...out wit the TRUNK...Yes,

I’m pretty happy to be finished with this cabinet project!

But more,

I’m happy to be able to put my work clothes away.

Where I can get to them with ease.

And I don’t have to LOOK at them folded in the laundry basket any more.

Sadly, the trunk (that goes with an armoire upstairs) is going to the antique mall for sale.

There’s nowhere else to use it in the house.

Moving onYaY…

This morning I suddenly decided I wanted to dry-brush the interior cabinet walls with the same bedroom wall color–and then I waxed the whole piece.  Including the top, even though I had already seal-coated it.

Here’s my outcome—

Craig's list bedroom cabinet-001

the Craig's list bonus cabinetNothing fancy, nothing extraordinary– –just simple changes to improve the overall look and new use.

Remember, it use to be an old stereo cabinet.  The right side was gutted of all the old mechanics, and needed to be rebuilt.  The back leg was broken off, and, there was water damage and trace amounts of mold.

the finished Craig's list bonus cabinet!I painted it white to go with the other cottage-y furniture in this garden-styled bedroom.

I added ½” half round picture frame molding.

I changed the hardware.

And I refinished the wood top—which looks FABulous with all the other furniture!

I’ll find time to adjust and play with the pictures on the wall later, but for now

it’s loaded &

I luv it!


All this for only $10

—and leftover materials from other projects!

the Craig's list bonus cabinet

the $10 bonus Craig's list cabinet!

I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!

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if only…..

Craig's list bonus cabinet….I could just stay on ONE THING AT A TIME.

I hate this ricocheting around routine.  Does anything really get done that way?

I’ve got more things going on than I can keep track of lately.

All winter I was scraping by finding projects to work on  –nOw–

my cup runneth over!


I have some really cool and exciting things to work on for a while now!

Craig's list bonus cabinet


Barring any interruptions,  I should be finishing THIS project tomorrow and I’ll be able to finally put those grungy work clothes away!  wooo hooo!

WoW I can’t wait to put it in place and fill it up!


Mother Nature has a seriously wicked sense of humor.

. . . not again. . . .

I ran away for the weekend . . .

. . . to somewhere that almost felt like summer.

And this is what we woke to this morning.

I don’t think summer is in the cards for 2014.

~for us anyway~


Yep.  I’m STILL working on my Craig’s list bonus cabinet.

working on the CL bonus cabinetMy mother had a pretty big surgery on Monday, released from the hospital Tuesday (she’s up and down on the feeling better scale).  Heck, the whole week was just turned upside down by an array of things.

So I guess I   should be saying

“Look how far I am on my Craig’s list bonus cabinet!”

I sanded the top clean and used a clear Varathane sealer -but- I’m not sure if I like it yet.  Ehh–if I don’t, I can just paint it white with the rest of the cabinet.

the Craig's list bonus cabinet

puttying all the bad areas--I puttied ALL the bad areas besides the faux panel cut lines, let them set up for 24hrs, and have sanded everything SUPER smooth.

Oh!  Here’s a close up of the new glass handles!

the new handles--

You can see I’ve been priming the exterior of the cabinet.

So, I’m getting there….!


my CL bonus cabinet--getting re-worked!

Yesterday I worked primarily on the interior of the cabinet.

It was so beat up needing all kinds of work—re-gluing, putty, cleats, shelving.

the Craig's list bonus cabinet

I had a lot of interruptions throughout the day and didn’t get everything accomplished on my list.  BUT–

I did get to work on the cabinet face.

I’m not in love with the Federal style–so I’m changing it.

I hATe the cut-in fake paneling–so I’m changing it.

I don’t like the hardware either–so I’m changing it too.

And I’m painting the dark wood white.

But other than thAT……aaaa-hhahahaha!

adding picture frame molding--

Above, you see the ½” half-round (I was using leftovers from odd projects).  I needed to apply a very low-profile, simple molding because the doors are almost flush with the top and base.  And you can see I still need to fill the faux panel cut lines while I’m puttying. . . . .

creating a perfect picture frame molding "box"I used the picture frame molding to effect a change of style, but it IS a small’ish cabinet so I chose to create ONE LARGE BOX instead of 2 smaller on the face.  That’ll give a much simpler look with the large glass handles I’m also adding.

Here’s a trick for getting the “box” perfectly square and lined up exactly at the door openings.

-Create the picture frame as ONE “box” right over the closed doors.

-Then use the door opening as your guide and an oscillating saw to cut through the molding!  Voilà!

This is not a great picture, but it gives you a good idea of the changes.  I have a lot of tedious work to finish before painting.

~fun fUN times ahead.


the new face of te Craig's list bonus cabinet---h

the Craig's list cabinetAlmost 2 weeks ago I chased around picking up my Craig’s list treasures!

It was a gOOd day!

When I arrived to check out that architectural table–I was also shown this cabinet– “Think you might want this too?”

It looked like it had gREAt potential, but it came with gREAt problems too, but,

he wanted WaY too much.

I offered $10.

After highlighting its many issues–he took it .

Craig's list cabinet

the Craig's list cabinetAt last I got to start working on this project!

I love that it has 360° hinges.  I love its proportions.

And I need a cabinet to put my grungy work clothes away– y’know, other than folding and stacking them in a laundry basket.  (Really don’t want to co-mingle them with gOOd clothes.)

Someone gutted the stereo/radio leaving the gaping holes, it has a broken and missing back leg, and you can see some water damage and trace mold.


Yes–I have my work cut out for me.

I began with the “leg” issues.

fixing the Craig's list cabinet

You can see -just above- the missing back leg.  Needing to fully replicate the gOOd side, I had to be careful demo’ing the broken side for general guide use.

I ripped a board to the height and length needed, then used the table saw to create the (sort of crude) dado -or- groove and rabbets necessary.  I matched the top edge detail by running it through the router table with a ¼” round over bit.  It looks really good—but for the pine, I don’t think anyone would know it’s a repair-job.

*I’ll bleach it, sand, and paint to seal the water damage and bit of mold~and it needs to be painted anyway to fit in the room it will be used.

repairing the Craig's list cabinet leg

Next up—the interior.


I luv salvage!

Crescent Moon --antiques and salvageWhile I juggle a few lingering issues and delve into the next new project–

I thought I’d share pictures from a recent trip into one of my favorite places, a FABulous salvage store!

I discovered them while I was working on the designs for my mother’s home!

You have to know I bought several items to integrate into my design plans!

Crescent Moon antiques & salvage

A great source for just about anything– I fawn over every bit of it, but especially the tin, the doors, and all the architectural columns and corbels and door headers!!!  (insert heart palpitations here…)

Walking in the front door. . . .

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

And look!  ACTUAL slate chalk boards!

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

Uh, y e a h

I could really organize and put away my collection of hardware here!

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

Now who doesn’t need a vintage fire hydrant?!

Hmmm–I can’t say that I’ve EVER seen a rounded radiator before. . .

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

Anybody “need” some tin?!?

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

. . .and of course, there’s wOOd!the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

I know it’s tough to see this inCREDible door—but it is IN-CRED-IBLE!

They have a LOT of pretty over-the-top FABulous doors!

the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques

I totally love this old deli sign up in the rafters. . .


the Crescent Moon salvage and antiques


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