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While we continue working through our ~enORmous~ project,

Elkhorn -last show 2013(of inventorying my late Uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection)

I thought I’d go back a little to share some of the great treasures I saw at the last Elkhorn flea market for this season!

1st~It seemed to be a little later in the month than usual.  It was still “dark” as the market opened, AnD, it was foggy -WeiRD.  But once the sun was fully up and the fog burned off. . .WhaT a beaUtiful day!

I showed you my fun purchases, but here are some more things that had my attention!

Well–you know I loves me some furniture!  Uuuh–how I wish I could have bought that Victorian sofa!

as always—click on the pics to see them biGGer!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Do you recognize what these super CooL “mirrors” uSeD to be-?


ps–I hope to get back to my own “work” really soon~fingers crossed!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

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the view from the front of the line--You know me and chairs– so this should be no surprise to you!    ; D

We went to an annual barn sale Saturday morning.  We got there early enough to be about 8 people back from the front of the line—the picture shows you how fast it loaded up~within about 20 minutes of OuR arrival~yikes!

a bench for three!I saw a LOT of great project material~but their prices seem to be in another ~stratosphere~ darn.

I bought some silver (again–no real surprise), AnD I found this 3 seat bench for the reasonable price of $40 and tOOk it!

Watch for thIS future facelift–I have iDEAs!

And~damn~ it. is. HEA-vY!  WoW!


the bergere and ottomanAfter I bought the bench, I moved around the corner to their “antique” section–and saw this inCREDible pairing!  A FABulously carved bergère and ottoman!  I know, I know~sucky picture (sorry).

It was a mere $60 for the pairing–can you believe?

Much as I loved it~I couldn’t justify anOTHER pairing, so I camped out in the area until my bf arrived so I could persuade HER to buy it!

*It’s now in HER furniture queue for yet anOTHER upholstery project!  ; D

And finally, just a few more of the beautiful things we saw!


some other goodies!

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Grandpa's rockersThis post is proof that

-some things-

should be left to an absolute expert.

I did everything up to the upholstery job–and thIS is why–

My grandpa’s rocker seats suffered a major blow and— were beyond “cosmetic surgery.”

They.  needed. like a~

“HiP replacement!”

; D  

working sO hard on this chair!

Katie and Jane working their majic!

So Katie and Jane finished the upholstery job -and new springs/seats-

and returned them to me yesterday afternoon. Yea~I knew they going to look gOOd, but, o.m.G!

Oh, maaan– how’m I gonna give ‘em up now–??

Katie and Jane working their majic!

Aren’t they just AWEsome?!?

Grandpa's (new) rockers!Yes–I gave up some of my feed sacks to go with their new suede seats!

Farmers were pragmatic~they very often used what they had on hand!  Like the bed sheet used for lining over the springs that was discovered while stripping down the seats.  Aren’t those nail heads the perfect detail?!

Did I mention how inCREDibly cOMFortable they are?!?

*You’ve just GoT to click on the pictures to see these beauties closer up!


Grandpa's (new) rockers!

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the built-up GUnk!By luck of the draw, I happened to start with the “easier” chair first.

Little did I know how complicated that 2nd rocker would be.

Let’s just say—if I had sTARted with the 2nd, the chairs would’ve been PAINTed and covered with fabric.

The 1st rocker took a day’s worth of sanding to clean up the decades of dirt, and break through the original finish.  Then I re-stained it and seal-coated it.

*Katie promptly asked, “How did you make it lOOk sO gOOd?!?”

*            *            *            *            *

working on the 2nd rockerThe 2nd rocker— o.m.G.

My initial plan was to sand it (sort of clean) leaving some of the years of wear and dirt  -patina!-  and then over-stain it.

One very tough day of sanding, using 3 different sanders with different grades of sand paper.  Nothing.  I truly didn’t even make a DENT in ~ANY part of it.  Like I hadn’t touched it yet.

Day two.  I STARTed sanding, but bailed on thAT quickly and went to buy some more furniture stripper.  I ran out of the natural citrus stripper I prefer–but the guy in the paint department suggested using a stripper specifically for varnish-shellac-and dirt instead anyway.

AnD my skin!  I didn’t have appropriate gloves and didn’t think about that at the store.  O.w.ie!  But you can see how it ate through the GUNK.

using a stripper to clean up the chairs--

Can you see how hard I’ve been working?

Now even the 2nd rocker is off to the upholstery ladies!

Both will have actual suede seats, and a little surprise at their head-rests!  ~Which is why I didn’t worry about cleaning up the full head-rest!


working sO hard on this chair!

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Grandpa’s rockers

First–these are the rEAL deal–not reproductions.  They are from the early 1920′s and fast approaching the HUNDRED year mark.

