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PhotobucketI hope you’ll go check it out–

And vote!

Awww, my pictures got shrunken,

and presentation altered,

–I guess I did something sending it, you know I’m no master of tech-stuff–

but I hope you can still see

how really sweet

my project came out!


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Demo and construction—Done.

Extra work to create curved doors—Done.

The worst behind me—Ha ha ha.

To begin–I could not find the paint I wanted, and I’m kind of ocd-organized.  Then my second choice paint began reacting “funny” on top of the primer.  Oy.  Lots of painting, sanding, painting, sanding. .. but, 1 problem down.

You guys have done some incredible transfers.  I’ve looked on with great enthusiasm—but have not yet tried it myself.

So I read a lot of tutorials on your blogs and some web sites, and emailed back and forth with Kristy for any tips or advise she might have.  I know you’ve seen her B-EAU-tiful work!

Like her chocolate labeled table  and  her newest project, this dresser!

I was feeling pretty comfortable with what and how,

so I gave my doors a very light sanding for a “tooth,” clamped them together, and positioned my image.  Of all the methods I read—  I was most interested in trying the citra solv one.

The image I selected was circular and needed to be stretched out considerably to fit my doors appropriately–and–I remembered to reverse the image!

Per the instructions, I brushed the citra-solv lightly on the back of the paper, and then burnished.  Like crazy.  But nothing was “transferring–no matter how hard or vigorously I burnished.

*Remember, I was doing this for the OMTWI contest–with a deadline–omg!         I walked away for a bit (to re-compose).     I thought -maybe- I didn’t do something right. 

So I positioned a new image, taped it down, and lightly brushed the back of the paper with more citra-solv.  Thought my arm was gonna die for how vigorous I was burnishing. NOTHING. Still. Arrrgh!

Is it the paint?  I tried to transfer the image on to clean, raw wood–nothing.  In frustration, I covered the wet image with paper towels and tried to force the transfer with a very hot iron.  And resumed burnishing–again.

The  f-a-i-n-t-i-s-t image appeared.  So faint and blotchy–looked more like dirt.

The hot iron “dried” the image, so I got out some transfer/carbon paper and tried to hand-transfer the image.  Which still wouldn’t transfer, and I was pressing super hard!

I got my opaque projector out

  • but I couldn’t prop the doors at the right height
  • I couldn’t get the image to line up
  • the image was “distorted” because the doors were curved
  • and it was a busy image to try to draw.

—More help, p-lea-se, Kristy!

We wrote back and forth some more trying to problem solve.  I told her all of the above.  *Although this is not how she has done hers–she suggested that it could be the printer ink, or that even the paper could be making a difference.  Clearly, she has had great success, and sometimes you really need someone to commiserate with.  HUge thanks, girl!

I re-printed the image on a different printer, with different paper–and got the same outcome.

So this, which you see–is basically all freehand.

Because I was able to get the ever-so-slightest, teeniest image to transfer—it gave me the faintest “something” to follow–

and I painted the doors by hand–with the image taped up in front of me for reference.

So–again, Big Thank You to Kristy and All of You who voted for my project–and I won!

**I’m either not doing this ever again, or I’ll be doing this until I finally figure it out.  Arrrrgh.


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RedouxIf you’re not already following Karen’s blog–you’re missing out!

I saw a new post notice in my email, and opened it right away.  “W-oah—W-o-w!  Omg!  What a  g-r-e-a-t idea!”

I have one of those, and I never thought of that!  Ohh–I am sooo all over this!   —Then I learned I was to be a participant in the One Month to Win It contest—and my new project took a little turn!

Here’s her Before

and fabulous After.

Missing drawers got her thinking about building a box insert.  Ingenius!  She tells me that since these pictures, she’s added trim to its rough front edges.  Pictures please, Karen!

You can see that her lingerie chest is a finer piece of furniture than the one I had to work with.  Really nice contoured and bow-fronted drawers, and side panels!

I loved her idea, but thought it would look even cooler with a door–!  There’s  my project!

I began demo the day after Christmas.

–Originally, I wanted to leave 2 drawers, splitting the cabinet in half, but I didn’t like the balance, and took out one more–Perfect!  Then I could cut out the drawer dividers.

–Next, to re-fit the interior walls (below, in the upper two pictures), running them all the way down through the remaining drawer section.  And, finally, the new bottom shelf is cut~routered~and installed.  It will also act as a door “stop”

–I’ve always loved how really old cabinets have split panels making up the back board, so I ripped some boards, and beveled the edges to create the look!

