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I tried so hard to get a good REVEAL picture for you to see my contributions to the Habitat for Humanities and the ReStores’ HARD HATS & HEELS auction—

but the chA-os of my jam-packed work studio was not working for any “pretty” pictures.  Okay~although I wasn’t pushing for those BEAUTIFIED, IN PLACE, STYLIZED shots, I still just couldn’t show the dreaded chaos that abounds for the moment.

And you know it’s even tougher when mirrors are involved—you have to think about the background AnD their reflection~yikes!

Now that my Hall Tree & kid’s cubbie are boTH delivered, and their chaos is much less than mine—at LaST I can show you their outcome!  ; D

Hard Hats and Heels--Hall Tree

Hard Hats and Heels--Hall Tree

a cubbie for the kiddos!

Hard Hats and Heels--kid's cubbie-001

And there they are!

Their request was very flattering, I’m happy with the outcome of both, and sure hope they fetch a pretty price for this worthy cause!


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auction mirror~ $22.50. . .Y’ know that auction I’ve been talking about lately–?

Okay-so, 1st time I went, I got this mirror, and the tapestry below.

2nd time -last Thursday- I was outbid on EVerything but a bench by some antique store and consignment shop owners.

(insert bottom lip here)

*Well, I see in this week’s uploaded pictures ~there’s 1 nice dresser I’d like to try for, some cool silver, and tOOls!

So~ y’ think I’ll have even half a chance~?

the auction tapestry~ $5

the auction bench~ $35

Well  -the bench-  I’ve decided I will sell, but just as it is.

The tapestry–is anOTHer story!

I took it off the dowel it was affixed to, threw it in the washer—then cut it up.

Yes, I cut it up~to make 3 pillows.

the auction tapestry gets cut up!

I used a neutral damask for the back side, and goose-down pillow inserts!

I kept it totally simple, no frills, square pillows–I think there’s enough pattern already going on!  I used the sewing machine for three sides, and hand sewed a blind hem to close them up.

All while I listened/watched “Becoming  Jane,” about the life of Jane Austen.  I’ve already told you how I love listening to the vocabulary, dialog, and music  ~and the stories, of course~  while I’m sewing!

the tapestry cut into pillows

the back side of the tapestry pillows

closing the pillows with a blind hem~

While I was in the pillow-making mood, I cut up a couple more of those sweaters I’m always collecting!

I love using button up sweaters for how easy it is to insert a “pillow.”


sweaters made into pillows!

I’m sharing this project with these linky parties~

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Here’s some of the lighting I’ve been working on to go to the mall–things I’ve been sitting on for a while, and a recent find.

revamped lamp shade

my $2.50 price lamp!I got stUck with this lamp shade just to buy a lamp I DiD want.  Fortunately, the shape and scale of it were good for this lamp I recently bought at The ReStore’s annual ½-price sale.

I stRIPPED off someone’s DIY-improvement of burgundy crushed velvet (can you say FAILure).  Sorry, could nOt torture my camera for picture of that mess!

I gilded the interior of the shade for a softer glow–and wallpapered the outside with anaglyptic paper.  And you can see I needed more fingers (than I had) so clothespins became my little helpers!

Here’s that $5 $2.50 lamp!

I loved that it was turned wood!  And that shape–as well as the harp!

I spray painted it a soft white.

I painted the wallpapered shade with a soft white too, but I dark waxed it to show the texture better.

*You’ve really got to click on the picture to see this closer up~ so pretty!


my 1/2 price lamp~

newly covered lace shadeDang it~I forgot to take a before pic of this “chandy” AnD lamp shade frame ~sorry.

The lighting part of the chandelier was stripped from a “structure” I wanted for a different purpose (*but I didn’t throw it out, It was that nAsty-shiny gold.

The shade was 1 of a pair I rescued from a dumpster!  I patiently sat with a glue gun and some old lace and covered the wire frame.  (I’d like to cover the 2nd one with a really loose-weave burlap I bought at Scott’s.)

I was totally playing with the hot glue gun and added wax drips to the candle sleeves before I painted away the rest of that nAsty gold.

a different kind of chandelier!

a 4-armed baby chandelierI forgot to get a picture of this baby chandelier, but it just so happened to get caught in this shot~yAy!  It’s a cute little guy, but it could be c-Uu-t-er.

I dry-brushed it with a pale blue eggshell, then with a soft white, and waxed it, and  added some cottage-y chandelier shades I’ve had forEVer!

But I was so hurried to get it to the store— now that I see it hanging~ooooh, eeey.  It’s tOO plain, and the shades are tOO big.  I’ll be re-working this fixture.

a 4-arm baby chandelier-


*I went back again to that auction today, but was out bid on everything I wanted by the antiques store owners, and consignment shop owners that got it all.

I left with 1 item~I’m sure only because none of them had interest in it.

I’ll play with it and flip it too!  It was $35.


the one thing I got a t the auction~

A few things I was out bid on. . .

the things that got away~

And~look what I saw in a trophy case going in!  I guess it wasn’t part of an urn, but rather, part of a trophy!

DSC02627the URN now~

I’m sharing these projects with these FABulous linky parties!
Mod Vintage Life


Furniture Feature Fridays

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