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Haven conference

1. Exhausting.

2. A break-neck, action-packed pace of INFORMATION and FUN.

3. A place of kinship with like-minded people.


It’s all true—and I can’t wait to

do it again!

traveling to HAVEN*Unexpected company kept me from getting to sleep till past midnight, and the hill-billy neighbor woke me at 3:07am yelling at their dog under my bedroom window.  I’m thinking strongly about some retribution.  :  /

I was on the road just past 4am—missing multiple big city traffic jams, YaY!  A good day of travel -even tired- and nice to watch the falling gas prices heading south.

my respite in Murfreesboro--I stopped in Murfreesboro like usual to hit a favorite Antique Mall, but got off at the wrong exit and landed in a different store.  Uh~must have been meant-to-be….look what I found!

A trophy urn-styled silver ice bucket!

I hit rain on and off throughout the day, but, wOw!–did it pound down on us in the Smokey Mountains.  I reached the hotel by 8 and was just tired enough to call it a night.  -old-huh?

Thursday morning I headed down to the ballroom to offer help putting the swag bags together and get to meet up with some of the ladies—omg did we score some incredible things!  At noon’ish I left to go shopping play at one of my favorite stores– A Classy Flea!

A Classy Flea!I, of course, bought more silver.

“You can’t have it all!” doesn’t seem to apply to moi!


Haven conference--There was a cocktail party the first night of the conference -with a very talented balladeer singing for us ME!

First thing Friday morning I headed downstairs to meet Mike Holmes!

meeting Mike Holmes at Haven!

Day 1 of the conference I focused so heavily on the sessions I didn’t get around to meeting any of the fabulous sponsors sO I changed gears on day 2!


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This story begins in 1941 when my mom’s family farm house burned down.

mom's old vanityNeeding furniture, Grandma bought this dresser/vanity 2nd hand for mom (then 7 or 8) from a neighbor for $5.

Now bear in mind that my mom loves antiques and vintage furniture~ but she has nEVer liked this piece.

HATES itto be more clear.  Couldn’t believe I would want it as we emptied Grandma’s house for sale (to a cousin).  *She thinks it’s haunting her and she can’t shake it loose.

I was going to put it in HER room at my house in Chandler until hearing her mANy complaints.  It went in the 3rd bedroom instead.  This was all in 2002.

The picture above was at the time of packing to leave Arizona—I can’t seem to find any pictures from before I painted it gold.  The caned bench is not original, it was another something Grandma found back in ’41.

In emptying  my  storage  unit  just recently,

I was thinking it would become another piece I’d let go of.

mom's old vanity--It was off-loaded from the truck and jammed in the garage with SO MANY other projects.  My plate was full and I couldn’t give it my absoLUTE focus, so I worked on it a little here~a little there.  As the project began to take shape, I noticed mom actually starting to give it some POSITIVE attention.  Huh-??

Mom's old vanity---finished!Little by little,

plugging away with each chance I found,

it is at last finished, and


So do I.  And that made it harder to let it go.

We shifted some furniture around upstairs and installed it in the alcove.  It’s a keeper!

I used the same Wickham Gray and Alabaster White from My Great Aunties’ Dresser.

I let a little of the gold pop through and changed the hardware.

And oh, dear Lord~ did we have some fun getting it up the stairs.  Oy.

Here it is in the alcove….

mom's old vanity---re-finished!I’m not going to use the caned bench with it, but rather the chair I found at the Elkhorn flea market last season and recovered the seat to go with the new shelving-bench (in February).

details of mom's old vanity refinished

The old vanity refinished!

The old vanity refinished!

Yes, yes, I stiLL have work to do upstairs….

the weather finally got nice~

I was beckoned outside!  ; D


I’m sharing this project with a few favorite linky parties!

Furniture Feature FridaysPhotobucket

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one of the Great Aunties' dressers--Tough decisions are ahead.

There’s just not room enough to hold on to everything.

Since I have many other things from my Great Aunties, I’ve decided to let this dresser go.  HOWEVER–I kept its fabulous beveled, oval mirror and offered up a free-standing mirrored, drawer ensemble as a replacement.

the orphaned auction mirror---I bought this mirror at a big furniture store auction, and intended to use it in the LL-bathroom during renovations of mom’s house—but that project went in a different direction and the piece became orphaned–again.

It actually married up to this dresser really well!

*Yes, yes–only -HALF-  dressed for the day and bed-head!  ~Just focus on the pretty mirror!

I had to hustle on this project (space and the weather) and didn’t get a picture of the mirror before painting(sorry)it was just a medium brown-stained piece that had a “Shaker” look and I always intended to paint away that “style.”

As for the GOLD the dresser was finished in—it looked really beautiful in my former Mstr-bedroom (wish I could find where my pictures are packed to show you)I painted the room a shade of taupe-y brown that is best described as a cup of coffee with lots of cream in it!

