigger.  These were in pristine condition, well sized, and bleached and mounted–for a negotiated price of $25.

Second, I found this cool clock! (about 4″ in diameter) I have and love, 2 smaller versions of this one, so I was eager to capture this—for $20!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

In the purchase of one of those items—I “lost” $20.  :’ (

I had CRISP, NEW, bills from the bank, and even though I WaS mindful of this–I gave extra money out by accident.  I only realized it while checking my cash in negotiations for a really cool 5½ ft section of intricate fret work.  I had to re-group at this revelation–and didn’t buy thAT piece.

*I’m giving whichever vendor the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t realize it either~but lucky them.

Silver lining~it seemed to open the door for OTHer great luck!

Like the bed pictured above–that will most likely become two benches for resale–$50.

And the alabaster, fluted, urn-styled lamp, omG–for a whole $20!  It’s in eXcellent condition, only needing to be rewired~which I would have done aNYway for safety-sake!

I also found that fabulous vintage sheet music for future projects—only 50¢ each~I took $5 worth!  The black & white interior sheets are perfectly worn, aged, and discolored–and I luv the titles!

As I was leaving, I saw the burlap feed sack I saw first thing in the morning -but no vendor to be found-  happened to stiLL be there (waiting for moi?).  It’s a great size and inCREDibly soFT!  $2

*it will definitely become part of some upholstery project!

Next stop—the amusement park!

O! m! G!  WhAT fUn!

Can’cha see!?!  ~WHO was tired~??


last day at the amusement park!

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Elkhorn flea market!It’s the last show of the season for the Elkhorn Flea Market.

And you know the drill. . .

Up at 3:15.

Out the door by 4am.

There by 6:30.

Broke in 45 mins, or less.

I don’t shOP  -I BUY-!

But thIS time~I need to head back right away to hit all the FAST rides with my little great-niece!  You see, it’s also the last day of the season at her local amusement park–and everyone’s afraid of the gOOd rides, but her FAVorite (no fear) Great Auntie!  ; D

So~YES!  There IS something better than a gOOd flea market–

Roller Coasters!

It’s gonna be a gOOd dAy!


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Découpage.  French for “trimmings.”  Seems I’ve been trimming just about anything not moving–ah, c’est la vie!  ; D

The back story—

Mom and my bf traded this bookcase for this drum table–which became the base of mom’s breakfast table, with a larger glass round!  Very cottage-y!

UnTIL I found thIS table base.  Then this one became orphaned, used here and there, and eventually landed for sale in the antique mall.

the trade--

But it languished -unwanted- so I pulled it out for a facelift~ découpage-style!

I took it with me to Kane Co this past weekend, but it was such a bad market—from the holiday weekend to all their storms~boohoo~it didn’t sell.  Now it’s baCK at the antique mall  -with its NeW LooK-  fingers crossed . . .

changing the look of the drum table--

I refreshed the white paint job with touches of thinned out Revere Pewter for contrast.  And then I découpaged the top–which sadly, was a leather top in BaD condition.

At the end, I waxed it clear and added touches of CeCe’s Light Aging Wax.

I think it looks FABulous now, and hope this change will attract a new home and appreciation for it!


a new look for the drum table!

the new decoupaged look!

I’m sharing this project with these inCREDible linky parties!


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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

. It seems like EVery plan I’ve made since May has been foiled by sOMEthing all summer!

So, I just try to roll with the punches.


While I was gone to Haven last month, mANy things sold out of my antq mall space–a gOOd problem to have ~but.

It’s left me busy working on projects for the store AnD I promised to do the Kane Co flea market for the 1st time in two years, so I needed stuff for thAT too!

~and don’t forget the storm damage we’re stILL dealing with.

At last I have sOMe things to share ~just not everything I’ve been working on.  I was too hurried to take pictures of everything, sorry.

I’ll start with this simple chalk board!

the chalkboardI found a cabinet door at the ReStore with a nice arched top and applique!  I ran it through the table saw to remove the outer door “frame,”

sanded everything, painted it with chalk board paint, decoupaged the styles and rails, and framed the door with leftover bullnose-

-which I painted with a gold leafing paint, and hit some oTHer edges while I was at it!

And I sold it at Kane Co to the loveliest woman!


