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I’m not quite as far as I   wanted to be— super humid air not helping paint dry, and a holiday to spend with family!

Well, here’s how things are looking!  I’ve been focusing on this section of the room because my mom is lost without her computer time.  So I’m trying to get this area done asap and restore the secretary that holds the fun part of the computer!  The wallpaper is ordered and will be the last thing done–knocking out the computer one more time–sorry mom!

The computer tower, modem, and printer actually live in that little closet.  So I cut a hole in the wall to ferry all the wires!  All the mess stays in the closet!





Just a section of 2″ pvc (and some construction adhesive) and the wires easily string through for access!

Here’s a close up of the ceiling moldings!  The beadboard feels a little rough, so I’ll need to lightly sand it and get another coat of (slow drying : \  ) paint on it.  Then put the secretary and computer back together and get crackin’ on all the rest— fun, fun,fun!

So—back to work!




Here’s a glimpse of our Memorial Day fun!  Hope you all a great Holiday weekend!


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Just wanted to share the progress of the 2nd “guest bedroom” — really a multi-purpose room!  So if you’re visiting my mom and assigned this room, you’ll have a lot of things to do!

Besides a place to sleep (and everyone raves about the comfort of that daybed!), there’s cable TV, you can watch a movie, play on the computer, hey–you can even brush up your piano skills!  You’ll be very comfy!  But—-

If you want breakfast in bed—well, sleep in the kitchen!

So— the bead board is up, the corner blocks (my mom likes) are up and the coved crown molding will be completed tomorrow!  The base boards are half cut–I’ll finish that tomorrow too!  Oh boy—tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!

Yesterday     bead board up                   & Today       base molding                                            coved crown molding                                wallpaper ordered

Tomorrow    finish cove and base mldng                        window headers                                        putty and caulk                                          begin painting

Monday        BBQ!

Tuesday       (’cause I forgot things are closed Monday–duh!)                                                    order appliques                                                                                                      door and window casing

The moldings at the ceiling and bead board will be first to get painted.  I can’t do any door and window casing until the planing mill is open on Tuesday—I like their case work best!

Here’s a view of the 5″ base molding from the ReStore!


      More Tuesday!


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This is a “Current Journey” project!

I wanted to work on this during winter, but other projects stole my attention–so I’m on it now!

There are two guest bedrooms on the 1st floor of mom’s home~this is the 2nd bedroom.  And it’s just cosmetic this time ~yAy!

Unfortunately there are some problems with a couple of walls -AnD- for sake of style, I’m changing the window & door casing, the doors and hardware, and some preliminary millwork installed at the ceiling, will finally get finished.

Here’s the plan!

~The walls will be covered in bead board to 68″ with a custom cap.

~The initial millwork at the ceiling will be completed with a coved crown molding.

~The windows and doors will get new casings and decorative headers.

~Six-panel doors will be hung, with lever handles–all woodwork will be painted a soft white.

~A traditional damask wallpaper will be hung between the bead board cap and cove moldings.

~An 8×10 garden patterned, wool, hooked area rug will come in, and,

~I’d like to rework the furniture layout–but it’s an awkward room, we”ll see.



I just wanted to show you another view of the piano!  Our Great Aunties bought this January 15, 1905!  We found their Certificate of Warrantee and thought it was so beautiful, we put it in a shadow box!  We also found their sales receipt–and then we lost it!   : \



I got to start on the bead board right after lunch today–and got quite a bit done already–can’t wait to show you more!


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Anyone who knows me–knows I’m a chair-fanatic!  One of these days, I’ll share pictures of some of my personal madness collection!  But just for now, look at these beauties for sale at Sunday’s market!

These have always been one of my favorites!  To all of you Annie Sloan fans– remember her spectacular transformation of a set of these with chalk paint?!?        I fell even deeper in love with the Chippendale style.

Okay–these country french provençal ladder backs stole it for me!  Although I was disappointed at the fabric selection, I totally loved their finish!  But why did they not do the 4th?

Below is another ladder back foursome!  I love their simplicity–especially the rope twist detail in the legs!  It was so blindingly sunny, it’s hard to see that they are a beautiful, soft, creamy yellow.

Just these two more to show you –I love chairs!

And here are some other miscellaneous pieces and nice shots!


I’m still talking to Patti about this “door!”        Grandma wants me to build a Queen Ann’ish play house for the girls!   More on that later!


PS– Some of these ladies will be at Kane County, June 4-5!

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This is where I was Sunday!  ‘Cause what could more fun than to don a pretty sundress and sandals, a fun shopping bag, and visit a great flea market!

Here are more of the “would’ve like to buy it–but you can’t have everything” things that we saw!

Rosemary from Villabarnes brought some incredible pieces— especially this fabulous commode!  A real temptation, but seriously, where am I going to put one more big piece?

See the overly tarnished  piece in the right foreground by Rosemary?  It’s mine now!  I already had one that I loved, and now another! ↓ Uh-oh, another collection beginning…?

I’m a sucker for these old wooden tables!

And iron . . . . .                                         of all kinds . . . . . . .

And just when I ran out   of cash, look what “convenience” popped up to clinch one more sale….!

Do you have  SQUARE ?     Mine is coming!



I haven’t shown you the INCREDIBLE CHAIRS yet!      That’s next!

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What a difference from last Sunday’s flea market—cold, windy, and raining.  Yesterday it was 82° and blindingly sunny!

This particular market is very small–less than 40 vendors–but every square inch is totally filled with EYE CANDY!  This is the 1st thing I saw getting out of the car!  And a friend was in the middle of buying it already–dang!

Here is a sampling of my treasures and some of the wonderful ladies and fabulous things we saw!

Our favorite Savvy City Farmer, Joy –brought this large domed hotel chafer —I had to have!

Oh, boy!  More silver—to add to my obsession!  Com’on, how could you pass up these cool pieces—-for $20!

Omg, look at this Corner Cabinet!  Ooooh–look there’s a silver compote on the top shelf—that’s mine!  I found the one on top on the way to Atlantait’s the bigger one I found yesterday with this lovely lady!  But, somehow, I lost her business card and can’t tell you who she is  : \  help, anyone?!?

Below are some more of the beautiful things there!

I’ve got so much more for you to see—–tomorrow!


these are Ginny's from http://www.folkartist.net

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This is the pair of bookcases I found last season at Elkhorn!

I was there as it opened,   it was raining, and I was one of the few who shopped outside in it!  The vendors seemed happy and eager to deal with those of us who did, and my reward was to get the pair for $40.  A little rain never hurt anybody!

Again, here’s the one I found this year for $20–       I love these things!


While I’m at it, I wanted to show you a project from a while back (because I happened to find the before picture!).

I found this yard sale dresser for $20.  It was pretty sm-ell-ly—and lived outside for a long time airing out!  My plan was to incorporate it into the renovations of my mother’s house—but she hated it.  Hmmm, now what?  I asked her to have faith, and I began working on a finish for it.

So here’s a before, the after—and         how it’s being used, down in her (also renovated) basement lower level!!!


By the way—she likes it now! Whew! (the niche was built specifically to accommodate it)


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