Since my Master bedroom was at the back of the house, east-facing, and over-looking the small lake I lived on, the saturated color was very peaceful and the gold dresser looked very rich!  BUT–I didn’t think a new buyer would necessarily understand or appreciate the gold, soooooo. . .


--talk about ReVitalized!

Here are some of the details—

I thought the dresser would look better with simple wooden knobs.

The paint is a very pale blue’ish GRAY and white–

-Ben Moore’s Wickam Gray and Alabaster White-

And now it’s off to the antique mall. . .


a pale blue'ish GRAY with white accents!Great Aunties' dresser--revitalized!I’m sharing this with a few of my favorite linky parties!

Savvy Southern StyleFurniture Feature FridaysPhotobucketPower of Paint






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No joke.

Since it’s apparent that I will need to remain at my mother’s home a while longer, I decided to return home to Phoenix to parole my remaining items from storage—the reason for the trip.

--unpackingIn the time I’ve been back in the Midwest, I’ve been lucky enough to find some inCREDible pieces of furniture to re-work.  So I will -essentially- have a whole new household of furniture to work with!  But this is NoT to say I’m kickin’ all my FABulous old stuff to the curb!

The projects I will be primarily working on will consist of UNpacking and sorting through things to be SOLD or given to my mom & some of the girls.

I’ve decided to lighten the load of some of my CHINA and am picking through to UPgrade some of mom’s dishes and crystal.

How I’ve missed my beaUtiful china again!

I’m thinking to also switch out some of mom’s lamps and other accessories.

omg---no room to work!With an OVER-abundance of projects to take my pick of, the problem nOw is– finding Space to WorK!  If the rain would quit for a while I could spread outside for the immediate things—pretty please-mother nature ?!?

I’ll also try to integrate some of my garden treasures for the time being. . . how nice it will be to begin restoring things for summer. . .

some of my garden urns---


I’ll make some cushions for, and refresh the paint on my comfy high-backed chairs. . . .

I've missed my comfy high-backed chairs--

my restored '50's patio furnitureI bought these 50′s era beauties in an estate sale—they were in deplorable condition.  It was truly a labour of love restoring them—and they’re inCREDibly comfortable!

This table is a story unto itself—look for a post very soon about it.  It’s a crazy story and project that I’d like to repeat—I have another design idea!  ; D

my patio table---These last two are very special to me.  The lion head is a fountain, one of 15 that were removed from a Tucson, AZ estate that was being Modern-ized~ugh.  I was there to verify the cabinet layouts for a co-worker.  The demo-guys had already destroyed the majority of the heads—I BEGGED to save at least THIS!

I bought the iron cupola from a woman who was losing her family farm.  She’d had it forEVer and was so sad to let it go—feelings I’m going through now myself.

rescued from a farm foreclosure----I have some furniture projects to show you here next. . . . if only these storms would subside long enough. . .I’ll need to work on the driveway for sake of room.


rescued from a "modernizing" project---


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While we continue working through our ~enORmous~ project,

Elkhorn -last show 2013(of inventorying my late Uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection)

I thought I’d go back a little to share some of the great treasures I saw at the last Elkhorn flea market for this season!

1st~It seemed to be a little later in the month than usual.  It was still “dark” as the market opened, AnD, it was foggy -WeiRD.  But once the sun was fully up and the fog burned off. . .WhaT a beaUtiful day!

I showed you my fun purchases, but here are some more things that had my attention!

Well–you know I loves me some furniture!  Uuuh–how I wish I could have bought that Victorian sofa!

as always—click on the pics to see them biGGer!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Do you recognize what these super CooL “mirrors” uSeD to be-?


ps–I hope to get back to my own “work” really soon~fingers crossed!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

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the view from the front of the line--You know me and chairs– so this should be no surprise to you!    ; D

We went to an annual barn sale Saturday morning.  We got there early enough to be about 8 people back from the front of the line—the picture shows you how fast it loaded up~within about 20 minutes of OuR arrival~yikes!

a bench for three!I saw a LOT of great project material~but their prices seem to be in another ~stratosphere~ darn.

I bought some silver (again–no real surprise), AnD I found this 3 seat bench for the reasonable price of $40 and tOOk it!

Watch for thIS future facelift–I have iDEAs!

And~damn~ it. is. HEA-vY!  WoW!


the bergere and ottomanAfter I bought the bench, I moved around the corner to their “antique” section–and saw this inCREDible pairing!  A FABulously carved bergère and ottoman!  I know, I know~sucky picture (sorry).

It was a mere $60 for the pairing–can you believe?

Much as I loved it~I couldn’t justify anOTHER pairing, so I camped out in the area until my bf arrived so I could persuade HER to buy it!

*It’s now in HER furniture queue for yet anOTHER upholstery project!  ; D

And finally, just a few more of the beautiful things we saw!


some other goodies!

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Grandpa's rockersThis post is proof that

-some things-

should be left to an absolute expert.

I did everything up to the upholstery job–and thIS is why–

My grandpa’s rocker seats suffered a major blow and— were beyond “cosmetic surgery.”

They.  needed. like a~

“HiP replacement!”

