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uhhhhhhhh.........*Eight.  l o n g.  days. to get over the flu~at last I feel better.  My mother returned from her trip in the middle of it and in her jet-lagged-vulnerable state–got it too.

When I commented on how I felt like something the cat dragged in, mom added, “…and wouldn’t eat.”  Such sass is lost now she‘s there.  : \


I’ve been doing lesser-taxing things trying to re-find my energy.  Like finishing some upholstery projects in the hall.

I love the light and shadows cast about the hallway!

mom--upstairs hall built-in bookcase project. . . I recovered the seat of my great aunties’ 1917‘ish wicker chair, and my $5 flea market vanity chair in the alcove—more happening on these later.  ; D

mom--upstairs hall built-in bookcase project-002Sadly, someone cut the button tufting cords on the flea market chair :’ (  ….plus, check out the odd “upholstery job” on this seat.  Besides using safety pins, they stapled the fabric to the webbing-? …Uh…interesting. . ?

the $5 flea market chair seat recovered--

tinting the paint to get it right!


Now I can head back upstairs to begin playing with paint  -again-  I’ll mix my own color till I get it right.

Once and for all.

Fingers crossed.


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putting 2013 behind us I’ve been reading a lot of “Year in Review” blog posts…a great look back at some really inspiring projects out there in blogland!

I started thinking about a couple of mine—and was surprised at how many of my own projects I’d forgotten all about!

antq mall display cabinet

So I thought it might be fun to

RE-share them with you too!

But I’m going to start with one from Nov 2012 and something I never thought I’d be doing…TAKING A SPACE IN AN ANTIQUE MALL.  What a surprise–that I did it, that it went so well as to expand in this year, and the many projects it propelled!  Like~ building this new display cabinet from odd parts and its outcome!


~found me constructing a dresser-hutch for my very 1st G-G-nephew Brody.
~Then I finished off another children’s cabinet for my cousin’s little baby girl Emma  before traveling to Atlanta to deliver it AnD take a little birthday getaway!  Woo-hoo!

year in review projects- 2013

In February~

I decided to make several changes in my mother’s master br as a surprise while she took a winter’s rest in Florida with a friend!  It started with a fire place

Mom's surprise!

During the year I worked on a variety of projects, big & small~

my lighting projects- 2013

  1. My vintage White Globe sconces
  2. Princes Aleigha’s lamp
  3. A thrift store lamp and an anaglyptic-covered shade
  4. A lace-y chandelier
  5. A vintage bed lamp re-fashioned

my chalk boards and mirror projects- 2013

  1. the Atlanta trip windows
  2. my auction mirror
  3. making a mirror from cabinet doors
  4. a decoupaged chalkboard
  5. two more decoupaged chalkboards

And there were lots of  miscellaneous projects….

misc projects of 2013

But you all know my very favorite thing is construction!

Hmmm, I guess I make a lot of benches   ; D

my bench projects- 2013

  1. The other half of the 1st Craig’s List dresser
  2. The neighbor’s curbie
  3. A quilted slip-covered curbie!
  4. The ReStore “bench”
  5. Saving history!
  6. The 2nd Craig’s List dresser
  7. The sewing cabinet bench
  8. The Christmas built-in banquette

And furniture~

furniture projects of 2013reviving some curbies, an old camp chair, rattan chair makeovers, a thrift store dresser and bed re-furbished, the farm table, the outdoor china hutch, a 2nd Craig’s List dresser re-do, a decoupaged dresser, a bit more decoupage, re-working a curbie, Grandpa’s rockers, the antq mall armoire,

And of course–charity projects.

charity projects -2013

2 Hall Trees for 2 charities, The Habitat for Humanities Hall Tree and children’s cubbyAnd one more currently in the works for mom’s neighbor who is battling breast cancer, but I haven’t posted on any of it yet.

It felt like I was so busy all year, but it’s only 50′ish projects!