There were 4 -each just a liTTle different- and my grandma always grouped them together in a fun vignette!

No one wanted them when we were clearing out the house~so I took them all!  But I didn’t have enough space for aLL of them -or rEAlly the interest- so I picked out the one I liked best and reVAMPed it.  *It always made me laugh that IT was the 1st-choice chair MeN went to sit in!

I sold oNe at The RoseBowl, and two came back to mom’s (and eventually had to go to the storage unit).

But we were hit by a tornado.  Can you sEE them under aLL thAT stUFF?  Looks a bit “Where’s Waldo?” doesn’t it?  Again~the orderly lined walls of my uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection collapsed inward when the roof was ripped off.  As we worked through the pile–we found the chairs at the bottom, and the seats took a pretty hARD hit as things fell INto and ON them.

the chairs really ARE under all that stuff!

Since no one in the family really wants to keep them, I’m putting them up for sale.  But they HAVE to be worked on first.  I spent much of yesterday working on the first, and my upholstery ladies came to pick it up this morning.

I cleaned, repaired, sanded, re-stained, and sealed it, and think it looks beautiful!  Katie and Jane will replace the broken springs and upholster it in a suede!  And then I will put them in the antique mall AnD list them on eBay!

So. . . 1 down, 1 to go.


1 down -- 1 to go!

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Découpage.  French for “trimmings.”  Seems I’ve been trimming just about anything not moving–ah, c’est la vie!  ; D

The back story—

Mom and my bf traded this bookcase for this drum table–which became the base of mom’s breakfast table, with a larger glass round!  Very cottage-y!

UnTIL I found thIS table base.  Then this one became orphaned, used here and there, and eventually landed for sale in the antique mall.

the trade--

But it languished -unwanted- so I pulled it out for a facelift~ découpage-style!

I took it with me to Kane Co this past weekend, but it was such a bad market—from the holiday weekend to all their storms~boohoo~it didn’t sell.  Now it’s baCK at the antique mall  -with its NeW LooK-  fingers crossed . . .

changing the look of the drum table--

I refreshed the white paint job with touches of thinned out Revere Pewter for contrast.  And then I découpaged the top–which sadly, was a leather top in BaD condition.

At the end, I waxed it clear and added touches of CeCe’s Light Aging Wax.

I think it looks FABulous now, and hope this change will attract a new home and appreciation for it!


a new look for the drum table!

the new decoupaged look!

I’m sharing this project with these inCREDible linky parties!


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Long story short—I bought this dresser, night stand, and bed in the 90′s.  It had a sUper dark stain, I painted it a pale celery green, an artist-friend added the touch of pansies and strawberries!

I bought it for resale—but it didn’t. :’(  (Actually, the night stand did!)

*My bf and I were working the flea market hard–4 summer shows each season and making mAd money during the rEAlly eARly Shabby Chic-craze!

~We took a lOt of flack at times for painting “good wood!” and liked to experiment with all kinds of color–not just the standard white.  I had to do some DiGGing just to find this–can’t find its darkly stained original look.
*Did I mention we were in gRADe school when we started doing this!?!

flea market in the 90's

Since the bedroom set didn’t sell, it rotated in and out of storage and being lent out to family.  Last spring I completely re-fashioned the bed for mom’s guest bedroom—reupholstering the headboard and caning the foot board-

~remember this project–?!?

The finished bed!A great-niece was the last to use the dresser, and just recently gave it back to me. . .so,

~I think it’s time to give it a new life once and for all!

green dresser makeover

After scraping some of the rough and bubbled paint, and priming out some stains–I began painting it alabaster white, which looked fresh, but the painted top wasn’t WoWing me.  So I stripped it—BeTTer!

Wanting to decoupage the drawer fronts with old sheet music and pages from old books~ just to balance out the “colors,” I painted the side panels my fav-Revere Pewter.

making over the green dresser--

I sanded off the excess of the pages, and then waxed the sides and guides of the drawers and dresser so eVerything would open and close really smoothly!  What a workoutLastly–I changed the hardware to something “chunkier!”

making over the green dresser--

a makeover for the green dresser--

Yes~ my work space is OuT of ConTRoL!

~And THaT’s anOTHer project!

The dresser is at the store now, looking for a new home!


a makeover for the green dresser--I’m sharing this project with these FABulous linky parties!


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Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013I always say how,

“It’s better to be bUsy than bORed!”

Trust me~I have been ANYthing but bORed lately!

~We’ve had an unending job with all the spring clean up,

*as soon as the weather holds warm, the greenhouse is comin’ down and we’ll be planting!

