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They’re finished and ready to go to the antique mall–YaY!

the newest finished Craig's list projects!I made a pair of matching pillows to go with this ’60′s setI sure hope they sell together….and they’ll want some pillows to coordinate!

 the '60's styling of the '60's bench!

The picture above shows you how the new undulating toe kick turned out for the bench.

I bought this fabric for a “little nieces-project” that ended up going in a different direction.  I’m so happy to still have it for this project and LOVE IT!

I have some construction Craig's list #3stuff to share with you too….tomorrow!


Remember where I started?

I’m sharing this project in a few of my favorite linky parties!

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Yes, I have a full plate of priority projects -but-

make anything a chalkboard

when I saw this product recently,

I thought it was a really awesome idea-



-and I was eager to try it out!

I tested it on a thrift store over-sized pizza board I really didn’t want after all, deciding it might make an fun message board instead!

The board’s finish was a bit “fuzzy” so I gave it a thorough fine-sanding.

*When I’m using regular chalkboard paint I always give a very light sanding between coats to lessen the brush strokes  -to get the smoothest end finish.

the FAIL--That being said I brushed on a first coating of this product -per their instructions- all in one direction, waited an hour, and brushed on the second coat in the opposite direction, then let it cure for 24hrs.

Okay, NOT liking those brush strokes, I admit to lightly sanding the project before applying the 2nd coating–which did NOT go over well, peeling in a few areas.  So I tried to feather it out and I suppose I over-compensated for it with the 2nd application.  Again–I let it cure over night/24hrs and tried to soften the brush strokes with another light fine sanding–this time it peeled a little in other areas.

“Priming” the board with chalk seemed to exacerbate the issues, and, it actually scratched more of the finish.  To me, this was a project FAIL.  I darkened the picture above so you could better see some of the scratches, and the “blotch” below the 10″ was one of the areas it peeled.


my pizza board chalkboard-001I turned over the pizza board for a Do-Over and took a different approach.

This time I poured out a small amount and used a cloth to spread it around evenly.  This approach was so much more EVEN and SMOOTH and I applied 4 thinner coatings.  I still gave an hour between coats and 24hrs cure time.

It looked WAY better, and there were no problems when I primed/coated the board with chalk–YaY!

It was really nice writing, erasing, and re-writing on this side of the board!


I still think this product is an awesome idea  -but-  I also think it’s going to take some “practice makes perfect” to find the best application/outcome.

I love that you can now create a “non-colored” or “clear” chalkboard over an original wall color, door color, glass. . . fabric maybe–?

my pizza board chalkboard-002

Playtime over . . . . . . back to real work now!


DSC06512-On a BTW foot note–

that glimpse of blue stove you see is my mother’s 1954 GE slate blue stove.  The only one she’s ever had.  It too has traveled all over thanks to the Air Force!

The little chair (1900) sits beside the stove in memory of our beloved great aunties, just as it always sat beside theirs in the old farm house.

*The kitchen is the only room not renovated-


I hope!

; D

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my chalkboard globe-

I’m finished and totally LOVE

my chalkboard globe!


A wooden lamp base from one of last season’s flea markets. $3

A Meridian ring orphaned from another globe project.

A $3 thrift store globe.

A hot glue gun,

and some spray paint Chalkboard paint.

Finally, I ran off to the hardware store to buy a $2 double-threaded screw to join the globe’s meridian ring to my flea market lamp base–and a little 2-part epoxy for extra strength.

my chalkboard globeMade from misc. parts and a pretty good imagination!


my $3 thrift store globe-






-making my own tabletop globe









The end of the plastic–now a metal Meridian ring and wood!


my chalkboard globe and stand

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my $3 thrift store globe

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, but I kept finding really NICE globes–and I just couldn’t do this to a NICE globe.

Then I found a great candidate in this $3 thrift store globe (months ago).    But then I had nothing to give it a better base.

I forgot all about my $3 flea market lamp base!  Oooops!

Anything would be better than this cheap plastic base–right?

my $3 thrift store globe

I know it’s probably difficult to see what I’ve done, but—

I used a hot glue gun to OUTLINE

just certain parts of the globe.

The United States, Canada, places our family has lived, places I’ve lived, places where other parts of our family live.  Places we’ve traveled to and places I’d like to travel to!  -ooops…looks like I’ve left out some places.

I was just having a lotta fun!

And then I painted my outlined globe with chalkboard paint!

Now can you see it–?!

my $3 thrift store globe OUTLINED and CHALKBOARD PAINTED!There’s the new base that will be used above!  (no more plastic)

I need to make a few modifications to join the globe and wood lamp base together, and then I need to “prime” the chalkboard paint so the globe has some patina to it—

quick as I finish, I’ll share the finished picture!

I have numerous projects going on simultaneously so be patient with me, they’re almost finished!


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DSC01345I walked in on a fluke to ask about a space thinking that maybe it would give my children’s cabinets some exposure over the 2013 holidays.

I’m still there -and- have taken on a second space now.  Didn’t see any of this coming–interesting how things unfold sometimes.

So anyway, and long story short~

I’ve spent the week reWorking & reSetting BOTH spaces.


I’ve moved everything Oz to my original 5×11 space and dedicating the new-neighboring 10×11 space to furniture, lighting, and misc. projects!