I did leave out a handful or so because I abandoned them (-didn’t like how they were taking shape, but I’ll come back to them…).  There were also many “other projects” that occurred throughout the year not listed above…

like TRAVEL and meeting some of my FAVorite bloggers!

Which you can neVer do enough of!


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the view from the front of the line--You know me and chairs– so this should be no surprise to you!    ; D

We went to an annual barn sale Saturday morning.  We got there early enough to be about 8 people back from the front of the line—the picture shows you how fast it loaded up~within about 20 minutes of OuR arrival~yikes!

a bench for three!I saw a LOT of great project material~but their prices seem to be in another ~stratosphere~ darn.

I bought some silver (again–no real surprise), AnD I found this 3 seat bench for the reasonable price of $40 and tOOk it!

Watch for thIS future facelift–I have iDEAs!

And~damn~ it. is. HEA-vY!  WoW!


the bergere and ottomanAfter I bought the bench, I moved around the corner to their “antique” section–and saw this inCREDible pairing!  A FABulously carved bergère and ottoman!  I know, I know~sucky picture (sorry).

It was a mere $60 for the pairing–can you believe?

Much as I loved it~I couldn’t justify anOTHER pairing, so I camped out in the area until my bf arrived so I could persuade HER to buy it!

*It’s now in HER furniture queue for yet anOTHER upholstery project!  ; D

And finally, just a few more of the beautiful things we saw!


some other goodies!

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Grandpa's rockersThis post is proof that

-some things-

should be left to an absolute expert.

I did everything up to the upholstery job–and thIS is why–

My grandpa’s rocker seats suffered a major blow and— were beyond “cosmetic surgery.”

They.  needed. like a~

“HiP replacement!”

; D  

working sO hard on this chair!

Katie and Jane working their majic!

So Katie and Jane finished the upholstery job -and new springs/seats-

and returned them to me yesterday afternoon. Yea~I knew they going to look gOOd, but, o.m.G!

Oh, maaan– how’m I gonna give ‘em up now–??

Katie and Jane working their majic!

Aren’t they just AWEsome?!?

Grandpa's (new) rockers!Yes–I gave up some of my feed sacks to go with their new suede seats!

Farmers were pragmatic~they very often used what they had on hand!  Like the bed sheet used for lining over the springs that was discovered while stripping down the seats.  Aren’t those nail heads the perfect detail?!

Did I mention how inCREDibly cOMFortable they are?!?

*You’ve just GoT to click on the pictures to see these beauties closer up!


Grandpa's (new) rockers!

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the built-up GUnk!By luck of the draw, I happened to start with the “easier” chair first.

Little did I know how complicated that 2nd rocker would be.

Let’s just say—if I had sTARted with the 2nd, the chairs would’ve been PAINTed and covered with fabric.

The 1st rocker took a day’s worth of sanding to clean up the decades of dirt, and break through the original finish.  Then I re-stained it and seal-coated it.

*Katie promptly asked, “How did you make it lOOk sO gOOd?!?”

*            *            *            *            *

working on the 2nd rockerThe 2nd rocker— o.m.G.

My initial plan was to sand it (sort of clean) leaving some of the years of wear and dirt  -patina!-  and then over-stain it.

One very tough day of sanding, using 3 different sanders with different grades of sand paper.  Nothing.  I truly didn’t even make a DENT in ~ANY part of it.  Like I hadn’t touched it yet.

Day two.  I STARTed sanding, but bailed on thAT quickly and went to buy some more furniture stripper.  I ran out of the natural citrus stripper I prefer–but the guy in the paint department suggested using a stripper specifically for varnish-shellac-and dirt instead anyway.

AnD my skin!  I didn’t have appropriate gloves and didn’t think about that at the store.  O.w.ie!  But you can see how it ate through the GUNK.

using a stripper to clean up the chairs--

Can you see how hard I’ve been working?

