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WoW! Does this look like MY cabinet!Someone brought this to my attention last week, and -yes- it really caught me by surprise!

…look familiar to you too?

She sent me this link to an online store called Belle Escape.  I literally blinked a whole bunch of times and just stared.

Uh–especially at their price!   $1895.oo   Yowza!

WoW! Does this look like MY cabinet!


My 1st place project in the OMTWI contest!-

Here’s the one I built once again (for my mom) in a competition 2+ yrs ago!

You can follow the progress of building and finishing it

by the links below.

Beginning HERE,

then HERE,

and HERE!

*My mom is thinking about selling if she can get THAT price too!  ; D








See you tomorrow

with a new project!



My 1st place project in the OMTWI contest!uh--WoW!

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YaY!  for flea markets!What could possibly be more fun than a gOOd flea market!?! sigh


These are things I saw at the Scott Antique Market in July.   Things I forgot about sharing.

Sorry if this is -long- but you know this market is ALWAYS incredible!  You really should go sometime. . . .

-Right out the gate I was hit with the English scalloped hall table and caned chairs you see below—they were waiting for pick up, already SOLD!

-Check out the ormolu on that desk below–even painted!

-The Chippendale sofa was a whopping $60 and I seriously thought about how to get it in the car!

The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketThis vendor was picked pretty clean–with items like this bed remaining, imagine what she sold!  And that vintage belt sold while I was trying to take a picture of it.

The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketI heard several folks gasp at the price of this FAUX BOIS BENCH.  Yes, $1,000. is high, but I’ve seen wAy higher prices for lesser quality–and this was by FAR nicer than any I’ve ever seen.  So well done, it DID look like wood, even the seat!

The Scott Antique MarketThis vendor was also the builder of these headboards–fabulous craftsmanship!

The Scott Antique MarketI couldn’t help but think of the fun projects built around these car parts!

. . .no idea why I’ve become so completely fascinated with car parts. . . .

The Scott Antique Market

The Scott Antique MarketI ALWAYS love architectural items, but nothing was matching up with my needs ( ; D ) or budget.  : (

The Scott Antique Market

The Scott Antique MarketI love this old fire place radiator, and could totally see it repurposed into a child’s bench!

And I really liked this leather case–if my memory is good, I think they were asking $25.

The Scott Antique Market









The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketThis vendor’s stuff was  a-MAZ-ing!  If you want info on her, email me, she ships all over!

The Scott Antique MarketThe Scott Antique MarketThis gentleman was SO incredibly knowledgeable and generous about/with info on silver—and don’t you love his “check out station?!”

The Scott Antique Market The Scott Antique MarketThese bolsters were made from bleached rugs. . . amazing, huh?!

The Scott Antique MarketDid I overwhelm you with all the cOOl stuff?

And I only went to the “B” side of the market…

told you you should go to this market!



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I was so excited to learn the Scott Antique Market and Haven landed on the same weekend back in July and immediately shifted my plans to go at the end of the conference.

Of course I had a blast!  But, I’ve never gone on the last day so, although I knew it would be picked over and certain I missed out on some incredible treasures –I was anxious to see what crazy deals might be available too!

my Scott Antq mrkt find--This silver coffee urn was just one of my crazy cheap deals!

The vendor wanted $25 -even with the missing lid- because it was a higher quality piece.  But when I pointed out that it also had a missing leg we settled on $7!

First thing I did was polish it up to see its true beauty!  Then I took it to a local jeweler to re-balance the 3 legs and carefully bend back the one smashed in handle, $15.  Ultimately, I want to plant an ivy in it and use it in a vignette in the kitchen, but first it will be a vase for some late summer blooms.


my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!

my Scott Antq mrkt find--polished up!

Once I plant the ivy in it, the spigot can be opened for drainage if it gets over-watered (which my mom tends to do).

I saw lots of amazing things at Scott -which I’ll share tomorrow-

but for now, let me share one more simple-cool find (from our Kinderhoook trip) you know I love urns~and this cutie was only $4.50!


btw–I’m sharing these finds with Southern Hospitality!

Furniture Feature Fridays





found on our trip to Kinderhook--

mom's kitchen--

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I flea markets!

And antique shops and thrift stores, and barn sales, and yard sales. . . .

So I was pretty excited to learn that our return trip happened to coincide with the 3rd Sunday flea market!

These are the few treasures I bought.

Beginning with this enamel-ware pot, they wanted $20—I paid $10.

(Made in Czechoslovakia~my paternal family are 100% Slovak, and I  browns.)

3rd Sunday flea market

My 3rd Sunday finds!I do love my lamp finials and hardware!  The ring was heavy weighted and orphaned, and I have a couple of brackets missing their rings—perfect!   $3 both

I LUV CORBELS, and corner brackets!  Of any size–and I love adding them into a project.  These were broken in many places, which they hid under duct tape–I would have negotiated wAy more.  $10 pr

There was a vendor with nothing but TIN. CooL tin too–but the stuff I really liked was beyond my pocket book.  I did get two pieces–I can’t say why, but I was just drawn to this fragment of license plate–he gave it to me with my tin -you can see some of here- which I’ll cut in half and use as “rosettes.”   $10 -both

I really love making floral bouquets in pretty containers and this little guy was only 25¢ I don’t know what it was and they didn’t either (we thought maybe an ink well?) but it’s a cutie and I’ve already put it to work!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

I saw a collection of kerosene lamp bases and this one struck me for its simplicity.  I have a bunch of huge glass bottle stoppers–hmmmm-?   $7

Until then—it’s holding a bouquet of Black eyed Susans.