And btw— I’m in the Spot Light at The Power of Paint Party!

the chalk board--

the chalk board--

Kane Co flea market

I’m sharing this project with these FABulous linky parties!


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the birthday people!O.  M.  G.

I.  am.  sO.  tired.

There was sO mUch going on to get READY for the party–and then sO mUch to do cleaning up AFTER the party~oy.  I fell asleep rEAlly early last night, and slept through till 7:30 this morning. . .and finally feel a liTTle less exhausted.

But guess what—

I have 3 days to put some aMAZing things together for the antique mall before EAA brings in a hUge crowd with out-of-town buyers!

Stand by~

Until then, let me show you the current state of the outdoor china hutch.  I still have to roof it with ceiling tin, and I haven’t built the doors yet either!  (work~work~work!)

The general view~

the outdoor china hutch*Note that all the wine that would otherwise be under the glasses—has been drunk!  Sorry you missed it.  ; D

the outdoor china hutchI worried about a solid cabinet back against the clapboards–you know, outdoor ventilation issues.  So I decided to attach aluminum window screening instead.  Everything can breathe, and bugs are [hopefully] kept at bay.

Finally, just a few detail shots!  I’ll show you more as I close it in, and finish it!


--the tin trimmings!

~a view of the wine glass racks!

the old farm table legs I found at Kane Co flea market a few years ago!

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My fAV flea market vendors at Elkhorn invited me to travel down on Saturday for the Early Entrance shopping–!  They said to “come down, meet up [with them] by noon, and jump in [their] truck to go in for free!”

The Early Entrance fee is $25.  The regular fee is $5.  Some might say I’m cheap~but thAT’s giving up $20 of shopping money.  Yea–I can’t dO that.  EsPECially because—


And I hAVe been tightening my budget more and more, show by show.  You can blow through a lOt of money there!  And this last show was inCREDible for the things I’m interested in!

Unfortunately, Elkhorn was in storms Saturday, so I was told most vendors wouldn’t come for early set up and therefore, early shopping. :’ (

Elkhorn flea marketSo I got up sUper early Sunday morning to travel the 140 miles.

Omg—I made 3 fABulous new contacts to feed my passion of architectural elements to build with!

*That’s like, better than Christmas morning!

Entering the market, I spied this head.  A mold actually.  Hmmm–gives me some ideas. . .

Below is the 1st of those 3 contacts–Dave! 

He salvages old MANsions!  Sign me up for some of thAT!!!

Elkhorn flea mrkt

I bought this pair of colonettes from him, which I’ll integrate into a tall bookcase for sale!

Elkhorn flea marketI also stumbled onto a pair of old plaster architectural niches.  I couldn’t resist them, and got the pair for $25.

I have to tell on myself here.  I forgot to go back to the vendor to pick them up before leaving the market.  Yes~I LEFT!  I stopped for lunch.  I got on the road to head home.  About four miles down the highway– “Oh NO!”  I couldn’t leave them behind!  And forfeit my prize AnD $25–??   -As If-    Can I tell you—going back in was very Déjà vu!  ; D

Elkhorn flea market

Here’s a variety of things that caught my attention!

Elkhorn flea marketElkhorn flea market

I love old concrete (grave-side) urns like above, cheap at $15–but I noticed these repos ALL OVER the market-?

And I loved the simplicity of just adding a table top to the old sewing machine base below!  I’ve seen many re-uses of the old bases, but they tend to look too contrived.

Elkhorn flea market  Elkhorn flea marketIt would be so fUn to have one of these old tandem bikes!

Elkhorn flea marketI don’t know what should have warranted the $150 price tag for this sign, but, it would make a good warning sign for the current condition of my Page 10 Studio. . .aGain. . ??  It’s what seems to happen EVery time I work on projects out of my studio. . ??

Elkhorn flea marketJeanine's new sign!

Speaking of signs—Jeanine from ChiPPY SHaBBy made a cOOl new sign for her blog and business!

~I love how the letters are raised off the old door panel at different heights!


And I have to share these items from another of the new contacts I made for architecturals!

Among Becky’s incredible items were these 2 awesome finds~

Picker's Playground, Inc.Picker's Playground, Inc.How I LUV flea markets!

*I didn’t want to inundate you with all the USUAL, inCREDible treasures this market holds. . . just click on “flea markets” under categories and you’ll see!


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