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a recently given "gift"Old friends of my mother were moving— “Would [ I ] like this old dresser?”

Yes -and- Thank You.

It’s very solid, simply styled, and sadly, not without issues needing attention–but nothing I can’t handle.

The drawer tracks and guides are the biggest issue, and one of the wooden wheels is broken~ c’est la vie.

a "plain Jane" gets a makeover!Sure, I could just  do some repair and a paint job,

but where would the fun be in   just that?


So I pried out the rails for the 2 larger drawers and ripped them down at the table saw, and then re-installed them at a shallower depth.

In the original style, the face frame and drawers were all flush—but I thought it would be fun to create Full Overlay Drawers and something more architectural !!!

I grabbed a 2×4 sheet of birch veneered plywood and the jig saw…

a facelift for a "plain Jane"

…and applied a new face to each of the drawer fronts!

a facelift for a "plain Jane"

But wait, there’s more. . . !


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Talk about getting blind-sided.

I was SO busy plugging away on multiple things. . .I have NO idea where that flu bug came from.  But, as soon as I’m totally well  ~I’m getting a flu shot~ so I don’t go through that again!  Thanks for all the well-wishes!

Unfortunately, something seems to have piggy-backed onto that flu bug -fABulous- and I’m still seriously dragging around.

Yesterday I decided enough was enough and headed outside.  Barely 60° and a BIG ole mess of fallen leaves and debris from the squirrels & walnuts because of no daily tidying, and the grass was sO overgrown–you see where this is going.

doin' some fall clean up--

doin' some fall clean up--~Felt like I was moving in s l o w motion and took WaY longer than normal, but I pressed on—and think the physical workout and fresh air was good for me.  And, things look nice again—even with things dying, (the reason I’m not into Fall).



I was so happy to look back in on my projects and am pretty anxious to get back to work!

This is where I left things,

*before my nieces and Oktoberfest and the cheesecake-on-a-stick and the flu–

I need to stand back, take another look, AND APPROACH.

I’m not diggin’ it -yet- but it will come together.

And–here’s the base of the library table stripped, plus an old dresser that was just gifted me–and needs some “beautification.”


. . . -I’ll just pace myself-

the base of the Library Table stripped


a recently given "gift"

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the old record cabinetThe old record cabinet may be finished~but it  still  seems to have no clear identity.

Sure, all the slots are gone that made it a record cabinet, but it is just a bit too tall at 37″ to be a good side table or night stand (even with a high bed).

Well, it’s going to the antique mall for sale–and someone else can figure it out!

   ~  ~  ~

I cut shelves to slide into those slots.  If you look closely you’ll see the slots are DADO’s and the ends/sides of the shelves are RABBETs!

I finished painting, and after lightly distressing the outside to reveal a bit of the undercoat of white primer–I LIKED IT–so I left well enough alone and just waxed it.

The final touch was covering the door’s cut out with 3/8″ chicken wire.  Tomorrow I’ll apply trim to clean it up.  *I wanted to router a rabbet to sink the wire but the curved door would require a trim router–which I don’t have~yet.

Wait till you see my newest project–I’m cutting things up again!

See you tomorrow-


the old record cabinet--making the shelves

the old record cabinet--adding chicken wire

the old record cabinet--the refinished top

the old record cabinet

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arch enemy #1

It alternated between

raining & dreary

and just plain ole’ cold.

Bone-chilling damp-cold.

Mother Nature teased us once or twice with some deceptive sunshine, so I mostly parked on the sofa with the laptop and remotes.

The Cat & Mouse game with my arch enemy continued too.

8 down—1 wrascally wred wone that runs away quick as I come in view still on the loose. Probably more.
Below is just a sample of damages and treasures they leave me daily, and the neighbor’s walnut tree that fuels them.
red squirrel damages---In the next few weeks I’ll have a couple of guys helping me make repairs to the garage ceiling.  My arch enemies have stock-piled SO MANY walnuts in my insulated ceiling that parts of it have caved under the weight.  You’re suddenly startled by the horrendous sounds of a raining hail of walnuts and breakage for anything that can’t take the pummeling.  *Add 1 more notch to my board above.

