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In the beginning,

the Nice list was short and sweet,

and the Naughty list was quite lengthy—LOL!

But, soooooo many “arrows” and “re-writes” later, the Nice list grew exponentially!

The girls you see here were not the only ones making changes,

the “big kids” just didn’t get caught on camera!  By the end of Christmas day, the board was just barely legible!

Hey, now—how did I get kicked off again……???


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…….and Best Wishes for a healthy, and fabulous New Year!

I love Christmas—the decorations, the spicy and sweet aromas of baking, the twinkling tree lights, the Christmas music!  But all the work leading up to it is utterly exhausting, so this morning, I slept in, then camped out on the sofa watching movies, watching backed-up shows on the DVR—watching the back of my eyelids.  Played samurai sudoku, & now playing on the computer—a much earned L-A-Z-Y day!

But the ends really do justify the means–which justify the ends!  Picture this—My Mother’s small house, big family.  21 adults, 18 children.  Spread over 3 floors, 1 tree down for kid’s gifts, 1 tree up for adult’s gifts.  And enough trips in and out and up and down to mark almost 5 miles on a pedometer.

The front pocket of my fun, fur-trimmed Santa’s Helper apron held a camera at the ready—but sadly, went largely unused because I was so busy–alas, memories will have to sustain me!

I sooo regret not having a camcorder rolling on a chalk board pantry door as family members noticed their names listed under NAUGHTY and NICEthe chalk was hot with the many re-writes!!!

<— This one was just about to lawyer-up!

With Christmas now behind us, and its many related projects, I can start to focus on a new little cabinet!  Remember this project?  It’s first on the list when I finally get back in my Page 10 studio!  Stay tuned!


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This is “Payton”

Payton–is just one of my many beautiful nieces and the name-sake of this cabinet!

The darker wood you see, are old doors found at The ReStore.  They said someone gutted the kitchen of a local 1940′s home and donated what was salvageable …..really nice hard wood!

I confess I tend to become oblivious to time when I’m “working” in my Page 10 studio.  You can see from these pictures how one day night ended when I couldn’t seem to come up with the right legs—and I have a pretty good collection!  So I, literally, went back to the books—my many design books, looking for inspiration.  Perusing the pages of a few of my favorites, Swedish Country Interiors, London Living Style, and Great French Style netted not only an idea for the solution, but a better idea for its paint finish!

I cut and contoured base legs, added some 7″ sample corbels, fleur de lis appliques, egg & dart crown molding, and vintage hardware from the flea market.  I painted it pale blue and creamy white, with gold leaf details, and a filigree stencil.

25″w  x  48″t  x  13″d


   You can find Payton, with some of her “cousins” in my Etsy shop!

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A blogger I love to follow is having a holiday decorating contest—and I couldn’t resist! With the indulgence of my little sweetie-pie, I entered photos of her getting ready for a Christmas tea party!  I hope they will think them as special as I do!

I made a new table for Christmas (I love this muted plaid)!  Found a little pink tree and the littlest green tree topper, sorry girls, no purple.  On Christmas day, the girls will take tea with a white china tea set—a couple of boys could get wrangled in—I’ll take pictures!
























Rachel, who borrowed  Grandma’s boa, is wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!      And so do I! Catherine


PS—check out that contest at

The Adventures of Tartanscot








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My “little” niece is growing up too fast for me.

She needs to slow down.  Now.

She has this really great double dresser—that just looks a bit too juvenile anymore.   A perfect opportunity to make some fashionable changes!  Just what I love to do—furniture makeovers!

So—–this is how it looked before.  Simple white with some sponging, and (now missing) wood knobs.  And, you know how little ones like to make their mark?  Well, she wrote on it with pencil, pen, and even some nail polish.  I thought it should be fairly easy to “erase” this stuff— —fool!  OMG!  Let’s just say I’ll be giving PAPER to some kids this Christmas!




I sanded and painted…..and sanded and painted…..and sanded and painted.  And sanded and painted………..momma’s sponging kept bleeding through.  After 5 coats of paint, we started to discuss “plan b.”

I moved on to fixing and correcting structural issues and decided to add a decorative base molding.  We made some final decisions, and below is the outcome!








I kept it white, but made it a warmer, creamy tone that will go better with everything else in her new room!


Like every little girl, she loves pink and purple….(???) ….so I used a raspberry pink paint and a filigree stencil on the face to camouflage the bleed-through problem!


New lavender crystal knobs become its jewelery,

et voila!  Simple and elegant for an 8yr old!


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Come to a Tea Party!

You’re never too old, and everyone is invited.  Even—boys !

Let’s see……hats……check!


Tea and biscuits…..on the way, ma’am!


Daddy. . .”yeah, yeah—here.”

OH!  But we’ll need to pick a Tea Set !












Have tea with thee….

at a lovely table & chair set!

Contact me by email or visit my etsy shop,

to purchase any of these tea sets and more childrens’ items–!!




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