; D  

working sO hard on this chair!

Katie and Jane working their majic!

So Katie and Jane finished the upholstery job -and new springs/seats-

and returned them to me yesterday afternoon. Yea~I knew they going to look gOOd, but, o.m.G!

Oh, maaan– how’m I gonna give ‘em up now–??

Katie and Jane working their majic!

Aren’t they just AWEsome?!?

Grandpa's (new) rockers!Yes–I gave up some of my feed sacks to go with their new suede seats!

Farmers were pragmatic~they very often used what they had on hand!  Like the bed sheet used for lining over the springs that was discovered while stripping down the seats.  Aren’t those nail heads the perfect detail?!

Did I mention how inCREDibly cOMFortable they are?!?

*You’ve just GoT to click on the pictures to see these beauties closer up!


Grandpa's (new) rockers!

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the built-up GUnk!By luck of the draw, I happened to start with the “easier” chair first.

Little did I know how complicated that 2nd rocker would be.

Let’s just say—if I had sTARted with the 2nd, the chairs would’ve been PAINTed and covered with fabric.

The 1st rocker took a day’s worth of sanding to clean up the decades of dirt, and break through the original finish.  Then I re-stained it and seal-coated it.

*Katie promptly asked, “How did you make it lOOk sO gOOd?!?”

*            *            *            *            *

working on the 2nd rockerThe 2nd rocker— o.m.G.

My initial plan was to sand it (sort of clean) leaving some of the years of wear and dirt  -patina!-  and then over-stain it.

One very tough day of sanding, using 3 different sanders with different grades of sand paper.  Nothing.  I truly didn’t even make a DENT in ~ANY part of it.  Like I hadn’t touched it yet.

Day two.  I STARTed sanding, but bailed on thAT quickly and went to buy some more furniture stripper.  I ran out of the natural citrus stripper I prefer–but the guy in the paint department suggested using a stripper specifically for varnish-shellac-and dirt instead anyway.

AnD my skin!  I didn’t have appropriate gloves and didn’t think about that at the store.  O.w.ie!  But you can see how it ate through the GUNK.

using a stripper to clean up the chairs--

Can you see how hard I’ve been working?

Now even the 2nd rocker is off to the upholstery ladies!

Both will have actual suede seats, and a little surprise at their head-rests!  ~Which is why I didn’t worry about cleaning up the full head-rest!


working sO hard on this chair!

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Grandpa’s rockers

First–these are the rEAL deal–not reproductions.  They are from the early 1920′s and fast approaching the HUNDRED year mark.

There were 4 -each just a liTTle different- and my grandma always grouped them together in a fun vignette!

No one wanted them when we were clearing out the house~so I took them all!  But I didn’t have enough space for aLL of them -or rEAlly the interest- so I picked out the one I liked best and reVAMPed it.  *It always made me laugh that IT was the 1st-choice chair MeN went to sit in!

I sold oNe at The RoseBowl, and two came back to mom’s (and eventually had to go to the storage unit).

But we were hit by a tornado.  Can you sEE them under aLL thAT stUFF?  Looks a bit “Where’s Waldo?” doesn’t it?  Again~the orderly lined walls of my uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection collapsed inward when the roof was ripped off.  As we worked through the pile–we found the chairs at the bottom, and the seats took a pretty hARD hit as things fell INto and ON them.

the chairs really ARE under all that stuff!

Since no one in the family really wants to keep them, I’m putting them up for sale.  But they HAVE to be worked on first.  I spent much of yesterday working on the first, and my upholstery ladies came to pick it up this morning.

I cleaned, repaired, sanded, re-stained, and sealed it, and think it looks beautiful!  Katie and Jane will replace the broken springs and upholster it in a suede!  And then I will put them in the antique mall AnD list them on eBay!

So. . . 1 down, 1 to go.


1 down -- 1 to go!

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Découpage.  French for “trimmings.”  Seems I’ve been trimming just about anything not moving–ah, c’est la vie!  ; D

The back story—

Mom and my bf traded this bookcase for this drum table–which became the base of mom’s breakfast table, with a larger glass round!  Very cottage-y!

UnTIL I found thIS table base.  Then this one became orphaned, used here and there, and eventually landed for sale in the antique mall.

the trade--

But it languished -unwanted- so I pulled it out for a facelift~ découpage-style!

I took it with me to Kane Co this past weekend, but it was such a bad market—from the holiday weekend to all their storms~boohoo~it didn’t sell.  Now it’s baCK at the antique mall  -with its NeW LooK-  fingers crossed . . .

changing the look of the drum table--

I refreshed the white paint job with touches of thinned out Revere Pewter for contrast.  And then I découpaged the top–which sadly, was a leather top in BaD condition.

At the end, I waxed it clear and added touches of CeCe’s Light Aging Wax.

I think it looks FABulous now, and hope this change will attract a new home and appreciation for it!


a new look for the drum table!

the new decoupaged look!

I’m sharing this project with these inCREDible linky parties!


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