So–I parked on the sofa with the remotes burning some incredible design shows to discs to keep!  Like The Bronson Pinchot Project.

the Bronson Pincot project---diy channel

We’re ditching the “practically a mortgage payment” of bundled cable for a “can’t say NO to” deal from AT&T U-verse.  Sure hope we like it–anyone already have it, and some opinions-??

I architectural millwork- elements- fragments!

the Bronson Pincot project---diy channel

the Bronson Pincot project---diy channel

the Bronson Pincot project---diy channel

the Bronson Pincot project---diy channel

the Bronson Pincot project---diy channel

See what I mean–?!?

So it looks like we’re supposed to have a beaUUUtiful week ahead &

I. can’t. wait!

I have a LOT to do!


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Well, it still has no clear identity, but you see I’m plugging away with paint and putting it back together.

And this is it’s current state.

the old record cabinet---inspirational--

To do:

~I’m pretty sure I’ll add 3/8″ chicken wire to the door’s cut out, so I’ll use my hand router to create a rabbet and counter sink the application.

~I need to get crackin’ on an adjustable shelf  (or 2) for the interior.  I’d like to take advantage of the slots from the former the old record cabinet--thus fardividers…….

~Paint the backboard and actually apply properly.

~Still not keen on the finish–guess I’ll be playing with that too…..but I do like the Tiffany-blue interior!

Sooo~ back to work. Even in an impending thunderstorm…?


Under construction!








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The old record cabinet.

I bought this in Atlanta in 2009

~while visiting my cousin, JeanAnn.  I think she’s suspicious of just WHO I am coming to visit since I’m always running off to go shopping while I’m there.

the old record cabinet

My plan was to convert it into a little girl’s armoire.  I was going to shorten the legs some and add an architectural crown at the top.  But–I had so many children’s cabinets to be sold–I back-burnered it.  However, I did not mean to abandon the poor thing all together.

It’s been so long, I may have had a change of heart regarding its new design.    At 37h  x  15½d  x  18½w . . . .

How about a small space night stand–??  Too tall?  A side table?  Drop a sink in it to go in a very small half bath?  I could keep going here you know…!

One change I intended is still happening—I’m cutting out the center door section!

After adding back some missing appliques and deciding on the thickness of the “sides,” I used a piece of wood as a measuring and marking guide–then free-handed, or, eased those finished lines with a sharpie marker so it was easy to follow with the jig saw.

altering the old record cabinetcuuting out the center door section--Did that just freak you out?

I drilled pilot holes at each of the corners -and a few extra places- to poke the blade through to cut out the center.  I did a pretty accurate job with the jig saw (it’s a curved door), but I still eased the edges really carefully -and again- free-hand at the router table with a dado bit.  Lastly, I switched to a ¼” round over bit and finished with a little sanding.

after the cut-out---

the door with its cut-outthe parts primed and laid out---This is where I left off last night… everything sanded and primed, except the top is stripped (for now).

Here are all the parts laid back out.  The poor little cabinet was so loose-y goose-y and super rough, I thought it would be easier just to take it completely apart.  I know~looks like crap right now, just gimme a minute….

more tomorrow. . .


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I call him "Guillermo"A f t e r

the crazy weekend’s

e x h a u s t i n g

-and lame-

Trunk Sale…

I tried to get some recovery time,    but I desperately needed to reset my antique store space.  The storage unit and work shop both had to be essentially ransacked and reorganized for any of these things to happen—a workout all by itself!

Somehow, taking pictures of the Trunk Sale got away from me—you’ll have to just believe me that it looked really beautiful, so I was told over and over AND OVER!  Too bad they didn’t put their money where their mouths were.

You can get an idea though, by how the antique store is looking. . . .

front side--left

front side--right

back side--left

back side---rightAnd here’s a better look at one old project—

My orange decoupaged breakfast table.

my orange decoupaged tableThese are the pine French country ladder-back chairs I bought in Atlanta!

Yes~I decided to put them up for sale. . . .lots of angst. . . .more tomorrow!


my French country ladder-back chairs

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