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Projects have been tackled from a different angle this week.


Among the many:

The vanity & chair, and dressing mirror for two little fashionista-nieces —delivered and set up! 

The angel-bed for another great niece! 

*I was [almost] over paid in hugs and kisses and thank you’s by my Be’be-ies!

I’ve also been taking meetings for up-coming projects, sorting through materials for projects, and sifting through old pictures of projects!  Tomorrow I will spend (what will I’m sure be) a vERy loooong day as a chaperon for another great niece’s school field trip to a huge museum—!

**A bus-load of 12 & 13 yr olds—pray for me?

Speaking of the latter great niece–I discovered old pictures of the very whimsical $5 thrift-store bed I found and painted for her at 4!  My little Brooke‘sta is about to turn 13!  Yikes-ies–how is this possible?

And I found these pictures showing the table and chairs I painted for Princess-Aleigha when she was 2½!  *Now 8, with a 5 year old little sister to share things–!

**Auntie in dispair—  the calender is moving faster than my image     of them– .


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I have said before that I have m-a-n-y nieces and nephews.

And great-nieces and nephews.

And I love to spoil them every way I can!

Years ago I found this cute little desk in a thrift store for two of my [little] nephews.  I painted it this chocolaty brown, painted a bench to go with it, and upholstered its seat in a fun leopard~they outgrew the cute pairing LOng ago.  It’s now passed down to their two little sisters, who are now 8 & 5.

But it wasn’t “girlie.”    Enough.    For me them.

I disassembled the entire desk.

I liked the chocolate, and the “leopard.”  But instead of a leopard seat, I covered/upholstered the body of the desk in some pink leopard FABRIC!

The bottom of the legs were a bit broken, so I cut them even on the chop saw, then added little balls!  And I painted them with a bit of whimsy!

Then I painted the top.  And added my sweetie-pies’ monograms to it!

I found this petite vintage ice cream parlor chair very cheap in the flea market.  I painted it pink long ago, but then it just sat on hold.  I pulled it back out, cut a “seat” for it, sewed a cover with ruffled/welting–and padded and secured it all.  Hmmmm–?  Needs some zushing!  I added a plaid ruffle.  Leopard and Plaid go together–right?!?

And for good measure–I trimmed out all the edges with some chocolate brown ribbon with pink top-stitching!  You cannot necessarily “see” all the edge detailing, but, you get a sense of it–and it’s a gREAt detail!

This is Aleigha and Rachels’ new little vanity!  And chair!  I just have to coordinate the mirror I had previously done for them!  But I love it–and hope they will too!


The boys’ desk ~ now the girls’ vanity!

I’m m sharing the girls’ new vanity with these fabulous linky parties!

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I just have to tease you with a little glimpse!

You may be surprised when I show you what it is–

I should be finished tomorrow and can’t wait to share!


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Taking a lunch break and running through the many new blog posts waiting for me in my email box, I was reading Common Ground~ Debra’s dilemma in trying to find the “just right shade of taupe.”

& totally laughing at her picture!

I was thinking to myself how it may have helped her to have a paint palette book, and decided to send her an email with this bit of info.

Then I wondered–  “Do you guys know about this?”

I couldn’t be without my many fan decks to help choose colors –who’s got the time to stand forever in a paint store trying to figure it out?  Usually in “bad” lighting too.  But when I’m really struggling, I can’t live without my paint palette book!  To my knowledge, only Behr paints produces such a book.  Mine is old, and very worn–I’ve been trying to get an updated book forEVer–with no luck.  How I would cry to lose it.  Any place selling Behr paint will have a paint pallet book behind their counter and let you use it–just ask!  Plus, it will also be newer, larger, and more comprehensive!


It divides and breaks down the varying colors by -Tint, Shade, and Tone- to find the one just right for your project!  And it includes those difficult Whites!


These are just a few example pages from the Paint Pallet book.  The right margin of each page shows the tinted whites at each level.

~There’s also a book I found really FUN, helpful, and interesting by House Beautiful that you might like to check out!

It shows the gamut of paint companies’ colors in decorated room themes from “sunny days,” to “rooms men love.”  And it gives you the paint info, so if you like it, you know what to get.  No trying to find a color match!

I found my copy in a Half Price Book store a while back for $3!

And just for fun, a quiz!

What’s Your Color Personality?


Happy painting!









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Just wanted to share this super easy, quick fix with you—

I love new, solid, unburned candles.

So the ones on top of the fireplace were driving me crazy.  I hate how they look rounded inward after a while of burning.  –Here’s my remedy!

Just cut off the “bad” part on a chop saw!  (–or use a hand saw)

If you cut too low, and cut off the wick–just use a knife cutting some wax away to reveal the buried wick.

See–they look new again!

Until I burn them some more–and have to cut them again! ;  )


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Thank You Beckie

for featuring this project!



Last November, one of you wrote me about Beckie, and that I should show her some of my projects.  The next thing I knew,

she featured   1,   2,   3   of  my projects!

And they continue to draw many viewings!

The name  -RoadKill rescue-  may illicit a laugh, but it is so catchy, it gets your attention right away!  And the huge variety of projects makes it fun to keep checking back in for the next feature! (that might give you inspiration for your next project!)

again, Thanks Beckie!