Now even the 2nd rocker is off to the upholstery ladies!

Both will have actual suede seats, and a little surprise at their head-rests!  ~Which is why I didn’t worry about cleaning up the full head-rest!


working sO hard on this chair!

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Grandpa’s rockers

First–these are the rEAL deal–not reproductions.  They are from the early 1920′s and fast approaching the HUNDRED year mark.

There were 4 -each just a liTTle different- and my grandma always grouped them together in a fun vignette!

No one wanted them when we were clearing out the house~so I took them all!  But I didn’t have enough space for aLL of them -or rEAlly the interest- so I picked out the one I liked best and reVAMPed it.  *It always made me laugh that IT was the 1st-choice chair MeN went to sit in!

I sold oNe at The RoseBowl, and two came back to mom’s (and eventually had to go to the storage unit).

But we were hit by a tornado.  Can you sEE them under aLL thAT stUFF?  Looks a bit “Where’s Waldo?” doesn’t it?  Again~the orderly lined walls of my uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection collapsed inward when the roof was ripped off.  As we worked through the pile–we found the chairs at the bottom, and the seats took a pretty hARD hit as things fell INto and ON them.

the chairs really ARE under all that stuff!

Since no one in the family really wants to keep them, I’m putting them up for sale.  But they HAVE to be worked on first.  I spent much of yesterday working on the first, and my upholstery ladies came to pick it up this morning.

I cleaned, repaired, sanded, re-stained, and sealed it, and think it looks beautiful!  Katie and Jane will replace the broken springs and upholster it in a suede!  And then I will put them in the antique mall AnD list them on eBay!

So. . . 1 down, 1 to go.


1 down -- 1 to go!

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"curbies!"Last summer, while I was suppOSED to be getting ready to join family at a lake cottage—I was busy plucking stUFF from someone’s curb! ~member these?!

The trellises were hung in mom’s garden and have deep red and white Mandevilla growing aLL OVer them!    The camp chair was painted and given new coverings with furniture webbing!

See that sad looking stool–??

 ~Its turn has finally come!

- I took off that splintered OSB, square (??) top,

- and cut a ROUND seat from a thick piece of PINE.

can I say it's a FAUX grainsack?!?

- I had some leftover canvas (from making a tee pee tent with the little boys!).  I was trying to figure out this transferring process–with no success~STILL.  *I think I may have the WRONG style printer–to let go of the ink.

You can see how poorly the image transferred, so I camouflaged it with a long soak in some instant coffee!

Can I call it a “fAUX grainsack?!?” ; D

- I made a boxed cushion for a better, “old-styled” fit (cut a circle, sew a band around it -it’s like a slip-cover- thEN staple it underneath).  I thought it would have a better overall look than just wrapping the fabric over the batting-foam-pine!

adding some lace--


- And for an unexpected touch,    I added a section of some vintage-flea market lace before attaching it to the stool!

The open ends remind me of a shirt collar!  *double click the picture to see it better!


Lastly–I cleaned and painted the stool.  I painted the under-inside a chartreuse, and the outside white!  ~I was just looking for the smallest pop of color!

a facelift for the curbie stool!

Again–it was a dUd flea market and hardly anything sold~ including this cutie.  :’ (   So it’s at the antique mall now. . .


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a pair of chairs for Princess Aleigha!

My reward for standing in that crAzy, 18° chilly, looong line for St Vinnie’s ½ price sale on Monday was “the desk”  I was after AND,

this pair of chairs!  $20 each,  $10 each!

*There were 4 chairs~I felt badly for breaking up the set, but I only wanted 2 !  And they were priced seperately!

Here’s the project—

The big brothers moved to the double-sized guest bedroom with private bath downstairs, so my princess Aleigha quickly staked her claim on the nEWly vacated bedroom for her own!  I’m surprised she didn’t move her little sister in there and keep the bigger room they shared~ wait till she realizes!

