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working on the base molding~

Monday, February 25.  About 3 o’clock, and I’m busy, plugging away on removing the last of the old, UGly clamshell base molding, and replacing it with cool, salvaged moldings from an old farmhouse.

And WHAT a job!  3″ finishing nails about every 2ft securing the base in place.  Two pry bars and a hammer, and the fIGHt of my life.  No jOKe.  But I won.  Eventually.

I was busy sanding away and painting the next section of boards, in the hall at the top of the stairs, when I heard the driveway door open–hUh–?

Guess who’s home eARLy.  EARLY!  Like a day or two eaRLy!

*Trying to get ahead of winter storm Rocky.

So, I gUEss you could say the SURPRISE- was on ME!

And THIS was the state of her bedroom, yikes-ies~

working on the base molding~

Yes, the room looked a wreck, but, SurPRISE!

(lOOk what I did to your room~!  Ya like it~?!)

Well, the fireplace was essentially finishedstill nOt happy with the mantle.

Oh–while I had things sO torn up, I also ripped some wood to create a french cleat to hang her headboard on the wall raising it above the pillows more.  Yes~I convinced her to forgo the foot board and rails to “open up” the room.  *You also get a glimmer of the newly installed, painted base boards.

a french cleat to hang the head board

I know it’s not a dramatic change, but it fEEls like it, and the new base boards look sO gOOd!  Here’s her room Before~

*Like aLways~click on the pictures to enlarge!

mom's bedroom

And here’s her room nOw!


the bedroom nOw!

her bedroom nOw!


another view~

There’s more to show~and details to come!


Oh!  She really liked the fireplace, and decided to let some books go!

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C’mon already~

The winter of my discontent.

the winter of my discontent~*I call him Guillermo.
And he is sitting on the edge of the deck, about 16″ off the ground.


enough now–.


*Hmmm, perhaps it is time to visit all my blogger-friends in warm places. . . !

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Downton Abbey~

Sunday night~woo hoo!

Downton Abbey!!

Oh, yea. . .the season is finished. . .a-l-ready?

Downton AbbeyIs it just me, or~

how can this be, and, how COULD THEY. . .


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So, tiling away–easy peasy.  Ugh–grouting.  Drudgery.

But finished~woo hoo!

working on mom's surprise--

The electric insert came fast and is working quite well at warming the  [entire] 2nd floor!

~I went through Electric Fireplaces Direct–they gave the best price and very fast delivery.  $112.99 and free 3 day shipping!  The fluctuation in price for this item is surprising~practically daily, from site to site.

~The white “hole” you see leads to the faux “chimney.”

--almost finished

You can see the work on the mantle too~although I’m not satisfied with it yet.  I don’t like the balance and will most likely demo and re-build it.

Anyway, being a little tongue in cheek, and trying to give it a sense of realism–I faux painted “soot” inside the fire box!  Guess I got a little carried away!

the fireplace~The (above, right) side view shows you how I addressed the “legs” of the surround in the limited space I had to work in.  I didn’t want to interrupt any more than one section of the overall bookcase~ 4  31½” sections.

before and after

I’ve moved on now, to installing the “new” base molding, and am casing the last two doors with vintage millwork salvaged from an old farm house.  Fastidious work, but I like it!

*Update~ mom called to say they are beginning their long drive back.

But I’m not finished yet–uh, oh.

Wish me luck with this deadline!


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MoM~don’t read this!

Don’t look any further~see it when you return from your winter break!

~  ~  ~

The master bedroom is at one of the most remote areas from the furnace.  Which means it always feels colder up there.  And that’s too bad, ’cause it’s a pretty generous space for a 1961 house.  With a sleeping area, sitting area, and dressing area~and a bathroom that connects from dressing area to a library/office.

~A rough sketch of the 2nd floor~

Mom's 2nd floor

And this is the focus of change~

mom's sitting area-

mom's surprise!


I thought she might like some built-in bookcases under the eaves while I was already working on renovations, and a bump-out at the front of her house.

But now~I wish I had thought about a FIREPLACE and those simple bookcases.  So I’m re-grouping, a little.  While mom is away.  SURPRISE!

I took her to the airport last Wednesday afternoon, ordered the fireplace insert later afternoon, and started demo first thing Thursday morning.

*Mom taught English for 42yrs and is a voracious reader~as you can see!


  • I  gutted the 2nd section,
  • decided on the height of the hearth, and
  • framed out the interior~ALL from leftover project material.
  • I pulled out the brick veneer I found at the ReStore a while back,
  • THEN I headed out to the big box stores to see what tile options were available that I DiDn’t have.