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Finally feeling better–in time to enjoy an incredibly unusual–beaUtiful spring-like day yesterday!  The sun felt sooo good, but was a bit bright for my [sensitive] eyes–is that a migraine residual?

I joyfully ran some errands–including the treat of a manicure, and a run through Half Price Books!  Where I found this book–the title grabbed my attention, but the “funny” inscription clinched the purchase!  Don’t judge this book by its cover, below is a hint of its contents!  Not what I expected based on the cover!


“Debby” doesn’t seem quite so appreciative for the gift, but– I am Gretchen!














A very cool book, chocked full of inspirational eye candy!

Which I’ll enjoy more of later~ ’cause right now,

I’m heading back out to my  Page 10 studiowoo-HOO!


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(wo)man down!

seVERE  head cold

+            migraine(s)


Seriously, that ↑ was me.

–finally better–

[getting] back to work– .

Thank goodness ’cause my bucket runneth over!


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I miss her, she was so sweet.  I sold her to a lovely woman who fell head over heels!

I’ve been thinking to build another, much like her, for a cousin’s impending baby girl.  She has two boys and I know is very excited for this little bundle of pink to arrive!

I first showed you this sweet creation in a very early post–as I began blogging,

but here she is again~ Phoebe!

A petite 22″ wide x 47″ tall, perfect size for a little princess!

She was built from a few disparate parts!

Her base and feet from a very dilapidated old desk found at St Vinnie’s.  The desk had eight of these small Chippendale carved feet and a beautiful carved-edge top–I had to have it!  Although it was outrageously OVer priced for the condition.

Crown molding and appliques were found at one of the ReStores I frequent, the body was built with salvaged pine boards, and how I wish I had more of that vintage wallpaper!  It was the perfect choice for this cabinet, but I was sad to let it go.  It’s from the early 1930-40’s and very fragile.  (I found something almost identical documented in a book on wallpapers!)  I looked through many current wallpaper books for something like it to have more for my own use–but, no luck.


I’m sharing PHOEBE with these fabulous linky parties!

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Okay, so while this vicious headcold, that I think became a few days of a migraine (and my nose that could guide Santa’s sleigh) are KICKing MY BUTT—

Here’s #1 -of 3 bathrooms- as it was demo’d and re-built on

The Journey of a Stylish Renovation–1st flr Guest Bath.

John was busy taking down the dropped ceiling and prying off the window casing by the time I got there with the camera, but this still shows just HoW UGly the room was.  And NARrow.  And UGly.  Even the attempt of a nicer light bar didn’t REAlly help.

~Wish I could find the pictures of the room stripped down to NU-thin’ but the tub.  1961 DID provide a nice deep tub that holds the heat, so that remained!

1–The room was gutted.  Ceiling, most walls, floor.  The electric was updated, light junction box raised, a new bath fan re-run.  After the walls were “re-hung” and/or “repaired,” I finished them with venetian plaster.  Four layers, “honed,” not the usual burnished, mirror-like finish.

2–I hung a new, reproduction tin ceiling that I primed and painted (Rustoleum for metal, Heirloom White).

3–My expert tile guy worked his magic on my shower surround design, adding a “frame and keystone” for me from some rescued-from-a-dumpster tile!

4–I used leftover vinyl floor planks from the living room for the new floor in this room as well.  As I cut and dry-fit the planks, I discovered I didn’t have quite enough, and added the square vinyl insets to make up the deficit.

5–I used one of those commonly found french provincial dressers as the new vanity.  I wanted something more furniture-like, wanted it to be “lifted off the floor” for an airier look, and needed a reduced depth cabinet to open up the narrow floor space.  This one checked all the boxes perfectly!  It was primed with a chocolaty brown base color, then dry brushed with a few other darker browns.  Two large-scaled appliques were applied to the upper drawers and new pulls to the others.

6–A visit to a local stone company scored the extra thick granite–a scrap end cut from someone’s kitchen counter job.  I negotiated a sUper good price for it, including the serpentine detailed profile, the plumbing cutouts, and glossy finish!  Isn’t the thickness just perfect?!

7–Had a mirror custom-cut, counter to ceiling, with a cutout for the junction box.  We installed it ourselves saving about $150 in labor charges.  It’s very easy to do, but if you’re not confident, let the glass company do it.  If you install it wrong, or scratch it, or break it—it’s your dime to start over.

8–The plumber came to do all his parts, and,

9–Then it was finally time to start working on all the finishes and details of the room.  Door and window casing, base molding.  Hanging the light bar, hanging drapery to “connect” the window and shower, and all the other bath accessories.

–Trying to make this guest bathroom vERy “User-Friendly,” I reconstructed the linen closet behind the door to make bath and hand towels more obvious for guests.  Three baskets hang in the shower holding wash clothes at the ready, and a variety of shampoos and soaps.

–A towel bar at the left of the sink holds the option of a plush towel or a more sanitary disposable kind.

–Daily use of a curling iron and blow dryer made it “inconvenient” to put them away each time, and I got tired of them on the counter, so I mounted two “rings” on the end of the cabinet to catch them when not in use.

I’ll just finish with more pictures–they tell a pretty good story!


Thrifty Decor ChickDo you know about the

Show Us Your House

linky party–??

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