The 1st project I intended to work on was the book cases that will surround her BiG window, and a window seat!  BUT, I’ve got so many projects backed up in my studio~I hardly have room to turn around!

~So I’m pecking off several small, quick projects to make room,

~and tHAt’s what you’ll be seeing in these next posts!

a pair of chairs for Princess Aleigha

a pair of chairs for Princess Aleigha

These would have been finished next week, and placed in the nearly finished room, but~oh well!

I LUV THEM~my niece isn’t sOLd!     She can’t “see” the end game yet.

I took the seats apart–someone was sUper staple-happy.  Thnx.

Then I took them to Katie.  I’m sure they’re going to get roughed around and probably beat up a lot by a pre-teen, so I was tryin’ to give ‘em a fight’n chance!

*Sometimes you have to leave it to the professionals!

I playfully chose a different area of the fabric design for each seat!

Did I mention I painted the chairs different colors too?!?  btw~that’s the family puppy, CHAMP, supervising me!

a pair of chairs for Princess Aleigha

before & afters ~ the $10 chairs!

a pair of chairs for Princess Aleigha

Looks sO muCH beTTer~don’cha think!?!

And perfect for a 9yr old budding fashionista!


I’m sharing Aleigha’s chairs with these linky parties!






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another curbie~


Chair #2

Who says a CAMP CHAIR can’t~  stYle-!

This poor chair was so nARsty, it was pretty obvious why it was on the curb!

I can’t believe I actually took it ~ tOUched it!  yeesch!

*Time had not made it any better pulling it from the “project pile” to work on— still so gross, which the picture does nOt show you.

**There was a mAjor amount of staples and upholstery tacks to pull– requiring extra man-handling of those nasty coverings.  ~Extra YEEEsch!  I wanted to don gloves, but couldn’t get a grip on anything effectively.

***It’s definitely good to have a magnetic sweep with a project like this– but I still managed to catch a few tacks in the bottom of my shoes.

pulling tacks and staples

After sanding the frame, I painted it a very faded “tomato-soup” red.

~I liked it with the red in the webbing.

THE WEBBING.  Sure, it’s intended for structure and nOt meant to be seen— but I think it’s beautiful, and just PERfect for this job!

I just bought more of this webbing at Hobby Lobby on sale for 69¢ a yard!the webbing--

I created a “woven” seat and back, and sewed it together.

the camp chair

the camp chair

I do like its simplicity, and it  l o o k s  really cute


it just needed a little. . .“zhuzhing!”

I was bummed when I couldn’t find my really cool vintage buttons to use, but, I think it looks cute anyway!  ; D

a little zhuzhing!

before & after

(*THIS chair–I would sit on!)


before and after

I’m sharing this project with these fABulous linly parties!

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curbies!curb•ie (ker’bee)  n.

1. broken, discarded, or worthless things left along edge of street.

2. raw treasures waiting to be re-loved, re-purposed.


If you’ve been following

my madness   for a while,

you may remember some of these items I rescued off the curb last summer and fall.  Hence~ curb•ies !


Since I seemed to have caught a cold now (apparently I have nO immune system anymore), I was looking for an easy-peasy, low-brain-power type of project.

Uuuh, well~ some of THESE things could use some attention LuV!

Chair #1

The old wooden chair.

It’s kind of low, but I can’t see that the legs have been cut down–??

It dOEs seem like a good height and size for a kid.  Maybe a desk chair-?

~inside my head. . .

Maybe I could come up with a desk-?

Maybe that odd wooden cabinet could be re-invented!  Hmmm. . .


Anyway~thinking of a kid, I gave it an Americana paint job!

~but inside my head. . .

Hey!  There’s another chair or two in mom’s garage attic~

maybe I could paint the British and French flags on them

and join them all together with a bistro table!

~I do LoVe to travel!  ; D


the NeW curbie!

I’m sharing my Curbie with these linky parties!

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Furniture Feature Fridays


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