*Now, this is where I want to tell you about the horRENdous ice and snow storm I got caught in while I was out.  O.M.G.  Driving 10mph back to the house, and praying not to slide into anyone, or off the road like some others.

mom's surprise!And, here’s the beginning of the tiling job~

waaay more tomorrow. . .


the firplace box-

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bloggers are the BEST!



for all the emails with suggestions and help!

Especially La Verne and her son Peter!

Picasa problem solved!  YaY!

Can you imagine losing over 17K pictures?
~And I had a back up!  I just have a little repair work to do.  But I am nOt complaining!


Once again,

I can load the pictures of the projects

I’ve been busy working on~

I can SHARE again!

Yes, please!

Back.  Up.  Your.  Pictures.


I was lax in this task, and could have lost sO many pictures.


back up your pictures!

bloggers are the BEST!

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For the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing wEIRd stuff on my computer, and, more particularly, Picasa.

Initially, I was able to restore the previous version, and save everything to another source.  But that LAST time I could open Picasa, mANy of my pictures were completely distorted~I was able to UN-save, make corrections, and save again.

I’ve checked for updates, and seem to have the most current–Picasa 3.

I can SEE my pictures through my Library, but can’t capture any for my blog.

And now I can’t load any pictures or open Picasa at all.

*But I CAN capture images I’ve previously loaded to WP.


I keep getting an ERRORS LOADING PICASA DATA BASE message.

So~I have these projects to share

   but I can’t.

                                ¦ /

Anyone have suggestions-?

*besides a BIGGER glass of wine~


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another curbie~


Chair #2

Who says a CAMP CHAIR can’t~  stYle-!

This poor chair was so nARsty, it was pretty obvious why it was on the curb!

I can’t believe I actually took it ~ tOUched it!  yeesch!

*Time had not made it any better pulling it from the “project pile” to work on— still so gross, which the picture does nOt show you.

**There was a mAjor amount of staples and upholstery tacks to pull– requiring extra man-handling of those nasty coverings.  ~Extra YEEEsch!  I wanted to don gloves, but couldn’t get a grip on anything effectively.

***It’s definitely good to have a magnetic sweep with a project like this– but I still managed to catch a few tacks in the bottom of my shoes.

pulling tacks and staples

After sanding the frame, I painted it a very faded “tomato-soup” red.

~I liked it with the red in the webbing.

THE WEBBING.  Sure, it’s intended for structure and nOt meant to be seen— but I think it’s beautiful, and just PERfect for this job!

I just bought more of this webbing at Hobby Lobby on sale for 69¢ a yard!the webbing--

I created a “woven” seat and back, and sewed it together.

the camp chair

the camp chair

I do like its simplicity, and it  l o o k s  really cute


it just needed a little. . .“zhuzhing!”

I was bummed when I couldn’t find my really cool vintage buttons to use, but, I think it looks cute anyway!  ; D

a little zhuzhing!

before & after

(*THIS chair–I would sit on!)


before and after

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curbies!curb•ie (ker’bee)  n.

1. broken, discarded, or worthless things left along edge of street.

2. raw treasures waiting to be re-loved, re-purposed.


If you’ve been following

my madness   for a while,

you may remember some of these items I rescued off the curb last summer and fall.  Hence~ curb•ies !


Since I seemed to have caught a cold now (apparently I have nO immune system anymore), I was looking for an easy-peasy, low-brain-power type of project.

Uuuh, well~ some of THESE things could use some attention LuV!

Chair #1

The old wooden chair.

It’s kind of low, but I can’t see that the legs have been cut down–??

It dOEs seem like a good height and size for a kid.  Maybe a desk chair-?

~inside my head. . .

Maybe I could come up with a desk-?

Maybe that odd wooden cabinet could be re-invented!  Hmmm. . .


Anyway~thinking of a kid, I gave it an Americana paint job!

~but inside my head. . .

Hey!  There’s another chair or two in mom’s garage attic~

maybe I could paint the British and French flags on them

and join them all together with a bistro table!

~I do LoVe to travel!  ; D


the NeW curbie!

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the vintage white globe!When I finished re-setting my (antique store) space last week with my newest bench, I decided to take a walk around and see what was new around me.

I found this WHITE vintage globe!  I can’t remember when I last saw one~ so I bought it!  (It felt. . .elegant!)

And cut it in half–

And gilded the inside–

And trimmed it with vintage ribbon–

And, well, you know~

I made another set of lights!

making the white globe light shades

I found a trio of these light sconces, long ago, at one of the ReStores I love to shop!

I thought they would make for some dressier lights!

*Although the sconces were meant to be hard-wired to a J-box,

they are set with a cord for plug in right now– just add a cord cover!

Wouldn’t they be cute on either side of a girl’s bed, or used in an office?!?

And they’re for sale in my (antq store) space!  $65 each

vintage white globe light sconces

I love the soft glow from the gilding~


the glow from the gilding~

for sale in my space~

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