~We’ve had a beautiful wedding,

~We’ve had a baby shower (I’m going to be a G-G-Auntie aGAIN!)–AnD

*Saw this dress form at the flea market!

~yesterday was the 1st Elkhorn flea market of the season!

You know my passion for flea markets,

and sharing pictures of the incredible things I see,

So here we go!

You’ve just got to click on the pics to see some of these treasures bigger!

Oooooh, this was p-Ric-ey for all the pieces!  Be still my heart~yea, LUV at 1st sight!  In spite of the paint and upholstery jobs they need!  *And you can see they’re nOt the original seat cushions.

05-19-13 Elkhorn, 1st 2013 show1Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013You know I LUVs me some chairs!—check out the dolphin handholds!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013This theatre seat was phenomenal~and it stILL had it’s brass seat tag for lucky #13!  When the seat is up, do you see the program holder-?

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And I love all the architecturals!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And iron!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And lighting, industrial-styled!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And the traditional kind!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013~And you know how I luv mirrors, frames–and some signs!

I was trying to get a picture of the (broken mirror) framed chalk board, but someone stopped in my path,  : |   but I thought it was funny how it looked sort of “cameo-like,” so I snapped the shot!  ; D

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013This church pew—the details, the patina, the veRY old wood.  WoW!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

~Letters are always fUn!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Hardware. . . the flashlight was about 18″ long–very cOOl!

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013There’s ALways sOMEthing for eVERYone—how about a still?

Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013This was the most unusual piece I’ve seen at a flea market!  The lidded “barrel” sits on top of the “table,” I tried to layer the pictures so you can see~these ladies do the Atlanta SCOTT Antiq Market too!


Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

Btw—this was a prelude-to-the-flea-market piece!  What a great idea~can you see the 3 crates the cabinet began from ?!?


Elkhorn flea market--1st show 2013

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Aleigha's bookcase-dresser


While I am busy and finally

~back to work on Princess Aleigha’s bookshelf-dresser~

I wanted to show you some cOOl things I saw in the antique mall after I finished re-setting my space.  Oh, yea~I bought a few things too!

But 1st I want to show you this cool tool box/saw from the ReStore!  I was sO tempted to buy it JUst for the BoX!    *but I passed

from the ReStore









from the antique mall

I’m crAzy about the little lamp –for only $12– I may go back for it!  The other lamp is actually marble, and super heavy.  The Ship.  This one may throw you off, but I am fascinated by it for some reason.  I think it could make a really cOOl hanging light!

from the antique mall

from the antique mall

I love these old carriages!  Even through the coating of dust you can tell they were 1st class-elegance in their time.  Many people have sworn there is a ghostly presence around them~some have been scared by it, others say it felt like they were “trespassing,” and think it’s creepy back there.           *I kinda hoped I’d capture an “image” or something~nope.

from the antique mall

This dealer gets some really cool “chairs” in all the time, and I always go back there to check them out!  (I know–surprise, surprise!)

from the antique mall

Now~best for last!!!

The dealer has two–TWO of these!  O-M-G!

from the antique mall

This cupboard is almost 9ft tall~and it’s aMAZing!

from the antique mall

And, btw— I bought a very tall, hand blown, (partially) seeded, apple-green vase!  And a little-bitty bubble vase that was also hand blown, in a faded-delft blue color!

And a cOOl old yard stick—but is it??  It’s 48″ long!            Does that make it a yard and ¹/3 stick ?!?


from the antique mall

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Tah's benchI told you last fall about mom’s long-time next door neighbor who, sadly, went into a nursing home.

His children were left with the daunting task of emptying the house for resale.  They let me take anything I wanted from the piles accumulating at the curb.  From the sad situation came some fun new projects!

BUT—one of those treasures at the curb was breaking the middle daughter’s heart.  Something she couldn’t take on the plane back to NYC.  Her memories were sO vivid of learning to sew at the old sewing machine–and this bench.

Knowing how much I treasure all the things left to me—now mY heart was broken~ for her.

I tOOk the bench~but I had a plan.

I wrote her the following week that, “When I took the bench–it was aCTually fOr you.  Whenever you get re-settled, let me know and I will ship it to you!  No matter how long, it will just be here for safe keeping.  ~You know your mom and dad really would want you to have it!

But you know what?  I really wanted to work it over for her too, and,  I sure hope she likes it!

(I had just a bit of this colorful fabric left—)

SurPRise Tah!

Tah's bench

Tah's bench

I just hope she likes it and I didn’t “erased her memories.”


~Now I’ll go put it in storage with mY treasures for safe keeping!

Tah's bench

Tah's bench!

I’m sharing my project with these linky parties!

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