The easy part–done.  Now, the doors.

I struggled over this for a bit.  Because–I was liking the cabinet in its new form.  But I’m building this for the contest now, and I have to use an image from the  Graphics FairyHmmm.

I was doing a lot of out loud talking to myself at this point.

“Where do I put the image—on the backboard?  The [new] bottom shelf?  The top?”  I knew you wouldn’t really see the image after you put some stuff in it.

“Well–I guess I’m back to the door.  But then–which way does the door swing?”  And you know how this ended.

–After cutting a couple of boards for the doors, I decided they would look really cool if they were curved to match the curved rails.  O-kay–way t’ make more work for yourself.

With the doors side by side, I nailed a rail (the former drawer rails) to each end of the doors.  I used them as a guide/template to run the wood through the table saw with the blade tipped, cutting off just enough wood to begin creating the curve.  The rest was all sanding and shaping with a belt sander.  -The interior side of the doors remain flat.


Below, the doors propped in place.

Next, the Ca-RA-zy part of the story!

I definitely want to talk to some of you about transferring images!


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1st–I have to say a big Thank You!  So many of you wrote me with the sweetest & funniest comments and accolades!  It’s gratifying to know my projects are recognizable.

I need to also say how much this contest is getting me re-focused on some back-burnered projects AND truly stretching my creative muscles!

The 2nd and 3rd project criteria left me with a lot of angst–I’m really not a “crafter.”  But the challenges are making me grow and think in new ways –especially considering the great skills of my competition.  So I owe them a very heart-felt Thank You!


And now I can finally post on and tell you about

This lingerie chest–

which has been passed all around the family, but finally, put to use in my mom’s L-L bathroom.  Its drawers are great for storage, except for taller cleaning supplies. :  /

When I saw Karen’s transformation of a similar chest,

I knew instantly that–

I had a new project!


*Dec 12th–I see Karen’s inspirational project!

*Dec 13th–I receive an email that I am a finalist for One Month to Win It!

*And the 1st project—due Dec 30thanything you want, with the requisite of using a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

I admit, I’ve admired so many of the projects you’ve all done with her graphics –but I had yet to go peruse her catalog.  Well, here was my push!

So-busy- building and sewing all my Christmas presents this year, I couldn’t begin work on the lingerie chest till Dec 26th–yikesbut I picked out my graphic!

Here’s the jist of my project—

  1. Gut it–but leave a drawer for toilet paper!
  2. Re-fit the interior walls.
  3. Make a door.  But, if I make 1 door–does it swing left to use at the sink, or to the right for the toilet?  I split the difference–smaller doors will work both ways and take the least amount of space!
  4. Paint, transfer image, wax, and faux marble the top.

Again, the

much improved

storage cabinet!

Tomorrow, I’ll break down the whole project for you–-do I have a story to tell.

And some Thank You’s to share!


Follow along with the next posts to see the construction process!

I hope you’ll try it!








stylish once again

The DIY Show Off










shabby creek cottage





vif187freckled laundry





Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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Look what I found!

I needed some “material” for a couple of projects, so I made a

ReStore run!

I hit the closest one 1st, and headed right for the lighting department—like I need more lights, HA!

I found this hanging high on the end of the 1st isle.  Omg– “Excuse me!  Uh,    I want this!  Can you get it down?”  The guy gave me some kinda look, with a “you’re-so-weird”-toned, “Okay.”

I know–it’s another time you’re thinking “Whop–tee–doo, Catherine.”  But I haven’t told you yet that it is H-U-G-E!  4 feet tall, 17 inches wide–and $35!

     Now let me share

my crazy imagination.

Lamp–ugly.  Parts–Wow!

Here’s the TOP

and the BOTTOM  (upside down)

do you see what I see?

‘Cause I see  a roof  for

2 large birdhouses!






–I’m thinking a very weathered, verdigris finish!  And the body will be covered in little wooden shingles and be embellished with flea market parts!

I l-o-v-e the ReStore!



Don’t forget to check out the contest and Vote!

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Voting begins!


The projects are being revealed tomorrow!

I hope you’ll go see all of the projects, and vote!

Although I can’t tell you which is mine–

I hope you’ll recognize my work!


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Old Man Winter

hath found us.

Ohhh, poooooo. . . .

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