I’ve had some interesting things in my queue beGGing for my attention–

but first I really need to finish the upstairs hall!

Here’s how things are looking all moved and shifted about to look “full,” but it’s mostly illusion.  Ha! Like teased hair–just LOOKs fuller and pretty!  As I finish some of the new projects I’ll be able to fit ‘em in with little trouble!


The Oz space– still not totally satisfied and will be making more adjustments.

original space--

original space--

The New space– not ideal, but new stuff is coming!  ; D

the new space--

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Feeling like it or not–the energy for it or not,

I spent a much-needed day at the antique mall.

I’m absolutely shocked at just how well it’s done considering I’ve all but abandoned it of late.

*As it was getting set up in November……(looks so sparse at that moment)

antq mall new space

I’m resetting BOTH sides COMPLETELY. . . and painting.

I was there until they turned the lights out on me, and I’m heading back shortly for the rest of the day.

But as I began to write this post look what suddenly appeared….

a Bald Eagle.

I’ve never seen one so close up before—and it was HUGE!


And just to give you an idea of its size—
he’s behind the branches of that enormous (about 5 stories high) tree.

the Bald Eagle in our neighborhood this morning--Another size reference–one of our monster ravens in the tree by the eagle.

some ravens with the bald eagle

More soon~


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WoW–you guys are good!

Yes–I’m making light sconces!

corbel sconces

I’m also working on their half shades.

I’m covering this one with anaglypta paper.

I’ve just begun painting the corbels…

And I’m working on some other cool lighting too!


covering this half-shade with anaglypta paper--I’m sharing with this FAB linky party!


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no more lamp--my new trophy urn!Running errands all  around town a little earlier today, I happened to be close by the very same thrift store where I found the Urn Lamp I turned into a trophy just recently-

-so I detoured for a quick  pop-back-in!

I don’t go there very often because it’s rare I find anything– –or a price tag I’m willing to pay-!!

But look what I found there!  AGAIN!

And for chEAper this time!  It sucks they didn’t put both out together that might have both had the cheaper price (?).  Oh well

So, I really don’t think I need two of these, and will probably put it directly in the antique mall for sale–as quickly as I alter it too!


URN lamp to trophy urn

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Okay, I got taken.


This will not be me.

fingers crossed

That one, I can’t promise.


Your comments seem to cover EVery angle–you’re the greatest!
I do understand shop overhead and have never begrudged anyone making a profit–but there seemed to be no respect given toward MY time, artistry, or profit
I guess I should have included last post that I DiD in fact talk to her about readjusting my price (and why) if she wanted any others.
I explained how previously (with better quality suitcases) it’s taken me just more than an hour to complete this project,
~I’d round it to the one hour PLUS materials–$35.
*With adjustments to be made for any unforeseen issues, of course
She declined Draw your own conclusions.


Believe me that I’m not in the habit of taking advantage but,

since she didn’t ask for the salvage back

-and I ended up much underpaid in the deal-

I decided to turn the cut-offs into a project…make up some of my losses.

the salvage--I love trays…and these cut-offs just looked like the start of one.

     -So with this 1st, I fitted it out with pine, added flea market hardware rings to the ends, and trimmed the edges with a soft braided ribbon.  I think I’d like to take another approach for the 2nd perhaps–?

luggage traysI’ll wax the entire piece, inside and out, before putting it to use or up for sale...make up for the beginning of this story.

~A fun place to throw your keys and phone end of day…

~Or to catch the TV remotes…


luggage trays

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antq mall space #49


. . .uh, literally!

A local business owner bought my luggage shelves from the antique mall and then contacted me about creating some more for her–

but she wanted to buy WHOLESALE.

Thanks lady.  Apparently I am to build everything for charity now, huh-?

I decided to visit her store to talk face to face about why I can’t, but she caught me off guard with the proposition of at least making two more from a pair of suitcases she already hadhmmm. . .


luggage shelvesI charge $30 an hour for general things, but again, she caught me off guard and I forgot to include materials (dang it) !

And here’s the problem. . . .

The suitcases were fake leather and did nOt cut well.  In fact, the material kept “shredding” and I could never get a clean edge–even after numerous (failed) fixes.  So with THaT consuming problem, fitting interior cripples, cutting a to-fit backboard, gluing it up and permanently closed, all the finish details and the ribbon I ultimately ended up buying to cover the rough cuts/edges, I ended up with almost 2½ hrs into each case.  AND materials!

Certainly NOT worth $30 each.  A charity job.

~Ordinarily, this whole job would take me a smidge over an hour,  plus materials.  But apparently I pick better quality suitcases!

She didn’t seem to feel any “INEQUITY”   in this and actually HAD ANOTHER SUITCASE FOR ME TO DO-!

Do I have an “S” on my forehead-?

Now the other part of this story is that my sense of pride in craftsmanship would nEVer let me send something mediocre, less-than, half-done on its way.  There’s NO WAY I could ever do just the basics and make her finish the job– “trim” for the bad edges or clean them–and they were disgusting

which=MORE of MY TIME, but that’s me.

luggage shelvesHere are the trouble-makers, ready for delivery.


luggage shelves

The End.

N o t  q u i t e,  come back tomorrow for an  “alternative”  ending!  ; D

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