My 3rd Sunday finds!

My 3rd Sunday finds!Finally, the last thing to show you is the 1st thing I bought.

I’ve been looking for one of these ever since I foolishly passed one by years ago.  Since then, every one I’ve seen has been outrageous in price–especially considering I’m taking it apart!

This Vicorian cast iron bench was missing its back legs so I got it for  $20

I intend to detach the legs, add extra support, and make it a child’s porch swing for our remaining little ones.  Either to hang from the play house I’ve yet to build, or from the tree when…..oooops, haven’t talked about that project yet!

My 3rd Sunday finds!

I had high expectations based on things I’d been told about this market, so I guess you can see by my meager purchases that I didn’t find it so fabulous–for me.  I gave myself a $165 budget to shop with but only spent $60.25 ~see what I mean?  I’m glad I went, but I’m pretty sure once is enough for me.   : (

I am planning on going to the last Elkhorn flea market of the season!  : )



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Yes, I’ve run off -once again.

My mother asked me to take her “home,” to visit her last few cousins and go to the local annual Hull Town Picnic.  Check, check, and, check.

~Mom’s family were from the very small farming community of Kinderhook -and Hull and Quincy-  and we spent a LOT of time in and out of Hannibal while visiting Grandma.

~Below is a map of mom’s “home area” where we chased back and forth across the Mississippi River—only 12 miles from Kinderhook to Hannibal.

map of mom's "home" area

My oldest nephew’s wife jumped in the car to at last go see this place of all the crazy childhood stories.  We took her to see lots of Hannibal’s Mark Twain “stuff” and up the hill to tour the amAZing and haunted Cruikshank Mansion!  -which you can now stay at as a B&B!

~the driveway up the hill to the Cruikshank Mansion

~the driveway up the hill to the Cruikshank Mansion

with Terry from Forever Decorating!Additionally, we ran into Quincy, where I was so excited to meet fellow-blogger Terry-

Forever Decorating

and tour her beautiful and oh-so-creative home!

It’s pretty incredible meeting up with all of you creative and talented folks!


Finally, as we headed back home, we took advantage to take a break in Bloomington to go to the 3rd Sunday flea market.

3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market3rd Sunday flea market

. . . .ahhhhhh. . . . silver AND organization!  ; D

3rd Sunday flea market

Of course I found a few cool treasures to take home,

I’ll show you tomorrow. . . .


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--changing things up!but believe me,

it has been so busy around here and I’ve been working on all kinds of miscellaneous things that would no doubt bore you to death

except for this project!


I’ve decided to change up the furniture in my mom’s LL to give things a fresh new look!

Beginning with a switch-a-roo of the rattan set I gave her as we renovated the house.

The sofa, settee, cocktail table, and side table just went to storage—until further notice, and they may be going up for sale.  The sofa table went there a while ago and the fern chest has gone to the antique mall for sale.

The LL--post Christmas '12

the Great Aunties' old table--

Here’s the new plan—

The table in the “corner” (with the lamp) came from our late Great Aunties.  Mom has these vivid childhood memories of it always being paired with a chair in a very large dressing closet—so she won’t part with it–no matter what!

*I think I may have given her an anxiety attack with this particular project because,

I decided to


to make it the new coffee table!

A simple project!  15-20 minutes et, voilà!

--a QUICK change!

I determined a height for the “new” table and found the most natural spot in the turned legs to make my cut!  What could be easier?!

I think it looks very natural and LUV IT!  And thankfully–so does mom!

You can also see Grandpa’s  rockers  never sold so we’re keeping them! (not upset about that at all!)  I brought the one rocker I was keeping all along and will do some additional work on it, plus, I pulled my caned sofa from storage and am changing out the lighting!

The cut-off legs will eventually be re-purposed into another project and many more changes to this space are afoot—stay tuned!


--the table cut down

Yes!  Everything is in CHA-A-A-OS!  (…sigh…)

--the new vignette is taking shape!

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Haven conference

1. Exhausting.

2. A break-neck, action-packed pace of INFORMATION and FUN.

3. A place of kinship with like-minded people.


It’s all true—and I can’t wait to

do it again!

traveling to HAVEN*Unexpected company kept me from getting to sleep till past midnight, and the hill-billy neighbor woke me at 3:07am yelling at their dog under my bedroom window.  I’m thinking strongly about some retribution.  :  /

I was on the road just past 4am—missing multiple big city traffic jams, YaY!  A good day of travel -even tired- and nice to watch the falling gas prices heading south.

my respite in Murfreesboro--I stopped in Murfreesboro like usual to hit a favorite Antique Mall, but got off at the wrong exit and landed in a different store.  Uh~must have been meant-to-be….look what I found!

A trophy urn-styled silver ice bucket!

I hit rain on and off throughout the day, but, wOw!–did it pound down on us in the Smokey Mountains.  I reached the hotel by 8 and was just tired enough to call it a night.  -old-huh?

Thursday morning I headed down to the ballroom to offer help putting the swag bags together and get to meet up with some of the ladies—omg did we score some incredible things!  At noon’ish I left to go shopping play at one of my favorite stores– A Classy Flea!

A Classy Flea!I, of course, bought more silver.

“You can’t have it all!” doesn’t seem to apply to moi!


Haven conference--There was a cocktail party the first night of the conference -with a very talented balladeer singing for us ME!

First thing Friday morning I headed downstairs to meet Mike Holmes!

meeting Mike Holmes at Haven!

Day 1 of the conference I focused so heavily on the sessions I didn’t get around to meeting any of the fabulous sponsors sO I changed gears on day 2!


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